Consciously Choosing To Change

I’m going to spend a bit of time on a subject that is of IMMENSE importance to you whether you currently realize it or not. A subject that is at the foundation of every experience that you have in life.

As important as it is, few understand or perhaps have forgotten the significant role it plays in determining each and every event, condition and circumstance experienced in life and more importantly, consistently fall short of effectively applying it in their lives.

The intention is that by spending a few minutes assisting you to understand or remember this crucial aspect of what makes up your life experience, will enable and empower you to shift your paradigms with regard to why you may or may not be experiencing whatever it might be that you have a desire to experience for yourself individually and provide you with a perspective that has proven time and again to transform lives.

I only ask that you keep an open mind and stay with me long enough to present it to you in it's entirety. Once done, you can choose to accept or reject it.

Your Life Unfolds Just As You Think and Believe That It Will

One of the first key understandings that must be understood is that whatever it might be that you are currently experiencing in your life is unfolding just as you “believe” that it will. In other words what you are thinking and remaining focused on due to your individually chosen beliefs plays out as a mirrored reflection in what you are experiencing in your life.

Your consistent thought processes…what you choose to keep your focus on is determined by those beliefs and shaping whatever it might be that you are and will continue to experience.

In other words in each and every area of your life, you are experiencing a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It doesn’t matter where you currently are geographically, physically, financially, relationally…what matters is where you are psychologically. It’s what you choose to remain fixated upon in your mind. Do you understand that? Do you TRULY grasp the power behind that? If you don’t….if you TRULY desire and hope to begin experiencing different results you had better grasp the truth behind it. It’s where ALL of your physical outcomes are coming from…ALL of them. Each and EVERY one without exception.

Although you have the right to decide and make your truth whatever you choose, which without fail will create that reality for you, by the same token you also have the right as well as the ability to discover and focus on what I like to refer to as a “Higher Truth” that will without fail enable you to experience far better and more desirable results limited only by your individual choice to determine how far you’ll allow your truth to be elevated.

Developing this “Higher Truth” is as simple as becoming aware of the fact that what you are experiencing is being determined by what you are “believing.” There are COUNTLESS resources available to develop this understanding whether it be through scientific discoveries, spiritual text or a number of other resources.

The bottom line is that whatever it is that you are experiencing is the result of your individual choices.

Are you lacking something in your life? Then change it…just change it. Make a conscious and intentional choice to change whatever it might be for you. If you’re experiencing lack in ANY area of your life and “believing that’s just how things are, fully “believing” that things can’t get any better for you personally, although on the one hand you’re “right”, on the other hand you’re lying to yourself.

How can you be “right” and lying to yourself at the same time?

Simply because the level of truth that you choose to hold will without fail show up in your physical experience regardless of how limiting that truth might be. Real truth…what I refer to as a “Higher Truth” is Infinite in nature. There is no limitation as to what you can experience.

Things are the way they are because YOU are choosing for them to be that way. That’s how things REALLY are. If you’re experiencing abundance and plenty in your life it’s because you are choosing it. If, on the other hand you’re experiencing what you “perceive” to be lack and limitation in your life, by the same token it is because at some level YOU are choosing it for yourself.

How are you choosing it? By making a choice to “believe” it to be real. To create a more desirable reality, it’s going to be necessary to elevate your belief…to choose to explore, become aware of and once accomplished, making the choice to elevate and keep your focus on a “Higher Truth.”

Choosing this “Higher Truth“ will enable you to begin experience better results.

The “Higher Truth” Is That Abundance Is All That Exists

Let’s begin this “belief” enhancement process by providing you with the understanding that Abundance is all that REALLY exists not only in YOUR life individually, but throughout the entire Universe.

There exists no such thing as lack and limitation in life. If you’re experiencing lack and limitation in YOURS it’s only because YOU are allowing it. The reality is that there is NO SUCH THING!!! There is no lack and limitation…ONLY abundance. If you’re experiencing what you are “perceiving” to be lack and limitation in ANY area of your life, you may at this point, based on your current understanding, consider that to be a ridiculous statement. If you do that’s OK, but I’m going to challenge you to at least consider a perspective for just a minute and attempt to look at and see things in a different way…in a way that they TRULY are which is that you are only creating and experiencing an abundance of lack and limitation because of what you are choosing to stay predominantly focused on and consistently thinking about. Choosing to recognize and accept that and become conscious of and change the underlying cause of those experiences will shift your paradigms and as a result shift your experience.

YOU are creating it and until you accept that fact and make a conscious choice to get to the core of what is creating this abundance of what you don’t want, you are only going to continue producing precisely that…an abundance of what you DON’T WANT. You cannot change the abundant nature or the process of creation but YOU CAN change yourself to harmonize with it in a way that begins producing what you DO want.

Nothing Outside Of You Is Responsible For Your Outcomes

Now, let’s take a look at who and what is responsible for the events, conditions and circumstances in your life.

I’ll just cut to the chase here and put it out on the table just as it is without sugar coating it. The ONLY thing that is responsible for your outcomes, whether desired or undesired is YOU.

