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Karatbars Introduction

The Company - Karatbars International...The Vision - Wealth Creation and Contribution...The Reach - GLOBAL...The Opportunity - Mind Boggling...

The Potential for YOU - ENORMOUS...and then some

You provide the passion, desire, integrity and a willingness to contribute and succeed and we'll join forces to make a significant impact on the world and your short/long term success with...

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In the following paragraphs I'm going to introduce you to an amazing company fulfilling a HUGE demand on a GLOBAL scale that is impacting the lives of people in many countries in a very significant way.

The name of the company is Karatbars International.

I'm going to warn you up front though. Karatbars International is a business for grown ups.

What does that mean exactly?

Simply this. If you're going through (or are still in) the phase of looking for and needing to hear wild eyed claims of overnight success through push button techniques, Karatbars International isn't going to be for you.

Quick Reality Check Regarding Business, Money and What's Truly Necessary For Achieving Real and Lasting Success

Before we get into the full International tour that provides all the specific details about Karatbars, the amazing product, the Karatbars affiliate program, or the specialized form of training that the Karatbars Leadership Team provides to EVERY Karatbars Affiliate FREE of Charge, let's start by setting the stage and clearing the air right up front.

First and foremost, I understand how precious and valuable your time is so I'll be as brief as possible while not compromising n the need to be very frank and candid up front.

Karatbars International CAN and DOES assist you with the training, the structure, the mechanics, the product, the system, the tools and EVERYTHING you could possibly need to reach and serve the world, but the DOING is up to you.

The opportunity and EVERYTHING else you could possibly need is definitely here. But YOU have to decide to SEE the potential, embrace it, take ACTION and DO something with it!

Here's why I thought it important and chose to share that with you right up front...

After personally doing some EXTENSIVE research over the course of many months, combined with partnering with a number of companies, I've concluded that there are A LOT of unfounded claims being made out there today (and a lot of people who buy into it only to be disappointed) in both the online and offline business arena. I'm all to familiar (and perhaps you are too) with all the hyped up, misleading claims and pie in the sky promises being made by numerous here today and gone tomorrow "flash in the pan" Biz OPP companies or overzealous opportunity seekers "out there" seeking their next target.

Maybe you've encountered some of the same...

And, if you haven’t been exposed to them yet, don’t worry you will at some point if you keep looking.

Because of those factors, I'm going to make you a promise right up front to honor your time and your intelligence by cutting straight to the chase and providing you with verifiable and substantiated facts and all the details that I possibly can in the Karatbars overview and the full tour that follows.

You'll be spared any sales pitches, promises of push button wealth, overnight success and/or hyped up product claims.

That's definitely not my style and quite frankly, even if it were, Karatbars International doesn't tolerate nor need to resort to such manipulative tactics. The reason being is simply because the leadership behind Karatbars International and those who choose to pay Karatbars forward, understand the power of integrity, service and contribution.

Karatbars International has ALL the proof, the facts, the foundation and the proven track record necessary to enable ANYONE to see how real it is.

If you are waiting for an opportunity that claims you can "do nothing" and watch as your bank account magically fills up with cash, Karatbars isn't for you. If you're looking for something where someone "claims" that they're going to do everything for you while you kick back in your easy chair and reap the benefits, you're not looking for a business but rather a hand out.

Here's the sobering and often times difficult to swallow truth...

If you want to truly control your destiny, change your life and take "conscious control" of your MEconomy, you need to go beyond seeking some push button easy, promise you the moon, fairy dust opportunity that offers a Make Money Opportunity by promoting some cheesy overpriced product and take action when REAL opportunity presents itself.

Although the potential certainly exists to transform many aspects of your life by partnering with us and joining the Karatbars movement, the focus and the benefits that follow extend far beyond material and monetary gain.

Point being...Karatbars International is FAR MORE than your typical Biz Opp.

The fact of the matter is, Karatbars International isn't a "Biz Opp" at all but rather an E-Commerce Company that offers an amazing affiliate program.

