Harmonizing The "Real You" With The "Physical You"

Harmonizing The Spiritual, Mental, And Emotional Aspects Of The "Real You" With The “Physical You” To Create “Miracles” In EVERY Aspect Of Your Life…Effortlessly

As you’ve discovered throughout the series, you are NOT your body. You ARE a spiritual being who inhabits a physical body enabling you to have physical experiences.

In other words the physical body is merely a tool…a vessel that the “real you” inhabits and utilizes to carry out physical functions in a physical world.

In order to carry out and fully experience physical life in the way that so many desire and have the ability as well as the potential to do, it’s necessary to develop this understanding and teach ourselves to harmonize this “Real Us” with the physical us, consciously, intentionally and purposefully, the result of which, when achieved, will unfold and be experienced as harmony and fulfillment in every aspect of our lives.

Where many become confused, fearful, anxious and disillusioned and as a result unbalanced in their physical lives, is simply due to placing too much focus or emphasis on the vessel you, the wants, needs and perceived lacks of the physical you which is the very reason the “temporary” fulfillment of these physical wants, needs and desires often require excessive effort, struggle or in far too many cases are never experienced at all and only serve to produce “mediocre” physical results at best which always leave you wanting and seeking something more.

To become enabled and empowered to fulfill these “desired” outcomes in the quickest and most efficient way possible and produce lasting results which provide fulfillment, it’s necessary to recognize and develop a deeper understanding…an expanded awareness of these two “seemingly separate” aspects of us…this spiritual you and this physical you…to begin to understand, differentiate and in a physical way, begin to consciously apply what is discovered through this deeper understanding which without fail will begin providing you with the “desired” physical experience which can be seemingly effortless to accomplish.

First we’ll touch on what we’ve already discovered which is that you…the real you that fuels the physical you is spirit or if you prefer…energy. Like everything that can be experienced in the physical world with the physical senses all things physical or seen are derived from and connected to the nonphysical or unseen. This unseen place is often referred to as the metaphysical or spiritual realm or as modern day science refers to it…”The Field.”

Within this Field exists every conceivable outcome or as science refers to it EVERYTHING already exists as a probability of existence. This unseen place can also be referred to as The Kingdom of God.

For the sake of simplification we’ll call this unseen place energy. If you prefer change that word to whatever suits your needs to correlate with The Source of your understanding. This unseen spiritual place cannot be experienced by the physical you with the 5 physical senses. As science explains it this unseen place is a vast and endless "field" of waves which correlate with thought, become particles and through the process of creation become your physical reality.

Now in the physical world…

In the same way, everything which exists in the physical world is too as science has discovered, when broken down and analyzed in it’s purest and most basic form is also energy.

This was initially discovered by a famous scientist who most everyone is familiar with or has at least heard of named Albert Einstein who discovered E=MC2, which basically states that EVERYTHING when broken down it's it's purest and most basic form is comprised of energy.

Most are familiar with the fact that everything consists of molecules which are merely microscopic vibrating masses of matter. Broken down and analyzed further it has been found that these molecules consist of even smaller forms of matter which are called atoms. Breaking these atoms down and analyzing them even further we discover that they consist of subatomic particles which exist as waves of energy which like in the unseen or spiritual realm, although it appears as solid with the physical senses is in reality nothing more than a continuously vibrating mass of energy…EVERYTHING.

At the physical level there are too some things that exist as unseen which are required for the survival of the “physical us” such as oxygen which is at it’s core, energy as well. Everything…quite literally EVERYTHING both the seen and unseen are energy. The physical experiences we each “perceive” through hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch as well as those things which are outside of our capability to experience with the physical body are energy

This unseen, spiritual place is merely a continuously vibrating mass of energy just as the things which can be seen and experienced in the physical world, what we “perceive” to be real or solid, when analyzed, studied and observed through powerful microscopes are merely vibrating energy packets which consists of various structures of atoms which consist of various structures of subatomic particles such as photons, leptons, electrons, quarks etc. which make up this stuff that we’re referring to as energy.

To provide a clear understanding here's a breakdown of how things seen are broken down and analyzed at the unseen or spiritual level and provides a better understanding of Einsteins discovery E=MC2.

