Awareness Builder Exercise

Now Can You See The Arrow?

It was right in front of your eyes the whole time wasn't it? So why is it that you suppose you couldn't see it? Why do you suppose that what is now so obvious to you, just a moment ago you COULDN'T see at all?

Is it possible that it is because you have been conditioned to look at things in a certain way? In a VERY RESTRICTED and LIMITED way? Have you considered the possibility that you have been basically programmed to think in the same way that the majority thinks because of your "training" and conditioning throughout life which you have received, absorbed, learned, and currently operate under? Could it be that you have established and formed, due to this previous "training" and conditioning throughout your life, the same limiting beliefs that the mass majority have learned and currently operate under and as a result are limited by.

That is a question that only you can determine and answer for yourself.

It has become our opinion, based on our extensive experience in training and mentoring those from all around the world and from all walks of life that, that is precisely why. You may find that hard to accept at this point. Based on your current perceptions which determine how your life unfolds from day to day you may believe that what happens in each area of your life, happens as a result of coincidence, uncontrollable external circumstances that arise or any number of infinite reasons.

Your current understanding and beliefs may leave you believing that there is absolutely nothing you can do to improve your life regardless of where you currently find yourself. Based on previous first hand experience and as a result of once being in the very same place, leaning on that very same limited understanding based on my lack of awareness at the time, I can tell you with all the caring and empathy that I can muster within me, that you would be wrong.

Reconsider the exercise you just went through with the arrow above.

OK, that was just an arrow that you missed. No big deal. But what about the numerous opportunities presented to you in the past that have also been placed right before your eyes that, due to this "self limiting training" you have missed. How many various events, conditions, circumstances and/or opportunities that may have served to advance you in your physical, relational, financial, emotional and/or spiritual growth do you suppose that were placed right before your eyes just as the arrow was that, due to your past conditioning you have missed because of self limiting and well intentioned "FALSE" teachings you have been exposed to and conditioned NOT to recognize?

Is that a possibility? And if so, what do you do to correct it so it doesn't happen in the future?

Just as with the arrow, you only needed to be shown a different way of looking at it to find it. To make a slight paradigm shift in your mind so that what was obvious and right before your eyes the ENTIRE time, just by being instructed to look at it in a slightly different way, could be recognized and made blatantly obvious. To be made aware that your current "perception" of reality just might be limiting you to ALL that is available to you in other areas of your life.

Kind of amazing don't you think? Amazing yet troubling at the same time.

OK, now scroll back up or go back to the previous page and look at the arrow again. This time TRY NOT to see the arrow. Do the absolute best you can to UNSEE it.

Can you?

I don't need to know the outcome. Only you do. You only need think about and analyze what this simple exercise has revealed to you and allow yourself to expand your thinking into other areas of your life. What has looking at things in such a limited way, things presented to you which you have been either unable or unwilling to recognize due to this "self limiting programming" of the past cost you? What potentially life changing opportunities of the past and others which may be presented to you in the future, which due to a limited understanding and previous self limiting conditioning, you have rejected or may reject at some point in the future? How many times do you suppose that various situations that you've encountered and rejected due to an inability to recognize them, which may have held the very answer that would enable you to change and redirect the entire course of your life been overlooked or written off as nonsense hold within them. Consider for a moment that what at one point may have seemed "impractical" or "impossible", in the past, with the same simple instruction, with only a slight shift in your thinking, what at one point you were unable to see and recognize, what you, at some point in the past, currently, or at some point in the future may perceive as "Impractical", "Unlikely", "Impossible", or "Too good to be true" could have, with a little instruction and insight in an instant been revealed to you and become so blatantly obvious.

OK, don't beat yourself up. This exercise was only designed to raise your awareness and encourage you to expand your thinking.

It is designed in such a way to heighten your awareness and expose to you the possibility that what you may be currently experiencing, regardless of how good or bad you might currently believe your situation to be, that the possibility exists that there is MUCH MORE which is available to you, many times right before your eyes which to this point you may have overlooked. It is this same awareness that was provided to me at a time when I perceived my life to be falling apart and believed at the time that there was no one willing and nothing that could help. I, at the time believed that due to an uncontrollable set of external circumstances, which I "believed" at the time to have no personal say so over, is why I found my self where I did. It wasn't until I made the choice to seek out the answers, develop the awareness and acquire the correct knowledge which lifted me up, dusted me off and started me on the liberating and joyful path that I find myself on today.

I sometimes shudder to think about the many opportunities presented to me throughout my life which I rejected due to a lack of awareness, deeper understanding, and numerous failed attempts based on wrong guidance and direction that could have made my path to fulfillment much shorter, far more pleasant and with far fewer "growth lessons" than those that I've previously encountered.

I am extremely grateful beyond words that I didn't give up and as a result encountered those who would expose and direct me down the path that led to joy, inner peace, fulfillment and prosperity beyond my then wildest expectations and that I have been presented the choice as well as the opportunity to open my eyes to the fact that, contrary to my previous "training", there was a MUCH simpler, easier and FAR better way than what I had been previously taught and led to believe existed.

Out of a sense of duty, obligation and heartfelt willingness to give back, as a result of the many life transforming lessons and gifts that I have been provided as a result, I present the same path to you in an effort to give back just a portion of what I have received as a result. I can only hope and trust that you'll make the same choice I did.

