The Illusion of Space Time
and The Slow Hard Pace

The Illusion of Space Time and Our Self Limiting Perceptions, Beliefs and Choices Within Space Time We Choose...The Slow Hard Pace That We Call and Which Most "Perceive and Believe
To Be" The One True Reality Which Makes It Real and True

Perhaps you've heard and/or understand at some depth what the space time illusion is. It's more widely known as the space time continuum.

And although the illusion of space time is often "heard of" understanding it in such a way that enables and empowers you to exercise your "true power" isn't something that the vast majority give much "thought" to.

Ironically, due to what so many "perceive and know to be true" regarding space time, it's due to that "knowing" regarding how "real" it is, that keeps so many from experiencing a kind and quality of result that transcends the illusion of space time enabling more to experience what are often "perceived" as being miracles.

Let's talk about a couple of things here. The illusion of space time and least an Angel that's made a profound impact on my life and has played a major role in expanding my "awareness" and enhanced my understanding about life as most "perceive" it. It's due to these "perceptions"...our individually chosen and held perceptions that determine not only how, but how fast or slowly the events, conditions and circumstances experienced in life will or won't show up in "tangible form."

Put another way, the realization of your heartfelt hopes, dreams and desires or the absence of them in "tangible form" are only dependent on your beliefs and perceptions regarding their realness as well as the time and effort necessary to bring them into your life. And the time it takes to make them real or remain as some fantasy never to be experienced, is only dependent on our individually held "perceptions" regarding the limitation or non-limitation of the space time illusion.

How we "perceive" these things determines our reality yet at the same time "allowing" our perceptions to expand....enhancing our "awareness" regarding what's "truly possible" for us enables us to tap into Actuality where possibility and potential is quite literally "infinite in nature."

The individual perceptions we hold regarding the "illusion of space time" determines the quality of our lives individually.

And it is an illusion regardless of what "individual perception" you might choose based on what's left for us to study and understand in the ancient texts as well as what modern day science has more recently discovered regarding it.

As one brilliant scientific mind discovered and understood many years ago...

"Time does not exist as we know it. Time Future, Past and Present all coexist simultaneously right now." - Albert Einstein

And that's a key point to grasp and understand. It's what we "know" that determines what we experience and it NEVER fails. Sometimes what "we know" is the very thing that keeps us from what we "truly desire" to experience.

I've known for a number of years due to a series of what I refer to as "profound personal experiences", the "perceived" differences between Reality and Actuality.

So what are these "differences based on my perception?

Simply this...

Reality...the world of shape and form as we know it, is governed by space time and Actuality transcends the limitation of space time which clearly reveals that the illusion of space time is...or at least CAN BE a very limiting reality to experience.

How limiting or unlimited this reality is for you individually is only dependent on your chosen level of "awareness" regarding Reality and Actuality as well as your level of "belief" regarding how much power and control the illusion of space time has over you.

The less you "believe" it does...the less it does plain and simple. And it "truly is" that simple.

This "Angel" that I mention assisted in reminding me just how real and true that is.

Actually, she's an Angel that showed herself in physical form as Angels often do. We don't often recognize them as Angels, but rest assured they show up and they have something to share that can, if we allow them to, transform your entire world.

It's only a matter of individual choice. The choices being, are you open, willing and receptive to the information and equally as important, ready to internalize and apply what they share?

That's the one and only thing that determines your individual experience in life.

And although this "Angel" disappeared almost as quickly as she appeared, her contribution will never be forgotten. I hope to catch up with her again some day although if I ever fully grasp, internalize and master the ability to apply what she taught me I'll also know that she never disappeared, there is no someday and we've always...ALL of us...her included, been together since time itself began.

From the common world view of how most "perceive" life and the beliefs we hold regarding what's logical, practical and feasible, that statement can and perhaps does sound quite "out there."

Yet it is based on a "Higher Truth" than most choose to explore and understand. That Higher Truth is based on Unity and Oneness. meaning in Actuality there is nothing that is EVER separate but only the space time illusion that creates an illusion due to individually chosen perceptions and judgments regarding separateness and individuality which makes the kind and quality of your life whatever you choose.

Perception is becomes reality just as you choose whether it be grand or bleak based on your own choices to "perceive and judge" it as one or the other.

There's never been a separation, only an illusion that we ourselves create in space time based on our individually acquired and chosen perceptions and beliefs regarding reality, ourselves, others and how the events, conditions and circumstances in life come to be.

