A New Age Of Heightened Awareness, Enlightenment And Deeper Understanding

We Exist In A New And Rapidly Expanding Age Of Enhanced Awareness, Enlightenment and Deeper Understanding

Discover And Awaken To A "Higher Truth" And Your Individual Life Experience Will Reflect And Unfold Just As You Believe And "Allow" It To.

We exist in an exciting and revealing age of "profound" discovery and enlightenment resulting in a new and deeper understanding…an expanded "awareness" with regard to the "true" and "limitless" potential that we as individuals hold.

So what is this new understanding? The fact that you are a limitless and infinite being existing in a limitless and infinite universe with potential that far exceeds what the majority have been "programmed" and conditioned to believe is possible for them.

Before you begin to think that this sounds like some kind of esoteric nonsense let me assure you it has been validated by Nobel Prize winning laureates and although the more science discoveries and the deeper it digs to find even greater and more profound truths, the more it becomes aligned with what has been shared by the greatest spiritual masters in the history of the world for thousands of years.

This understanding although continuously expanding, evolving and spreading rapidly throughout the entire world, and although gaining noticeable momentum around the world will continue to be slow in gaining acceptance of the masses due to the previously established "traditional" teachings received and the current level of understanding and the quality of "beliefs" derived through those teachings that have been accepted and held for so long by the masses.

It's no secret that the mass majority resist change due to any number of unique individual perceptions and perspectives held, even when that change can provide far greater and more desirable outcomes on an individual level...in YOUR own life...than have been experienced at any time in the past.

Why is that? Beliefs. The beliefs that you hold individually as well as the collective beliefs of every person on earth are precisely why lack and limitation as well as abundance and plenty are experienced, the seemingly differing outcomes being determined only by the quality of beliefs held.

As a result of these predetermined beliefs, the traditional nature of societies worldwide will choose to ignore and/or remain ignorant to the indisputable facts which are currently being discovered and proven by modern day science even though as a result of these discoveries profound and life transforming truths are continually being discovered and revealed.

These continually evolving discoveries are the very discoveries which can and will transform an individuals life...YOUR life!

Although these newly discovered scientific facts were disclosed thousands of years ago, due to the rapid advancement of various technologies, what was spoken of and taught by the most enlightened spiritual teachers, mystics and sages in the history of the world are now being discovered and validated in scientific laboratories around the world.

Although not at all new, through the almost mind boggling technological advancements enhancing man's ability to dig deeper with regard to what makes and keeps the physical world functioning and continually expanding, this information can be discovered, harmonized with and utilized to dramatically enhance the outcomes on an individual basis if one chooses to become aware and apply this life transforming knowledge.

What are these new discoveries revealing? The fact that ALL things in the world that you experience from day to day, both the seen as well as the unseen…from the macroscopic to the microscopic are, at their core…in their most basic and purest form, comprised of energy. EVERYTHING….Absolutely EVERYTHING, both the seen and the unseen at their very core unfold and are experienced in your life based only on the resonance of the energy that you project based on the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that you choose to have. The purest and most basic form of this energy being "consciousness."

Consciousness is quite literally the "seed" of ALL of creation in both your personal life as well as the world around you.

What could energy and consciousness possibly have to do with enhancing your quality of life on a physical level whether it be in the area of relational fulfillment, physiological health or financial freedom?

It's ironic that as can be clearly seen in our world, based on previously held limited and self sabotaging beliefs of the majority, and the damage they have done to our natural resources, that new and more amiable beliefs and understandings wouldn't be quickly embraced or at least considered seriously as a means to shift and transform the events, conditions and circumstances on an individual basis which collectively would make a dramatic and positive impact on the world as a whole.

The fact that our thoughts, beliefs and emotions are energy and directly responsible for the physical world that we experience from day to day is an ever increasing verifiable fact, yet the simplicity of this notion due to what is widely viewed and accepted as "practical" or "logical" based on "traditionally established" beliefs formed throughout our lives appears to limit dramatically the individualized potential of the mass majority to mold and shape their lives through "consciously" utilizing this consciousness and is "perceived" as "too good to be true" for the masses.

Regardless of what you might currently believe...

