Creative Visualization

Purposeful And Intentional Thought Creation

In the previous chapter we covered the importance of having a “clearly defined” vision which is in alignment and harmonizes with whatever desire that you hold for yourself.

A choice to consciously and consistently utilize and engage in Creative visualization will enable you to experience that desired outcome first at the “unseen” or spiritual level which when held consistently will begin to provide you with the tangible ways and the means to bring the desired outcome into physical form.

How exactly can and does creative visualization do that?

As we’ve previously discovered, the thoughts that you think, the emotions that you experience as a result of those thoughts and the resulting vibrational resonance of energy which is projected outward into what we’ve referred to as the “Infinite Field Of Potential” or as modern day scientists call it, “The Unified Field” where ALL things already exist as a probability of existence, attracts to itself energies of a harmonious vibrational resonance which initiates the unfailing and unwavering process of creation to transmute from the unseen metaphysical or spiritual realm and creates the outcomes or effects that manifest and are experienced in physical form…in YOUR life.

From a more spiritually minded perspective, it is the resulting vibrational resonance that these thoughts and emotions create which serve as your communication link with God, Source or whatever you might choose to refer to Creator as. This infinite field can also be referred to as “The Kingdom of God.”

So what determines the predominant thought processes that you think which creates this vibrational resonance? What is the underlying, often unrecognized yet extremely powerful tool that determines your conscious as well as your unconscious thought processes? Your subconscious mind…more specifically the “programming” that is stored at a “subconscious level” which MOST aren’t consciously aware of.

This “programming” at the subconscious level is created as a result of what we have been taught throughout our lives to be “true.” It’s based on the beliefs which we have acquired and established as being “real.” In other words it forms our individual “perceptions of reality which show up in physical form just as we “perceive” and believe they will.

Often times these “perceptions” are based and formed on teachings that aren’t really “true” at all. It is only our individual choice to believe and place our focus on them which makes them true.

Our physical experience that unfolds as a result of choosing to hold onto these perceptions and placing focus on them whether consciously or unconsciously solidifies in our own mind just how true they are as our physical experience unfolds just as we “believe” it will. This physical evidence reinforces the belief which serves as the underlying cause which creates more of the same in our life. In other words it solidifies our perception of truth and as a result of that perception becomes our physical reality.

An underlying “belief” that harmonizes with lack and limitation will create lack and limitation in your life just as an underlying belief of abundance and plenty will create abundance and plenty. Subconscious beliefs that are held which consist of lack, limitation and struggle become your physical reality…your truth.

But there is a higher truth. That higher truth comes from understanding, recognizing, and choosing to consciously utilize your source of true power which is your power to think. It’s through choosing to consciously utilize this power that the self limiting and self sabotaging subconscious data received and stored in the past which is determining your outcomes now as well as in the future can be overwritten

Creative visualization serves to place “conscious focus” on “desired outcomes as well as overwrite the subconscious data stored which the conscious aspect of mind utilizes and refers to for its direction or instruction based on the data which it has previously analyzed and stored within it and established as “true” which also determines the physical actions that we take. .

As you’ll recall each of the thoughts that we think and the emotions ignited as a result of those thoughts are energy. Thoughts are the creative force which determines our physical experience and the emotions experienced as a result of those thoughts serve to intensify the energy being projected.

What we’ll be covering in this chapter is how to effectively utilize a form of “conscious” creative visualization which can and does provide you with the ability to begin consciously and purposefully focusing those thoughts and creating an intensified emotional output that harmonizes with the desired outcomes creating the events, conditions and circumstances experienced in your life that you choose to experience.

Although many have heard of creative visualization, few choose to utilize it consciously. In fact in many cases visualization has gotten a bad rap from those who choose to remain unaware of its creative power. It’s been labeled as “daydreaming” and is often discouraged. It has often been labeled and perceived as being out of touch with what most “perceive” as reality.

The reality is that you are constantly visualizing and creating something although most are doing so unconsciously. In fact it’s quite easy to determine what your predominant method of visualization consists of by merely looking at each of the events, conditions and circumstances that you’re experiencing in your life.

If what you discover is bringing about the desired results, physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually the kind and quality of visualization that you engage in, whether consciously or otherwise, harmonizes with those desired outcomes. If on the other hand you are experiencing less than the desired outcomes, in order to change them it will be necessary to begin consciously and purposefully focusing those thoughts, more importantly stirring and igniting the “emotions” that those thoughts create which intensify and project an intensified energy, which as we’ve covered attracts to itself energies of a harmonious vibrational resonance which will, without fail transmute from the unseen, non-physical or spiritual realm and due to the immutable unwavering and perfectly constructed process of creation be experienced in the physical world, in YOUR life.