Cosmos --> Universe --> Galaxy --> Earth --> Individuals --> Organ Systems --> Cells --> Molecules --> Atoms --> Subatomic Particles = Energy

It has also been discovered that this energy responds and is attracted to through the Law of Gravity energies that resonate frequencies or are harmonious with other energies which join and transmute from the unseen spiritual realm to create the physical events, conditions and circumstances in the seen physical world and is experienced by the “physical you.”.

In other words thoughts, feelings and emotions projected by you which are unseen project a wave frequency which attracts harmonious wave frequencies in the :field", join, transmute into particles and form to create your physical experience.

Ok enough about science…this is where it becomes exciting!!

When you begin to explore and look deeper than the physical world and the physical you, you begin to understand and realize that since EVERYTHING…both seen and unseen, although “perceived” by the physical you as solid, is nothing more than a continuously vibrating mass of energy which is attracted to energies of a harmonious frequency you can begin to consciously adjust the energy that YOU project through your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions to begin consciously, purposefully and intentionally experiencing in physical form the events, conditions and circumstances experienced by the physical you in each and every area of your life.

In other words these events, conditions and circumstances which begin as spiritual or unseen in nature can be consciously created or if you prefer co-created by you once you understand how.

Unfortunately, due to the majority choosing to remain “unaware” or “unconscious” of this crucial and potentially life transforming knowledge, many experience unnecessary struggle and far less than desired results.

When we experience this struggle or difficulty which reveals itself as the polar opposite of what it is that we “desire” to experience, whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually, what is happening is quite simply a disharmonious attraction or joining of this energy which is being projected from the “physical us” through our thoughts, beliefs and emotions and is drawing to us, what we perceive to be hardship or difficulty and creates these “undesirable” events, conditions and circumstances in our lives.

We ourselves create what it is that we claim that we do not want to create and experience by thinking about what we do not want which creates emotions which intensify the frequency and projects the very energy that attracts harmonious energy to it which creates the outcome which in this case is disharmonious outcomes resulting in hardship and struggle.

Regardless of how these physical experiences are “perceived” by this physical us, whether as “good” or “bad”, right or wrong etc., in reality there is no disharmony at all…only perceptions of disharmony which result from not fully understanding what is happening or how and why it is happening which only serves to confuse, creating additional frustration and fear which in turn causes us to engage in more of the same thought processes which attracted and created the event, condition or circumstance to begin with.

Rather than developing a deeper understanding as to how and why this struggle and “perceived” disharmony is being experienced, many have developed the habit of engaging in more physical “doingness” resulting in additional anxiety, fear, fatigue, and frustration which only serves to draw to us more of what we “perceive” to be additional disharmony which shows up in physical form as additional struggle creating even more anxiety, fear, fatigue and frustration..

In other words it is the thoughts and emotions that you are projecting which creates the frustration, fear and anxiety felt which is creating a vibrational resonance that can only attract additional energies that serve to create more of the “perceived” problems being experienced by the “physical” you.

These creations aren’t right or wrong…good or bad…it’s merely nature doing what it was intended to do…create. It’s only our perceptions which determine if what is being created is right or wrong, good or bad.

The reality is that creation is unfolding just as it was intended…perfectly…precisely…and with unwavering certainty.

This creation process is a never wavering or erring and perfectly constructed cycle that continually repeats itself and will continue to until the underlying cause is discovered and a “conscious choice” is made to change what is creating the outcome.

To provide a more “physical” example, if your lawn had patches of crabgrass and/or weeds you wouldn’t or couldn’t expect a completely healthy lawn until the crabgrass and weeds were properly dealt with and eliminated.

They only serve to choke out the healthy grass. As they grow and mature they produce additional seeds which fall off onto the soil, sprout, creating more of the same and as they mature produce additional seeds which grow and mature and choke out even more of the otherwise healthy grass. Left unattended, this cycle will continue producing still more weeds and crabgrass and choking out even more of the healthy or desired grass. The process unfolds perfectly and continues indefinitely until the cause is recognized and something is done to change it.

If you choose to ignore the process, at some point the healthy grass will no longer exist at all and your yard will be overrun and continue to reproduce a harvest of weeds and crabgrass.

