Are You "Truly Ready" To Create A Wholesome and Stress Free Lifestyle?

"IF You Are SERIOUS..."Truly SERIOUS" About Tripling Your Income in the next 12-18 months utilizing Explosive Emerging Trends on the Internet..."

I will train, mentor, coach and guide you in becoming a 6 figure income earner in my program...and NO this is NOT MLM

It is Simple : It is Affordable : It is Real

"Do You Have What It Takes to Recognize, Evaluate, Choose
and Succeed In a Proven Home Based Business Of Your Own?"

From the desk of Chuck Danes

Allow me to start out by asking you a question...

How could someone with absolutely ZERO internet marketing experience and barely the knowledge of how to operate even the most basic functions on a computer rise to achieve being in the top 1/4 of 1 percent of ALL the websites in the world?

Just a few years ago, you would have never guessed that was even possible. In fact to be quite honest, at the time even I wasn't absolutely certain that it was possible. And perhaps according to what most "perceive" to be possible for themselves, it was impossible. I am. I get up each and every morning doing what I am EXTREMELY passionate about and LOVE to do. I'm blessed beyond description to be able to contribute to others on a world wide scale while at the same time creating a healthy, wholesome and fulfilling lifestyle for myself and those I love.

What could that possibly have to do with you? PLENTY.

If you're like most, you "perceive" that creating success for yourself and being able to "work" in a field that you love and are passionate about is nothing more than "wishful thinking."

As long as you choose to hold that "perception", it WILL BE true for you.

I didn't have any special skills, knowledge or understanding how the internet worked when I began.

What I did have was a "sincere desire." A desire for change.

That desire led to a choice to explore avenues that I wasn't "aware" existed at the time which resulted in a total transformation of my "previous life."

That choice enabled me to experience a quality of life and a sense of fulfillment that I hadn't previously "believed" was available to the "average Joe."

Here's something that I've since discovered and it doesn't only apply to applies to EVERYONE.

That's how life is intended to be.

It's not because I'm smarter than you, work harder than you, have more luck than you or any other reason that might come to mind.

Quite simply the lifestyle I enjoy today happened due to 3 very simple factors...

  1. ) A strong "Desire" for change

  2. ) A "Willingness" to explore beyond what I "thought" I knew

  3. ) Applying what I learned by putting powerfully leveraged systems to work for me.

I had a sincere desire to create change and discovered the importance of leveraging preexisting that weren't mine and weren't created by or for me specifically.

When I first began, I didn't even know that such systems were available.

BUT once I made a conscious choice to create change, they WERE introduced and made available to me and because of my desire for change, I chose to utilize them.

You could say that I "Attracted" them.

The rest is history.

These same systems are available to YOU too. You only need to be made aware of them and make the same choice I did to discover and utilize them for yourself.

It's FAR more simple than most understand

In today's world that's ALL that's required...a sincere desire for change, a conscious choice and a willingness to put forth a little effort to utilize proven systems...preexisting leveraged systems that do all the "heavy lifting" for you.

If the "E" word (effort) makes you uncomfortable or you believe that you're going to achieve any level of success for yourself without expending a little, I'll save you some time...

"There's no need for you to read further.

Although Leveraged Systems are extremely powerful and will do much of the work for you, this isn't the lottery...this is about business. It's about you having your own home based business that contributes to others in a meaningful way and utilizes powerfully leveraged systems in a way that amasses fortunes.

If you're looking for get rich quick and/or zero effort opportunities and expecting to see any results...for money to somehow magically start showing up in your bank account...keep looking.

To succeed in business...REALLY succeed, it is going to require more than a "lottery" mentality.

Granted you "COULD" win the lottery, but the odds are about 1 in 18,000,000. Me personally...I choose odds that are favorable to producing the kind of results I desire.

Leveraged Systems provide that...the ability to "predictably" amass financial wealth that continues flowing to you long term with the least amount of individual effort possible.

There is no such thing as a get-rich-quick business with ZERO effort. You might HEAR a lot about GRQ no effort on your part opportunities from some slick talking huckster trying to make his way to wealth utilizing hyped up and deceptive marketing methods...misleading unsuspecting and gullible participants, but the reality is there's NO SUCH THING.

A successful home based business requires YOU in the equation.

However, when you have a sincere desire, properly leveraged systems and someone to show you how you can go from eeking by, living paycheck to paycheck, to receiving a steady flow of residual profits with a proven turnkey marketing system that's powerfully leveraged, you'll see how easily someone with no business or marketing experience CAN literally triple their income in 6 months or less and do so with absolutely ZERO experience.

The "New World" of global e-commerce combined with a properly leveraged system has made it quite simple in fact.

Who Am I and How Can What I Know Assist You In Achieving Uncommon Results For Yourself?

For the last several years as a result of seeing and personally experiencing the transformational power that a simple desire holds, I have made it my purpose to assist people in becoming successful entrepreneurs.

I have worked with and impacted the lives of people from all around the globe from all walks of life...factory workers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, truck drivers, nurses, stay at home moms, CEOs, corporate executives, etc., to leverage themselves out of their current circumstances and into a life changing income and the time freedom that comes with it.

