The FG Xpress Overview Reveals a Truly Revolutionary "Heart Centered Approach" to Home Business, Where Caring People Who Want to Make a Meaningful Difference in the World Can Do So and Be Rewarded VERY VERY Handsomely in the Process...Tangibly, Intangibly and Residually

FG Xpress Overview

FG Xpress Overview - Learn how Ancient Wisdom Meets Cutting Edge Technology resulting in an amazing product, mind boggling results
and a powerfully leveraged GLOBAL opportunity where EVERYONE benefits, many are served and those who choose to can flourish, thrive and Prosper...BIG Time.

FG Xpress is the World's First "Truly Global" Business with a Single, Cutting Edge, In Demand Product; First of It's Kind, Patented, Exclusive, Dr. Formulated, DEFINITELY Life Enhancing AND...Get This...Available to Literally EVERY
Person with an Address in EVERY Country on the Planet...Bar None

Forgive my excitement but from the perspective of an aspiring entrepreneur or home based business owner who desires to serve, contribute and make a Real Difference in the World while creating a wholesome, fulfilling and prosperous quality of life for themselves...

...That's Beyond HUGE!!

FG Xpress Overview and Highlights

"It is one of the most beautiful compensations in life...we can never
help another without helping ourselves."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

First and foremost Welcome to the FG Xpress Overview.

I've got some exciting things to share with you. Some very exciting, insightful AND life enhancing things actually if you're sincere and serious about enhancing the quality of your life, yet aren't quite sure how or even that you can do so.

The FG Xpress Overview is based on the 'inner' game of money and success and when we combine the inner game (the toolbox) with the outer game (the tools), the playing field is leveled and everyone get's to win.

And that's what you're going to 'learn' in the FG Xpress Overview: how to consciously align your inner game with your outer game to achieve Real Success and Real Freedom for yourself while assisting others to do the same.

I will say up front that the FG Xpress Overview isn't only about making money and acquiring more stuff.

Yes, the FG Xpress Overview is partially about how to create greater material and monetary abundance yet it provides what I like to think of as a consciously aligned spiritual approach for becoming materially and monetarily abundant without focusing specifically on these "effects."

Rather than placing focus, attention and emphasis on the DOING, the FG Xpress Overview is going to reveal The Cause of what enables and allows abundance, whether materially, monetarily and otherwise to become a way of life.

It's going to reveal a way of BEING as well as Doing things that enable harmony to become second nature in ALL areas of your life.

The concepts I'll be sharing will, at the very least, point you toward a path that I and many like me have found to be immensely rewarding in a material kind of way and at the same time, in a very enriching and fulfilling non-material kind of way as well.

Point being, what follows in the FG Xpress Overview is ALL about creating harmony in your life...Real and Lasting Harmony, physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Who doesn't want that!?!? No one that I know of. In fact, in my years of working with MANY people, I've found that everyone would LOVE to reach for and catch a star or two (or maybe even rope the moon) yet never allow themselves to see what's beyond the clouds.

The first step in reaching this "harmony place" and experiencing Real Success in life is to make the conscious decision to "BEcome wealthy first." I'm not referring to "becoming wealthy" in a strictly material kind of way. As I and others who have achieved that without also harmonizing the other aspects of their life will tell you, having "money and material stuff" can't, doesn't, never has and never will make, nor keep you happy long term.

It CERTAINLY cannot, in and of itself enable you to experience a life of Real Harmony, Real Joy, Real Fulfillment and Real Freedom. Achieving these is an inside game

That's why we'll be looking at a "Whole Life Approach" to happiness and harmony as we make our way through the FG Xpress Overview.

Maybe what follows in the FG Xpress Overview will do nothing more than "inspire you. Perhaps it will "inspire and empower you" and maybe more. Perhaps MUCH more. Maybe it will even enable AND empower you to become Rich and Happy.

That's entirely up to you of course. I can't possibly KNOW what effect it will have in your life or the impact it will make for you individually.

Here's why...

You Get Out of Life What You Choose to Give to Life

Life delivers precisely what we ask for. No more, no less.

What I DO KNOW is that what I'll be sharing CAN assist, enable and empower you to both give more of what you "truly desire" in life as well as receive more...whatever that is. A kind, quality and quantity of "having" that so many hope, wish and pray for yet, which only a very small minority ever receive.

First, allow me to share a somewhat troubling fact...

Sadly, those who do achieve and experience a "truly harmonious" quality of life only equates to about 2% of the world's population. It doesn't HAVE to be that way though. It doesn't because everyone CAN do the same if they "choose" to.

Yes, that includes YOU.

That's what the FG Xpress Overview is all about...

assisting those who are serious about and truly ready to make a necessary first choice which is to begin "unlearning" the very things that keep so many "seemingly stuck."learn and understand how to begin THINKING, SEEING, CHOOSING and DOING things in such a way that will enable you to experience and fully enjoy the same quality of life that this small 2% minority does.

If you find yourself currently believing, thinking, doing and experiencing what the 98% do, that may "seem to be" a difficult if not an impossible task.

It's much more "simple" than MOST think it is. But I'll also warn you up front. Doing that is MUCH different than how most "think" it needs to be done. We'll cover more about all the specifics and details of that soon.

Yes, the FG Xpress Overview is partially about how to make more money although money isn't and won't be the primary focus. It's not and won't be simply because money isn't the Main Thing although many (98% in fact) think and believe it is at varying degrees.

I've found the money (and a lot more) comes to you much easier when you get focused on and DO The Main Thing FIRST. That's what we'll be primarily focusing on in the FG Xpress Overview...the Main Thing.

So, what is the Main Thing?

Service, Contribution and VALUE.

Instead of focusing on taking, we should ask ourselves, “What do I have to give?”

It begins with holding an intention of giving service, contribution and providing value. When you provide over the top value and service to the world and "consciously engage" yourself mentally, emotionally and physically, the money, fulfillment and amazing quality of life follow in ways that the 98% are for the most part, unaware of and don't "believe" they can experience.

That's the ONE and ONLY thing that keeps so many from DOING things in a way that reveals and debunks "the lie" that they can't be, do and/or have what they truly desire in life.

So you could say, the FG Xpress Overview is "intended" to expand your awareness and provide all the insight, resources, tools, training and leadership you could possibly need to make more money too in a business kind of way.

So there you have it. THAT is what the FG Xpress Overview is all about. Although it's partially about you making more money, it's more about revealing and showing you the "shortest, simplest and least painful path" I'm aware of for doing so.

I suppose you could say that the primary focus of the FG Xpress Overview is about "Conscious Capitalism" rather than how to make more money.

Yes, there IS a very subtle yet profoundly creative difference between Capitalism and Conscious Capitalism and it's HUGE. Life shifting HUGE.

I'll be revealing more specifics about HOW to do that soon. Before I do though, I think it's both important and necessary to set the stage and begin laying some of the preliminary groundwork first.

Because doing that is so important and necessary, I'll say this before I provide the Big Picture view of what FG Xpress is DOING and HOW you can use that to get to where you desire to be as it pertains to business and money.

If you find yourself in a big hurry, anxious and wanting to cut straight to the chase so you can get back to your anxious, busy and stress filled life, it will benefit you immensely to slow down, read and digest every word that follows in the FG Xpress Overview.

Here's something I KNOW after working with a very diverse group of people over the course of MANY years.

