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Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart

Part 2 of 3

If You Think That Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart Can't Transform Your Life, You Don't KNOW as Much as You Think You Do

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." – George Bernard Shaw

Let's Talk About Stress and What We Learn,
Believe and "Think We Know" About It.

In Part 1 of Get Out of Your Head and into your Heart, I mentioned that stress is "sort of" the cause for many of our "less than desirable results in life.

Let's take a closer, under the radar look at why I say stress is "sort of" the cause. I say sort of, because it's not really the cause of anything even though most "think" it is.

There are A LOT of polls and surveys floating around today that "claim" to reveal the main causes of stress.

On the surface, they seem accurate and on target. They seem that way, because the results of polls and surveys are derived based on the beliefs, perceptions and opinions of those who participate in the compilation of "data." It's what participants "think they know" which make up the statistics that these polls and surveys reveal.

Do you know what’s necessary to eliminate, or at least dramatically reduce stress in your life once and for all?

If what you "think you know" aligns and harmonizes with what the polls and surveys claim, which reveal what MOST people in the world "think they know", you might say...

  • A different job

  • Having more money

  • A more wholesome and fulfilling relationship

  • Greater health

Because of our own "personal life experiences" combined with what most "claim they want", on the surface, those answers "seem logical, practical and reasonable. Our less than fulfilling jobs, a lack of money, troubled relationships, and less than pristine health, most definitely "seem to be" the cause of all, or at least MOST of our stress.

On the surface it really and truly does "seem that way" for sure. Where people, polls and surveys "miss the mark" though, is looking at things from a "surface level" vantage point.

Because it's NOT career dissatisfaction, money concerns, relationship issues or health that is The REAL Cause of Stress.

Those aren't the #1, #2, #3, or, for that matter, the #9,777,000 cause of stress.

The reason WHY they're not the CAUSE of stress or anything remotely close is VERY simple...

It's because stress and those "seemingly stressful" situations
are ALL effects...NOT causes.

Any and every event, condition or circumstance that "triggers stress" stems from a "deeper cause." The REAL CAUSE of stress goes MUCH deeper than ANY of those effects regardless of what anyone thinks they know.

Do you know what is the #1 cause of stress?

The answer might REALLY surprise you too. I say might, because it surprised me in a BIG way when I first discovered it.

Here's what the #1 cause of stress "truly is"...

It’s what we think we know.

What we “think we know” is what ignites a biological response that "triggers stress" and results in career dissatisfaction, less money than we truly desire and failed or failing relationships. That's the ONE and ONLY thing that so often keeps us from being, doing and having what’s truly available to us in life.

It's the ONE and ONLY thing that keeps us from believing, SEEING, thinking, speaking, acting and DOING what's truly necessary to fulfill and HAVE whatever our “heartfelt desires” might be.

It's no wonder why so many people "think and believe" that these surface level effects are the cause of our stress though.

According to research recently released by the American Psychological Association, the 3 main "causes of stress" are career, money and the economy.

I can't be sure why they don't, but you would think that a "psychological association" would understand that there's a BIG difference between a cause and an effect.

But that's what they claim and that IS what most people think and why they do. That's HOW most people think. The reason most "think that", is because MOST listen, learn and believe nearly everything they're taught when so called "authorities figures" claim it's true only because MOST aren't "independent thinkers."

They allow the "common knowledge" of the world to mold and shape their own beliefs and perceptions about what's "true or untrue."

It's certainly not limited to stress nor is it limited to the American Psychological Association. Our educational systems are "oozing with misinformation." Our socially and culturally acceptable

Is it any wonder? The reason MOST of us "think and believe" that, is because that's what and HOW we've learned to think. We've been programmed and conditioned to "think and believe" that way in the past and the "knowledge" we receive from the "authorities" on such topics, support, substantiate and solidify in our own minds, that what we've learned, think and believe is true.

Is it any wonder that MUCH of what we "think we know", in more cases than not, is not only "inaccurate", it definitely isn't based on nor aligned and harmonized with a Higher Truth that enables and allows us to experience a far greater quality of life than most "traditional thinkers" do?

That's why we're always looking for ways to reduce our stress, seeking a "better job, looking for a new spouse, trying to make more money and always hoping the economy will stay steady or get back on track so we can lower our stress levels and "get back into the flow of things.

That's also WHY we're always DOING more and trying to "get more", all the while thinking, believing and consistently "trying" to make our lives better, more wholesome, fulfilling and satisfying.

But it doesn't work long term. It never has and it never will.

It's because those things are "surface level" things. When we attempt to lower of stress levels and satisfy our heartfelt desires with surface level things, we develop various addictions. Any surface level addiction is what keeps us "trying and needing to get more." We're always "trying and needing" to feed the addiction so we can finally get what it is that we're ALL truly looking for.

What is that?

A desire to "feel" and "BE" happy and content.

As we go about trying to "feed" and fulfill these "surface level addictions" in the hopes that they'll enable and allow us to feel "happy and content", the more we realize that they aren't providing us with what we've been programmed, conditioned, thought and believed they would.

Without "knowing it" or realizing it, we consistently intensify our addictions by DOING more so we can HAVE more and in essence consistently ignite, feed, enable and allow our STRESS to grow.

As our stress grows we try to find more surface level answers and solutions to lower it only to find that what we "think we know" and believe will get the job done only serves to intensify it.

When you DO enough of that, mental, emotional and/or physical exhaustion becomes a way of life. We settle.

It's very "subtle" at first, but it grows over time. For a while the "surface level stuff" even enables and allows us to feel "temporarily" happy and content. But it NEVER lasts and the subtle stress grows into a more noticeable and intense form of stress.

It DOES because our addictions for more "stuff" only grows.

The more our stress grows, the more fear we experience, the more the void widens and the more stress, fear, pain, and emptiness we feel.

A consistent lack of desired results and coming up short time and time again in our finances, our relationships and in the area of health, reveals itself as a form of “surface level stress.”

That's also what creates all these "surface level problems" in our health, in our finances and in our relationships.

Any "surface level problem" can be sub-categorized under 1 of those 3 headings.

But each of those areas and every subcategory of them, are nothing more or less than effects. There's a deeper cause that leads to "surface level problems" and the "surface level stress" that follows.

When you understand that and do what most "choose NOT to do", you can eliminate stress and all the surface level problems that create all this "surface level stress."

It's as simple as or "seemingly complex as "Getting to the heart of the matter."

That brings us full circle and takes us right back to where we started in Part 1 of this edition.

Getting to the heart of the matter is as simple or "seemingly complex" as making a conscious, intentional and purposeful choice to...