You can if you choose continue to blame everything and everyone outside of you for those experiences you find displeasing if you’d like. That’s certainly your right. You’ve been provided an inalienable right of free will to believe whatever you choose But it IS NOT going to change the fact that EVERYTHING that is going on in your personal life experience…each and EVERY area whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually, is happening due to what YOU are personally choosing for yourself.

Until you begin accepting personal responsibility for that, for ALL of it, NOTHING…and I do mean NOTHING is going to change unless and until YOU make the choice to first accept responsibility for it and choose to change it.

This type of accepting responsibility has nothing to do with anybody being at fault or engaging in the blame game. It’s simply a matter of discovering and accepting the fact that you are at cause for whatever your experience might be.

Choosing to blame and point the finger at everything outside of you, the people, events, conditions and circumstances encountered and happening in your “external” physical world is simply a choice to deny and relinquish the power that has been provided to you. It doesn’t hold true for ONLY you. It pertains to you, me and everyone else. It’s a choice to give your power away!!! If that’s what you want, then keep doing what you’ve been doing and that’s precisely what you’ll continue to get.

You ALWAYS Get To Be Right

Although you can if you choose give your power away, you also have the ability as well as the obligation to yourself, if you ever hope to improve your outcomes in life, to discover and accept the power that has been provided to you.

You can blame everything that is going “wrong” in your life on anything or anybody that you choose.

The beauty of and the problem with that choice is that you ALWAYS get to be right. If you choose to believe that what is going on around you is what is creating your situation and conditions in life then guess what? You’re right.

If you choose to think that financial struggle is just the way life is, that money is hard to come by, that it takes hard work and struggle just to make ends meet and that financial plenty is only reserved for the lucky and fortunate few, then you get to be right.

If you choose to think that your relationships suck and that healthy, wholesome and fulfilling relationships are a pipedream then you get to be right and that is PRECISELY what you’ll get to continually experience.

Whatever YOU choose is what you get to BE and will continue to experience until you make the choice to discover what is creating it and make the choice to do something differently.

What you are “being” internally will play out externally and provide you with more of the same to be and experience externally. To begin being and experiencing something different on the outside it’s necessary to change what you’re being on the inside. Granted, it can seem like an impossible cycle to break if everything you’re “seeing” on the outside is the opposite of what you’d like to see, BUT it is an essential part of experiencing different outcomes.

Look…EVERYBODY wants change…EVERYBODY wants something more. It doesn’t matter where you are, whether in a place that many might consider wildly successful or what you might currently “perceive” to be at the bottom of the barrel. We ALL want more…it’s human nature. We NEVER arrive as long as we’re breathing. We’re ALWAYS going to want something more. More money, more health, more relationships, more time, more ___________.

But more doesn’t happen by choosing to keep doing the same thing unless we want to continue experiencing more of the same thing. Although you can choose to “believe” that if you’d like, doing so would put you into a place that has been labeled as a form of insanity. How so? Well, Albert Einstein (some claim Benjamin Franklin) nailed it when he said…”Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. He went on to say that…"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

Why would a Nobel Prize winner make such a statement? Because through his research, experiments and discoveries over 8 decades ago, he developed the “Higher Truth” and through those avenues, developed the understanding as to what created individual experiences in life.

Do You See Your Current “Undesired” Experiences And Conditions As Failures Or Successful Creations?

Let’s look at and explore for a moment how it is that you look at whatever experiences that you might be currently experiencing.

I’m going to ask that you look at these things that are often “perceived” as problems for the moment as something different than what you are currently “perceiving“ them to be… NOT as problems but as manifestations…creations…physical outcomes that you have “successfully” created based on your choices.

Creation cannot and does not fail…EVER. Granted we may be creating our outcomes unconsciously…not fully understanding how they are being created but that doesn’t change the fact that they ARE successful creations…in most cases, they’re just being created as a result of NOT having a deeper understanding of HOW we are creating them and of the immutable and unwavering process of creation in general.

How we deal with them afterwards once they show up in physical form, meaning how we choose to respond or react to them is also a matter of choice and will determine how your future outcomes will unfold. We can choose to react…look at and see them as some horrific experience, as something going “wrong”, allow our “negative” emotions to ignite, and choose to keep our focus on that, or we can, if we choose learn to recognize them for what they “truly” are, which are nothing more than successful creations, get to the root cause of what it was that created them and once discovered make the choice to change it which will and does without fail change the experience…in other words we can respond.

Good and Bad Is Only A Perception Based On Your Individual Perceptions and Judgments

The reality is that there exists no such thing as “good” or “bad” experiences. Anything and everything that happens in your life just is. To assist you in understanding and seeing the validity of that statement let’s use the following analogy and do a bit of pretending or if you prefer “imagining” for a moment…

Picture yourself standing in this huge room. You there? Now, look to your left about 100 ft. On your left is this thing that you “perceive” to be bad…this thing that you would rather NOT experience. Got that visual? Ok, Next, turn your head and look to your right, and imagine that at the same distance from you (a hundred feet) is this thing that you “perceive” to be good. In other words this bad thing is waiting for you on one side and 200 feet from it is this good thing standing there in the form of it’s polar opposite.