That's what those who are always hoping, wishing and praying for greater results won't and don't do. That's why the vast majority never receive what they do "truly desire." They simply won't and/or don't slow down long enough to do the necessary groundwork and construct an indestructible foundation to build upon.

They're always in a hurry. Because that applies to the 98%, I'll give you a sneak peak; the big picture view if you will of where the FG Xpress Overview is heading early on. That way you can determine for yourself if there's any need for you to take the time to read further and discover The Main Thing.

Here's the Reason I've Chosen to Share the FG Xpress Overview With You and the Big Picture "Business View" of What FG Xpress is DOING

I've connected with a very "conscious and heart centered group" of on purpose, mission driven entrepreneurs. An "uncommon group" who hold a shared vision of and are committed to serving others and making a positive difference on this planet.

You could say that they're an uncommon group of "Conscious Capitalists."

And yes, at the conclusion of the FG Xpress Overview, I'm going to invite you to join us and do the same. That's ultimately what the FG Xpress Overview is about.

The video that follows, featuring FG Xpress founder Ron Williams, will also provide you the "Big Picture View" of what this "uncommon group of "Conscious Capitalists" are doing, how we're doing it and where we're headed.

Although it's a very brief 2 minute video, it provides a BIG PICTURE view of where we're headed as well as set the stage for what we'll be covering in very insightful and uncommon detail as we make our way through the rest of the FG Xpress Overview.

You'll meet FG Xpress founder/CEO Ron Williams as he explains what the company, FG Xpress (which I'll be providing more details about soon) is doing and has done to merge with these changes and how what they've done can enable those who are sincere and "truly desire to" to align, harmonize, flow with, benefit from and even thrive as a result of the changes that the digital age and the "New Global Economy" has brought with it to do so.

Perhaps hearing what Ron has to say, can assist you in putting things in perspective and perhaps even becoming excited and looking forward to the potential and possibilities that COULD become very real for you as a result of the many Global and economic Changes that have taken place and which will continue to unfold as time goes on.

Once you've watched the FG Xpress Overview video, see the big picture view of what FG Xpress is doing and the vision we hold, we'll get into more of the "REALLY important" things. Things that you have complete and total control over which will also determine whether you'll benefit and thrive from the recent changes or continue to allow these changes to adversely impact your life as so many are "unknowingly, unconsciously and needlessly" choosing to do.

So, before we get into that part of the FG Xpress Overview, let's take a few moments to watch and listen as FG Xpress founder/CEO Ron Williams, provides the "BIG picture view" of the GLOBAL impact FG Xpress is making, the difference it's making on a GLOBAL scale, the enormous and far reaching VALUE it's providing to individuals from AL walks of life on a GLOBAL scale and the potential it holds for you.

Click the Play Button and listen in as FG Xpress founder/CEO Ron Williams provides
the birds eye view of what FG Xpress has put in place as well as the BIG PICTURE
mission, vision and intention of FG Xpress as a company

Whether you realize it or not at this point, you have arrived here for a reason. At some level, you know that there's more to life...that your life serves a greater purpose and can become more abundant and meaningful for you. That's what you've been looking and searching for.

A lot of people...MOST people actually, search and try and DO things in such a way that never provides the desired result. They DO things in such a way that never fills the void that they're trying to so hard to fill with all their DOING and GETTING.

No, I can't be 100% certain what specific individual desire/s you might have that led to your arrival here, but one thing I do know is this...

You're looking for more.

How could I know that even though you and I have never met? It's VERY simple really. We ALL are...without exception. We ALL desire to be, do and/or HAVE more of something.

Those who haven't yet figured out and gotten to the heart of WHAT they're truly looking for often become so busy DOING what they think is necessary to get MORE end up taking the long path. Some walk this path their entire lives and never receive the MORE they "thought" it would provide.

The MORE that we ALL desire is Completion.

If you're frustrated by your lack of progress in constructing or achieving your life vision, in starting or growing your own business, or you're finding it difficult to simply gain clarity on where to begin and what to do to begin experiencing whatever more it might be that you desire, I think you'll enjoy and find immense benefit from what follows in the FG Xpress Overview.

First, let me ask you a question as it relates to money specifically...

Have you ever felt like wealth building (or anything else you desire in life) is a puzzle … one of which you don't seem to have all the pieces to?

Don't feel alone...EVERYONE has "felt that way" at some point. Sadly MOST feel that way MOST if not all the time. They feel stuck. That's the "not so great" news.

There's really great news though...

None of us HAVE to. Neither do you.

If you think you do, maybe what I'll be sharing in the FG Xpress Overview can assist you with that. Although I KNOW it can, it's what you think, believe and DO that matters as it pertains to you and your results.

First let's look at why you ARE looking for more as MOST spend most or in some cases ALL of their time doing.

The simple fact that you're in the "looking for more stage", is evidence that you are missing (or at least THINK you're missing) some piece; or perhaps even several pieces of the puzzle that will enable your life to work and unfold as you would like it to and/or think it should.

You're certainly not alone in that either. In fact, if you're trying to figure out what these missing puzzle pieces are, if you're wondering if they even exist, or you're at the place where you're attempting to determine how to strategically place and fit these pieces into YOUR puzzle in a way that's meaningful for you, you're like 98% of the people who are always doing the same.

Sadly, this same 98% are not progressing beyond the "looking and trying to find" stage. Some spend their entire lives DOING that.

The question is WHY?

Although on the surface it may SEEM to be difficult, complex or perhaps even impossible to discover WHY so you might finally move beyond where you are to where you truly desire to be, the answer is SO amazingly simple.

Here's the answer that so many overlook...

The 98% keep doing the same thing over and over again yet are always hoping, wishing and praying for a different result. According to one of the most brilliant scientific minds in the history of the world, (also backed and supported by timeless wisdom) choosing that and DOING that is insanity.

I believe; scratch that...I KNOW based on first hand experience that he was right.

In fact, after personally choosing and doing the same for a number of years; after blindly navigating a number of less than desired life paths, making a lot of money, doing this and dong that and NOT enjoying the scenery as I did so, I KNOW beyond the shadow of a doubt that he WAS right.

To experience a more desirable kind of scenery and HAVE different results, it's necessary to change paths, modify your approach and/or and DO something altogether different than what you have been doing.

That's where MOST get stuck. They don't know how. They don't know where to turn, what to do, which path to choose, if there is such a path or how to most effectively navigate it.

Since that's "true" in 98% of the cases, chances are great that you find yourself there too. If so, take heart. That's what the FG Xpress Overview is going to reveal.

No, the FG Xpress Overview isn't going to tell you WHAT you should do or HOW you should do it, but it IS going to provide A WAY that I KNOW to be immensely powerful and effective for achieving what so many "claim" to want so badly yet which MOST never receive.

The FG Xpress Overview is Going to Reveal
The "Short Path" to Where You Truly Desire To Be

More and more, especially in today's high tech, hustle and bustle busy world, people are realizing they need help and guidance as they navigate the complexities of the modern world.

That's what the FG Xpress Overview will assist you in doing IF you'll allow it to. In fact, it points to, what I believe and have found to be the short path.

If you're like the 98% who have shown up here before you, chances are great that the MORE you're looking for is how to make more money.