Although initially you might not have the knowledge or understanding as to what to do about this “perceived” problem, unless you make the choice to develop that understanding and go down to Lowes to get the weed killer and apply it, your “perceived” problem will continue. Until you develop an awareness…a deeper understanding as to how to deal with and eliminate this “undesirable” process and make a "conscious choice" to deal with it and take action on it, the process will continue and multiply.

It’s not natures fault that the weeds and crabgrass are growing and multiplying. It’s simply doing what it was created and designed to do which is producing a harvest that harmonizes perfectly with the seeds it was provided.

It’s simply creation…it’s a continuous and never ending cycle. It unfolds perfectly and precisely just as it was designed. Although you might perceive the weeds or crabgrass to be “unpleasant” or a nuisance doesn’t change the fact that they’ll continue to grow.

The process of nature doesn’t differentiate between what you “want” or desire but rather only provides a harvest based on the kind and quality of the seeds it is given to work with. It is simply doing what it was designed to do without analyzing or judging what is being created which is the harvest being experienced in your life…the inevitable outcome.

Creation is always perfect, precise. It never rests and never misses in producing a harvest.

You, being a part of nature at both the spiritual and physical levels, create a harvest in precisely the same way. The only difference being is that the spiritual realm…this unseen place serves as your yard or “The Field” and the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that you choose serve as the seeds. If you plant thoughts, and feelings of anxiety, fear, lack and limitation, nature just simply follows your instruction and provides you with a harvest determined only by the kind and quality of the seeds planted.

Not wanting something, although “perceived” by you as an expression of "asking" for a "desired" outcome isn’t perceived that way by nature. Nature doesn’t “perceive” or judge but only produces. Your thoughts of not wanting are in essence planting seeds that resonate or vibrate as a frequency that harmonizes with the thing NOT wanted which is precisely what will be created and what you will receive. NOT wanting something is in essence placing focus or attention on the thing NOT wanted which represents the planting a seed which will produce the thing NOT wanted.

Nature is ALWAYS abundant in what is produced. At the level of creation, Abundance is all there is…it’s all nature knows. If you choose to focus on fear, doubt, worry, lack and limitation it will produce and you will receive an abundance of what you fear dobt and worry about producing an abundance of lack and limitation.

Now let’s bring it more in the physical world and see how the process works in your physical body…more specifically at the level of mind or consciousness.

In relation to you, both the physical and spiritual aspects of you, the conscious mind which although unseen is the aspect of mind which relates to what is physical in nature. It depends on the “physical senses to analyze, process and determine how it will “perceive” outcomes and physical experiences that the “physical you” experiences.

Being physical in nature, it represents the planter of the seeds and determines which seeds through it’s own choosing will be planted. These choices determine which seeds will be planted at the subconscious level which is spiritual in nature and which serves as the communication device with the spiritual realm or “The Field” which determines without fail what harvest you willreceive…perfectly…precisely…EVERYTIME without fail and with unwavering certainty.

Struggle and hardship in life…the lack of “desired” outcomes are merely a harvest received due to the choices made and perceptions formed at the conscious level. Struggle and hardship are the harvest received based on the seeds planted. It’s the result of this very same, unfailing and unwavering process as the weed and crabgrass analogy earlier.

Often times due to this struggle, which is only experienced as a result of placing too much focus on the “undesired” outcome causes most to engage in additional physical “doingness” that they “perceive” to be necessary to fix the “problem”, not understanding that there is a deeper cause…an underlying seed which created it initially.

As a result of this additional “doingness” and as a result of the time limitations created, they choose to give little or no attention at all to develop an understanding of the “true” underlying cause which is the unseen or spiritual process, and conclusions are drawn that these dreams and desires held are merely fantasies and outside of our capability. As a result of that “established belief”…that "perception" of reality, that is precisely how life unfolds.

We begin to believe that there is just too much “doingness” to be done to enable us to give any time to the “internal work” which is the very thing that would enable us to experience these “desired” outcomes. Our physical reasoning kicks in…our “perceptions” with regard to what’s “logical” or “possible” which we have developed “beliefs” about which are only established due to a limited understanding…a lack of awareness…usually due to traditionally established “false” beliefs regarding what’s necessary to experience “success” in life, which makes this reasoning “appear” logical as the majority would define it.

