Is this a casualty?

by Ruth

Chuck, I can identify clearly with you. Your story is quiet identical as the case I am in now, with a grandchild of 15 months old (she had this problem from 2/3 months old till now), and got a diagnosis like the one you got with your son.

She has also some more confusing symptoms. We're still looking for a cure for her and are praying to God for help. I would like to know how to keep looking for the good behind her situation and for us, as believing parents and grandparents.

Chuck's response to Ruth...

Hi Ruth,

The "good" is there always. The key to finding and seeing the good is a paradigm shift away.

My personally chosen way of always seeing the good is trusting that God is in control...not me.

I have choices and I do the best I'm able to align and harmonize those choices with what I desire to see and experience.

Any beliefs, thoughts or judgements we have that conflict with that is in essence stating that God doesn't know what God is doing.

That always leads to a "lack of trust" and/or "faith" that creates a cycle where fear, doubt and worry become our "chosen way of being."

I believe, in addition to "Love and Letting Go" the key is "trusting" in the process. I personally believe that our role is to simply do the best we're able, based on where we are, to trust, Love and "allow" God to take care of the all the details.

As the text states,,,

"Judge not by appearances" and "whatsoever ye desire when you pray, BELIEVE." It's difficult initially to "believe" something that conflicts with what we're "seeing." Especially with those we love so much.

In some cases, it requires "coming to a hopeless and helpless place" which is what moves us into "surrender." The Love is already's always working under the radar and a "greater good" is ALWAYS the result. When it seems like it's "not" it's only us keeping ourselves from seeing it based on our beliefs, perceptions and judgments about "what is."

The key to Loving, trusting and surrendering "unconditionally" is "allowing what is" to BE as it is, KNOWING that God is good, unconditionally loving and never creates anything that's "bad."

I've personally found that doing that instills a depth of trust that enables and allows "heartfelt desires" to unfold in the simplest, quickest and easiest way possible.

I've also found that what I have perceived and at one point labeled as being "problems", regardless of how horrific they seemed at the time I was experiencing them, turned out to be the "greatest gifts" I could have ever received.

In other words, had this occurrence or that occurrence not happened, a joyful event at some later date couldn't have happened.

The "greater good" always reveals itself. It's a matter of "allowing" ourselves to let go of judgments and how things "seem" so we can see it.

All "seekers" see and find that when the timing is right.

The beauty is, we all believe in Love at the depth where it really matters and Love always wins...regardless. Once we're able to see that intellectually and experience the power behind it for ourselves a few times, trust becomes automatic and doesn't require trying to figure things out, needing to fix things and we see "perceived problems" as the gifts and miracles they are.

We do our best for sure. But then "trust, let go and let God."

The greater good is ALWAYS there. It's simply a matter of enabling and allowing ourselves to see it. Letting go of "judgment" and doing our best to "see" "perceived problems" as the unfolding of "God's will", is where it all begins.

I think a major block for many, are their "beliefs and perceptions" about what God is and what God's will is. We've allowed "man" to define that for us and we "believe it."

I personally believe that God's will is, that we have life and have it in abundance. At the same time, we have the free will to "choose" what we receive an "abundance of." Faith and abundance is all there is. What we have faith in, God honors and provides us with an "abundance" of that.

What we focus on expands and what we feed grows.

There's only so much I can share here. Perhaps The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation could assist you in some way to see how "all pervasively and unconditionally true" that is.

The Best for You and Yours,


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