If so, I've got some great news. The FG Xpress Overview is going to reveal how to do that too. But there's more to it than that. Much more. Although MOST place a LOT of emphasis on acquiring as much "money" as they can, money is only one piece...a VERY SMALL piece of the whole life puzzle.

What follows in the FG Xpress Overview, may very well provide you with the missing piece (or pieces) of the puzzle that you may be (and which so many ARE) looking for, but to this point haven't yet been able to find.

The FG Xpress Overview is going to enable and empower you to move beyond wanting and looking and trying really hard to make money to actually "arriving" at the place where you truly desire to be.

I'm sure you'd agree that being where you truly desire to be and having whatever it is that you truly desire to have would be much better than always WANTING to be there as most do, wouldn't it?

Of course. So I'll ask you...are you open and willing to DOING; or at the very least strongly consider doing something different that you may not have even thought of or considered DOING before?

That's what the FG Xpress Overview is going to reveal. More than just making and getting more money, you'll know how to finally put an end to the frustration, overwork and disappointment most people experience every day... month after month...year after year...decade after decade...

...if you choose to.

In fact, what follows in the FG Xpress Overview may alter your entire view of and approach to life, propel you forward, in a grounded, exciting and practical kind of way that makes sense to you and also reveal some simple and painless steps that you can begin taking immediately to place you in the 2% minority group where the 98% always find themselves WANTING to be.

But we're going to be looking at and DOING things in a way that the 98% don't. Make no mistake. That's VITALLY important. If you're in the 98% group right now, you MAY think that some of what follows in the FG Xpress Overview is irrelevant and doesn't pertain to you. If you find yourself "thinking that" at ANY point as you move through the FG Xpress Overview, do whatever you feel you have to do. But I would strongly encourage you to READ every word that follows if you're sincere and serious about moving from the 98% who always want and hope and wish and pray into where only 2% end up.

I strongly encourage it because, as I can tell you based on personal experience, the information that follows is what enables or keeps so many from experiencing the kind and quality of life that EVERYONE WANTS, (including but not limited to money) yet which only a small minority ever experience.

Although initially you may have thought based on the title and subtitle above that the FG Xpress Overview would be merely sharing the details about the company, FG Xpress, how to start your own home based business or making money; although that's certainly a "part of it", as I've said already, there's MUCH more to the FG Xpress Overview than that.

So much more.

Yes, I'm going to be introducing you to and talking about FG Xpress...what I've found to be an amazing, heart centered and very unique company. I'm also going to be introducing you to what I and MANY others around the world have found to be an amazing product with equally amazing and FAR REACHING benefits that I'll reveal soon.

I'm also going to be introducing you to the tangible tools and systems that FG Xpress has put in place to enable you to reach and serve others around the world who can benefit from the product, (which is EVERYONE...literally) the tools and other resources FG Xpress provides to create a VERY significant and long term income for yourself in the process.

And yes, I'm also going to be showing you how MANY are creating life changing incomes both short and long term by paying forward this product and USING these resources that FG Xpress provides. I said...the FG Xpress Overview is about SO MUCH more than home based business, tools, systems, processes and making money..

As great as all these things are, they're the "least important" thing we'll be discussing in the FG Xpress Overview.

The FG Xpress Overview Conveys a "Unique and Specialized Form of Knowledge" that CAN and WILL Provide Desirable Results

The FG Xpress Overview isn't based on what you'd call "common knowledge." But it's VITAL to understand. "Common Knowledge" and what many refer to as Common Sense is what the 98%ers utilize to create "common results."

The kind of "common results" that 98% experience is a constant state of want, need and desire.

To create different results than MOST experience it's going to be necessary to understand and DO something different than the 98% do right?

That's "logical" isn't it?

  • How would you like to join the minority 2% group of people who always, regardless of what they do, seem to “stumble” upon windfall after windfall almost as if by luck and divine intervention?

  • What would it feel like to experience financial freedom, success like those who seem to belong to a select group that (for reasons unknown) you just haven’t been able to become a member of yet?

  • How would you like to finally understand and let go of the BIG LIE constantly hammered into our minds that a life of ease and flow without money worries is the “destiny” that awaits certain ‘lucky’ people while a life of lack, limitation, struggle ans poverty awaits other unfortunate souls who are powerless to change it?

To do so in a way that "truly works" and LASTS it's going to be necessary to lay the necessary foundation. As difficult as the 98% "think it is" to make money, the fact of the matter is, it's PROFOUNDLY simple when you have a solid foundation to build upon, know how to do the right things in the right order and then make the choice to DO them.

That's what the minority 2% who experience extraordinary qualities of life do and precisely what the 98% are missing and DON'T do. It's NOT the doing that's missing. MOST of the 98% are DOING plenty. Much more than necessary actually....which is a PART of the problem.

In fact MOST are DOING so much and spending SO MUCH time DOING what they believe NEEDS to be done, they overlook the importance of laying the kind of foundation that will support and sustain their desires long term.

Laying the foundation is the first order of business.

That foundation begins with you and what you think and believe to be true or untrue. It begins at the mental level not the physical level.

We seem to be bombarded with negative ideas, doom and gloom, and endless drama surrounding money and the economy. And unfortunately, these negative ideas can and often DO create inner conflict that cancels out the materialization of what so many are always looking for and "trying so hard to get."

Because that's "true" in the vast majority of cases, let's set the stage early on.

The truth of the matter is that wealth and abundance are just as possible for you as it is for anyone else - you just have to have the right information. Then, once you have that and KNOW in your heart of hearts that it's the kind of information that will provide what you're looking for, it's necessary to APPLY and DO something with it.

The fact of the matter is, MOST people (98% in fact) find themselves wedged between a ‘rock and a hard place’ when it comes to money.

That's what the FG Xpress Overview will show how to do. More than just showing you by "telling you" what to do and how to do it, after we get through the "important stuff", I'll be revealing all the "tools, systems, processes and training you could possibly need to move from the 98% crowd into the minority 2%.

At no time during the FG Xpress Overview will I be attempting to convince, manipulate or sway you to seeing things "my way."

In case you haven't realized it yet, the FG Xpress Overview isn't limited to making money. It's a part of important part, although it may not be as important as YOU currently think it is if you think and believe as the 98% do.

Although many "think" it's money they're after, what EVERYONE is truly after is prosperity, happiness and peace of mind. They simply want to get to the place where they can feel safe, secure and at some point know what it means to love, savor and fully enjoy life.

Money is a part of the loving and enjoying life equation, but it's only a part.

As true as that is, MOST place much (and in some cases ALL) emphasis on making money and little to no emphasis on what's truly important (and necessary) to actually move from where they are so they might begin to experience what it means to love, savor and fully enjoy life.

They become so focused on making money combined with all the other "busy things" that most believe MUST be done in life, that the love, reverence and enjoyment of life eludes them.

After experiencing enough of that, it becomes quite easy to lose sight of who you really are and what you're quite capable of achieving. In MANY cases, the 98% like to think that the rich, famous and truly fulfilled minority got that way because they had an unfair advantage or because they're just luckier, more blessed or more gifted than most.

But the truth is, most "lucky" people start at the very same place as everyone else. They started where everyone starts. The KEY is they START and keep going. They move beyond WANTING, hoping wishing and praying and actually DO something. And right now, if you're like the 98%, you're at the starting line.

Because that's true, I'm going to ask you this. Think back 5, 10, 20 or 40 years. Where were you then, where did you "desire to be" as you though about the future and where are you now?

