Personal Power is TRUST in Knowing & Following the Laws of Energy

by Dean G Allen, PhD

CONSCIOUSNESS by definition is being conscious of Reality, and the bottom line for Reality is the Laws of ENERGY because EVERYTHING is ENERGY, which was the theme to Oprah's last show!

Being CONSCIOUS enough to PERCEIVE Reality as it exists 'energetically' gives us the POWER to be able to make Decisions and take Actions that align with Reality so "THE FORCE" of these natural Laws of ENERGY "IS WITH YOU" ...which IS what gives us Personal Power!

THEN IF, we can learn to PERFORM THIS clarity, quickly and appropriately; CONSISTENTLY, we will then live life effectively, efficiently and productively in everything we do.

These Laws have been proven to me by 1000's of clients who have come to realize WHO they are ENERGETICALLY by measuring, tracking and decoding the electrical ENERGY FLOW between the organs and glands of their body with INFRARED SCIENCE.

This science allows them to connect the dots in THEIR LIFE & BODY so their business and relationship problems, as well as their physical and emotional HEALTH issues become very CLEAR!

See more on this incredible advanced science that naturally and scientifically INTEGRATES human Physical and Emotional effects created by our Mental (trauma memory) programming of our Spirit Life-force energy TO either create our SOLUTIONS or PROBLEMS.

Dean G. Allen, PhD

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