"Get out of your head and into your heart."

There are a number of changes underway in the world…Radical changes. As a result, more and more people are becoming more fearful, stressed out and are searching, seeking and attempting to find solutions. They’re reaching out, “trying to find” not only solutions but answers to questions that they “think and believe” they'll find out there. Some of the questions that come up are "seemingly unanswerable."

Many believe there are no answers or that the answers do exist but their hidden and we NEED someone to tell us about the Secrets or some Newfound discovery so we can make life better once and for all.

That creates a lot of needless and unnecessary fear, stress and pain.

The reason it's "needless" is because the answers DO exist and so do the solutions. They do exist, they always have and they always will. They're VERY easy to find too. The reason so many don't "think" they exist and continue experiencing so many "problems" is simple.

There’s a “problem” with the way most are going about trying to find them. They keep looking “out there.” They continue looking outside of themselves for those answers, secrets, new found discoveries, wave the magic wand techniques and the solutions that they "think" will satisfy their addictions, fill the void, fix their "problems" and alleviate their stress.

That's WHY so many find themselves DOING so much, buying so much, getting more, but keep receiving less than they "claim" to want and/or "truly desire."

It's why millions upon millions find themselves "needing" and becoming "addicted to" some stimulant, anti-depressant or some form of psychotropic drug. That's also the VERY REASON why so many of our children today are being mindlessly and needlessly drugged, "dumbed down", silenced and inevitably poisoned by the same addictive drugs that so many rational and logical "adults" enable and allow themselves to become addicted to and dumbed down by.

It's NOT the drugs in and of themselves. It's the "mentalities" that we hold which WE ourselves enable and allow to continue that dumb us and our children down, drug us up and inevitably keep us from Being, Doing and Having what we're truly capable of being, doing and having in life.

We keep "trying" surface level patches to fix the problem yet we never address the Real Cause of the "perceived problems" that so many have become "addicted to."

There's no questioning the fact that there are MANY companies who offer and "claim to have" "surface level "quick fixes." There's no doubt that there are a lot of unsettling things taking place in the world.

Those who choose to look on the surface; those who continue to look at and depend on what's taking place "out there" to find their answers and seek solutions to ease their stress, suppress their fears and ease their pain by "getting more of the stuff" that the "common knowledge" of the world says and claims will "fix things" is...well...unrealistic.

In fact it's INSANITY. Yet it's not recognized as that because it's socially and culturally accepted.

We simply CANNOT find our "long term" answers and solutions in the surface level world "out there."

We can't ease our stress or our problems by keeping our FOCUS and ATTENTION on all the "unsettling things" happening in the world either.

The reason is because when we see all the disharmony and "scary things" that are happening in the world, we allow our eyes to dictate and determine what's real. When we choose to judge and label things out there as bad or evil or horrific based on what we "think we know" and "believe to be true", our thoughts run wild, our fight or flight response is triggered enabling fear based emotions to ignite and SHAZAM…we experience even greater levels of stress, fear and pain.

And the cycle continues.

We unknowingly, unintentionally and unconsciously feed, nourish and sustain the very "self sabotaging cycle" that we're "trying so hard" to avoid and escape from.

That's why we're always attempting to DO more, get more, find our answers and solutions out there, all the while thinking and believing that life was just designed and intended to "be that way."

Stress, fear, lack, limitation, discord, greater and ever increasing addictions and the "needless pain" that follows become a “normal way of life.”

Based on "common knowledge" it is quite "normal and natural."

Sometimes the search for these answers and solutions is in the hope of reducing our stress. Sometimes it's with the intention of improving our relationships. Sometimes it’s to improve our financial situation. Sometimes it’s to improve our health. Sometimes it stems from a sincere desire to learn some new process, some magical technique or some wave the magic wand secret so we might "get this", know how to DO this, DO that or do this other thing better, more efficiently and effectively so we might become happier or more successful, however we might define success and happiness individually.

That's how MOST are attempting to get things done with the hope and intention that DOING that will fulfill their desires, suppress their addictions, eliminate their stress, suppress their fears and ease the pain.

Because we "believe" that's how things must be done, we consistently attempt to DO things in that way over and over and over again, all the while hoping, wishing and futilely praying that we might get different results "next time."

When Will We "Choose" to Open Our Eyes, Wake Up and STOP the Insanity?

It's a sad FACT that MOST people in the "world" keep doing the same thing and keep hoping, wishing and praying for different results.

A VERY brilliant scientist came up with a definition for DOING things that way many years ago. His name was Albert Einstein and the definition he gave for DOING the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result was INSANITY.

I believe he was right. I KNOW he was right. I do, because I personally engaged in that same kind of insanity for a LONG time. Then I chose to begin questioning, analyzing and looking more objectively at all the "common knowledge" out there and decided to break free. The result is, I become an "independent thinker."

That's precisely what most don't do which is why so many "falsely believe" that career, money, relationships and less than pristine health are the cause of their stress.

DOING what's "commonly done" based on "common knowledge" also leaves A LOT of people out of the "reduce my stress, ease my pain, eliminate my addictions and squelch my fears" loop.

When we keep DOING the same thing over and over again and keep looking on the surface for our answers and solutions, we're going to be "limited to" more of the same surface level results. A LOT of people are "thinking, feeling" and believing" that they're being "left out."

Some get left out because they don't "think or believe" that they have the money available to them to do what's necessary to get what they want. Some "claim" they don't have the "time" to do what they want or learn how to DO anything new. Some "claim" they don't have the knowledge, the education or the IQ to do anything other than what they're doing.

That's what we've learned. That's what we believe. That's what we "think we know."

The result, 100% of the time is a "lack of" the thing or things "truly desired" and an intensified form of "fear, stress, pain, INSANITY and a consistent lack of "desired results" prevail.

So do our "addictions."

Then we DO something even crazier and MORE insane than that.

We come up with all these “seemingly justifiable reasons” why we can’t or don’t have what we truly desire. We can do that. We can also come to a different conclusion. I came to an "uncommon conclusion" after coming to an “uncommon realization” a number of years ago.

I discovered what I often refer to as The Higher Truth that eliminates lack, limitation, discord, INSANITY, addictions, fear, pain, shortsightedness and STRESS all at once.

It "Get's to the heart of the matter" too.

I'm nothing "special" in the literal sense of the word. We all are "very special" in a sense though. The fact of the matter is, although we're each unique in some way, shape or form, we're ALL the same in the area where BEING the same is important.

