Chuck Danes Global Launch Webinar Replay

Join the race, the human race, in a global brother and sisterhood
that erases all country lines, politics and logistical obstacles

Enlightened Journey Founder Chuck Danes Discusses His "Wake Up Call" and How it Led to The FG Xpress Global Launch Webinar

Listen in and Watch the FG Xpress Global Launch Webinar Replay

The FG Xpress Global Launch webinar is an invitation for those who
are, or aspire to become Conscious Global Warriors; who have a
sincere desire to serve, contribute and make a meaningful
difference in the world while creating tangible results for
themselves in a way that aligns heart, mind, passion and
purpose. Are you ready to make a difference?

Early responders receive 2 exclusive gifts...

  • The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation ($149.00 value)

  • Get Real and Get Paid - How to Get Paid Being You ($37.00 value)

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