And although I've known based on a number of years of searching and through personal experience that separation is an illusion, this Angel I mention introduced and opened a door that I hadn't previously paid much attention to. She took it to a whole new level for me, although if she were explaining it to you, she'd tell you that "levels" don't exist either.

And she'd be right as it relates to the non-physical realm. But most aren't there. Most can't grasp the fact that what we see, hear, taste, touch, smell and see with our "physical senses" isn't real at all.

And although modern day science has clearly shown and documented just how "true" that is combined with the fact that the mystics, sages, philosophers and the Masters of the past have always spoken of and done their best to convey to those who were open and willing to listen and hear just how "true" that is, many simply don't grasp and believe it.

As the ancient texts so clearly put it...

"You have eyes but you do not see. You have ears but you do not hear."

And I've personally found that our choice to depend on the limitation of these "physical tools" is the very thing that keeps us stuck within the limitation and the slow hard pace of space time.

She'd gladly tell you that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS...period.

I'm writing this at this "time" not due to a "knowing"...meaning it's not being written because I know that I know that I know that transcending space time is possible and "true" experientially, but rather what I "perceive" myself as "knowing" currently which has been acquired through more than 3 decades of research, countless experiences and a desire to learn, know and understand all I can about enabling and empowering others to be, do and have more for themselves.

I have seen and experienced it's power personally. I've personally witnessed what most would call and label "miracles" yet to recreate those experiences at will isn't something that I'm yet able to do consistently.

I'm also quite aware that a lifetime of conditioning and indoctrination combined with many "less than desirable" physical experiences that these factors have created in my own life is the one and only thing keeping me from clearly seeing and being what I do know at my core regarding our ability to transcend the space time illusion and make "desirable and consciously created miracles" a regular occurence.

One such personal experience that I've written about in an article I wrote some years ago entitled The Greatest of These Is Love serves to solidify and validate why that's true in my own mind.

"ALL KNOWING" regarding the enormity of Love...PURE LOVE which is the only one true reality and has no regard for "perceived lack and limitation" of any form whatsoever when Love and surrender is the choice.

It even overpowers fear, doubt and worry for that matter.

I've come to believe based on this personal experience, combined with what this "Angel" has revealed to me regarding her own experiences, is that there are no limits or boundaries or ceilings whatsoever as to what can be made real in the space time illusion that we call physical life.

And it's this same Love that determines what is and what isn't experienced here as well.

A kind and intensity of Love that enables those who allow it in and choose to get out of our own way so it can to transcend the illusion of space and time...the slow, hard most "know it."

When I refer to ALL KNOWING I'm referring to understanding and consciously engaging in the ONE AND ONLY REAL TRUTH that ALL IS LOVE and requires no "time" to create or manifest what everybody is looking so hard for and has spent so much time "trying" to find.

It doesn't need to be looked for or found but rather more a matter of AWAKENING and "undoing" all we've learned as we've looked so hard for it enabling us to FULLY AWAKEN and consciously reclaim the KNOWING that it's ALL THERE IS.

In other words, it's our choices that limit us from fully experiencing THE FULLNESS and EVERYTHING that LOVE IS. And those choices will continue to limit and create "perceived adversity" until another choice to stop "unconsciously allowing" fear to dominate our lives are made. Choices that lead instead to being in the NOW of ONE TRUTH which is ALL LOVE even in fear should fear become and/or remain some future choice.

You can never be out of LOVE because LOVE IS all there is and everything and I MEAN EVERYTHING including you, me, time, space, fear, doubt, worry...EVERYTHING are an integral part of the whole which IS LOVE.

We can't NOT BE a part of LOVE simply because LOVE IS. Everything we experience in life is experienced because of LOVE. LOVE enables us to think, believe, perceive, create and experience whatever illusions we choose.

And anything and everything that is experienced in your "physical life" and all that's happening around you that you "perceive" as being so real is an illusion. Your mind is creating the illusion as real as it might seem.

And I know...or at least "perceive", based on what most "know and perceive" to be "true" about life in general, themselves and others...individually chosen and held perceptions about what KNOWING is...a knowing that they honestly and truly think they know...that perhaps the preceding paragraphs sound as if I've gone insane.

Rest assured I haven't. I don't recall ever being so sane, aware, in tune and IN LOVE yet at the same time out of my mind...while still being able to explain it in a way that someone might "grasp" what I'm saying.

So...simply put, I've never been more sane than I am right now but out of my mind and into my heart where Ultimate Knowing comes from.