We're ALL awesome, amazing and "powerful beyond measure." We just don't "think we are." We've enabled and allowed ourselves to become programmed and conditioned to the extent that we "think we're NOT." That keeps us from fully BEING what we are quite capable of BEING which WOULD and COULD enable and empower us to DO and HAVE what we "truly desire" in life if we'd open our eyes and BE all that we have the capability to BE.

All that we "really need" to DO to is enable and allow ourselves to enhance our capacity so we can BE what we were designed and intended to be.

I came to the "realization a LONG TIME ago that we CAN become "Conscious Creators" or we CAN remain as MOST do, "Creatures of Circumstance."

To come to the same realization, it's going to be necessary to STOP the INSANITY, let go of and move beyond what MOST people "think they know" if you ever hope to SEE and EXPERIENCE YOUR awesome, amazing and incomprehensible power. That's what is going to be necessary to fully and consciously USE the power we've ALL been provided in a "pleasing and fulfilling" kind of way.

To DO that though, it's going to be necessary to enhance, elevate and expand upon what you "think you know" if you're ever going to come to the same conclusion that I and many like me have.

That conclusion not only CAN, but WILL serve in moving you forward, squelch your fears, reduce your stress, ease the pain, eliminate the addictions, stop the insanity and enable you to be, do and have what you "truly desire" in life.

It's this...

Understand that all your "seemingly justifiable reasons” are nothing more or less than "excuses" in disguise.

That’s the ONE primary "under the surface" thing that keeps so many from Being, Doing and HAVING what they "truly desire" in life.

To move beyond all these "seemingly justifiable reasons" and eliminate all the excuses that "seem to create" so much lack, limitation, disharmony, fear, stress and pain in our lives, it’s going to be necessary to Get to the heart of the matter.

When you "get to the heart of the matter, you SEE that there are NO REASONS and NO EXCUSES WHY you can't be, do and have what you "truly desire" or WANT for that matter...WHATEVER that is.

Most people are trying to “get to the heart of the matter” with very limited information. They’re depending on what they’ve learned and think they know which has them continually looking on the surface for their "answers and solutions."

We're ALL doing the "best we can" but MOST are DOING things in the "common way" based on "common knowledge" of the world that we learn, believe and adhere to.

It’s quite a common way of believing, thinking and DOING things because it's a form of programmed logic, reasoning and rationale. By adhering to and following this "common and traditional" form of learned logic, reasoning and rationale, the conclusion that MOST arrive at is nothing short of INSANITY. It definitely doesn’t enable them to look, let alone SEE below the surface and DO what's "truly necessary" to get rid of the stress that's creating all this fear, pain, havoc and "perceived disharmony" in their lives.

For most, getting to the heart of the matter means DOING more and DOING it with greater and greater intensity. After all, if our careers, money and the economy are the top 3 CAUSES of stress, we MUST find something else to DO, DO more of it so we can have MORE money, better marriages and relationships or wait for the economy to "get better" so we aren't as adversely impacted by it as MOST are due to way things are "out there."

Common Knowledge has MOST "seemingly stuck" and concluding that they NEED to be, do and/or have something more to GET what they want.

All we "REALLY NEED" to do is explore, understand and start BEING who and what we already ARE so we can be, do and have what we "truly desire."

But what we "think we know" and what we keep RECEIVING as a result, keeps MOST of us from DOING that.

That’s why so many come up with so many "seemingly justifiable reasons" why their lives can never and will never get any better. That's WHY so many honestly believe that their big hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations can’t be fulfilled.

They have and hold onto all these "seemingly justifiable reasons and excuses" and because of what they "think they know", they consistently rationalize why they themselves can’t DO what's necessary to HAVE what they truly desire.

Stress becomes a "way of life." Perceived "disharmony" keeps showing up. Less than we desire and in MANY cases, lack, limitation, struggle and discord become an "expected and accepted norm." Fear, STRESS and needless pain becomes and remains the reality.

"It’s just how things are" we say, "so we might just as well do our best to "think positive" and learn to deal with it."

That's why so many are "hoping, wishing and "blindly praying" that things will change in their favor. That's WHY so many are "waiting" in the hope that "someday" the time and conditions will be "just right" for their desires to become fulfilled.

We develop an "addiction for" and become dependent on "If Only's"...

  • If only the economy would change.

  • If only the government would change.

  • If only my boss would give me a raise.

  • If only my spouse would change.

  • If only I felt better.

  • If only I had more time.

  • If only my kids were grown

  • If only I’d been born in a wealthy family and on and on and on.

Forgive me for being so blunt and candid, but I call "Bullshit."

I do because I learned a LONG TIME ago to recognize, identify and call bullshit when I see it. I don't hold back when I do either. I've learned how to smell "see, hear and even taste bullshit" from a mile away.

Believe me when I tell you, I've SEEN, HEARD, SMELLED and even TASTED a lot of bullshit over the course of my life, although I didn't recognize nor identify it as that when I first encountered it.

I called it "knowledge" back then as MOST do. Now I KNOW that it's "common knowledge" that keeps the same "bullshit" showing up over and over and over again until a choice is made to STOP buying into and "believing" all the bullshit that we're fed.

I used to buy into and believe the same "bullshit" and used all these same “seemingly justifiable reasons” and excuses which I became "convinced" were the "very reasons" why I couldn’t move beyond these same, self created, disharmonious, "stressful and painful situations."

It's what I thought I knew that ignited and created all the “self-induced stress, fear and pain” that kept me from being, doing and having what I "truly desired" too.

Bullshit is a Great Fertilizer in the Physical Realm but it Only Serves as a Pre-emergent of Hopes, Dreams, Desires and Aspirations

We see it all the time on the news. We read it all the time in the papers. We listen as the "talking heads" on TV tell us what's going "wrong" in the world. We listen, learn and believe everything we're TAUGHT in our public education systems, in our places of worship, etc. all the while "thinking and believing" that what we learn is the "best and only" way.

All these combined (and more) lead us to think and believe" that what we "think we know" is the "best way" to DO things as we go through life.

We CAN look at and depend on all the "surface level Bullshit" spoon fed to us by all of these "authority figures" if we "choose to." We can enable and allow the "Collective Consciousness" that's buying into the same "bullshit" to impact and influence our lives if we "choose" to.

But rest assured that's precisely what's creating all the fear, stress, pain, havoc, disharmony and less than desired results in our own lives and in the world "out there."

We CAN do something else. We can learn to become "independent thinkers." We CAN become "conscious", examine what we've been told and taught and let go of what we discover to be self limiting and self sabotaging. Bt it's vital that we understand that what we "think we know" may not be as on target and useful as we think and believe it is.