I can't and don't know where you currently find yourself in relation to your outcomes in life. I have no way of knowing what your current life experiences consist of. What I DO KNOW is that regardless of where you may currently find yourself, regardless of how much lack or how much prosperity you may "perceive" yourself as experiencing, your current results are infinitesimal in relation to what is available to you.

As a result of what I have been blessed to experience in my life through the years, many of those experiences which I at the time "perceived" at times to be extremely painful, undesirable and sometimes unbearable, I give thanks each and every day that as a result of them, I was led to the "Real Truth" concerning who I "Really" am and the limitless potential that I possess.

Had these "perceived" difficulties not entered and effected my life when and in the way that they did, I may not have been awakened to the fact that they were merely signs (sometimes HUGE flashing billboards) that were designed and attempting to lead me back to the path which would show me the way to begin experiencing what I most desired to experience, and which at that point didn't believe that I could.

It's no different with you. Regardless of what you may currently be experiencing in your life and no matter what you may currently "believe" with respect to your abilities...You are a limitless and infinite being existing in a limitless and infinite Universe with potential and possibility limited only by your "perception" and what you "believe" to be possible for you. You only need discover the fact that it's true. You only need expand your awareness and make a slight shift in your thinking to discover a whole new paradigm and as a result an entirely new world full of hope and tremendous blessings which you may have been previously unaware that existed and realized that you could experience. I can tell you from personal experience that it does. You only need be open to recognizing it as truth for yourself.

From a place of deep caring, empathy, and an "inner knowing" regarding what is possible for you, I hope that you will.

That is a choice that only you can make.

I am about to present an opportunity to you that will provide EVERYTHING you need to enable you to make the paradigm shift that is necessary for you to turn your life around just as it did for me. I am about to present you with an opportunity that will enable you to dramatically improve the quality and outcomes in your life not only financially, but physically, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. You are soon to discover the means that will enable and empower you to realize dreams and ambitions that you may have previously believed to be impossible. What you are about to be exposed to will enable you to make the necessary paradigm shift that will enable and empower you to begin experiencing results in life that until now you may have considered to be wishful thinking, far fetched or out of your ability to achieve and as a result discover precisely why that has become your experience. You are soon to be presented the means that if followed and applied will enable you to experience a life that most consider to be a dream. You only need recognize it as such and for the time being do away with and eliminate ANY preconceived notions that you may have long enough to discover that it is true.

What you are soon to be introduced to isn't a sometime thing but works 100% of the time without fail and if applied will provide the very same results for you regardless of past experiences, level of education, spiritual preference, color of skin, geometric location, age, discent, or any other excuses that may have limited your results to this point as they did for me.

You are soon to be introduced to the education as well as the process that will enable and empower you to begin experiencing the life that you were designed and desire to live without restriction of any type. What you do with that introduction, how you choose to respond to it, and the choice to accept or reject it is a choice that you and you alone have to make. It is my hope that you'll recognize it for what it is and make the choice to initiate the plan that will enable you to begin experiencing the kind of life that you deserve and desire for yourself and once accomplished that you'll share with those that you encounter in the future the same life giving process that you have been exposed to. The world needs more conscious creators and you are being provided the opportunity to recognize and put into focused action a plan that will enable you to do just that.

There is a time commitment required. There is a financial commitment required as well. There will be action required on your part. But the results that you'll experience as a result of making those commitments will FAR outweigh the expended effort. You ARE a limitless being with limitless potential and the plan which will help you understand that truth with absolute certainty is being presented to you. You only need make the choice to recognize and act upon it.

You are about to be provided that opportunity.

I believe that you have arrived here for a very specific purpose. There is a specific reason why you are here viewing this information. Regardless of your current beliefs, there are no coincidences. Regardless of your current understanding EVERYTHING which you have, currently are, or will encounter in life does have a very specific purpose. It doesn't matter how you might currently perceive it whether good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, painful or pleasurable. As I have discovered through my own growth "ALL things work together for good." It's only a matter of your ability and willingness to recognize and accept it as such for yourself.

What you will soon discover should you choose to do so will make that VERY clear to you as well as provide you EVERYTHING you'll need to turn your life into one that few have the foresight, the courage and as a result make the choice to experience. You only need make the decision and the choice that you're finally ready for different results.

It doesn't matter what your current results in life consist of, I can assure you based on what I have discovered, learned and applied that there is MUCH MORE available to you, an infinite supply that far exceeds what can possibly be conceived, which you, due to limited conditioning throughout your life have overlooked and as a result not been provided the ability to experience.

Put your name and e-mail address in the box below and take the first step in the process. You will be directed through a process that will enable you to determine if what we have to share is of interest to you as well as enable us to determine if you are someone that we feel would be right for our team.

Not all will be accepted. In fact more will be rejected than accepted. We are looking for select individuals with specific traits and qualities that we have, through our experience come to recognize as truly ready for change. We are VERY selective as to who we will choose. These qualifications have NOTHING to do with business experience, education, social status, age, country of origin or anything of the sort. Just answer the questions as best and as honestly as you can. Should you be chosen, you will soon discover the way and the means that will enable and guide you step by step to create and experience a life far beyond what you may have previously believed was possible.

Regardless of the outcome from a deep place of heartfelt empathy and caring, today and always I wish for you a life filled with joy, contentment, fulfillment, inner peace and limitless prosperity.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.