How much have you grown and evolved in the material aspect of your life?

How many things have you thought about doing, meant to do, wished you could do, wish you had done or maybe even DID yet you're no closer to the finish line than the other 98%?

Perhaps most importantly what ARE YOU going to do DIFFERENTLY to ensure that you don't find yourself seemingly stuck at the starting line in the next 5, 10, 20 or 40 years?

There's another group that claims money isn't important at all. In fact, they'll tell you that money is bad or in extreme cases that it's "the root of all evil." Some believe and will even go as far as telling you that it's "noble" or even "spiritual" to be poor.

In MOST cases, they're also the ones who "claim" that they sincerely desire to serve and assist others yet don't have enough money to pay their light bill, let alone provide the tangible needs of those who they "claim" they WANT to assist and who need assistance most.

In either case, there's "internal conflict" taking place that CANNOT and WILL NOT provide the desired result.

We're going to be addressing these beliefs and perceptions as we make our way through the FG Xpress Overview. I think it's important to say though that what I'll be sharing is the result of personally experiencing what it's like to be at both ends of the money scale.

Having A LOT and having NONE.

I spent many years teaching people how to make money. I was VERY GOOD at it too not to mention quite successful in the way that most define success. In fact, based on what most believe must happen to acquire the title "Successful Person", you could say I became "Ultra Successful" and reached the pinnacle of success.

That's what the 98% would call it.

Point being, I made A LOT of money. I was REALLY good at it too. I was so good at it, that I was promoted and for many years held a position where I trained others how to make more money. I was SO good at it that other companies were constantly attempting to recruit me, offering me mind boggling amounts of income with the hopes that I'd jump ship and teach their people how to make more money.

I fell for that a couple of times. Over the years I trained and assisted A LOT of people in making a lot of money.

Ironically, as much as I made, I got the place where I realized that regardless of how much money I acquired, I wasn't happy. Quite the contrary. The fact of the matter is, I became quite UNHAPPY. More than just UNHAPPY, I became mentally, emotionally and physically drained.

The demands that were required in my work to teach others how to make money so I could "get the money" conflicted with what I truly wanted and "believed" money would provide.

Yet as much money as I made, it didn't provide what I thought it would.

That rocked my world to say the least. It did because I was taught and grew up "believing" that once you reached a certain monetary milestone that happiness was a given.

Maybe YOU think that too. If you're in the 98% group you DO think that.

I connect and communicate with A LOT of people who think the same. Although this material milestone varies from individual to individual, in the back of their minds they have a material milestone that they believe will enable them to become "happy" too.

The milestone that I was told and believed was necessary to reach this "happiness place" was a million dollars. In my search for happiness and peace of mind I far exceeded this "million dollar milestone." But regardless of how far I progressed beyond this "milestone" that I truly thought and believed would make me happy and fulfilled, I began to realize that the more I did in the way I was doing it, the "less happy" I became.

But, like the 98%, I kept DOING the same thing. I kept doing that till I hit rock bottom. Material poorness and poverty wasn't my personal rock bottom. Mental, emotional and physical exhaustion WAS.

What I discovered is that I was "allowing" myself to base my life choices on what I'd been taught, believed and really thought would provide what my childhood caregivers told me it would.

It didn't play out that way for me even though I really and truly thought and believed it would. Then, one day I came across some information that struck a chord with me. It stirred something that I couldn't quite identify initially.

Fast forward to today and here's what I can tell you. I do so, so you might make different choices than I did (than MOST do) and actually arrive at the place where you truly desire to be as quickly, simply and easily as possible.

My discontent, unhappiness had nothing to do with the money I made. It had EVERYTHING to do with what I believed was necessary to make the kind of money that I wanted to and would eventually make. My beliefs, thoughts, words and actions had me focused on and DOING things that made me a LOT of money, but the DOING them in the way I thought and believed they "needed to be done" conflicted with my mental, emotional and physical well being.

There was an imbalance...a form of disharmony.

Bottom line, I was out of alignment. All the money in the world CANNOT buy alignment and harmony REGARDLESS of what you "believe." Many don't "believe" they can become happy and fulfilled so they DO what they DO to survive and get by. They "fear" that if they DON'T do things in the way they've been taught and "believe" they MUST be done, they'll be unable to provide the basic essentials of life.

Due to this "fear" they follow the common knowledge that the 98% do and spend years (some their entire lives) DOING what they "think" needs to be done struggling, surviving and getting by.

The end result is that they become a slave to money...even though the amount of money they earn is miniscule in comparison to the amount of money that they COULD be making.

That's the single most important thing that I hope you'll grasp, understand and begin to apply. The single most important thing I hope to convey in the FG Xpress Overview is the importance of NOT DOING things in the way the 98% do.

That may "seem" easier said than done. But the fact of the matter is, doing so is PROFOUNDLY simple.

The KEY is to Stop depending on what's programmed into your head and start following the lead of and living from your Heart.

There are MANY people who make a lot of money yet, HOW they do it puts them out of alignment mentally and emotionally. There are other people who WANT and believe they can get a lot of money yet what they do is misaligned with actually getting the kind of money they believe they can make.

It doesn't matter where you are, if you're doing either of those you ARE out of alignment and will never become happy and fulfilled.

That's WHY the FG Xpress Overview isn’t all about making money. That's what most are always "trying to do" or hoping, wishing and praying that they might be able to do someday, yet they're missing the mark in 98% of the cases..BIG time. And like me, most don't realize it until they've spent years working really hard doing things the way I did; many of whom make some money (some A LOT of money) only to discover that it doesn't provide what they and the other 98% of the people think it will.

Yes, the FG Xpress Overview has to do with money and business to a degree but at the same time, there's SO MUCH MORE to it than that. You could say it goes much deeper than that. The FG Xpress Overview is more about "consciously aligning and harmonizing" the mind-body-spirit aspects of yourself and allowing yourself to reconnect with your true nature...FIRST.

Why is that important?

The reason is simple. When you dig a bit and discover why people want money, you find it isn’t REALLY money they’re after. This may come as a surprise to you and you may even find yourself resisting this next statement as I did initially but...

Money isn't what you're after either. You might really "think so." You may even wholeheartedly "believe it."

But it's NOT what you're after.

It is what you can do with money that's important to you. It's what you can exchange the money for that enables and allows you to become happy, although it's only temporary.

It's ALWAYS temporary for one simple fact. Money and stuff cannot and WILL not, in and of themselves make you "happy" long term. Having money as well as the peace of mind that comes through doing what you love, DOING something that fulfills you, doing that in a way that serves and benefits enough others is what fills the void that money in and of itself cannot do.

Yet choosing to align and harmonize in this way; choosing to DO what you love combined with serving enough others in the process is what provides more money than most "believe" they can make.

So, although the FG Xpress Overview isn't ALL about money, it provides the insight and direction necessary to take all the guesswork out of HOW to create more money in a Lifestyle friendly kind of way and sustain it LONG term. It provides a very powerful, effective and powerfully leveraged way to make money so you can receive and exchange it for what you DO truly desire without all the struggle, sacrifice, needless effort or selling and sacrificing your soul in the process.

That may sound a bit extreme, yet that's precisely what MOST do in varying degrees as they do whatever they do in their pursuit of money, possessions and what most refer to as "success."