If and when we should decide to do that we CAN unlearn all the "bullshit", discover, explore and RELEARN a "specialized form of knowledge" that is based on a Higher Truth than we can currently "see or understand." A kind of truth that fulfills our "heartfelt desires", eliminates our addictions, lowers our stress, squelches our fears and eases our pain once and for all.

A specialized form of knowledge" based on a Higher Truth that eliminates all the "fear, stress and pain" that SO MANY are needlessly experiencing in the world only because they're "unknowingly and unconsciously" enabling and allowing themselves to.

But DOING it, learning it, understanding it and applying it, requires a "choice." It's an individual choice and isn't dependent on ANYONE or ANYTHING "out there."

That "choice" is ours and ours alone to make...or not.

When We Let Go of What We Think We Know and Get to The Heart of The Matter, Abundance and Harmony Becomes Real

We CAN continue to look at, believe, judge and label all the "ugly and scary stuff" happening in the world as bad stuff or we CAN do something different.

Abundance and Harmony is the natural state of the cosmos. Take a look at nature. She’s quite abundant. You don't have to look very far to SEE how "true" that is. If you’re not abundant and experiencing an abundant quality of life that aligns and harmonizes with your "heartfelt desires", you can stop listening to all the "bullshit", watch her and learn how she does it.

You don't HAVE to but you CAN.

Once you choose to DO that though, you become enabled and empowered to SEE and KNOW how She DOES that. Then you’ll know how to be abundant too...regardless.

MOST think and believe creating "abundance and harmony in their lives is difficult, complex and in MOST cases, impossible.

But the Higher Truth is...It’s so simple and SO obvious.

Most just can’t SEE it because of what they've enabled and allowed to fill and program their minds which creates all the scary, stressful and painful events, conditions and circumstances they see, hear, touch, taste and smell because they "choose to" listen and adhere to all the very same "nonsense" that MOST do.

They've allowed this same "nonsense" to fill their lives, which has them believing, thinking and DOING things in such a way that can only create more of the stress, fear and pain they’re enabling and allowing to fill and dominate their lives.

"As we believe we receive" and it NEVER misses. As we think, so shall we BE and it NEVER fails. We can "believe and think" that all the bullshit we learn is real, right and true and continue to receive an "abundance of bullshit."

We can blame it all on what's "going on out there" too. But it's ALL self created. At the very least it's "self allowed." Since we enable or disable We didn't "program ourselves" but we WERE programmed and we continue to enable and allow all the "bullshit programming" that we CHOOSE to listen to and WATCH to mold, shape and determine the "quality of our choices."

How does nature remain so abundant and how does she work?

It's VERY simple. But if you're "unwilling" to slow down long enough to take the time to look at, examine, discover and let go of all the self limiting "nonsense" you've "learned" and STOP DOING what is CAUSING so much needless "stress, fear and pain" in your life, you'll NEVER be able to SEE, let alone EXPERIENCE just how "simple" and harmonious she is nor how simple, harmonious and abundant your life can be.

Based on what you "think you know" right now, it may not "seem" simple at all. Your life may seem to be anything but harmonious and abundant. That doesn't mean that it isn't simple, that harmony is at work and that you're not receiving an abundance of something.

It only means that you've allowed, and continue to allow yourself to remain "deaf, blind and oblivious" to the Higher Truth that reveals how "simple, harmonious and abundantly clear" it all really is.

That's what enables and allows "perceived complexity", disharmony, lack, limitation, discord and chaos of varying degrees to continue.

We CAN remain "blind and deaf" or we can choose to See and Hear. To HEAR and SEE is SO simple when you just learn to LOOK and LISTEN in a whole new way which reveals the "simplicity" that drives and sustains all.

It's SO simple it can be answered in ONE word...

nature is a wise teacher

The one word answer is Seeds.

The kind and quality of the seeds we sow determine the kind and quality of the harvest that we reap. A lot can be learned from nature.

She’s a VERY wise but silent teacher.

How She operates is VERY simple. She consistently produces abundance and She ALWAYS operates in "harmony" too. As "simple" as it is, it took me many years and a LOT of "needless stress, fear and pain" to “figure that out.” We can gain a lot of insight and wisdom by simply watching, observing and SEEING for ourselves just how "effortlessly and harmoniously" She does things. We can also model how she creates abundance and HAVE the kind of abundance and a "truly harmonious" quality of life that MOST don’t think or believe they can have.

It's simply a matter of "letting go" of the seeds that conflict with the harvest that so many "claim to want" yet seldom if ever receive.

The seeds are our beliefs which underlie what we "think we know." Changing those beliefs and enhancing what we think we know is of vital importance if we're ever to begin planting and nurturing the "right kind" of seeds.

An "I don't think I can" seed provides an abundant harvest that "ensures" that you won't have whatever the desired harvest is.

An "I'll try seed" produces and provides an "abundance of trying" that always has you "trying" to find your "desired harvest."

An "I KNOW I already have" seed sprouts, grows, matures and "ensures" that you're PROVIDED WITH an "abundant harvest" of the people, resources, ideas, insights and inspiration which enable and allow you to nurture those seeds, DO something with them so you'll SEE and HAVE what you KNOW that you'll SEE and HAVE.

When You Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart, You Plant and Nurture The Kind and Quality of Seeds That Produce What You Love in Abundance

Stress, fear, pain, perceived lack, limitation and discord can only reveal themselves by planting a kind and quality of “seed” that can never, has never and will never provide the “desired harvest.”

Seemingly justifiable reasons” and excuses are a kind of seed that only sprout, mature and provide an "abundant harvest" of more “seemingly justifiable reasons and excuses.”

When you plant and nurture enough "seemingly justifiable reason and excuse seeds", the more "seeds" they produce, the more abundant the seemingly justifiable and excuse" harvest becomes and the more STRESS, fear and pain you experience.

We have an “abundance of reasons and excuses” as to why we can’t have or don’t have what we desire in life, for sure. That’s precisely WHY we have an “abundance of them.” It's also why we needlessly experience an "abundance of stress, fear and pain"...needlessly.

Letting Go of What You Think You Know and Enhancing Your Beliefs Eliminates All Seemingly Justifiable Reasons and Excuses

“Seemingly justifiable reasons and excuses” and the STRESS, fear and pain they create, stem from “fear based” beliefs. That's all stress is. Fear based beliefs are nothing more or less than “seeds” that produce an “abundant harvest” that align and harmonize with the seed.

Consciousness is the "seed" and it ALWAYS produces "an abundance" of something REGARDLESS of how "YOU Choose" to look at, judge and label the "harvest."