Some of these people had no desire to amass material wealth at all but only wanted to free up their time to spend with those they love. Others simply wanted to remain in their current careers yet have the sense of security and peace of mind that a second stream of income can provide. Still others saw the power behind it and chose to leave their JOBS forever.

That's an individual choice and the reasons behind it vary.

The bottom line though...when you get to the underlying core reason, the foundational goal that ALL of these individuals had in common is it's all about freedom. About having the freedom to make life choices without allowing a "need" for money to determine what you must or must not do...what you can or cannot do in your life...what you can or cannot have.

Far too many people today, 86% in fact according to a recent CNN poll, work in jobs that they despise because they "think" they HAVE to.

How sad is that?

Although that is their "perception" of reality, it doesn't mean that it's true. It's only true for them because they "believe" it is. It's only based on a very limited perspective. A lack of understanding.

What it really boils down to is that it's simply a lack of unawareness that is more times than not the result of an unwillingness to explore beyond their own self created "prisons" which would provide them with enough information to make educated choices that would change everything for them so they could do what they Love to do rather than despise what they felt they HAD to do and assist a whole bunch of others in the process.

That's where real satisfaction and fulfillment lies. In assisting others. In giving back.

As great as the money and time freedom can be, the best part now is that I get to SHARE with other motivated individuals on a global scale, the roadmap to duplicate my contribute to others in a meaningful and highly impactful way.

I can do the same for you and anyone else who has a "sincere desire" and a willingness to follow very simple direction.

Do you have the desire?

Are you willing and open to follow some very simple direction that will provide you with an income and a form of freedom that most only dream about?

Are you ready to find a real true to life no nonsense home based business that will finally pay you what you are worth with leveraged systems that are already in place and a mentor to lead the way?

Do you have a sincere desire to assist others in breaking free from their self imposed prisons and provide them with a way to change their lives as well?

If the answer is very close attention.

I ONLY choose and partner with serious entrepreneurs (or those who aspire to be) who have the "desire" and believe they have what it takes to be become CHAMPIONS.

I don't and won't waste my time with tire kickers...those looking to make an extra 200 or 300 bucks per month or who are looking for FREE, CHEAP and EASY no effort programs.

There are numerous programs available that can provide you with a little extra pocket change and those who choose that for themselves.

I only work and assist those who have the ability to think bigger than the status quo...who can conceive and believe they have what is required to experience a kind and quality of life that the top 3% income earners do.

I only work with and assist those who are "Truly" looking for the right opportunity and who possess the KEY ingredients necessary to succeed...really succeed at a level that the vast majority are unable to conceive.

Those key ingredients are...A "Sincere Desire" and a genuine willingness to change.

I have the experience, the systems, and the results to assist you in achieving whatever results you might be looking for IF you possess those 2 qualities.

You bring the desire and a willingness to apply a little "effort" and I'll provide the rest.

In my interaction with people over the years I've come to realize that most people who have the "desire" already have all the nuts and bolts they need to create abundance and happiness in EVERY area of their lives.

No, not just materially, but physically, relationally, emotionally and spiritually as well. That's what I refer to as "Real Wealth."

Many more times than not the ONLY difference between the people who actually achieve this level of success and those who always seem to fall short is simply due to a lack of awareness and direction...a helping hand from a mentor or coach...a leveraged system that takes them by the hand and shows them how.

Think about that seriously for a minute. Doesn't it make sense that you could achieve a whole lot more in your life if you could take advantage of the knowledge, experience and success of those who have "been there," and "done that?"

Of course it does!! The reason it does it because it's true. Not only is it true, but it shortens the path exponentially when you have someone who can assist you in avoiding all the mistakes.

Some of the most accomplished success stories in the world achieved what they have because of mentors and coaches who had the ability to bring out of them what was already within them.

Consider this...

Until someone showed you how to tie your shoe, did it seem difficult to accomplish? Of course it did. In fact it seemed impossible. But once someone showed you how and you did it a few times you realized just how simple it is, right?

Creating financial wealth and time freedom is no different. Once you have someone to show you, once you're shown and become aware of how to do it, you begin doing it without much becomes almost automatic.

The REAL beauty of it is that it doesn't have to be difficult and doesn't require formal educations or technical knowledge to achieve whatever level of success you aspire toward.

If you're ready for change in your life...TRULY ready and you have a sincere desire to create that change, I'll assist you in the transition as I and so many others before me have benefited from.

Let's look at HOW I'm going to do that...

The Power Of Properly Leveraged Systems and The Internet

Countless thousands of people around the world, from ALL walks of life are making millions on the Internet. It's the NEW way the world is doing business. It's where the world goes to shop, buy, sell and browse.

Thanks to the internet, mega millions of people around the globe can now be reached at the push of a button.

Let's look at the potential available to you...

According to world renown economist Paul Zane Pilzer, who is recognized "globally" as the leading predictor of economic catalysts and trends and is also the author of the New York Times Bestseller 'The Next Millionaires' has this to say...

"A MINIMUM of ten million (10,000,000) new millionaires will emerge in the U.S alone between 2006 and 2016 due in great part to the quickly emerging direct marketing industry and the leveraging power of the internet." - Paul Zane Pilzer

Now...Let me ask you...