Although they do so with all the best intentions, they're overlooking the single most important thing that MUST BE DONE

This "sacrificing of your soul" happens at varying degrees. Making money in a way that conflicts with what you love to do...begrudgingly participating in a vocation or career may very well provide money yet there's a mental and emotional conflict going on which keeps HAPPINESS and the amount of money you COULD BE making from becoming a tangible reality.

Most allow what's been programmed into their head to dictate and determine what they do in their life. They'd LOVE to do one thing, but their "fear" of a lack of money has them DOING something else. In the vast majority of cases, what MOST do conflicts with what they'd LOVE to be doing.

Although MOST do that, what really matters the most is honoring your soul's calling. When you get to the core of what drives and sustains physical life and you begin to understand the underlying and often overlooked truth about what life is "truly about", you see that it's not about "getting" at all.

Getting is "a part of it" important part. But the getting comes later. There's a foundational step that must be understood and applied FIRST.

It's about giving. Giving precedes "getting." When you give of yourself, you give to yourself. When you plant the right seeds and nurture them in the right way, the harvest you receive shows up in ways and in quantities that are beyond comprehension for MOST people. The way in which it "shows up" in many cases "seems" magical. Some will even say that it's miraculous

Although it "seems" that way to many, it's not really magic at all. It's how the process was designed. It's always worked that way, it's working that way right now and it's going to continue working that way long after you and I are gone.

The sooner you make the choice to align and harmonize yourself with HOW things work, the sooner you'll experience the harmony, joy, fulfillment and prosperity that ALWAYS happens by choosing consciously.

We're ALL planting seeds and we're ALL receiving a harvest. Learning HOW and DOING the right things in the right order provides a "desired harvest."

Far more are looking and seeking and searching and trying really hard to make or GET money than those who are focused in the most effective and efficient kind of way and actually RECEIVING what EVERYBODY truly wants out of life.

And this thing that everybody wants is harmony. Physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony. Most think that "getting enough money" will provide that but it doesn't.

If you're like the 98%, it's quite possible that you’re frustrated, worn down, disillusioned and perhaps even sick of trying. The lack of desirable results... in spite of all the work you do in your job, in your relationships and on yourself with little to no results, can be quite draining.

If you're anything like me and many others, you’ve bought and listened to plenty of tapes and CDs telling you how to create your dream life. You’ve attended the seminars. You've gained additional technical skills for DOING more. Maybe you’ve spent months or years visualizing, affirming, journaling, meditating and even reviewed your goals every single morning with positive intent... And yet in spite of all your effort, you’re still nowhere close to where you want to be in life.

The fact of the matter is, most allow a focus on money; whether the attainment of or the lack of to dictate and determine what they do. It's this unconscious and short sighted focus surrounding "the importance" (and in some cases the "unimportance") of money that so often keeps so many from DOING whatever it might be that they "truly desire" to do and having what they "truly desire" to have and experiencing a quality of life that EVERYONE claims to WANT.

Maybe what brought you here stems from the intention of serving more, contributing more and making a greater impact in the lives of others. Maybe it's to earn more money so you can enjoy more of the finer things that life has to offer. Maybe for you, it's a combination of both. For you, it may be something altogether different.

But, aside from your unique reason for being here, there's a common denominator that ties us all together. We all desire more of something. On the surface in 98% of the cases, it "seems as if" MONEY is what we're after.

Have you ever wondered why 98% actually "believe that" yet it's this same 98% that are always "WANTING, desiring and looking for more?" yet only 2% actually receive and experience what EVERYONE wants?

The FG Xpress Overview is going to reveal the liberating "not so secret" secret to moving beyond WANTING to HAVING. It's going to provide everything necessary to move you beyond WANTING Real Freedom to actually experiencing Real Freedom. It's going to provide EVERYTHING you could possibly need to begin rethinking, redefining, re-framing and "consciously creating" your reality in such a way that aligns with receiving what so many are blindly scrambling around "trying to get."

That last one is a BIGGY. And it is, because the 98% are "unconsciously creating" their reality and not experiencing what they think and believe all their doing will provide.

Although the FG Xpress Overview is going to provide all that and more, the APPLICATION of the information and DOING what it takes to move beyond hoping, wishing and wanting will still be up to you.

Let's relate it to money and the financial aspect of your life specifically.

There are a LOT of varying beliefs surrounding money. But let's face facts. Money is a VITALLY important part of EVERY society. It doesn't matter what you "BELIEVE" to be true individually about money, which culture you grew up in, what religious doctrine or dogma you adhere to or how much you HAVE or DON'T is important.

But it's NOT the "Main Thing."

You simply CANNOT live a truly whole, fulfilled and harmonious quality of life REGARDLESS of how much money you might acquire in your lifetime. By the same token, you can't be truly fulfilled and experience a truly harmonious quality of life without MONEY in a world that utilizes MONEY as it's medium of exchange. It's a necessary and vitally important aspect of survival as well as assisting others.

Like it or not, it IS what it IS.

Show me someone who says money isn't important and I'll show you somebody who has plenty or; as is the case with so many "spiritually minded people" who have been taught and "believe that money is bad or the root of all evil, doesn't have any, probably never will and is unable to "serve others" in the way they "claim" they want to.

Granted, money IS NOT important if you have plenty. It's also not important if you choose to live like a recluse and have no desire to assist others in the way MOST desire to and which we ALL could if we had the MONEY.

But if you don't have any, or if you don't have ENOUGH, it's VERY important.

The fact of the matter is money is beyond important when it comes to "physical life." Money is a major part of our health and well being.

But here's what most overlook...

Money is here to serve humanity, not vice versa.

As true as that is, I've found that MOST serve money. They do what they do to make money regardless of how they feel about what they do. They've allowed money to become their master.

That's what the FG Xpress Overview is going to reveal as well as provide. The insight and understanding to ensure that you HAVE enough to maintain your health and well being as well as MORE than enough to serve humanity.

Most will tell you that they can't live the kind and quality of life that they desire or GIVE in a way that they'd like to give because of their "money problems."

A LOT of people really believe that too.

But money isn't the problem. The REAL problem is an invisible problem. Having or not having money is nothing more or less than a symptom; an effect that stems from a deeper place.

Let's use tangible "real world" examples.

A LOT of people "claim" that they sincerely desire to be rich.

If you ask the 98% why they're not rich, they'll quickly come up with dozens (maybe even several dozen) of "seemingly justifiable reasons" why they cannot seem to break through their financial barriers of struggle and survival to attain riches.

Now, let's look at those who say they have no desire to be rich but would rather serve others.

They'll tell you that money isn't important yet in the same breath tell you that they're focus is on serving others. Yet they hold beliefs about money which keep money away. They're unable to give the way they WANT to give, serve in the way they want to serve and experience the quality of life they "claim to WANT."

There's an internal conflict going on within themselves which keeps the "desired outcome" from becoming real.

In either case, the conversation going on in their mind supports and validates all the "seemingly justifiable reasons" why they CAN'T achieve what they "claim" they desire to achieve.

There's the REAL PROBLEM. It's a misdirected FOCUS. ALL physical "problems" stem from that "choice."

Whether you're aware of it (and whether you believe it) or not, the masses have chosen and ARE choosing lack, limitation, struggle and poverty, regardless of the fact that they're always hoping, praying, WANTING and wishing they had abundance and plenty.