There's no denying the fact that the world is undergoing massive change. In recent years, perhaps one of the greatest, most noticeable and for many, unsettling changes where the greatest impact is being felt is in the financial arena.

Maybe you're feeling it to.

Unless you've been living under a rock, it's quite obvious that what's currently underway and where the future is leading us is anything but business as usual.

Let's face it. The global economy is changing. The way business is being conducted is changing as well...at a rapid and ever increasing pace.

Would you like to know the REALLY AWESOME thing about that?

With change comes opportunity for those who recognize opportunity when it presents itself and choose to take action when it does.

Although I'll allow you to come to your own conclusions, my personal conclusion is that Karatbars International may very well be the single best and most lucrative affiliate program out there.

We believe that we can help the world's economy and assist individuals to merge with the the many changes the world is undergoing by helping individuals improve their own economies.

That's exactly what Karatbars International is doing. Not to sound redundant but they're doing so on a GLOBAL scale.

Maybe you've been impacted by the many unsettling economic changes taking place and are looking for alternatives to ensure that you're not affected or that any residual effects are minimal.

That's only one of many reasons why I personally chose to join forces with Karatbars International. The impact that it can have and is having, not only in my own life but in the lives of those who see the vision and potential and choose to take action, is ENORMOUS.

Over the years I've connected and communicated with a countless number of individuals from ALL around the world who contact me and are seeking information that points them toward the path to greater harmony, joy, fulfillment and prosperity.

Of the many who do, the majority are seeking answers as well as practical solutions for enhancing the financial aspect of their lives. Some do so with the hope of reigniting their long held hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations to become real.

Perhaps you're seeking the same.

If so, what follows may be for you. Karatbars International may be the very solution you've been seeking. But let's not get sidetracked or get ahead of ourselves. Because although a "mind boggling income" can be achieved with Karatbars Compensation Plan, it's not "truly" about money at all although MANY...MOST in fact, really think and honestly believe that it is.

The benefits that Karatbars provides, extend FAR BEYOND the material and monetary aspects of life.

The determining factor for creating success in business and/or the financial aspect of life is determined by VALUE.

Karatbars International is a vision driven, heart centered global company that has EVERYTHING in place to provide IMMENSE value to a GLOBAL marketplace.

The HOW they do it can be summed up in 4 words...

Easy - Simple - Seamless - Global

One product, one price, patented, brand new, first of its kind, category creator and exclusively ours.

That in and of itself is HUGE. When you have an exclusive, patented product that has immense demand; a first of it's kind product that many in the world need and which literally EVERYONE can benefit from, the possibilities can become mind boggling.

In fact, Karatbars International has not only cleared the path, they've paved the way for bringing greater health, healing, prosperity and the sense of fulfillment that comes through serving others in a very meaningful and positive way to a Global Marketplace.

The Karatbars International philosophy is very simple. Money isn't currency. In the same way, GOLD is money

What does that have to do with money and business?

With Karatbars International, it has EVERYTHING to do with it!!

Money is a major part of our health and well being. It is there to serve humanity, not vice versa. The more the merrier, it makes good people better!

So why do so many "good people" feel so financially stuck? Why do so many DO so much, work so hard yet receive so little in return?

That's a multi-layered question with an infinite number of answers. There is no one size fits all.

But it all boils down to value given. Value projected outward determines value received back. The value we put out in the world isn't limited to or by our physical actions and/or what we do exclusively.

It is determined at 3 levels.

What are those 3 levels?

Mental, emotional and physical. How we choose to align, harmonize and engage at each of these "levels" as individuals plays a major and oftentimes overlooked and/or misunderstood role in determining what we receive in life. That's also what determines the quality as well as the quantity of what we receive in a tangible kind of way physically, financially and relationally.

But it also determines what we receive and experience at the "intangible levels as well.

What are those levels?

Mental, emotional and spiritual.

Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Fulfillment and Real Freedom Become Real Through Conscious Alignment

When you're aligned and harmonized at the mental and emotional levels and take action in such a way that aligns with the fulfillment of your desires, the possibilities, potential and the tangible results received become mind boggling.