If that's true, (and it is) if the next generation of wealth is being amassed and created on the Internet...are you being left behind?

You might be thinking to yourself, well yes BUT...

Allow me to interrupt. Before you start coming up with all the BUTS and excuses why YOU can't take advantage of this aware of this.

Properly leveraging systems on the internet...

  • ...doesn't require building your own website

  • ...doesn't require selling, telling and explaining

  • ...doesn't require your own product or service

  • ...doesn't require mega thousands of dollars in start up costs

  • ...doesn't require specialized technical training

  • ...doesn't require chasing family and friends

  • ...doesn't require fancy degrees and years of college

  • ...doesn't require an I.Q of 120 or better

What it DOES require is a Desire. A burning desire for change and a willingness to create that change.

With the incredibly user friendly technologies and the systems available to you today, a sincere desire and a willingness to create change is ALL that's required.

Do you have that? Are you ready for change? Do you have a "sincere desire" to achieve financial freedom and enjoy the many benefits that come with it?

And the MILLION DOLLAR question is...

Are you going to be able to achieve that dream...enabled and empowered to experience the kind and quality of life you "desire" doing what you're currently doing?

If you're anything like the 97% mass majority, the answer is no.

Here's a fact...

"3% Of Americans Are Millionaires. The Other 97% Work Their Tails Off To Make This 3% Even Richer...."

Is that where you are?

If so...

Are you tired of hanging around with the majority 97% who consistently struggle just to make ends meet and ready...REALLY ready to join the top 3% of the world's financially elite?

Well...You CAN...IF you have a strong enough desire and someone to show you how.

Since you're still here, I'm going to assume that the desire part is a given. I'm going to assume that you have the desire and a willingness to utilize leveraged systems that will enable and empower you to create whatever amount of material wealth that you choose.

Let's look at what else is required...

To have a profitable business you must have a product or service that is in demand in the marketplace. we have the desire and the willingness. Now we need something of value to market and a way to market it that enables the desire to be fulfilled...not just yours but yours AND the consumers.

Although desire on your part is essential, that's a personal way of being that would be quite difficult to market and earn any real wealth from unless someone had a desire to have whatever it is that you offer.

So, we must have a value driven product or service that enough people desire and a leveraged system to get exposure to the market who has a desire to acquire the product or service you'll be offering.

This is where we stand leaps and bounds above the crowd!!

We have both incredible products...high demand products AND powerfully leveraged and proven systems in place to help you succeed in growing your business by attracting serious prospects that also have a "sincere desire" to experience change...on a GLOBAL scale.

In fact, we have systems that enable you and those you attract to generate MULTIPLE SOURCES of income using our leveraged systems.

The difference is, these aren't just ANY systems. These are powerfully leveraged systems that were so ingeniously well thought out and planned that literally anyone, regardless of experience level can plug into them immediately and begin generating income as quickly as their very first week.

Let's Look At The Size Of The Market Who Has A Desire To Purchase What You'll Be Marketing

Ok...we have the desire...we have the willingness...we have the leveraged systems...we have the products that people desire.

Let's look at the size of the market and the numbers of people who have a desire to purchase what you'll be offering.

According to a recent Harris Poll, 72% of those polled said they have a desire to begin a home based business of their own.

In a more recent poll conducted by CNN in 2006, 86% of the participants polled expressed dissatisfaction with their current careers.

Are the lightbulbs coming on? Are you making the connection here?

The market is HUGE for those seeking home based businessess and the potential for you because of that market size is quite literally limitless.

Not only does it provide enormous potential for you personally, but you'll also be making an INCREDIBLE contribution to those who see the value in what you have to offer.

That's one of the MAIN ingredients of success. The ability to give to others.

As Zig Ziglar can be quoted as saying...

"If you'll help enough others get what they want, you'll get what you want." hopefully we're on the same page here and you see the limitless potential that's available to you. Next let's look at what required of you to effectively create everything we've covered to this point.

Since the list is longer regarding what you WON'T have to do, let's look at that first...

Let's cover what's NOT required of you to properly utilize these systems...

  • You WON'T stock products

  • You WON"T be attempting to "sell" or convince anyone

  • You WON'T be required to meet monthly sales quotas to receive the money that YOU have earned

  • You WON'T use flyers or brochures

  • You WON'T get dressed up and do hotel meetings

  • You WON'T do one-on-one presentations at coffee shops

  • You WON'T do home parties

  • You WON'T run around town putting flyers on windshield wipers

  • You WON'T go to Chamber of Commerce luncheons to try to find people for your business

  • You WON'T draw circles on whiteboards

  • You WON'T mail out samples of products

  • You WON'T make lists of friends and family

  • You WON'T strike up conversations with strangers

  • You WON'T be doing call backs and answering questions unless YOU want to

In other words, You WON'T do most of the things that you might think are required to make money in a home-based business.

You WILL be using powerfully leveraged that have already been created for you that enable you NOT to have to do all of the things listed above.

You WILL be reaching a global audience and send them to a professionally created video presentation that provides all the details about your home based business