It ALWAYS has, ALWAYS does and it ALWAYS will.

The great news is, a "desirable form of abundance, plenty, harmony, ease and flow reveal themselves in the same way.

Resisting and fearing the way things are, plants and nourishes seeds that align and harmonize with that choice.

Allowing, accepting and learning to Love, accept and appreciate the way things are, plants and nourishes “seeds” that align and harmonize with that choice.

An abundant supply always reveals itself as an effect which always finds it's root in a cause and it ALWAYS provides an "abundant harvest."

What's more, it ALWAYS does so harmoniously.

Our limited beliefs, our thoughts and our perceptions have us judging and labeling the effects in our lives and in the world in such a way that can never enable and allow what we "truly desire" for them to be.

Seeing things as "disharmonious" stems from disharmonious beliefs that conflict with the harmony and flow of nature. Because of WHAT we believe, HOW we "choose" to think, speak and act as we navigate our life paths the weeds keep showing up and the harvest that we want seems impossible. Our "beliefs", our judgements, our labels and our way of viewing and perceiving the harvest that we consistently receive, combined with our "unconscious choices and actions" can only create MORE effects and more "perceived disharmony."

We consistently and "unconsciously" continue to plant the very seeds that harmoniously produce the harvest that we "claim" we don't want any part of.

Is it any wonder why we experience "less than we truly desire" and "unconsciously, unknowingly and unintentionally create" so much stress, fear and pain?

All that "needs to be done" to change the quality of the harvest is to enable and allow ourselves to become "Conscious Horticulturist's."

Conscious Horticulturist's KNOW that Every Belief, Every Thought, Every Word and EVERY Action is a SEED of Love or a Seed of Fear

Just as EVERYTHING we experience in life can be sub-categorized under the Money, Health or Relationship labels, EVERY belief, EVERY thought, EVERY emotion, EVERY word, and EVERY action that we "enable and allow" ourselves to choose and/or engage in can be sub-categorized under the headings of Fear or Love.

We're all planting seeds. We are doing so in one of 2 ways...consciously or unconsciously.

There is no difference between a "Conscious Horticulturist" or an "Unconscious One. " The difference is the kind and quality of the harvest.

Conscious Horticulturist's that consistently receive a "harvest that they Love" consciously plant Love seeds on ALL levels.

Unconscious Horticulturist's that consistently receive a "harvest that they fear" consciously plant fear seeds on ALL levels.

To learn HOW to stop planting "stress, fear and pain seeds" and enabling and allowing ourselves to begin planting “Joy, Love and Pleasure seeds” requires enhancing, elevating and replacing what we “think we know” just long enough to SEE and understand how AWESOME and AMAZING our harvest can become.

To DO that requires letting go of what we "think we know" so we can relearn, KNOW, SEE and UNDERSTAND how things “truly work.”

Once we chose to DO that, learn that and KNOW that, we can efficiently, effectively and consistently "plant" different seeds and experience an "abundance" of what we "truly desire" and "truly Love" to have.

We “get to choose” if we’ll plant "fear seeds" or "Love seeds." Since WE get to choose that, we "get to choose" our harvest.

To plant a kind and quality of seed that produces a harvest that we love is as simple as enabling and allowing ourselves to plant a different quality of seed than MOST do.

To plant seeds that provide an "abundance of what we Love", it’s necessary to shift from a fear based mentality to a Love focused one.

We can enable and allow this "mentality shift" from "perceived disharmony" to harmony to occur when we "choose" to enable and allow ourselves to Get Out of Our Heads and Into Our Hearts.

I’m not implying that “doing things isn’t important. It is. Nurturing our seeds is a part of the process. Effort is necessary. Struggle isn't. Seed planting is taking place on many levels. But thinking harmonious and abundant thoughts that align and harmonize with Love followed up with "doing things" in a way that you love eliminates "struggle" and yields quite a harvest.

The weeds in our lives disappear and the desired harvest takes over.

Depending on where you are, what you believe and what you’ve experienced in life so far, what I've shared here may sound, and even “seem” way too simple to change anything in your life. You may, based on what you “think you know” honestly believe that “Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart” can’t do anything for you, let alone turn your world around.

You can believe that if you’d like. You “get to choose” whatever you think and believe. One thing is certain. You’ll get to be right. You’ll without fail receive an “abundance” of whatever you choose. The harmony that drives the process never fails or wavers. You can learn to believe something else and, in the same way, you’ll get to be right in a more "pleasing and desirable" kind of way and start receiving an “abundance” of something else.

It’s Our "Right to Choose" Whatever We Choose and Whatever We Choose, We “Get to Be Right.”

If we get to be right either way, we might as well "get to be right" in an abundant, harmonious and free flowing kind of way that fulfills our heartfelt hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations in life, don’t you think?

It’s not difficult. In fact it’s SO simple…

Get out of your head and into your heart.

I'll share a personal story about what I used to think.

Many years ago I "Thought and Believed" that "Getting out of Your Head and Into Your Heart was CRAZY and "Just too Good to Be True."

If you’re anything like me, Getting out of Your Head and Into Your Heart may sound and even “seem” really crazy to you too. It certainly did to me. Then, quite accidentally, I came to a life transforming realization. I shared what brought me to that realization in a previous edition...The Greatest of These is Love.

That "seemingly miraculous event" rocked my world in a very pleasing, stress reducing, fear busting and make you weak in the knees kind of way. I didn't come to that realization immediately though. In fact, it took me a long time and a lot of research, discovery and "trial and error" before I "figured out" how it happened and WHY it took place in "the blink of an eye."

After MANY YEARS of DOING this exploring, intense research, a LOT of "path walking" and looking for answers in way to many fields to cover here, the light bulb came on and I found the answer.

I was amazed, astounded, excited and literally blown away, because I discovered it IS very simple…SO simple.

I used to be a “make it happen” kind of guy. I made A LOT of things happen in life. The most painful thing that created the most “fear, stress and pain” in my life was believing that I must “make things happen.” I did “make” a lot of things happen. I “made” a lot of money and had a lot of toys too. On the surface, it “seemed as if” I was living and experiencing a quality of life that MOST would label “Successful.”

If you define “success” as having a lot of money and acquiring a lot of toys, then yes, you could say I became quite successful. If you understand that all the money and toys in the world can’t and won’t compensate for being mentally, emotionally and physically drained, then you also understand that having money and toys in and of themselves does NOT equate to success.