What is widely “perceived” to be success in the physical world isn’t really success at all. It’s only based on monetary status in most cases. Success…”Real Success”…what I like to refer to as “Real Wealth is experienced by developing a harmonious balance physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

This harmony isn’t created at the level of physical doingness, but rather by discovering and understanding where all physical experiences are derived from and harmonizing the mental and emotional aspects with the physical actions of the “physical” you that will create and produce “Real Wealth” and success.

This is how and why desired outcomes for many turn into wrongly established “perceptions” that what we “truly desire” to experience are nothing more than far fetched dreams and wishful thinking.

They’re NOT. It is just a choice on your part to ignore the spiritual aspects of the “Real You” and place ALL or most of the focus on the “physical” you…fulfilling the physical needs which are “perceived” to be essential by the “physical you.” In other words most plan their spirituality around their life, rather than planning their life around their spirituality.

The spirituality I’m talking about here has nothing to do with man made religion, although for some that might be a “starting point” for discovering “Higher Truth” but engaging in man made religions is NOT necessary.

My personal experience with man made religion, although it did serve to provide me with a path to discovering more about the most enlightened spiritual masters of the past and their teachings, my personal experience has been that man often misconstrues what was being taught which only serves to instill fear, shame and guilt which can only produce outcomes that harmonize with that way of thinking. As I've discovered fear, shame and guilt are merely seeds which can only produce a harvest based on the kind and quality of the seed planted.

For me man made religion implies and creates a separation of the people of the world based on speculation of which religion is “The Right One.” As I have discovered there is ONLY one people, One Source and the intent of the spiritual masters of the past was to create unity and harmony, NOT instill fear, guilt, judgment and as a result separation.

My study of the various spiritual texts makes it very clear that Love and fear cannot co-exist. That judgment should NOT exist. That guilt should NOT exist. That separation should NOT exist if you “truly” expect to experience abundance in your life.

You being an integral part of the whole cannot be separate from the whole.

Ok back to the fulfillment of dreams and desires in the physical world and how to harmonize the “Real You” with the physical you to create and experience “Real Wealth” in your life.

Often times dreams and desires held are often “believed” to be merely fantasies…wishful thinking if you will by many who have them. It’s often said…”Well, back to the “Real World” fully believing that the “real world” is the physical world. It IS NOT. The physical world as we’ve discovered is merely an effect of and drawn from the “Real World” which is not only spiritual but “Infinite” in nature.

The desire to fulfill these dreams and desires held by the physical you are a nudging, a form of direction and guidance which is being communicated by the real you and are seeking expression in physical form…intended to be carried out, created, fulfilled and experienced by the physical you.

A choice to tap into and communicate with this “Real You” is a choice that will lead you to fulfilling any and every dream and desire you can possibly conceive. At this level, the level of creation, there is no fantasy, far fetched dream, or wishful thinking. There is NO limitation. It’s only your perception of such…your beliefs, which creates your “physical” experience, whether limitation or outcomes of "infinite" proportion just as you “believe” it will.

Expand your belief as to what’s possible and it will become not only possible but you will experience it.

Although there are various aspects or levels which the “Real You” utilizes to initiate and carry out this creative process…physical aspects and spiritual aspects…to experience this fulfillment of dreams and desires, they’re not difficult to understand, nor is the process as to how it works once you have someone to show you.

In fact it is simplicity in itself.

That’s what this portion of The Key To Effortless Creation will do. Assist you in understanding how to begin to “consciously” harmonize the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of you to begin consciously, purposefully and intentionally creating “desired” physical results…simply and seemingly effortlessly.

Yes it does take some physical action. But rather than physical action that you dislike or find unfulfilling the physical action required will be pleasing, fulfilling and as a result will seem effortless. In addition this physical action will require that whatever it is that you act on, must provide value and contribute to others. Intention is an important aspect of creation as we’ll cover in another segment.

Those who have developed the depth of understanding as to what these physical actions should consist of and make the choice to apply them to attain “real wealth” and harmony in their lives understand the necessity of contributing to others…put another way, to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This is not just some religious law as many perceive but rather a “Universal Truth” an important key to experiencing the kind and quality of life that so many desire but so few enjoy.

Contributing to others when looked at from a deeper perspective is one of the most fundamental Laws of Nature. In order to “receive” you MUST give. One of the simplest ways to observe and see this process of giving and receiving in action is through the simple observation of nature.