No, they're not doing so INTENTIONALLY but they ARE doing it. Even though it's being done unintentionally, often times without ever realizing what's taking place and the counter productive consequences and the less than desirable "effects" that doing things in this way ALWAYS provides, it ALWAYS boils down to an individual choice.

So before we continue and reveal how to eliminate this "perceived problem" from your life once and for all, I'm going to ask that you think about...REALLY think about and give some "thoughtful consideration" to this question...

Do you always find yourself WANTING more money to flow into your life as the 98% do or are you REALLY SERIOUS about having and receiving more money AND experiencing a truly fulfilled and wholesome quality of life as the 2% do?

Do you find yourself hoping, wishing and praying that you could assist others in greater ways

I can tell you after spending years of working with a very diverse group of people over the years that the 98% who DON'T have money, most definitely WANT it yet few ever get SERIOUS about getting it and never move behind WANTING.

The #1 reason is because they don't know how. Based on what they've learned, what they believe and how most DO things, they consistently DO things in such a way that dramatically limits the infinite amount of abundance and plenty that is equally available to us ALL.

I don't care where you are now, what you're experiencing, what you believe to be true...abundance is a birthright. It's YOUR birthright. It's EVERYONE'S birthright and there are no exceptions with the exception of the exceptions that we create for ourselves. By doing things the way the 98% do and SEEING the limited results it provides, most have lost sight of that FACT. That's why the 98% get caught up in what "seems to be" an inescapable cycle of lack, limitation, struggling, settling and/or getting by.

Some spend their entire lives there fully believing that they're stuck and that the cycle they've "blindly and unknowingly chosen" truly is inescapable.

But it's NOT an inescapable cycle at all. It's a cycle that CAN BE broken anytime YOU make the choice to do so.

It simply requires identifying, getting to the core of, acknowledging and addressing the Real Problem.

Any "perceived lack" in life stems from the mental, emotional and physical aspects of yourself being out of alignment with one another.

As I discovered after "trying it both ways", manifestation can be EASY or HARD. You get to choose whichever it is for you. I unknowingly and unintentionally chose the "hard way" for many years before becoming sick and tired of being sick and tired and began making "new choices."

That's really the only difference between those who WANT something and those who "truly desire" something. Those with a "sincere desire" to change something make new choices and DO things differently than they HAVE been doing them.

Those who consistently WANT something, don't.

I can also tell you after walking both paths, that making "heartfelt desires" real is SO easy, SO profoundly SIMPLE, a LOT of fun, IMMENSELY fulfilling and "when you KNOW how to DO the right things in the RIGHT order and then DO them.

That's my intention for writing and sharing the FG Xpress Overview. To point you toward the shortest and easiest path that I'm aware of for making "heartfelt desires" real and tangible in an easy, simple, fun and IMMENSELY fulfilling kind of way.

The first order of business is to become AWARE OF and clear your mind of the thousands of negative programs constantly running and ricocheting around in your brain.

MOST "choose" to skip over that part. That's the single most important thing that MUST be done if you're SERIOUS about creating better results. That's what those who "choose" to remain in WANT land don't do.

They WANT the harvest (as everyone does) yet in most cases they're unwilling to plant the kind and quality of seeds that would produce it.

If RECEIVING more money is or has been your primary focus, yet you've been unable to earn and acquire the amount of money that you've been "trying so hard" to figure out how to acquire or you find yourself limited and on a consistent roller coaster ride financially, what follows in the FG Xpress Overview may very well prove to be a game changer for you.

It will that is, if you choose to break the self limiting cycle that the 98% are "unintentionally and unconsciously" creating, move beyond WANTING and become SERIOUS about "applying and DOING something" different than you and the 98% who always want, HAVE BEEN doing.

Although what I'll be sharing will provide everything you could possibly need to enhance the financial aspect of your life exponentially, there's SO MUCH more to the FG Xpress Overview than that.

Although the FG Xpress Overview does provide insight and understanding regarding this "invisible problem" that MOST overlook, and assist you in HAVING the amount of money that aligns with your desires, it really has NOTHING to do with MONEY at all. MONEY, like any other desirable tangible event, condition or circumstance you experience in life is a bi-product of doing the right things in the right order.

The making and receiving of money comes later. How quickly or slowly is up to you. It CAN happen in the "blink of an eye."

But, make no mistake. It's NOT limited to MONEY. The information contained within the FG Xpress Overview will enable you to enhance ANY aspect of your life, although on the surface it may "seem as if" the primary focus is limited to those with a desire to enhance the financial aspect their lives.

Since making more money is such a widely sought after yet "seemingly difficult and complex" goal to achieve, that is one aspect of life that we'll be not only looking at but showing you how to enhance DRAMATICALLY.

In addition, I'll be providing you with ALL the tangible tools you could possibly need to do so.

You may or may not realize it yet, but HOW I go about DOING things is different than how MOST do it. The fact of the matter is, 98% of the NONSENSE you hear and read pertaining to "getting more money" and "becoming successful" is NONSENSE and "short sighted" at best.

If you approach manifesting what you want the way 98% of these so called “experts” tell you to, then you will find yourself "seemingly stuck" within a "seemingly inescapable cycle" and consistently disappointed as the 98% do. They simply don't provide enough knowledge that enables you to align and harmonize the mental, emotional and physical aspects of yourself in such a way that enables wealth or whatever it might be that you desire to flow to you.

That's why the 98% are always chasing money yet never

Some tell you to do this or do that in a mechanical and physically engaging kind of way but never get to the "heart of the matter." Others tell you to get clear on what you want, create a dream board, meditate, repeat mantras, hold the intention and simply wait till you attract your dream life, but don't show you WHAT to do or how to do it.

Some will even tell you that you don't have to DO anything.

There's bits and pieces of truth in what they share, but it misses the Whole Truth. Few provide the kind and quality of understanding and way of DOING things that is NECESSARY to move you from hoping, wishing, praying and WANTING to HAVING.

What's "missing" in 98% of the cases is "consciously aligning" the mental and physical.

There are tangible and intangible aspects to creating abundance and plenty in life and admittedly, there's a "Razors Edge" to walk. But this razors edge is simple to master once you understand that the "intangible" comes first.

Yet only 2% have mastered this "razor's edge" and DO what's "truly necessary." It's this same 2% that KNOW how and CHOOSE to align and harmonize the mental, emotional and physical in such a way that NEVER MISSES and ALWAYS provides the desired result.

Point being, they've mastered life because they chose to align and harmonize the mental, emotional and physical aspects of themselves. They mastered their ability to KEEP them aligned and think, speak and act in ways that provides what they Love and desire in and out of life.

Put simply, they've mastered the razor's edge.

That's what makes the FG Xpress Overview SO DIFFERENT. It provides EVERY piece of the "seemingly complex" puzzle that needlessly keeps SO MANY from actually mastering and walking this "fine line" which leads to receiving the results they WANT and/or sincerely desire, materially or otherwise.

I think it's only fair to say this before we get into the potentially life changing tangible details of the FG Xpress Overview.

What I'll be sharing as we make our way the remainder of the FG Xpress Overview isn't for everyone. Nothing is. Let me rephrase that. It IS for everyone, although not everyone is READY to acknowledge and accept it.

The fact of the matter is, most have to hit bottom before they decide it's time to spring to the top. Hitting bottom isn't limited to "a lack of material resources."

