Universal Laws

The Governing Laws Of Creation And EVERY Aspect Of Your Life Physically, Financially, Relationally, Emotionally And Spiritually

The governing laws of creation, what we'll be referring to as Universal Laws or Laws Of Nature are an extremely essential part of awareness that must be grasped and understood to begin consciously, intentionally and purposefully creating desired outcomes in life.

Once understood, Universal Laws can be used "consciously and intentionally" providing results limited only by an individuals ability to conceive any outcome as possible or attainable, or as so many do, "Unconsciously" and "unintentionally" without the awareness that these laws are, have been and will continue creating whatever events, conditions and circumstances they're experiencing although "unintentionally" fully believing themselves to be creatures or "victims" of circumstance and "perceiving" that the various outcomes in life are unfolding based only on random chance or luck.

Although this “perceived” disharmony exists and shows up in the various areas of life, whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually, this disharmony or "perceived" chaos only exists in the minds of men which is due to an unawareness of how to “consciously” harmonize and align with these Laws which, just as they can and do provide what is often perceived as disharmony and discord, just as certainly create desired outcomes.

The process of creation, more specifically these governing laws which determine creation, what I personally like to refer to as "The Perfect Plan" are ALWAYS in operation and creating something every mili-second of every minute of every day.

Creation NEVER rests or wavers in it's operation and continually creates with absolute perfection in just the way that it was designed to create.

These Universal Laws are the Laws which oversee, govern and allow the process of creation to continually unfold and determine with unwavering certainty what will be created.

Unlike laws that you might think of in civilizations on earth, Universal Laws cannot be broken or violated. In the same way they cannot be changed, manipulated or escaped from.

Universal Laws sustain the entire cosmos. They operate in the unseen, spiritual or metaphysical realm also referred to as the realm of the absolute as well in physical form where relativity exists.

Universal Laws never rest…never waver. They are immutable, unwavering and non discriminatory in their operation. They are omniscient, ever present and govern every aspect of creation ranging from what we understand to be the microscopic to the macroscopic and far beyond into infinity.

Put in simple terms they govern absolutely every event, condition or circumstance in the physical as well as the metaphysical or spiritual realm. There is no creation seen or unseen which happens outside of their existence. Without them nothing could continue to exist. It is because of them that creation is made possible. Without them the process of creation wouldn’t or couldn’t exist at all.

Just as if the Law of Gravity were to cease in it’s operation for a single minute, total havoc and chaos would be experienced on earth, without these Universal Principles operating continually and flawlessly every second of every day, the world as we know it would be chaotic as well.

Although Universal Laws cannot be tampered with or their governing power escaped from, they can be harmonized with once you become aware of them and begin to understand their operation.

In reality, you can’t be out of harmony with Universal Law, they are always creating an outcome perfectly and flawlessly. You can though, through misunderstanding or choosing to remain unaware of them experience events, conditions and circumstances in life that are out of harmony with the creation of “desired” outcomes creating "perceptions" that there is no order in the world.

Just as Gravity or electricity can be used "consciously" and purposefully to create desired outcomes, they can also be misused resulting in "undesirable outcomes" being experienced creating "perceptions" of disharmony and discord in your physical world.

In order to safely work with electricity, you must know what to do and not to do to utilize it in a way that produces the desired result and keeps you from being harmed by it.

The same holds true with the Universal Laws we'll be covering here.

Before we get into what these laws are individually, it’s essential that we understand what is it that these Laws govern. What is it that these laws oversee which determines what is created?

Energy. As the famous scientist Albert Einstein discovered which he revealed to the world through the equation E=mc2, everything that exists at its core is able to exist as the result of energy.

There is nothing whether seen or unseen that could exist without energy. Thoughts are energy…emotions are energy…colors are energy…your house is energy…your car is energy…oxygen is energy…sounds are energy…EVERYTHING both seen and unseen at its core, in it’s purest and most basic form is a vibrating mass of atoms which are made up of subatomic particles such as photons, electrons, neutrons, quarks which constitute energy.

Although the physical things in your environment appear as solid to you, when analyzed under powerful microscopes they can be seen for what they truly are which is vibrating packets of energy which form collectively with additional energies to give physical things the “appearance” of solidity.