To “receive” a harvest, what must you first do? Plant a seed correct? It’s precisely the same in your life. In order to receive your harvest you must first plant the seeds that harmonize with the kind and quality of harvest that you have a desire to reap.

This giving doesn’t have to be money as many perceive although it can be depending on your individual “perceptions” and beliefs. Many think that giving money will return money only because they are unaware of what money “truly” is which is simply energy…like EVERYTHING else that is exchanged for something of value.

To receive more love you give more love…you project love, kindness and goodness to others. To receive more money you provide more value to others…you contribute to them and provide something that serves to enhance their life in some way. To receive and experience good health you do those things that harmonize with good health…eating the proper foods…exercise.

These are the obvious physical actions that determine what will be experienced in physical form. They represent the seed from a physical perspective which determines the outcomes experienced,,,the physical harvest.

Although this is true, the “real seed” the first stage in the creative process begins at the unseen or spiritual level. Physical things given and physical things received as a result of that giving is the second stage of creation. It ALL begins at the unseen or spiritual level and begins with “consciousness.” Consciousness is the creative seed.

Now let’s delve a bit deeper into what drives and determines this process…the underlying cause which determines what and how choices are made which determines the physical actions the physical body engages in. This explanation will serve to show you in a clear way the importance of what you choose to feed your mind which as you’ll soon understand determines what will be experienced in the various areas of your life.

As we’ve discovered there are 2 aspects of mind which the “physical you” has control over…the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind which is the masculine, left brained aspect of mind serves as the processor of the physical data provided to it as well as serves as the gatekeeper to the subconscious. It determines what is fed to and stored within the subconscious through its “logical” and “rational” thinking processes. The conscious mind is the aspect of mind that depends on and processes the data received in the physical world, which most “perceive” to be reality, through the 5 physical senses of sight, touch, sound, smell and taste and determines through your individual choices and “perceptions” what it gives meaning to. In other words it determines what is good or bad, right or wrong etc. The outcome of this “rational” thinking process is stored in the storehouse of memory which is the subconscious aspect of mind.

The subconscious aspect of mind serving as the recording device for the conscious mind accepting without any judgment or rationale whatever data the conscious mind gives to it simply stores what it is provided. The subconscious is the right brained, feminine aspect of mind which also serves as the gatekeeper to the unseen, spiritual or metaphysical realm. Unlike the conscious mind which depends entirely on physical data received for its information…the events, conditions and circumstances experienced in your life…the subconscious immediately accepts and stores the data received from the conscious mind and immediately communicates that data through a projected frequency with the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual realm based on the data that it’s provided.

This projected frequency sent out by the subconscious mind serves as the communication device which in essence is asking for a specific thing based on the data it has received which it projects and draws from and attracts to itself additional frequencies or energy that harmonize with it, activating The Law of Attraction and through the Law of Growth causing additional energy frequencies to gravitate toward, join and combine, which transmutes these energy frequencies from the unseen or spiritual to the seen or physical determining without fail what will be made physical and experienced in the various areas of your life.

The subconscious aspect of mind doesn’t understand or comprehend positives or negatives. There is no understanding of polarity at the subconscious level of mind just as there is no polarity at the spiritual level. It only serves to store and communicate the data received from the conscious aspect of mind and draws from the unseen precisely what the conscious aspect of mind instructs it to ask for.

For example if you express such things as “I don’t want to be broke” the subconscious unable to discern or judge between what’s positive or negative, only understands the frequency provided to it which a statement or thought of “I don’t want to be broke” is placing focus and attention on being broke which it communicates precisely in that way with the unseen which creates your physical “reality” of being broke just as you asked.

Taking it another step the word “want” which from a physical perspective implies “not having” or the “lack of” is taken literally by the subconscious and communicated to the unseen in precisely that way and as a result more “Want” is received in physical form.

Think for a moment about wanting something or "having" something. That "feels much different doesn't it? Projected frequencies are determined by feeling.

The point being that whatever the conscious mind feeds to the subconscious is taken and stored as literal and “true” and then communicated at this unseen, metaphysical or spiritual level the result of which will be experienced in your life without fail.

