The Higher Balance Institute Meditation Accessory - The Cruiser

Higher Balance Meditation Support

Amazing device makes meditation 200 TIMES easier and allows you to meditate three times longer!

It has lot's of different uses! Not only can you use it for meditation but improving your posture sitting at a desk, out on a hike, or anywhere you would normally need back support.

It is amazingly comfortable. Not only does the wide band across your back give you perfect lower back support but there are cushions on the straps that go around your knees. It even has large pockets to store all of your meditation CD's and a portable CD player!

You can also extend the straps and use them to help you stretch before each meditation session.

Every aspect of your meditation routine will improve. This device will help you...

-Get MORE benefit from the SAME amount of time-Meditation becomes and EXCITING REWARD rather than a chore-Increase BREAKTHROUGHS from deeper, more profound meditations-Soar through yogi-long meditations with incredible ease-Enhance your posture which produces… even better effects-And so, so much more!

Eric Pepin started meditating with this light, portable little device over 17 years ago!

In fact, at Eric’s first workshop in Portland, Oregon in September the device he started using 17 years ago was on display. It was weathered, a little beat up and rugged but still completely functional and comfortable 17 years later!

That means this little helper is going to be with you for the long-haul.

Everyone who came to the September workshop got to see this amazing meditation device first hand. It helps to try one out before you can see just how incredible and useful they really are. Everyone that tried them were amazed!

One participant even asked us, “How do you guys keep all of these things secret?” They couldn’t believe how they had never heard of this device!

Well, we told them, there is this cavern of secrets hidden away in Eric Pepin’s mind… of course, there is also the Higher Balance vault… but really, we don’t want it to be a secret! Eric is trying to get everything out in the open as quickly as he can – that’s why we’re telling you!

Here’s the deal… these devices are so unique they have 13 US and International patents protecting their design and function. They normally cost about $80 retail. When we explained the purpose and mission of Higher Balance to the manufacturer and what these devices would be used for they became very excited.

They went a long way to make sure these devices would be affordable for our participants. Astronauts in NASA use these things to help them sleep in space but most of us don’t have NASA’s budget!

So now we have them, they are uniquely imprinted with Higher Balance Institute’s new logo and, because of a generous offer from the team of people who make them to support our cause, we can sell them to you for only $49.