If you're feeling stressed out, feel you HAVE to do what you're doing and you're fearing what "MIGHT HAPPEN" if you stop doing it, that's NOT success and it certainly will NEVER enable you to experience "harmony" in life.

Not Real Success and certainly NOT Real Harmony.

I know A LOT of people who have A LOT of money and stuff who are dying a slow death on the inside. I was doing the same at one point.

If you “appear to be” successful on the outside, yet you’re dying on the inside, and you’re EXPERIENCING the mental, emotional and physical drain that MANY choose to ignore and are constantly "trying to suppress", take it from someone who’s “been there and done that.” You can only bury it and suppress it for so long before it fully surfaces and reveals itself in “less than desirable” ways on the outside.

When the stress bubble bursts, it creates a LOT of fear, a lot of confusion, a lot of lack, a lot of limitation and a LOT of seemingly unbearable pain.

If you're anywhere close, do yourself a favor and don't try to "fool yourself." It does and it WILL.

Although I've experienced MANY things during the course of my life ranging from the over the top profound and awesome to the "seemingly horrific", both the awesome and seemingly horrific find their root in one and the same cause.

Having spent more than 3 decades looking, seeking, searching and exploring a very broad and diverse range of fields looking for answers, solutions and how all the pieces of the life puzzle fit together, I came to realize just how simple and harmonious it all "truly" is.

It’s as simple as enabling and allowing yourself to to tap into, SEE, KNOW and understand a much Higher Truth than most choose to SEE, KNOW or understand.

You can skip the years of research, exploring, searching and playing the “hit and miss game” that I played. That’s how many “choose” to do it. But you don’t have to. Although it took me years of research, exploring, searching and playing the “hit and miss game to "figure that out" I now KNOW it's "true" because I DID that.

All that you REALLY need to do is “Get out of Your Head and Into Your Heart.”

During these past 8 years especially, things have turned around for me in a way that I never dreamed they could. Perhaps the biggest turnaround I’ve personally experienced is being able to spend these last 8 years doing what I love. I’ve been fortunate to engage, interact and assist people from around the world to shift from "perceived lack, limitation and discord, to abundance, prosperity and harmony.

How I've done that is quite simple. I teach them to Get Out of Their Head and Into Their Heart.

Since making that choice personally, I’ve been able to impact, in a very positive, fulfilling, meaningful and far reaching kind of way, the lives of millions of people.

Take it from someone who EXPERIENCED the fear, pain, confusion and stress that "career dissatisfaction" creates. Take it from someone who "grew up in poverty, who has no formal education, who has been a busboy, a sheetrocker, a welder, a salesman, a sales manager, a general manager, a writer, and a coach and consultant.

Being a writer, coach and consultant is what I LOVE. The other things? Not so much. I also LOVE how I'm able to educate and empower people from around the world in the hope and with the intention that they''ll become enabled to Be, Do and HAVE what they LOVE.

I DO what I LOVE, I'm PASSIONATE about what I do and I receive what I LOVE.

I've discovered that what I DO is my "Soul Purpose" in fact.

Here's what MOST don't understand about DOING what they do because of how they've been "programmed and conditioned."

Unbeknownst to many, DOING what you LOVE and LOVING what you DO is a “key part” of seed planting. I talk about that in depth in Module 1 of The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation.

I not only talk about it, I reveal HOW and WHY that’s true from both a scientific and spiritual perspective in the remaining 5 modules that make up the full version of The 7 Hidden Keys.

Do you know what enabled me to break free from "making things happen" and spending my time doing what I Love and serving A LOT of people in the process?

I’ve shared it with you already. I made the choice to learn, expand, grow and stretch outside the self-limiting and self-sabotaging boundaries that were established for me through what I learned, “believed” and personally thought was true.

I simply had to expand those boundaries well beyond what I “thought I knew.”

Then, once I took that step, and understood WHY it was so important, I made a conscious choice to Get OUT of My Head and Into my Heart and consistently follow it's lead.

I know what fear is…what it truly is. I know the stress and pain that stems from enabling and allowing learned and inherited FEARS, indoctrination and programming to dictate and determine what choices you make.

I don’t personally like pain. That’s why I learned how to recognize and STOP fear in its tracks in its early stages. I learned how to effectively acknowledge and move through it quickly and efficiently when it shows its ugly little head. I’ve also learned and personally experienced the importance of DOING so and the transformational and “seemingly miraculous” benefits that come through choosing to DO that.

They are benefits that will make you weak in the knees and provide you with an "uncommon awe and reverence for life."

I’ve also discovered something else that's REALLY important to DO. Life changing important which CAN enhance your relationships, your bank account and your health in ways that MOST don’t understand let alone “believe.”

It’s understanding this...

Fear is of the head and Love is of the heart.

Here's what I mean by that. We're born into greatness and conditioned into mediocrity.

We become "seemingly mediocre" by enabling and allowing fear to dominate our lives. Fear is learned, programmed, conditioned. Over the years we learn all these short sighted and fear based ways of thinking and DOING things.

It ALL get's stored and resides in the head.

Because of this "fear based nonsense", we forget how to love, accept and appreciate. We learn to judge, label, condemn, blame, point fingers and enable "shadows and darkness" to become our reality.

It's necessary to unlearn the fear and relearn how to love. We only need to "turn the light back on."

Love enables our "inherent greatness" to shine through. It's what enables, empowers and allows us to become "Conscious Horticulturists." Love is our natural way of being and resides in the heart.

Point being, fear is learned and Love is inherent. Fear dumbs you down and freezes you up. Love opens doors, liberates you and sets you free…truly free.

Shifting from fear to Love renders fear helpless, powerless, enables and empowers you to rise above mediocrity. Love eliminates all the needless stress and pain that so many unknowingly, unintentionally and unconsciously enable and allow to dominate their lives.

It’s fear and pain that “deafen and blind so many” to a Higher Truth which keeps them from achieving their dreams and living a life they love.

The Higher Truth Is, We're Born to Love, Accept and Appreciate and We Learn to Fear, Judge and Condemn.

Whichever of those you choose to listen to, depend on, enable and allow to guide you and USE to make important life choices by, is going to determine your harvest.

The Higher Truth is, all possibilities and probabilities already exist. We "choose" which we'll experience in the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.

Put another way, the INTENTION you hold combined with where you choose to place your FOCUS and ATTENTION most, determines the kind and quality of seeds that you plant.

As I share in in Module 1 of The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation, that’s what determines the kind and quality of your harvest.

That’s WHY it’s SO important to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart.