It’s due to these projected energy frequencies combined with an awareness of the Laws which govern it, that makes it possible to see images on your TV screen or to hear music coming from the radio. It’s what makes it possible to talk and hear on your cell phone. It’s energy that enables you to switch on the light switch and have light in your home.

These conveniences are made possible as a result of man “consciously” harmonizing with and harnessing the energy which everything is made of.

Although these conveniences are beneficial in our day to day lives, “unconscious” or irresponsible use of them can also provide the opposite effect. If you stick a butter knife into a wall socket or lay your hand on top of a bright red heating element on your stove you can and will experience this disharmony first hand.

There are numerous types of energy such as atomic energy, heat energy, mechanical energy, magnetic energy, thought energy etc. etc., but at their core ALL of these various forms of energy are intricately interconnected.

Energy that fuels your car and energy that provides electricity to your home, although appearing as different forms of energy, at it’s core is only varying structures of subatomic particles which determine the frequency of the energy.

The bottom line is that EVERYTHING, including the physical you is a vibrating mass of energy.

The fact that everything is energy is the “Supreme Law” and the following laws are what governs and determines what is created as a result of this energy.

Through developing an awarenss of them and learning to “consciously” harmonize your thought, words and deeds with them is an essential aspect of discovering and beginning to “consciously utilize” The Key To Effortless Creation.

These Universal Laws will set the foundational understanding with regard to what we’ll be exploring and expanding on throughout the remainder of The Key To Effortless Creation and through that understanding will provide you with profound insight and understanding as to how you can begin to consciously, purposefully and intentionally harmonize your thoughts, words and actions with them to begin creating and experiencing what the mass majority would “perceive” to be miraculous outcomes in every area of your life.

The Law Of Resonance or Vibration

The Law of Resonance, which can also be referred to as The Law of Vibration, is the law that governs the vibratory output or frequency of energy. The Law of Resonance states that energy which makes up all things seen and unseen vibrates at or emits a specific frequency. Thoughts emit this frequency. Emotions attached to those thoughts intensify the frequency. At this level of creation there is not yet anything other than a frequency or resonance. Everything just is. It ALL exists in the form of energy…waves…existing at a level that is undetectable with the 5 physical senses. At this wave level, this level of frequency, everything exists only as a “probability” of existence. Anything and everything that was, is, or will be at some point in the future exists in this wave form, a field of resonating energy and emits this frequency or vibratory output.

The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the Law that governs the Law of Resonance and determines what frequencies of energy are attracted to each other. This attraction is determined by the specific resonance that the energy emits or the frequency that it vibrates at in this “field” of infinite probability. The Law of Attraction makes no distinctions or judgments as to what is drawn from this field, but rather only draws additional frequencies from the “field” where every potential outcome already exists and draws additional energies that harmonize with the projected or outgoing frequency to create an outcome.

The Law Of Polarity

The Law of Polarity is the Law which determines the physical experience that is created and made physical due to the attraction and joining together of specific energy frequencies and transmutes into what we “perceive” to be physical reality. The Law of Polarity is the law which ensures that polar opposites exist. For there to be male there must be female…for there to be good there must also exist bad…for there to be fear there must also exist love…for there to be up there must be a down. The Law of Polarity is the law which enables us to fully experience ourselves.

Without polarity it would be impossible to fully experience life

The Law Of Relativity

The Law of Relativity which is often confused with the Law of Polarity states that everything is relative to something else.

To best understand the Law of Relativity think of where you are in your life right now, lets say in the area of finances. Do you consider yourself as making a lot of money or a little money? What is it that enables you to arrive at that conclusion? If you make $50,000.00 per year you may consider that to be miniscule in comparison to someone who makes a million dollars per year. By the same token someone who makes a thousand dollars a year might consider you to be wealthy.

The point being is that you wouldn’t be able to determine if what you make is a large or small amount unless you had something to compare it to.

Everything, whether financially or otherwise is relative to everything else. What you consider to be large or small, rich or poor, acceptable or non acceptable individually is determined only by your existing perceptions which have been formed based on past experiences. In reality non of it has any meaning other than the meaning that you attach to it. Everything just is. The only thing that determines what it is for you, is based on your perception concerning it.

The physical world can be considered to be a relative world, where at the level of the Supreme Law which is that everything exists as merely energy which can be thought of as the level of the absolute.

The Law Of Cause And Effect

The Law Of Cause and Effect is the law that states that for every cause there must be an effect and for every effect there must exist a cause. This is also referred to as Karma in some societies.