Hitting bottom can happen by becoming mentally, emotionally and physically drained as I did.

“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”

Let's Look at the Tangible Tools Portion of The FG Xpress Overview

The remainder of the FG Xpress Overview is going to introduce you to all the tangible tools, training, systems and processes you could possibly need to enhance the VALUE you're enabled to provide exponentially which in turn will enhance the VALUE that you receive back.

And as you'll see when we get into the "tangible tools" part of the FG Xpress Overview in just a moment, they're VERY effective and powerfully leveraged tools that enable you to reach and provide TREMENDOUS VALUE to ANY PERSON with an address in literally EVERY country on the planet when you use them in the way they were designed and intended to be used.

That's the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing the first part of the FG Xpress Overview was designed to provide. It was intended to reveal the importance of HOW and WHY it's necessary to DO the right things in the right order so you might receive and experience more of the heartfelt desires you hold for yourself.

The FG Xpress approach as well as the philosophy that FG Xpress adheres to is quite "different" than MOST home based businesses. Although that difference may have become quite obvious to you as you progressed through the FG Xpress Overview, the intention and the focus of FG Xpress as well as those who make up the FG Xpress Family goes WAY BEYOND making money.

Yes, the RECEIVING of material rewards for VALUE provided is certainly an important PART of the FG Xpress success equation. Yet it begins through a focus, intention and a vision of providing REAL, meaningful and significant VALUE on a VERY BROAD SCALE that ignites and puts in motion a powerfully creative form of leverage of an "intangible nature."

When you do that the tangible and measurable results take care of themselves.

The FG Xpress vision and philosophy is to reach, serve and contribute in a very meaningful and multi-faceted kind of way that has the ability to serve and benefit MILLIONS of people on a GLOBAL scale.

Whether you understand the power behind that philosophy or not, I can assure after "trying it both ways" it's a profoundly fulfilling and rewarding way of doing things.

FAR MORE so than the 98% who consistently hope, wish, pray and consistently want something yet never receive it are aware of.

Now that we've got the MOST IMPORTANT thing out of the way and cleared the air, let's get into the tangible tools part of the FG Xpress Overview and take a quick look at why FG Xpress is SO DIFFERENT than SO MANY other "money making" biz ops that promote products with "little to no value" and remain focused on "making money" and "signing people up."

FG Xpress is a Heart Centered, Vision, Mission Driven
Global Company with TRULY GLOBAL Reach

What exactly is FG Xpress?

FG Xpress is a division of a 9 year old company (Forevergreen) that has been reaching and serving thousands and thousands of people in many countries around the world with health and nutritional needs.

Unlike Forevergreen, FG Xpress is able to reach and serve people in EVERY country without exception thereby enhancing "The Value Factor" in a way that NO OTHER company of it's kind has ever had the foresight or the ability to do.

The FG in FG Xpress stands for Forevergreen. With the experience and backing of a 9 year old company, FG Xpress has the track record, the foundation, the product, the tangible proof, the resources and the know how to achieve it's vision and at the same time provides everything you could possibly need to achieve your hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations, whatever they might be.

That's only of many but assisting EVERYONE to be successful is a BIG part of the FG Xpress Vision.

The primary focus of FG Xpress boils down to Health, Enhanced Energy, pain relief and improving quality of life in general on a GLOBAL scale.

That vision is taking tangible form in ways that extend well beyond what I was personally able to conceive or imagine initially. What's more, the quality of amazing people that make up the FG Xpress family is inspiring in and of itself.

FG Xpress is comprised of a global brother and sisterhood of conscious, on purpose and mission driven individuals with a vision and heartfelt intention of reaching and serving individuals around the globe.

They not only understand, they are USING the leveraging power of "The Value Factor" to enhance the "outflow of value" that we're ALL capable of providing and are seeing and experiencing the "inflow and/or RECEIVING of value" that always follows.

What's truly exciting about FG Xpress is the fact that they've ingeniously created a global distribution system for their product in EVERY country on the planet that quite literally erases all country lines, politics, hidden corporate agendas and logistical obstacles.

Point being there is NOWHERE in the world where FG Xpress can not reach...that's HUGE.

FG Xpress is a VERY unique company with a vision and a mission to reach, serve and provide far reaching benefits to a global marketplace. Combine that fact with an equally unique FIRST OF IT'S KIND, highly sought after cutting edge product that is exclusive, patented, doctor formulated and, perhaps most exciting, EXCLUSIVELY ours, and you have the potential to reach, serve and at the same time personally benefit in ways that are quite literally mind boggling.

Combine those facts with the specialized form of training, systems and resources that FG Xpress provides and it's quite easy to see that FG Xpress "truly does" (or at least CAN) put the whole world in your hands enabling you to provide a kind and quality of VALUE that aligns with your hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations.

That's something that MOST companies "out there" simply can't and don't provide.

You can learn more details about FG Xpress by clicking here.

The FG Xpress Product : Power Strips
Lose the Stress, Ease the Pain

Let's talk about the EXCLUSIVE, first of it's kind, patented and Dr formulated product that FG Xpress is positioned to distribute globally.

fg xpress power strips

They're called Power Strips.

Not only are Power Strips a first of it's kind, unique, patented and Dr. formulated product that combines ancient herbs with modern wave energy, the countless stories coming in.

What Makes Power Strips So Unique?

Power Strips combine wave energy with ancient herbs which makes their VALUE unique. Power Strips consist of Korean Red Ginseng, Marine Phytoplankton, Germanium and various minerals which are delivered through the skin, directly to our cellular make-up via a patented trans-dermal deliver system.

The clinical studies and the personal benefits of Power Strips are numerous and far reaching...

  • Pain management

  • Immunity boosting

  • Cancer prevention

  • Enhanced sexual drive and function (Male and female)

  • Anti Inflammatory

  • Erectile disfunction

  • Deep restful sleep

  • Enhanced clarity and brain function

  • and SO MUCH MORE

Bottom line, Power Strips are for everyone! There's no need to get into depth here about all the scientific and/or spiritual implications surrounding energy, the bottom line is this...

Health (like EVERYTHING else) is energy and you are the account manager, it's about deposits or withdrawals. Everyone needs energy, while many need relief.

Power Strips provide that and more. Power Strips are also worn daily.

Think about the possibilities for a moment...

There are more than 7 billion people on this planet. I think you'll agree, the potential for you as well as the number of lives you can personally impact is...well, in a word...ENORMOUS.

WAY BEYOND enormous in fact.

What's truly exciting and also unique is the fact that Power Strips can be shipped to anywhere in the world to ANYONE with an address for ONE price.

The potential and possibility made available to you is limited only by you and how far you choose to go.

You can learn more detail about Power Strips, the active ingredients and FG Xpress's patented trans-dermal delivery system by clicking here.

Next, let's discuss the platform, systems, processes, resources and ongoing training that FG Xpress and the FG Xpress Leadership Team provides FG Xpress associates FREE of charge.

FG Xpress Systems, Training and Resources
First Rate : State of the Art : Powerfully Leveraged : Profoundly Effective

all too familiar with the simultaneous gift and trap that today's rapidly evolving technology offers us. The gift comes into play simply because today's technology enables us to express our unique gifts and talents online. We have the ability to reach and share the value that we have to give with the WHOLE world without ever leaving the comfort of our homes. That in and of itself enables us to leverage "The Value Factor" like no other time in history.