The platform, the product, the systems and the training that Karatbars International has integrated into it's business model can certainly assist you in the alignment and harmonizing stages.

What's more, Karatbars is awakening, stirring and fanning the flames of the entrepreneurial spirit in MANY people, many of whom who have never before considered becoming successful entrepreneurs and/or home based business owners.

The dream of creating Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom is coming alive for MANY, a large number of whom live in remote 3rd world countries who have never been provided the opportunity.

In addition to the powerfully leveraged and lucrative opportunity that Karatbars International has constructed, we're also engaged in humanitarian efforts which Karatbars International founder Harald Seiz constructed and created to reach, serve and assist the less fortunate.

Maybe, due to any number of factors, you've never considered becoming an entrepreneur either. Perhaps you will after discovering all that Karatbars International offers and stands for.

Who knows? That's a choice only you can make.

One thing is certain. Karatbars is having a far reaching affect on MANY people and has opened doors of potential and possibility for you and ANYONE else on this planet that no other company of it's kind has had the vision, the drive, the foresight or the determination to "get done."

They're reaching, serving and enhancing the lives of a lot of people in the process on a GLOBAL scale.

The HOW they've done it and the WHY behind that is simple.

Karatbars International became a GLOBAL company by simply integrating their Vision of reaching and serving the world with ACTION. They've created powerfully leveraged systems and processes to REACH, SERVE and positively impact ANYONE in the 130 countries it serves who has an address, with ZERO exceptions.

No borders. Free from political agendas and bureaucracy, without geographical boundaries and equally as exciting, with ZERO Limits on your earning potential.

Point being, Karatbars International is positioned to expand, reach, serve and contribute to ANYONE and EVERYONE on the entire planet!!

No company of it's kind has EVER done that before.

Not everyone will see the power behind that. Not everyone will choose it. Certainly not everyone will take action and DO what’s necessary to create the desirable change that EVERYONE claims to want. But for those with the desire, for those who choose that, thanks to Karatbars International, the potential is most definitely there for ANYONE who has the desire, holds the vision, recognizes and are excited by the potential and are willing to take action and do something with it.

It's equally true that many don't know where to begin, what to do or how to go about creating the change they desire. The fact of the matter is, that's where many get stuck...seemingly stuck.

Perhaps, based on what you think you know and believe is necessary to create and engage in a thriving global business, you "feel stuck" there as well.

Problem solved.

Karatbars International not only provides a first of it's kind EXCLUSIVE product, powerfully leveraged systems and processes, they've also integrated all the training, support and guidance you could possibly need into their overall plan, enabling you to get up and running, into action and moving confidently forward VERY quickly.

The Karatbars International Business Philosophy is Based on Compassion, Service, Contribution and Collaboration...NOT Competition

I personally chose to become involved with Karatbars because their philosophy as well as their business practices align with my own and harmonize with the mission and purpose of my company, Enlightened Journey Enterprises.

The intention, structure and shared vision of Karatbars and Enlightened Journey Enterprises boils down to this...

We are both Coaching/Training/Personal Empowerment Firms Driven by and Committed To Providing Hope - Instilling Courage - Elevating Curiosity - Enhancing Awareness - Encouraging Compassion, Collaboration and contribution and Implementing a Win/Win Approach While Creating Extraordinary and Measurable Real World Results For You and Those You Reach and Serve.

Granted, it's an uncommon philosophy in today's business world, yet one that yields extraordinary results while enabling, empowering and allowing everyone involved to win and get what they want.

Sound appealing?

Allow me to share more detail about Karatbars International.

First let’s look at Karatbars as a company…

Unlike many companies and the opportunities they provide, Karatbars is built on a rock solid foundation that’s equally solid tangibly as well as intangibly.

Let’s discuss the tangible foundation that’s in place as it relates to Karatbars as a company specifically.

FG Xpress is a division of a VERY well established 9 year old company (Forevergreen) that has been serving people in MANY countries around the world since 2004. Like FG Xpress, Forevergreen is focused on health, nutrition, overall well-being, opportunity and enhancing quality of life for EVERYONE it reaches.