That was the turning point for me and it could be for you. Once I learned the importance of “Getting Out of My Head and Into My Heart” and then chose to do it REGARDLESS of how things "looked or seemed" on the surface, things in my life began to change…in HUGE ways.

The kind and quality of the harvest changed and literally transformed the landscape of my life in ways I didn’t think it could.

You can do the same...we ALL can whenever we "choose to."

I’m keenly aware of the fact, based on what most people “think they know”, it “seems” too simple. It is simple for sure, but I’ll assure you; in fact I’ll promise you, based on many years of experience, learning, growing and going through some "really hard, scary, painful and STRESSFUL times" over the course of my life, it’s true.

In fact, it's "transformationally true." It's "transformationally true" because it's based on a Higher Truth than MOST will learn, explore and understand which keeps the "desired kind of transformation" that we would Love to see and experience from occurring.

What’s ironic is this. I wouldn’t realize just how “simple and true” it was until I experienced some EXTREMELY INTENSE STRESS followed by debilitating fear and MUCH intense pain.

You know what I learned because of that?

When the stress, fear and pain become REALLY intense, they have a way of changing our minds really quick. When the pain and STRESS becomes intense enough and have you frantically looking for a way to alleviate and eliminate it, you often look for and seek out answers and solutions where you never dreamed to look before.

You begin to seek, look and find answers and solutions where you "Didn't think you could."

I looked “outside” for a long time. That created A LOT of stress and developed into ENORMOUS pain. When my personally inflicted fear, stress and pain became intense enough, I decided to take a look somewhere else.

Where I ended up looking was "inside."

It wasn't inside at the "head level" but at the "heart level." When you look inside, it's important that you STOP looking outside. Your head will DO it's VERY BEST to get your attention back on what "seems to be real" in the objective world of shape and form.

That's WHY it's SO important to understand and remember that the kind and quality of lives that we experience is "subjective" and only "subject to" the beliefs, perceptions, choices and actions that we choose to engage as we go through life.

I’ll assure you after "trying it both ways", making the choice to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart, is the way to go. It bulldozes through fear, stress, doubt, worry and pain and paves the way to what I like to call, the short path to Real Freedom.

I learned firsthand that DOING things in the way I was told and taught to do them and trying my best to “get er done” in that way, created a lot of needless stress and excruciating pain in my life. It doesn’t and couldn’t provide what we ALL look so hard for and "try so hard" to get.

DOING things in that way, only intensified the fear which in turn intensified the "stress." That stirred, fanned and ignited a BONFIRE of serious fear and created A LOT of needless pain in my life…serious and tortuous pain to be more precise.

Everything I've experienced was "good." I LEARNED much. I learned that a BONFIRE of fear, stress, worry and concern will BURN YOU seriously and keep you from DOING the same things over and over again.

Sometimes, as was the case with me, the HEAT from the STRESS, the fear, the pain and the consistent flow of "less than desired results" has to become REALLY intense before we enable and allow ourselves to choose consciously and DO things differently.

During this “learning period” I also discovered that there's NO NEED to stress. There's NO NEED to fear. There's NO NEED to "go without" what we truly desire. There's no need to DO things the "hard way" as MOST "choose" to DO things.

There's NO NEED to enable and allow things to BE so difficult and complex and "hard to come by" simply because, it’s SO simple. One of the most amazing, exciting and FREEING realizations I came to is this...

The "Seemingly Insignificant" and “Simple Things” Provide the Most Awesome, Amazing and Seemingly Miraculous Results.

Getting out of your head and into your heart is no exception. It’s the single most "simple and powerful" thing you can do to experience results that “most” would call awesome, amazing, irrational, illogical, impractical, not feasible and in MANY cases, "impossible."

It's what "enables and allows" what many refer to as "miracles" and "seemingly impossible events, conditions and circumstances to occur.

It also eliminates a lot of needless stress, fear, pain, lack, limitation and discord too.

It’s based on a very simple concept and it has proven time and again to be IMMENSELY powerful when you make a conscious and intentional choice to DO it and KEEP ON doing it…unconditionally.

That’s when you begin to SEE and KNOW that it REALLY and TRULY is the “simple things” that are the most powerful and Life transforming. In fact, due to the fact that we’re bombarded throughout life with information that conveys how complex and difficult it is to achieve significant things in life, most never enable and allow themselves to discover nor EXPERIENCE the "simplicity."

You Can Enable and Allow Yourself To Become Aware of How "Simple" Things Are or You Can Keep Them Seemingly Hard and Complex

Because of what we learn and how we’re “taught” to do things, it’s the simple things that MOST have no awareness of. In fact, it’s these “seemingly irrational, illogical and non-feasible” ways of doing things that lead to a kind and quality of action that can never enable and allow the kind and quality of miracles that we truly desire, to unfold right before your eyes.

Getting out of your head and into your heart CAN. I KNOW because I’ve SEEN it and "personally experienced it" MANY times.

I also KNOW that we ALL get to experience what we "think we know" and it NEVER fails or wavers.

Unlearning and relearning is a process.

The first step though to get to the place where you KNOW and EXPERIENCE the power behind Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart, it’s necessary to get to the place where you’re willing to listen and HEAR how VITALLY IMPORTANT it is to “unlearn” much of the junk and garbage that’s been programmed into your mind.

Once you make a "conscious choice" to listen and HEAR it, it's necessary to "apply" what you HEARD and DO it. Once you DO IT, it's necessary to KEEP DOING it until you start RECEIVING what what you "truly desire" to receive.

Not learning and NOT DOING things in the way and order they NEED to be done, is the ONLY thing that needlessly keeps so many from BEING, DOING and HAVING what we all desire to be, do and have.

The next step is consistently "fine tuning" your "newly discovered skills" which is what enables, allows and empowers you to KNOW and EXPERIENCE what Real Harmony and Real Freedom is.

That’s why I’ve decided to provide you with a complimentary copy of Module 1 of the 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation. Module 1 is the 1st of 6 modules that make up The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation.

It lays the necessary foundation and reveals in a very simple, logical, rational, realistic, NO HYPE, NO NONSENSE kind of way, HOW and WHY enabling and allowing yourself to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart is so powerful and NEVER fails to provide what we “truly Love.”

If you’re sincere and serious about creating “desirable change”, I HIGHLY recommend that you take the time to listen to it.

Life isn’t about “making it happen.” Real Harmony is NEVER achieved by “trying really hard.” We CAN do that and many do. I did until the fear and pain became so intense that I had to find a “new way” of doing things. That new way found its way to me in quite an accidental way. In a way that I never thought, dreamed or believed it could.