Which brings us to the next point…

What are you “allowing” the subconscious mind to communicate? Are you feeding it with hours of data about what’s wrong in the world? Do you immerse yourself in the evening and morning news or allow the chaos that is portrayed in the daily newspaper to become your subconsciously recorded reality? Do you surround yourself with those who see what’s right and good in the world or do you choose to engage in relationships that place focus on lack and limitation?

Do you feed your mind with data that empowers and strengthens you or choose other data that serves to weaken and deplete you?

These are important questions that you must ask yourself. In the same way that the physical things you do such as eat and drink determines your physical health, the data that you allow to enter into your mind, whether you are conscious of it or not or willing to admit or “believe” it or not is determining what you have, are and will continue to experience in your physical world.

The subconscious doesn't care what you choose but only delivers what you choose without fail.

Many choose to remain unaware that anything that is taken in will and must produce itself in physical form. Thinking that the negativity of the news or violence or anything that diminishes your power doesn’t affect you is merely choosing to ignore reality…the “real reality” because IT DOES and will affect your outcomes whether you choose to admit it or not.

No more than you would expect to be able to drink a bottle of poison and expect the physical body to remain healthy can you expect to allow yourself to absorb “poisonous” data that is disharmonious with your desired physical outcomes and expect them to show up in your life. A well known cliché is “Garbage in…garbage out.” If garbage and negativity is your choice that is precisely what the subconscious will accept and communicate and as a result what you will create and experience in your life.

There is no right or wrong in this. You get to choose. You have been provided the inalienable right of free will to think, speak and act any way that you choose. Becoming consciously aware of what you are choosing and changing those choices that you find are disharmonious with your desired outcomes, creating the less than desired conditions being experienced in your life will provide you with a quality of life that far too few experience or even understand and “believe” is possible for them.

There is no limitation as to what you can be, do and have in your life with the exception of what you choose to be, do and have.

You are now world’s ahead of the mass majority. You have the basic understanding that will serve to be an indestructible and unshakable foundation of The Key To Effortless Creation should you choose to apply it.

You only need to learn to consciously harmonize the seen…the “physical you” with the unseen…the “Real you” which is in essence harmonizing the physical with the spiritual, carefully discerning and “consciously choosing” what you allow into the creative aspect of mind which without fail will enable and empower you to begin experiencing a life uncommon.

That bit of awareness provides you with yet another powerful step in The Key To Effortless Creation and if chosen consciously, purposefully and intentionally will serve to bring you desired results for the rest of your life which will unfold as EVERYTHING does…perfectly…without fail…effortlessly.

The Key To Effortless Creation is all about awakening, enabling and empowering you to become “conscious of” the creative process with regard to creating “Real Wealth” in your life as well as enable you to experience the kind and quality of life that you desire to experience.

Harmonizing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of you will provide a harmony uncommon in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life and enable you to know first hand what it is to experience “Real Wealth” wholeness and fulfillment in your life which is all to uncommon in the physical world.

Here is a simplified step by step breakdown based on my “perception” of how the creation process unfolds in your “physical world” that will assist you in understanding how the physical and spiritual harmonize and work in perfect harmony to create your “physical” outcomes.

God – Universal Consciousness – The Field

Your Individual Consciousness – The “spiritual” you or the “Real You” which is a part of “The Whole”

Your Subconscious Mind – The receiver and storage house of “perceptions” and communicator and gateway to the spiritual

Your Conscious Mind – Analyzes physical data and forms beliefs, judgments and perceptions from physical experience.

Your Thoughts - The various “unseen” seed choices you have to choose from

Your Physical Brain – The tool which fuels the “physical body”

Your Words, deeds and actions – The “physical” seeds or fertilizer which you choose

Determining Your “Physical” experience or result.

Which based on your initial “perceptions and beliefs” concerning these physical experiences, outcomes or effects, starts the entire creative process over again.

Your Physical Brain – initiates an electrochemical process

Igniting Thoughts – Based on dendrites formed in the brain

Conscious Mind – Analyzes data and transfers to the..

Subconscious Mind - communicating to the “Real You” which is…

Individual Consciousness which draws from…

Universal Consciousness – God, energy, The Field

It ALL begins and ends with “Consciousness.” It is the never failing or wavering process of creation unfolding perfectly, precisely and without fail and the REAL beauty of it all is that YOU get to choose.

Choose consciously…remain aware…take action…Go forth and prosper...It's your birthright.

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