Real Freedom

You Know What Real Freedom Means to You.
But Do You Know What Real Freedom REALLY Is?

Better yet...would you like to experience it for yourself?

If I were to ask you what Real Freedom means to you, what would you say? What would that entail? What would it look like? Have you ever really thought about that?

I mean REALLY thought about it.

I ask because I've discovered that many haven't. If you have I'll assure you that any answer you might come up with is going to vary from another person's definition whether in degree or in some way, shape or form.

We're all at unique places in life. Different hopes, different dreams, different viewpoints and without question a very broad and diverse range of beliefs.

Bottom line...we're each unique. None of us are exactly the same. Because of that we each have our own unique beliefs and perspectives regarding what Real Freedom is and isn't.

As true as that is, what's NOT so unique are the foundational and fundamental principles for receiving and experiencing not only our individual desires but what I refer to as Real Freedom in life.

You may have a different label than me than for Real Freedom or what Real Freedom means for you and that's awesome too. I honor and respect whatever you might believe and perceive that to be for you.

That's why was created. To provide WHATEVER someone might be looking for in ANY area of life with information, tips, resources, personal empowerment programs, business models and even personalized coaching that I KNOW based on experience can assist ANYONE in getting WHATEVER it might be that they do want.

They might not KNOW it at this point. I get that. Because at one point I didn't KNOW it either until I did. Now I KNOW it and what I've come to KNOW is universal. It applies to EVERYONE and it works the same for EVERYONE...regardless.

But just so we're on the same page and headed in the same direction, here's what I mean and how I personally choose to define Real Freedom.

Real Freedom is a conscious, intentional, purposeful, meaningful and sustainable alignment and harmony of the 5 pillars of life.

Physical - Financial - Relational - Mental - Emotional - Spiritual


Yes, there are 6 listed, but ONE of those areas has already been taken care of and EVERYTHING exists within it. The spiritual or if you prefer the Quantum level, the metaphysical or WHATEVER you define spiritual as, is what it is and always going to be.

But EVERYTHING is within it. Put another way there is NOTHING...NO THING that it's not.

Granted, there are lot's of labels and lot's of beliefs and lots of opinions as to "what it is" as well as all the stuff that it contains,'s one "space or place" if you will. And EVERYTHING is encompassed in this "one place" REGARDLESS of what it is or what you think and believe that is and isn't a part of this spiritual, quantum, metaphysical or energy "space."

21st century science has proven it and the mystics, sages and masters since antiquity have taught it and talked about it and walked that path for years.

The same holds true for Real Freedom.

Call Real Freedom whatever you choose. Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Joy, Real Harmony, Real Happiness...none of the individual beliefs, perceptions, judgments and labels REALLY matter as it pertains to Real Freedom either.

Here's What DOES Matter

What DOES matter to you is that you receive and experience whatever you define Real Freedom as being for you. That's not my place nor my job to define or determine for you. What is my place and my "Soul Purpose", is to reveal to those who truly desire to experience Real Freedom how to align and harmonize these 5 pillars of life and experience a kind and quality of life that we ALL can yet which few choose to.

No one does that on purpose or intentionally. They're just not aware of how to choose or what to choose to make Real Freedom real.

Perhaps one of the BIGGEST reasons is because of what they believe, perceive, how they define and what they think of as being or not being spiritual, metaphysical, quantum, energy or whatever label suites you as an individual.

What I like to call The 5 Pillars of life, when aligned and harmonized "consciously and intentionally" enables and allows Real Freedom to become REAL in ways that most don't think or believe it can.

That's the ONLY thing that keeps MOST from experiencing Real Freedom although EVERYBODY wants to.

That's why I've created this section with a link that redirects to a subsection for each category. You pick which works for you. I fact I KNOW based on having been in quite a different place prior, that we CAN have it all.

It's really nothing more or less than a matter of choice.

YOU Get To Choose That For Yourself...That's why I've created a section for each of these 5 pillars. Physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual where they ALL exist.

That's the REALLY great thing about life and this site. You get to CHOOSE where you'd like to go...Happy Choosing. It's my hope and intention that you not only find but get to experience whatever Real Freedom means to you.

So Now Where Would You Like To Go?

Physical HealthFinancial Health Relational Health
Mental Health Emotional Health Spiritual Health