Although as I write and choose something differently than I've previously chosen I am getting more out of my mind and coming closer to moving out of the space time illusion which exists within and reveals "Ultimate Truth or KNOWING" within this dimension or Universe at least.

That's where we'll start...a Universe or dimension at a time to keep from "Blowing Your and/or My Mind" or in the bigger scheme of things OUR mind which is an integral part of THE ONE MIND consisting of EVERYTHING that EVER WAS, IS or EVER WILL BE which to make it comprehend able is THE ULTIMATE LOVE or ULTIMATE KNOWING.

Actually, as "I think" about it, it's not so much moving out of space time as it is merging and harmonizing space time with NO space time that places you in the NOW and enables Ultimate Knowing of this dimension and this Universe to be conceived and conceptualized as ONE LOVE...ALL THAT IS.

And as you can see...or rather read...I'm not fully there experientially from an intellectual and/or experiential perspective yet at the same time AM THERE and HAVE BEEN there the entire time as EVERYONE and EVERYTHING IS.

We can't NOT BE what we ALL are...LOVE.

I share a more practical example of how real and true that is in Faith and Abundance Is All There Is.

It's simply choosing to stay within the confines of space time that keeps so many from KNOWING that resulting in slow and hard manifestations all the while attempting to create what they love nit understanding that it's all been created already.

For some reason I see it as the Zero Point Field that so many scientists have spoken of, conducted experiments around and "know" yet can't prove due to their inability to explore and go below where a thermodynamic system can.

There's more work and research to do there...or not. Just mentioning it because it came up. At the same time I find myself understanding that it's not about work and research which only takes "more time" but rather entering into this non space time where EVERYTHING JUST IS automatically ALL AT ONCE...ONE.

At this point I don't "KNOW" what's up really except for the fact that "I KNOW" someone...someone who in my limited perspective of space time I "perceive" as being "Very Special." Someone who I like to "think of" as an Angel based on what I know now. Someone that I've developed a "KNOWING" to trust and grow and learn from that is assisting in pointing and "allowing" me to better understand and comprehend at some level of awareness that transcending time space is more than just possible, but happening.

And although "trusting" for a number of reasons I won't go into here, I'm still at the same time "discerning" as I approach this and as I ALWAYS recommend EVERYONE should ALWAYS be.

But it doesn't make much time to discern and decide that WE ALL hope, wish and pray that we could find LOVE and create what we LOVE which isn't necessary because IT IS ALL THAT IS.

Nothing to find or create except for the fact that we only need to recognize this ONE TRUTH. It transcends time and space making it...lets say...obsolete.

But at this "point in time" although I'm biting in and digesting it...making the shift so to's simply a glimpse...a expansion of mind that is leading me to understand the necessity of transcending mind and KNOWING THE ONE in a way that exceeds in a sense what I used to "perceive" myself as knowing based on a few mind expanding experiences I've had over the years.

And although these experiences did enable me to experience an expanded awareness...a greater understanding that there was much more to understand and "know", they at the same time were limited by my mind perhaps due to my "individual perceptions and choices" regarding them and their scope and never enabled me to grasp the fact that time isn't necessary unless we choose for it to be.

I don't "KNOW" this fully yet...well I KNOW yet at the same time...ahhhh there's that word again...not fully utilizing the no time concept...THE ONE TRUTH...THE ONLY TRUTH to eliminate the "need in my mind" for time. So I suppose you could say I'm exploring the possibility that something far greater exists...something far more vast than I previously "Knew", "thought" or experienced.

As profound as these experiences were I'm beginning to believe and understand they were only an expanded "Knowingness" than the "knowing" I had prior to experiencing them and that what I "perceived" as a result of them...the fact that "Ultimate Knowing" could never be achieved may be a flawed perception that has kept me and is keeping me from "KNOWING" something far greater which IS EVERYTHING ALREADY IS with no need for time and space.

Sounds crazy I know. Yet at the same time I can't help but "think" it's possible...highly probable in fact...the NE AND ONLY TRUTH in fact that creation isn't necessary because EVERYTHING ALREADY IS. Whew...yea I know...that's a lot to swallow yet at the same time SO PROFOUNDLY SIMPLE and powerful. :)

My mind perhaps fooled me...I was fooling myself to believe that INFINITE meant you could never fully grasp THE ONE...THE FULL LOVE...THE ALL THAT IS, ALWAYS HAS BEEN and ALWAYS WILL BE with no need for time space.

These experiences provided an expanded awareness of what LOVE IS yet at the same time were only a "taste" of what it TRULY IS which IS EVERYTHING.