It doesn’t matter what it is…make it whatever you choose. It could be imagining yourself as flat broke to your left and materially abundant to your right. You choose whatever you’d like to make it.

Now, look straight ahead and come back to where you are and see yourself standing there. You’ll find you are in a “neutral” place. You’re no closer to the good than you are to the bad. You could say that where you are just is. It’s neither good nor bad. It just is.

That’s what EVERYTHING is. It’s NOT good or bad. The only thing that makes it such is YOUR judgment with regard to it. How you judge it will determine what you are keeping your focus on and as a result will continue to experience more of at some point in the future.

You have the choice at any time to look to the left and see bad or you can look to the right and see good. Although you have the right and the ability to do whatever it might be that you choose, choosing to keep your focus on what is “desired” will enable you to experience more of the “desired” outcomes.

So what makes it happen like this and more importantly what can you begin doing to shift the experience?

In most cases your wants…the things that you “desire” to experience, come from experiencing what you don’t want. Without the possibility of experiencing what you don’t want, you wouldn’t and couldn’t know what it is to experience it’s polar opposite or what you DO want.

Having those experiences is actually beneficial to you because it enables you to know first hand what it is that you don’t want. The problem is that MOST people, because of having this experience of what they don’t want choose to keep their focus on what is NOT wanted and as a result keep experiencing more and more of what they DON’T want. They keep their focus to the left and without fail are drawn to what they don’t want.

Although this isn’t right or wrong really, this choice is in essence choosing to keep your predominant focus on fear. The Universe is unbiased as to what it delivers to you. It doesn’t make judgments based on your choices, it only honors them and provides whatever it might be that you choose for yourself. A choice to focus on what is feared will produce outcomes in your life based on your own choices.

In the same way, a choice to remain fixated on what you Love, meaning keeping your predominant focus on your “desired” outcomes will enable you to experience them as well.

There is no choice by God, Universe or whatever you might “perceive” Source to be to make your determinations for you. Source ALWAYS says YES!! It says yes to what you fear and yes to what you love.

To begin consistently experiencing what you Love is as simple as keeping your predominant focus on those things that you love and choosing to shift focus from what is feared.

If you find yourself currently experiencing “undesired” outcomes it will be necessary to get back into this room that we were in a few minutes ago and take yourself back to this place of neutrality. Take your judgment off ofsomething being bad and recognize it for what it truly is…a successful creation that YOU created, but look at it as being just that. Don’t place a “bad” label” on it. That will only serve to shift your focus to fear.

When you come to the place that you can see each and every experience as “neutral”, without being “right” or “wrong”, “good” or “bad”, without any personally assigned “labels” and without placing any judgment on them will enable you to remain in the middle of the river and effortlessly floating with “The Flow” of the river.

The flow of the Universe is always the same. It only “flows” in one direction. It’s a flow of abundance. When you experience anything that seems to conflict with abundance, whatever you might choose to “perceive” as lack and limitation it’s only because you are making a choice to go against rather than with the flow. It’s often called resistance. Resistance is just a word that expresses your choice to go against this flow.

Here’s an example of a form of resistance that many experience…

Let’s assume for a moment that you’ve had a string of experiences that you’d rather NOT experience and find yourself in a place of being sick and tired of experiencing them.

If you choose to keep your predominant focus on being sick and tired of being sick and tired, although you have that right and it is your choice to do that if you’d like, by making that choice you are in essence making a choice to resist the creation of what you DO want and drawing more of the same to you that you DON’T want. As a result you’ll stay in this place and continue to create outcomes that will keep you in this place of YOUR choosing of being sick and tired. You are in essence resisting what you’d rather be experiencing and it‘s this resisting that is communicating your intention to Source, which NEVER says no by the way, and you receive more of what it is that you‘re resisting.

If you really and truly want to get out of this sick and tired place, it’s going to be necessary to shift your focus (turn your head to the right) STOP focusing on what you DON’T want, accept it for what it is and start focusing on what it is that you DO want and the circumstance that would make you happy and fulfilled.

That choice shifts the energy, puts you in harmony with what you want and as a result you’ll draw to you what it is that you want.

It’s as simple and as complex as that. You also get to choose how simple or complex you make it for yourself. It’s ALL about choices…YOUR choices.

You can choose to flow with or go against (resist) this flow of abundance and choose to call it lack and limitation if you‘d like, but the “Higher Truth” is that abundance is all there is.

Now look around you and ask yourself…”What am I choosing an abundance of?”

If you like what it is that you see, don’t change a thing. If you don’t simply make the conscious choice to get in the flow and you soon will.

Whatever it is that you choose individually, just remember that it’s based on your own choices and you ALWAYS get to be right.

How great is that?

As you progress through the pages of The Key To Effortless Creation, it will all become very clear and simple to you.

You'll have all the understanding and knowledge you'll ever need to get out there, apply what you've discovered and create the life of your dreams.

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