When used consciously and intentionally Creative Visualization serves as a “reprogramming” device which changes the deeply embedded subconscious thought processes…the beliefs that you hold at the subconscious level.

That’s how and why creative visualization becomes so powerful. Creative visualization enables and empowers you to create, within your “minds eye”…at the level of “pure” consciousness, the events, conditions and circumstances which are pleasing and enable you to ignite and experience emotions that correspond with you already having those outcomes. It enables you to separate from what you “perceive” your current reality to be to begin creating the kind and quality of reality that you desire to experience.

It serves as the creative tool to tap into actuality where every conceivable outcome already exists rather than what most “perceive” to be reality.

In essence, creative visualization enables you to produce a “movie” of your choosing on the movie screen of your mind allowing the outcomes that you have a desire to experience to unfold and be experienced just as you “envision” them.

Although you can’t change the fact that you think, you can change what it is that you think about. Creative visualization provides the method to focus that thought and enables you to begin painting pictures of the “desired” outcomes.

By consciously focusing on the desired outcomes you are at the same time overwriting the deeply embedded subconscious processes which to this point, whether you were “conscious of them or not, have allowed you to or kept you from experiencing whatever “desired” outcomes you may choose for yourself individually.

As we’ve discovered earlier the subconscious aspect of mind serves as the gateway to the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual realm. Put another way it serves as the communication device with Source, God, “The Unified Field”…the “Infinite Field of Potential” or whatever else you might personally choose to refer to the Source as, where every conceivable outcome “already exists” as a probability of existence producing outcomes in your life just as you “believe”

As you’ll recall, the subconscious aspect of mind has no reasoning ability whatsoever. Whatever is fed to it, it accepts and stores as reality and immediately goes to work to bring the thing thought of into tangible, physical form. When consciously utilizing creative visualization the subconscious has no reasoning capability to determine if what is being visualized is true or not…possible or not. It only serves to draw to you what is being visualized and does so without fail.

By the same token, it also serves as the recording device for the conscious mind. The conscious mind refers to and utilizes the subconscious for previous data stored there to determine what is true or not true…real or not real which determines the signals which are sent to the physical brain determining the physical actions taken.

To effectively utilize creative visualization it is necessary to have a clearly defined vision…a clearly thought out plan if you will of what it is that you have a desire to create.

If for example your desire is to amass financial wealth, it’s not enough to just close your eyes and visualize money flowing to you. As we’ve covered earlier, it’s NOT money in and of itself that provides “Real Wealth” but what the money can be exchanged for…what you can do with money that ignites the emotions just as a lack of financial resources ignites emotions such as fear, anxiety, worry, etc. that only serve to draw to you more lack.

To effectively visualize it’s important to have a clearly defined vision of the desired outcome and utilize all of the physical senses, to see yourself acquiring what it is that you have a desire to experience right here right now, to engage your senses as if you are already experiencing the desired outcome.

What does it look like? What does it feel like? Is there a smell associated with it? What do you hear, and taste as you are experiencing it? What sounds are associated with it? By engaging each of the physical senses associated with whatever the desired outcome is, you are in essence igniting the emotions that enable you to fully experience it in the here and your “minds eye.”

Emotions that harmonize with the desired outcome which create and project a vibrational resonance…an energy broadcast that is conducive to “attracting” the “desired” outcome just as you envision it.

The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is real or imagined. It has no reasoning capability. It doesn’t analyze or have the ability to rationalize the data it is being provided. It serves as a storage device absorbing whatever data it is given. In addition it makes no judgments and cannot and does not differentiate between what is “perceived” as positive or negative…true or untrue, but only goes to work to create precisely what it is being “asked” to provide. This asking is being done based on what you feed to it which it accepts, stores and begins to produce just as YOU instruct.

This is precisely why it is impossible to create desired outcomes by thinking about and placing focus on that which you DON’T want to experience. A focus on the creation of what you DON’T want is essentially instructing the subconscious to send signals or frequencies into the “field” which produces just that and without fail…it does.

As you’ll recall, at the level of Cause…the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual level, there exists no such thing as polarity. At the level of Cause EVERY conceivable outcome already exists as a “probability of existence.” There is no such thing as right or wrong, positive or negative, etc. Polarity doesn’t exist until YOU place a label on an outcome based on your individual judgments and “perceptions” which makes it real to you.