These "perceptions and choices" are the very things that kept kept me from moving into a "greater knowing" or "THE ONE KNOWING" yet at the same "time" are, were, and always will be a small portion if you will of ULTIMATE KNOWING. They are interwoven into THE ONE KNOWING. An integral part of THE ONE KNOWING...FULL, WHOLE and COMPLETE LOVE.

But this "KNOWING"...this greater knowing if you will...that I once "perceived" to KNOW also exists within "ULTIMATE KNOWING" which is INFINITE in nature and transcends what so many "perceive" as being space/time.

I'm certainly not the first to "know or experience this."

Before I go on let's take a peek at what space time is from a scientific perspective...

Albert Einstein grasped and understood this space time. He knew that it was an illusion that dissipated beyond the speed of light which is 183,000 miles per second or converted into metric speed 299,792,458 meters per second, often approximated as 300,000 kilometers per second. He knew that space/time...separateness and individuality ceased to exist and enabled ULTIMATE KNOWING where there is only ONE THING to KNOW which I'll refer to as LOVE because the "Higher Truth"...what I need to refer to as "Higher Truth" for the sake of explanation so "mind" can grasp and conceive it...IS all there is.

There is no "higher or lower" in THE ONE actually. It's just THE ONE.

In simple terms, Einstein knew if you could launch a physical object at a speed greater than the speed of light it would become a non-object...non-physical and enter back into THE ONE where all physical things come from.

It's THE ONE KNOWING that transcends the illusion of space/time revealing the illusion that most exist within based on individual choices and perceptions.

It's the non-space where ALL exists including the choices, perceptions and "perceived" individual and collective experiences that keep us seemingly trapped within the slow, hard pace of space/time. Yet each of these already existed...have ALWAYS existed previous to "perceiving, believing or experiencing them."

They ALWAYS were, ALWAYS HAVE BEEN and ALWAYS WILL be in other words. In THE ONE, there is no separation between these.

As my "Special Friend" puts it...who I currently "perceive" as being my "special friend" at least..."The Angel"...

"Being in the NOW while you are still there. Both ways reduces to ONE."

I "perceive" this as the non space where space time and non space time....ULTIMATE KNOWING or LOVE is FULLY KNOWN and EXPERIENCED although we are experiencing that already we just don't "KNOW" that we are due to our choice to think, reason and perceive.

It may be that the ONE this Angel is referring to is best explained in this video from a space time perspective at least...

So, this Angel could be talking about this point that was smaller than atom which is being referred to as The NOW where EVERYTHING BECOMES KNOWN which IS LOVE.

But because we "perceive and believe" that there is space and time, we ourselves create the illusion that we choose and in turn "perceive and believe" that we're trapped within the illusion.

We think that we're trapped within the confines of space and time.

But we're not trapped. We only are...or "perceive and believe" that we are because we choose to "believe and perceive things" that way and so our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions create the fact. That limited form of choosing makes it REAL for us. We can...if and when we should ever choose to, enter into this ONE...this ULTIMATE KNOWING which IS LOVE.

It's THE ONE where there is nothing else. NO-THING other than ONE LOVE where everyone and everything already IS, ALWAYS HAVE BEEN and ALWAYS WILL BE.

This ONE KNOWING is often referred to as the moment of now which really isn't a "moment" at all since that is a measure of time which is the very thing that creates the illusion of time and keeps us seemingly trapped within the slow, hard pace that the belief and perception of time and space creates.

So, based on what I "perceive myself" as "knowing now" how do we enter into this ONE where EVERYTHING ALREADY IS...where ALL CREATION has already happened before we even think or choose it?

Hmmmmmmmm. We quit trying to. We allow now to be now. We LOVE and ACCEPT now as now is. We enter into NOW and unattach from past and fear of future. We LOVE now as NOW IS which is EVERYTHING enabling us to fully experience THE ONE LOVE...the ONLY "thing" there IS.

Mind boggling? Yes if you "try" to figure it out it IS quite mind boggling.

That's why it's vital to transcend mind although even if we should "choose" not to we still exist within LOVE...THE ONE but at a slower and harder pace than most "wish" they could experience.

For NOW...I'll stop here until I choose to stop "trying" to figure it out and explain it as I see it stop choosing and just BE where THE ONE IS.

Beyond thought and choice where the illusion of space time becomes a "KNOWING" that enables you to exist within it yet still KNOW how unimportant it is. leading to ULTIMATE FREEDOM and ULTIMATE AWARENESS which IS LOVE.