For example if you plant a seed there must be a harvest produced that is equivilent to the seed which in this case serves as the cause of the harvest. You can’t expect to receive an outcome that is different than the cause which created it.

Say for example you have a desire to amass financial wealth but you choose to just sit around all day doing nothing. Although you will receive something, it won’t be financial wealth unless you produce a cause which creates it. If you choose to sit around and meditate all day, although you may experience a form of “spiritual wealth” and enlightenment and actually can receive insights and ideas to become wealthy, unless and until you initiate those ideas through action, financial wealth will elude you.

In the case of nature, if you plant an apple seed you can expect an apple tree, but planting an apple seed with the expectation of receiving an orange tree is nothing more that wishful thinking. The effects in your life will always harmonize with the cause which created them.

The Law Of Growth

The Law Of Growth is the law which states that growth is constant, never rests and that something is always in the process of expanding…of being created anew. The Law of Growth can be easily observed through the unending and ever unfolding process of nature. As an example consider your lawn. Each season the grass becomes dormant and in the spring returns fresh and green.

It can be understood through studying the human physiology and discovering that your body is actually rebuilding itself every few years replacing old cells with new ones.

The cells which make up your body are always reproducing and recreating you.

Looking at the Law Of Growth on a macroscopic level you’ll find that stars are continually being created. The orbiting planets are continually evolving, new Universes are always being created. In fact the Hubble Telescope recently return photos which show that energy is being continually expanding outward and creating more space.

The Law Of Growth is the law that ensures there will always be something more created.

The Law Of Gender

The Law of Gender is the law that states for anything to exist there must exist male and female or masculine and feminine.

This law goes deeper than what many might perceive as in the difference between man and woman although that is an aspect of the Law of Gender. We as humans have both masculine and feminine aspects which enables us to be whole.

Although it is necessary to have male and female to give birth and create life there is more to the Law of Gender.

As an example we each have a brain that consists of left brain (masculine) and right brain (feminine) which combined provides the “whole brain” enabling us to survive and function in a whole sense. Another way that the law of Gender can be understood is by us giving (masculine) we are enabled to receive which is feminine in nature.

If you plant a seed in the ground which is an action that is masculine in nature, a harvest or birth will be received as a result which can be considered as feminine in nature.

We are whether we exist as male or female continually fulfilling the law of gender.

When we engage in a conversation with someone for example we are at one moment exercising the masculine aspect of the law of gender and when listening to whoever we are in conversation with exercising the feminine aspect of the Law of Gender.

The Law Of Gender is simply an inner harmony that ensures that we as individuals are enabled to create.

The Law Of Transmutation

The Law Of Transmutation is the law that ensures that energy is transformed from one form to another. Energy which is essentially a vibrating mass is never stagnant or still and continually taking new form.

In the same way energy can never be created or destroyed, but it does transmute from one form to another. This transmutation is made possible and best explained by becoming aware of the Law Of Transmutation

As an example we can look at water to provide a good example of this transmutation in physical form.

When looking at water in frozen form, what we know as an ice cube, although it is merely frozen water, it is water nonetheless. When placed in an environment of less than 32 degrees the water transforms from a liquid to a solid. In this frozen form although at its core it is still energy, it is a transmuted form of energy. If you set the ice cube out in room temperature it turns back into liquid. If you take this water and place it in a pan, set it on the stove and heat it to boiling it turns into steam which is the same water experiencing another transmutation. As the steam rises and evaporates it turns into an unseen form of energy which is humidity and eventually transmutes from humidity into ether.

Although it may “appear” with the naked eye that the water is non existent, the energy which makes up the water is still present, only in a form that is not observable or can be sensed with the physical senses.

Another physical example of The Law Of Transmutation can be easily understood through the meals you eat each day. The foods you eat which like everything else at their core consist of pure energy as well.

When you digest these foods the energy is transmuted into another form which nourishes and enables your body to operate and function.

In the same way, The Law Of Transmutation working intricately and in harmony with the other creative Laws transmutes your thought energy into physical form. Just like the water which joins collectively with other energies that harmonize with it forming rain clouds your consistent and predominant thought processes also join with additional energies that harmonize with it and transmute from this “unseen” energy level into the events, conditions and circumstances which make up the various areas of your life.