Real Wealth

The Attainment And Experience Of Wealth..."REAL Wealth"...Consists Of Achieving Physical, Financial, Relational, Emotional And Spiritual Harmony In Your Life

Regardless of where you might currently be in your understanding regarding the wealth creation game or what real wealth means to you individually, my personal definition of "Real Wealth" equates to harmonizing the physical, financial, relational, emotional, and spiritual aspects of wealth to create a level of harmony, fulfillment and joy that is all too uncommon in our world.

Since we've already determined that wealth is an inside game, now it's simply a matter of internalizing and keeping conscious focus on the area of wealth that means the most to you.

Now...let me ask you a question...

What is your intention? What is it that you really and truly desire to experience in your life that would enable you to "feel" wealthy and really enable you to "feel" like you're winning at the wealth creation game?

Is it...

  • More money?

  • More time freedom

  • More love?

  • More health?

  • More wholesome and fulfilling relationships?

  • A deeper spiritual connection?

  • More of ALL the good things life has to offer?

Whichever it is, whatever wealth creation means to you individually based on your current understanding, regardless of which specific area it is for you and regardless of how big or small the outcome isn't important.

Here's what IS important...

You have been provided the ability to create and experience it all. Don't be duped into believing that your desired outcomes, including the creation of wealth, monetarily or otherwise are too BIG or far fetched...that their illogical, unrealistic or impractical based on the majority mindset.

That's what far too many do and have been doing for a long time. They have "allowed" themselves to give up their individual critical thinking skills and simply accepted, have adapted to and "believed" everything they've been taught and told based on what others "perceive" to be logical or realistic and have developed beliefs about which although choosing to do so does make it "true" for themselves, it most certainly doesn't have to become YOUR truth unless YOU choose to allow it to.

One such belief is that money and material gain are what will produce happiness in your life.

Perhaps that's what YOU currently believe.

If so...

Sorry to disappoint you, but money and material things will NEVER enable you to experience happiness and fulfillment long term and CAN, if you choose to allow it to, lead you down a short path to pain and disappointment should you choose to buy into such a shallow understanding of what winning at the wealth creation game REALLY means.

Experiencing wealth..."Real Wealth" is derived as a result of experiencing harmony and fulfillment in EVERY area of your life...physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

Wherever you might personally be beginning from is OK...Your current "perception regarding what winning the wealth creation game is for you is a great starting place to begin from, BUT it's important that you recognize and are aware that in the big picture, anything short of complete harmony and fulfillment in life is NOT winning and FULLY experiencing what winning at the wealth creation game really is which consists of experiencing harmony, fulfillment and unlimited joy in EVERY area of life.

Here's another fact that you may or may not yet be aware of...

You don't have to settle. Far too many people spend their entire lives "settling" for less than what's "truly" available to them. Why? Because they have been taught that they have to.

You have that choice. You have the ability to settle if you choose. That's what many do. But let me ask you something. Just because many do, just because the vast majority "perceive" that settling is normal, natural and just the way life is, does that mean that you have to as well? Does that mean that there isn't more available?

Keep this in mind OK? We are delving into and discovering how to create a way of incredibly fulfilling and harmonious way of life that the vast majority don't, aren't and may never experience.

NOT because it's not available to them. NOT because they don't have the ability and the free will to choose it for themselves. NOT because some external "thing" or circumstance whether the government, the economy, their boss, their neighbor their sister, their brother, their mom or dad or any number of other Infinite possibilities is keeping them from experiencing it for themselves.

It's simply due to a choice. A choice not to experience it...a choice to buy into and believe that they can't have it, that they're not worthy of it, that it's too big, too far fetched, too illogical...yadda, yadda, yadda.

You can if you choose make the same choice. That's your prerogative. You can choose as much or as little as you want.

Whichever you choose you get to be right. That's the real beauty of the game. You can't get it wrong. You can't lose. There is no competition with the exception of the competition that you allow yourself to experience.

You are your ONLY competitor.

So, with that in mind, let's take a deeper look at which area you feel is best for you to work on first. Which aspect of "real wealth" do you choose to experience for yourself?

Depending on where you're starting from, that could mean working on all areas simultaneously or focusing on one specific area and progressing into the other areas as you personally see and experience the power behind the process as we go.

That's a choice that only you can make but allow me to point out and clarify something prior to making that decision. It's necessary because based on personal experience of working with many individuals, it's often "perceived" that money is the area that will make everything else "good."

Let me assure you it won't.

It's not my place to define what wealth is for you or determine what is necessary for you to be happy and fulfilled, but I can provide a bit of insight that may greatly reduce the time and effort required to achieve whatever it might be for you individually. The path you choose for yourself is up to you, but I can recommend that you begin on the inside.

I personally call it spiritual growth. If that's uncomfortable for you, call it whatever you like. You can call it the unseen, the metaphysical, the energy field, the quantum realm or any other number of labels that man has placed on it but regardless of what you might choose to call it individually it's where ALL physical things come from.

The money, the health, the relationships, each and every event, condition and circumstance that you, I or anyone else experiences in the physical world is derived from the unseen spiritual realm.

Let me make something clear before we go on...

When I refer to spirituality, it has nothing to do with religion. Spirituality is simply the unseen realm from where all physical events, conditions and circumstances come from. It's the essence of the physical prior to becoming physical.

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