The "trap happens" by becoming an information junky and not using the technology that's readily available to us to deliver that value where it's not only needed but sought after and wanted.

Yet for many, technology can be intimidating. Learning how to use the technology that's available to us is often "perceived as being" overwhelming

FG Xpress has created their systems in such a way that you can benefit from them without having to understand how or why they work as the do. No IT training or "techy skills" needed.

Let's talk training.

Training and Support are essential to any successful "Value Driven" system.

The FG Xpress leadership team, which is comprised of many 6 and 7 figure earners are well versed in both online and offline marketing concepts and strategies. They provide you with the best marketing, mindset and entrepreneurial training found anywhere on the planet via a number of resources, not the least of which is our weekly coaching calls.

Develop your personal economic value and money consciousness.

More importantly they clearly understand the leveraging power of the "The Value Factor" and integrate the "intangible aspects of The Value Factor"; the intention, the mindset and the understanding that enhances the tangible aspects of business and making money EXPONENTIALLY.

Once you get started, you gain immediate access to our training calls, marketing systems, your own customized multilingual website, our team training site, marketing tools, follow up systems and more.

Since FG Xpress is a global company, all live training calls are recorded and available for playback 24/7/365 regardless of where in the world you might live.

In addition to 24/7 exposure to powerfully insightful and highly informative training sessions, each FG Xpress associate receives their very own personalized multilingual website to reach as many people as far away as they desire to.

Yes, FG Xpress is a GLOBAL company yet at the same time is designed to be just as easily workable on a local scale.

In addition FG Xpress provides a plethora of marking tools and resources all designed to further enhance the power of leverage to reach, serve, share and distribute Power Strips as well as the FG Xpress vision with the world and/or your hometown.

The entire FG Xpress arsenal is at your disposal, working for you, 7 days a week 24 hours a day. And unlike MANY company's who charge a "monthly maintenance fee" for use of their technologies, the FG Xpress training, marketing resources, etc. are yours for a measly $12.00 ONE TIME set up fee.

You can learn more about the details of FG Xpress training and the Leadership Team by clicking here

The FG Xpress Compensation Plan :
Simple : Lucrative : Residually Focused!!

Next let's talk about the FG Xpress compensation plan and how you get paid by sharing the FG Xpress opportunity and/or Power Strips with others.

To say it's enormous with mind boggling potential would be an understatement.

Ultimately, as you learned in the video at the beginning of the FG Xpress Overview, it's the intent of FG Xpress and it's founder Ron Williams, to move both money and commodity (Power Strips) around the world at record pace and assist A LOT of people in the process.

In addition to being positioned to reach millions (perhaps BILLIONS) of people globally, FG Xpress is also designed to bless millions of people with billions of dollars. Residually!

With that being the case, the FG Xpress compensation plan was definitely designed, intended and certainly has the capability of making a LOT of really good people A LOT better.

The FG Xpress Comp Plan consists of what's called a "hybrid pay structure" incorporating the best of the best comp plans in the industry, enabling you to generate multiple sources of income paid out on both a weekly and monthly basis.

5 sources of income to be exact.

The amount you get paid depends on your level of participation. You have the ability to choose between a Double Pack or a Single Pack purchase of Power Strips.

Purchasing a double pack pays you the maximum material return.

Because of those options, attempting to fully describe the total FG Xpress comp plan and pay structure here, would require much more than a brief overview. What I will say for now is that FG Xpress pays out a MUCH LARGER percentage of the revenue it receives to it's associates than any other company of it's kind.

The compensation and bonus structure of FG Xpress is phenomenal, EXTREMELY lucrative, long term, multifaceted and pays you RESIDUALLY. Equally important, it's VERY simple to be up, running and into profit VERY quickly.

You can see for yourself the power of he FG Xpress Compensation structure by clicking here.

You may or may not be familiar with my work and what I do.

If you are familiar, you're already aware that it's my intention as well as my purpose is fulfill a personal promise that I made to myself many years ago. That promise was to reach, serve and in the process make as big, meaningful and lasting impact as I'm able to enhance quality of life for as many people as I possibly can on a global scale.

It's what I've been doing for many years. It's what I like to refer to as my "Soul Purpose." I must say, it's the most rewarding and fulfilling thing I've EVER done.

FG Xpress serves as a means which assists and enables me to best fulfill that promise and follow through on my commitment by introducing those with a desire to participate with a rock solid platform, the systems, the tools, the training, the guidance and an extraordinary, phenomenally beneficial product that provides what can only be described as profound and FAR REACHING benefits for MANY people all over the world.

That's what this FG Xpress overview is all about. To provide you with verifiable and substantiated FACTS and all the information you could possibly need to make an educated and informed decision for yourself about a team, a company, a system, a product and a specialized form of training that's proving to be a game changer for MANY people from every culture around the globe, myself included.

You could say that the vision, mission, purpose and intention of FG Xpress aligns and harmonizes perfectly with my way of doing things and supports the long term vision and mission of my company Enlightened Journey Enterprises.

That's WHY I've shared the FG Xpress Overview with you.

One thing I KNOW based on personal experience. FG Xpress can enable you to enhance your energy, your health and the financial aspect of your life as much or as little as you choose while making a significant, meaningful and lasting difference in the world.

Should you see that and are excited about the possibilities, I invite you to join me and others on our team that are living, breathing proof of just how real that possibility is.

You could say that FG Xpress provides everything necessary to enable anyone with the desire to align heart, passion and a sense of meaning and purpose with finances while fulfilling a HUGE global DEMAND, serving A LOT of people in the process in a very meaningful way and experiencing the sense of fulfillment that comes from doing so in tangible as well as intangible ways.

If you're actively seeking to create significant change in your life, contributing to the world in a significant, meaningful and life enhancing kind of way, whether you're serious or at this point only curious, I'd strongly encourage you to review the FULL FG Xpress Tour that follows and get all the facts.

On each of the proceeding pages you'll be provided with a more in depth look of the company, FG Xpress, the product, Power Strips, the systems FG Xpress has in place and the no cost training that’s available to those who choose to take action and participate in the FG Xpress Vision of reaching and serving the world while creating a wholesome and fulfilling quality of life for themselves.

Ultimately that choice is yours. One thing is certain. FG Xpress has the intention, the vision, the platform, the product, the infrastructure in place and is positioned to reach, bless and change the lives of millions of people all across the globe.

Perhaps yours will be one of them.

Let’s face it ….no one can nor are they going to give you a better life than the one you can create for yourself. And I want to help. The entire FG Xpress family wants to help.

And that's another KEY understanding that so many overlook.

By helping YOU we help ourselves. In the same way, when YOU choose to help others, you serve and benefit yourself in ways that MOST simply don't understand, see the power of, let alone DO.

The bottom line of the FG Xpress Overview is this. We mean business. We're also going to be assisting A LOT of individuals with a sincere desire to be in business for themselves as we make a meaningful, significant and lasting difference in enhancing the lives of people around the world.

Maybe you'll choose to be one of them.

Make your choice now… Do you have the desire to succeed? Are you willing to do what it takes? Are you success oriented? Are you ready to create life changing income?

If you're excited about the possibilities based on what you've discovered in the FG Xpress Overview and are ready to get started, click the "Get Started Now" button below and you'll be redirected to my FG Xpress website.


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