The Truth About Money

Contrary To What Many Believe About The Attainment Of Money...Money Is Merely Energy And Can Be Attracted Or Deflected...It's Up To You

In this chapter we'll be covering an extremely popular yet all too often misunderstood topic…money.

How is it that money could possibly be misunderstood?

In many ways which is precisely why only a small minority have sufficient amounts of it which enable them to experience a kind and quality of life that the mass majority have a desire to experience yet "believe" to be outside of their capability.

Like all physical results in your life there are two aspects or levels of creation with regard to money that must be consciously and intentionally harmonized to begin experiencing the outcome that most desire with regard to money which is gaining access to and possessing more of it

These aspects or levels are the necessary physical actions taken which enable you to acquire money and the most crucial yet most overlooked and misunderstood aspect is the unseen aspect which is determined by the "mindset" you have with regard to and surrounding money.

From the physical perspective…

I learned some time ago that money is received based on the amount of value you provide. The more value provided and projected outward, the more that will be reflected back to you. Like everything else in life, It's all about flow.

It's not specifically what you do in your occupation that determines the amount of money available to you but rather the way you perform the work you do. In other words it's not what you do but how you do it that makes all the difference and determines the amount of money you'll acquire.

There are people who have chosen a shoe shine business as their occupation who far exceed the annual income of those who engage in careers that are "perceived" as having far more potential to amass financial wealth.

Although granted they may do things a bit differently and with far more enthusiasm than the "average" shoe shine man, it's how they engage in their chosen craft which makes all the difference.

It's the same with anyone. How you do what you do is the determining factor as to how much you'll receive back.

In order to receive, you must give. To reap a harvest you must first plant the seeds that will produce the crop. The kind and quality of the seeds will determine the kind and quality of the harvest.

I've also discovered through the years that the focus shouldn't be placed on money. You place your focus on serving people and the energy projected will return what it is that you have a desire to experience. It's all about providing value and benefit to people. Many in the world have the attitude that they must use people to make money. While this can and does produce some temporary results, I can tell you from years of trial and error and personal experiences far too many to list here, that this attitude will provide VERY limited and short term results. Finite results, that at some point will only serve to create problems in other areas of your life.

The correct way to attain wealth, real and lasting wealth is to love people and use money….NOT use people and love money.

When you begin to grasp and understand that the opposite is necessary to achieve "real and lasting wealth" to love people and use money, and begin to apply this principle, you will begin to attract money to you…effortlessly.

Let's take a deeper look as to why this is so…

It's important to understand what money "truly" is. Money isn't what many "perceive" it to be. Money, like EVERYTHING else in the Universe is simply energy. What we've discovered concerning the Law of Vibration is that ALL things in the world, in the entire cosmos for that matter, is nothing but a vibrating mass of energy that is attracted to you based on the kind and quality of energy that you are projecting through your resonance.

Your energy projected, is the seed which determines the harvest reaped as a result. This is equally as true when it comes to money.

Actions taken with the underlying intention of using people to make money resonates and projects a much different vibrational resonance than Loving people and using money much in the same way as love produces a varying resonance and outcome than does hate.

These outcomes aren't based on judgments as many believe but rather based on the resonance or vibrational projection that you choose.

Everyone has the same amount of money available to them. One person doesn't have any greater or less access to money than anyone else. What some people possess is a different belief concerning the attraction of money which projects a specific vibrational resonance providing them with a greater ability to attract money. It is only due to a series of thoughts projected which are intensified by the emotion experienced and expressed as a result of them.

These predominant thoughts and emotions are determined by the underlying beliefs surrounding money that determines the difference between those who seem to effortlessly attract money and others who seem to repel and continually desire without success, the attainment of money.

What determines this access? Belief. It's your beliefs surrounding and about money which determine how much money you will have or not have. If you believe that money is hard to come by, that you must work hard for money, that money doesn't grow on trees or any of the other all too common established beliefs surrounding money, your thoughts and the emotions experienced as a result of them resonate and attract additional energy that resonates and is harmoniously aligned and that is EXACTLY what you will experience. Precisely what you will experience.

If you are continually affirming that you are broke, that you can't afford something you are in essence asking to be broke and NOT being able to afford something. I don't care how long or hard you work, until the mindset changes which serves as the underlying cause for every experience in your life, you WILL remain broke or at best be unable to remain in a state of monetary harmony which will only serve to solidify your belief that money is difficult to come by which will show up in precisely that way in your life.

Everything in your life including money is the result of your quality of consciousness. What you believe you will receive you WILL receive.

Consciousness is the limitless storehouse….The Infinite Field of potentiality that already contains EVERY conceivable outcome and your thoughts, more specifically the thoughts that you give energy to which determine and ignite your emotions, are the projection device and the determining factor as to what you will receive.

Your emotions are intensified thought that project a resonance, a specific vibratory output, and what you attract and receive as a result is 100% of the time harmonious, unfolds and is created perfectly based on that resonance.

Why do you suppose that so many people have a shortage of money? Because most have bought into the "Lie" that you must work hard and/or do whatever it takes to acquire money…..EVEN if you don't like it.

If you find yourself "doing" something that you dislike…that you "think" you must do to acquire the money required to fulfill your obligations, how does that make you "feel?"

The key to attracting money, a lot of money, if that is a desire that you hold for yourself, is finding your passion and doing what you love, WHATEVER that might be.

Think about this for a moment….If you wake up in the morning with feelings of dread or apathy about what you "believe" you must do to go make some money, what do you suppose you're resonating?

By the same token, if you wake up excited and thinking about what you GET to do today, excited about and loving whatever it is you do, what do you suppose you're going to resonate? A MUCH different energy. Everything is about energy!! EVERYTHING!!

Whether it's money, whether it's your health, whether it's your relationships, EVERYTHING is happening perfectly and precisely based on the kind and quality of energy that you are resonating and projecting which is determining what you are experiencing in your life. The easiest way to determine what it is that you are resonating and projecting with regard to money is paying close attention to your body and becoming conscious of how you "feel" in areas that pertain to money.

If you "feel" dread or apprehension about your occupation, you are in essence projecting an energy…planting seeds in the Infinite Field Of Potential…that can only "attract" to you and produce a harvest, the same in kind and quality as the seeds planted.

Dreading what it is that you do to earn money produces a certain and specific outcome just as "Loving" what you do produces an outcome. Although an outcome is certain, which outcome is only dependent on you. It's all about "cause and effect", sowing and reaping, or whatever you might personally choose to refer to it as. Each and every cause produces an effect…an outcome…a harvest 100% of the time based on YOUR individual choices.

This cause although all too often unnoticed and unrecognized due to a lack of a deeper understanding happens as a result of consciousness. The kind and quality of consciousness that you have the ability as well as the right to change should you find that you are experiencing less than desired results.

Many…most in fact have fears with regard to money that they aren't consciously aware of which is precisely why only a very small minority have the amounts of money to do what it is that they like to do when they desire to do it.

Ask yourself…what beliefs do you hold concerning money? How do you feel about what it is that you do to make money? Does the thought of spending money make you uncomfortable and uneasy? D you dread the monthly bills as they come in afraid that you may not have money enough to pay them? What fears do you have surrounding money?

The answer to that question will provide the answer you need to make the necessary adjustments enabling and empowering you to begin attracting far more money than you ever previously "believed" was possible….certainly and effortlessly.