With a 9 year history of success behind it, you can rest assured it's going to be here long term.

Now let’s look at the “intangible foundation” which is the focus, vision, mission and purpose of the company as well as those who pay Karatbars forward…

Karatbars is comprised of a consciously aligned brother and sisterhood of aspiring as well as established entrepreneurs (many of whom are 6 and 7 figure earners) who share the heartfelt intention of reaching, serving and providing IMMENSE value to EVERYONE it touches on a GLOBAL scale.

Karatbars is much more than a “what’s in it for me” opportunity. It’s a “what’s in it for the world and EVERYONE it touches” opportunity which is, in a phrase, a foundational intention that not only can, but WILL carry you far.

When I say that Karatbars is a “What’s in it for EVERYONE it touches company and opportunity”, I mean that literally...

EVERYONE it touches.

That includes you and me. Those who you and I introduce Karatbars to; who see the vision and take action also benefit from our collective efforts in a business/product/material benefits kind of way.

But the benefits extend well beyond product, service, opportunity, making money or anything else of a tangible nature.

It's the sense of fulfillment and being on purpose; the "intangibles" that are the greatest reward.

When you feel good on the inside and allow yourself to do what aligns with "feeling good" as you do it on the outside, BIG things happen.

Are You Living The Quality Of Life
You "Truly Desire And Deserve?"

Unfortunately many don't "Believe" they have what it takes to engage, let alone become successful in their own business. As a result, MOST never move forward, or worse, never discover let alone use their inherent ability to do so.

Far too many don’t believe they have the skills, the gifts, and/or the talent to enable and allow Real Success, Real Wealth and Real Freedom to become a way of life.

But we do...WE ALL do. It's simply a matter of having the right tools, the resources and the guidance to point you toward and get you started down the success path.

Which leads to yet another of many reasons why I chose to partner with Karatbars International.

The ongoing training and guidance that the Karatbars Leadership team provides FREE of charge.

We'll discuss more about the training in greater depth on the training page.

If you've been searching for answers and solutions in a world that can and often does seem cold, increasingly impersonal and complex...you are, right this moment, in exactly the right place at the right time.

If you’re seeking a Legitimate, online/offline Global Business that provides you with the ability to create an unlimited amount of long term, sustainable, residual income while reaching and contributing on a local and/or a global scale, Karatbars may be exactly what you’ve been seeking.

On the pages that follow, I’m going to be discussing all the facets of Karatbars International and how everything works. I’m also going to be introducing you to the focal product of Karatbars International (the Karatbar) which is a cutting edge first of its kind product that is going to reach, assist and dramatically enhance quality of life for a very broad and diverse audience of potential consumers all around the globe.

That’s only one of MANY things that makes Karatbars so unique and exciting.

The bottom line is this...

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, have a desire to become a better entrepreneur, are looking for ways to enhance your current income or looking to totally reinvent yourself, I would strongly encourage you to explore, research and DO whatever you feel you need to do and then join our team.

One thing I can assure you, the Karatbars family is focused on and has EVERY intention of reaching and serving the world while at the same time creating Real Success, Real Wealth, Real Harmony, Real Fulfillment and Real Freedom for ourselves.

The difference? Karatbars is doing it in such a way that is FAR MORE simple and DONE differently than the way most teams, companies and/or opportunity seekers attempt to do it.

In addition to reaching millions of people, Karatbars is designed to bless millions of people with billions of dollars in the not so distant future.

Ultimately, our intent and shared vision is to move both money and commodity around the world at record pace.

I'm inviting you to join me and my team as we do our part to make a significant, meaningful and potentially life changing difference on the planet.

The choice of course is yours.

The next pages will provide all the information you could possibly need to determine if Karatbars is a company that you'd like to align with.

Next, let's take a detailed and in depth look at the commodity; the product that Karatbars is moving around the world. It's called the Karatbar and it affords anyone the opportunity to acquire it and serve the world in MANY ways.

Click on the NEXT button below and learn all the details about what's being offered and made available to you.

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