Polarity only exists at the seen or physical level and enables you to fully experience your life. Without polarity you would be unable to experience what is good if you had no conceptualization of what “bad” is. Without the possibility to be “poor” you would be unable to experience what it “felt” like to be wealthy. Without the existence or awareness of hate you would be unable to fully experience love. Polarity exists to enable us to experience who and what we are at the “internal” or subconscious level. You determine what end of the polarity spectrum you will experience. If it is at the end which you find undesirable or somewhere in between you merely need to change the subconacious thought processes and beliefs which are creating it.

At the level of Cause the possibility for you the poor person already exists just as the possibility for you the wealthy person already exists. The only determining factor as to which of these you will personally experience in your life is determined by the data stored at the subconscious level which determines what you place your predominant focus on.

You have been provided an inalienable right of free will to choose “whatsoever ye desire.” This choosing is done at the level of consciousness…YOUR consciousness. As we’ve covered previously the predominant thoughts that you think…the quality of consciousness that YOU choose serves as the “seed” which determines what your “harvest” will consist of. This is where your “true power” lies.

To experience wealth it’s necessary to think wealthy thoughts. To experience poverty, lack and limitation it’s necessary to think thoughts that harmonize with poverty, lack and limitation.

No more can an apple seed produce an orange tree than can what you “perceive” to be a positive create a negative and vice versa. By planting an apple seed you receive an apple tree…without fail. A focus on what you “perceive” to be bad or “negative” and would “rather NOT” experience is in essence planting and nurturing a seed that can and will produce a harvest just as you instruct and YOU WILL receive just that. The process of creation NEVER fails or wavers.

To begin experiencing “desired” results in your life it’s necessary to change the underlying subconscious “beliefs” which are without fail producing whatever physical results that you are experiencing. Creative visualization serves as the tool that will enable you to do that.

This is an “EXTREMELY” important distinction to make. To make certain that the visualization that you are engaging in is focused on the fulfillment of the desired outcome…is placed on the “positive”…what you “desire” to experience and NOT escaping from the “negative.”

Another important aspect of “conscious” creative visualization is to have a strong enough why. Why is it that you have this desire? What is it that you hope to accomplish and why? Who is it intended to benefit? What will their reaction be as you provide the benefit for them? How does that reaction make you “feel?”

There is NO limitation as to what you can visualize just as there is NO limitation as to what you can experience at the level of Cause. EVERY conceivable outcome already exists and is merely waiting to express itself in YOUR life based on YOUR choosing. There is NOTHING to big or too small. There is ZERO limitation.

What is it that you desire to experience?

How BIG can you think? How grand can you conceptualize and envision your life to be?

What is it that you have a sincere desire to experience?

Whatever it is…visualize that. Make it the grandest vision you could ever hold for yourself, understanding that there is no limitation, no judgment, no boundaries or borders…only possibility and potential of “Infinite” proportions.

Regardless of what you choose to visualize, always end with an expression of sincere and heartfelt gratitude for what you have received in your minds eye and you will see it with your physical eyes.

Aligning and harmonizing your creative visualization with your passions and your purpose will produce physical outcomes that are “perceived” by the masses as “miraculous” not only financially but in each and every aspect of your life.

You ARE a creator of the events, conditions and circumstances in your life, NOT a creature of circumstance. You DO have ability to draw from the Source…the Infinite Field Of Potential whatever can be conceived in mind…to create, in physical form whatever visions you might hold for yourself without limitation.

You ARE and HAVE BEEN creating those visions all along. If you don’t like the outcomes you are currently experiencing you merely need to become conscious of and change the vision which is and has been creating them. Correctly, consistently and “consciously” applying what you have been made “Aware” of will produce desired and “profound” results physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

It HAS to…It’s the Law.

Once you make the conscious choice to utilize creative visualization…to begin creating the “desired” events, conditions and circumstances in your “minds eye”, you’ll begin to see and experience with the “physical” eyes just how perfect and precise this “Law” is and the limitless power that has been provided to you to create in your physical reality outcomes limited only by your ability to conceive and believe them as possible for you.

A choice to engage in and consistently utilize creative visualization is a choice to change the entire course of your life consciously…purposefully…intentionally and effortlessly.

Choose it for yourself and you’ll experience the wonder of your “infinite” creative power physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.