Getting out of your head and into your heart is the “simple way” of doing things. It enables and allows really awesome and amazing things to happen.

But it’s necessary to learn HOW to DO it and WHY it's important to do it if you ever hope to actually DO IT and EXPERIENCE its power. Once you learn how, it’s equally necessary to DO it and keep doing it, if you’re sincere and serious about creating the most desirable results in life in the quickest, simplest and easiest way that I’m aware of.

I’ve tried it a lot of ways personally. It’s the ONLY way I've found to do it that consistently provides a sense of joy, purpose, meaning, Real Freedom and Real Harmony in life.

A lot of people today “think they know” how to do it. They’re “trying” all these ridiculous processes, techniques and methodologies that they’ve learned about from some book or personal development program. They’re doing just as they’re instructed, yet keep waiting and waiting and waiting for their “desire/s” to show up.

Knowing about The Law of Attraction isn’t enough. Depending on what you “think you know” isn’t enough. If it were, you wouldn’t be WANTING or NEEDING anything. You wouldn’t fear surface level change or experience the surface level stress and pain that always follows.

But the knowledge you acquire MUST align and harmonize with how things work.

It requires a “specialized form of knowledge” that isn’t based on hype, nonsense and airy fairy ridiculousness. There’s a lot of that out there for sure. It’s a surface level, superficial kind of “knowledge” that will have you hoping, wishing, praying, visualizing and creating dream boards without ever SEEING the tangible and measurable results that are so often “guaranteed.”

A lot of people have heard the term “get out of your head and into your heart.” They listen, and to some degree understand it intellectually.

But few are "truly aware" of how to do it, how to use it and just how powerful DOING it is. They've heard it but they don’t HEAR nor USE it or DO it or SEE the results that KNOWING provides.

Some aren't aware of it at all.

Others have heard it and "claim" to know it. They "think they know" it, but they don’t. They claim to know, but as soon as some "less than desirable" thing happens, the "fear trigger" is pulled, STRESS takes hold and the pain returns.

They "claim" to know it, but they don't KNOW it.

I KNOW that’s true because I hear it all the time from those who I consult with and coach.

I have A LOT of people tell me ALL the time, "Oh yea, I already know that."

Let me share a VERY simple and potentially life changing concept that MAY save you a lot of time, a lot of money and a LOT of needless STRESS, fear, pain and frustration.

If results aren't "tangible and measurable", they're NOT results and if you're not experiencing a quality of life that you love on ALL levels, you don't KNOW as much as you "think you do."

You can’t and don’t know something unless and until you EXPERIENCE the effects that KNOWING it provides. You can and many do “think they know” something. Unless you internalize it, DO it and you’ve personally witnessed and EXPERIENCED the Power behind it, you don’t know it.

You just “think” you do.

Many "claim" they WANT to experience Abundance and Real Harmony. Many have been “trying really hard” to experience it for a long time. The only reason they’re NOT experiencing what they "claim" they WANT to and are “trying so hard” to do is simple.

Before you can personally experience the power behind it, it’s necessary to “unlearn” and replace what keeps so many from DOING it.

In many cases it’s necessary to know HOW and WHY things work before you can SEE IT clearly and DO it efficiently. That's often necessary to enable and allow yourself to "unlearn" how you think it works.

Once you choose to unlearn, relearn, look, see, listen and HEAR, then you'll become enabled and empowered to believe it, USE it, SEE IT, EXPERIENCE it and then and ONLY then can you KNOW it.

When you KNOW IT, you "get to" EXPERIENCE it. Most are EXPERIENCING less than they "claim to want" only because of what they “think they know."

If what you “think you know” were working in the way you WANT and NEED it to, the odds are 10,000 to 1 that you wouldn’t have become a part of the Enlightened Journey Community.

I share A LOT of "intellectual information and data in each edition of Enlightened Journey.

Gathering and acquiring knowledge is necessary. Enhancing your “intellectual understanding” about how things work and WHY they work can certainly prove helpful.

But make no mistake…

Knowing about something and understanding it “intellectually” is a GREAT start. But it DEFINITELY isn’t enough. It MUST be learned, understood, internalized and applied consistently to EXPERIENCE the power that’s unleashed through its use.

I’ll assure you that if you haven’t experienced a make you weak in the knees “miracle” at some point in your life, you haven’t yet EXPERIENCED the FULL SCOPE of incomprehensible, awe inspiring power that “getting out of your head and into your heart” CAN provide. You might have an intellectual grasp of it. You might “think you know” the power it unleashes.

But if you haven’t “personally experienced it” in a REALLY BIG way, you don’t KNOW it. You just “think you do.”

I “thought” I knew it too. Then I decided to “get out of my head and into my heart” and realized I didn’t “know” nearly as much as I thought I did.

Like many do today, I thought it was “too simple.” Based on what I “thought I knew,” I was quite sure that enabling and allowing myself to shift from fear to Love was way too simple to provide what I truly desired in life. Initially, it sounded a bit…ok…A LOT woo woo, airy fairy and out there to me.

It seemed and sounded like that for a long time, until I found myself in a VERY STRESSFUL, painful and "seemingly inescapable" situation and personally witnessed and experienced its power for myself.

That’s when I began rethinking things. What happened didn’t make any logical sense based on what I “thought I knew.”

Then I got really sincere and serious about finding out HOW and WHY that could happen. I began exploring and understanding the science behind it. I began immersing myself in and tracing the ancient texts to their origin. I studied the lives and teachings of the mystics, sages and masters since antiquity.

I studied everything under the sun relating to the human condition.

I began to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I discovered that what science has been toying with and expanding upon for about a hundred years or so, is validating what the philosophers, mystics, sages and masters since antiquity have ALWAYS "claimed to be true."

That's really cool and exciting to me. Maybe it is for you too.

So if you find yourself thinking the same; if you find yourself “doubting” that Getting out of your head and into your heart” is just too “simple” to create any significant results in your life, hear me and believe me when I say, I really and truly do GET IT if you do. I just hope you won’t allow yourself to continue venturing down the fear, doubt, worry and “I must make it happen” path and experience all the fear, stress and pain that awaits you before you “figure out” for yourself how transformational "Getting out of your head and into your heart" can be.

That's enough for today. Keep your eyes peeled for Part 3 of Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart.

We'll be looking at some very real and tangible things that are taking place in the world and how those who choose to stay in their head are enabling and allowing the stress and fear of change to "needlessly" keep them off their game.

Until then, if you haven;t already, download and listen to Module 1 of The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation and do your best to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart.

Till Next Time,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099
Phone - 405-494-7593
Fax - 405-494-7604

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