To change your physical existence you only need change the resonance of the energy that is creating it. You change this resonance by simply shifting the quality of consciousness which is the unseen cause that is responsible for creating it.

If you believe that money is hard to acquire, if you believe that you must do things that you find displeasing to survive in the physical world, if you believe that your individual ability to experience fulfillment and harmony in each and every area of your life is "wishful thinking" and reserved for the "lucky few", although this quality of consciousness WILL create precisely that in your life, all that is required to begin experiencing a different and far more pleasing reality is that you shift your paradigms which in turn will change the resonance of the energy that is responsible for creating the current events, conditions and circumstances that you find yourself experiencing.

It's FAR MORE simple and powerful than most can fathom. In fact, AWAKENING to these facts, and learning to "consciously and purposefully apply them is the key to transformation in EVERY aspect of life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

The simplicity of creation, more specifically the events, conditions and circumstances which unfold in our lives on a daily basis is simplicity in itself, yet few are willing to take the time to discover this simplicity due to choices on an individual basis of holding on to long held and extremely self limiting and destructive traditionally established "false" beliefs which only serve to keep the uninformed stuck in far less than desirable conditions.

The greatest and wisest of spiritual teachers and masters ranging from Jesus to Buddha to Krishna have attempted to disclose this truth for thousands of years but few grasp the power and simplicity of the message shared.

As Jesus so clearly stated…

"You have ears but you do not hear. You have eyes but you do not see."

Hearing something and understanding something are 2 VERY different things. By the same token reading something, grasping the power that a message holds, and believing it yet failing to initiate and take the action necessary to enable it to enhance your current conditions, whatever they might be is precisely the same thing.

Our world has become immersed in and inundated by a fear based mentality. Tainted by the doom and gloom of the predominant media exposing and inundating the masses to what's "wrong" in the world and shifting the consciousness of the masses to finding fault and placing focus on everything except what could and would quite literally transform our world to one that few today can even fathom.

A personal choice to keep focus placed on what is feared will instill just that at a subconscious level and inevitably only serve to create more of the same in the physical world just as consciously choosing to keep your focus fixated on that which serves you in the fulfillment of your fondest hopes and dreams. Focusing on that which you love will draw to you in physical form that which you love and "consciously" choose to experience.

A "Fear Based" consciousness can NEVER create desired results in the world OR your personal life. Ironically most attempt to create "desired" results in their lives by placing their predominant focus (their quality of consciousness) on the opposite of that which they have a desire to experience. To experience "desired" results in life you merely need to shift the focus from "fearing" what it is that you would rather NOT experience to a focus of Love for that which you have a desire to experience.

Fear resonates and projects a much different vibrational resonance than a resonance of love.

It's no accident that the most widely read book in the world, although to some extent being obviously tainted through translation as well as by mans interpretation, no less than 365 times clearly states…"Fear NOT" yet even many of the predominant "man made" religions of the world condone, support and even utilize fear based theologies.

Love and fear cannot coexist any more than light and dark can coexist. A personal choice to allow the experience of fear to dominate your life is the choice to attract into your life more of that which you fear. In the same way the individual choice to allow yourself to only experience love will draw to you with unwavering certainty more of that which you love.

Any other outcome is literally IMPOSSIBLE, and would violate every Law of Nature.

Contrary to widespread belief, those things experienced and "perceived" in life as bad aren't based on and experienced as a result of judgment or retribution as many "believe" but rather unfold due to a perfectly orchestrated and unfailing system that delivers physical outcomes just as you "believe" that it will.

As you sow so shall you reap.

This unfailing and perfectly constructed system doesn't differentiate or discriminate in it's operation nor does it waver in who it works for. It is ALWAYS in operation every second of every day. Just as gravity doesn't differentiate or sway from it's created purpose, this system which is just as certain and unfailing in it's operation never wavers and exhibits a far greater power than any man made entity such as armies or governments or any perceived external power which exists in the physical world.

To benefit from this unfailing, unwavering, omniscient and ever present system, it is only necessary to become consciously aware of it and harmonize thought, word and deeds with it to create outcomes which the mass majority would "perceive" to be miraculous and which produce outcomes that far exceed what might be considered as "logical" or possible based on common understanding.