Reality Statement

I am now connected to the only true Source of "Infinite" prosperity...God...the essence of ALL that is.

Thank you God for raising my awareness to see the abundant opportunities that are all around me RIGHT NOW. This awareness bestows new vision upon me. This new vision empowers me to see beyond fear, doubt and worry to create a new life of physical, financial, relational, emotional, and spiritual wholeness.

I no longer "allow" ANY person, thought or event to steal my joy from me. If ever I feel fear I instantly put my hand on my heart and say "I remember God...choose Love and create value. Love enables me to recognize others for what they "truly" are, which is "Spirit" and enables me to remain consciously aware that ALL are doing the best that they know how based on their individual level of awareness.

Love itself now eliminates ALL forces that once weakened me. Prosperity consciousness inspires me to focus solely on creating value for others. Through this value creation, limitless abundance flows to and through me in the form of prosperity, profit and money. Love enables me to experience the Joy, Fulfillment and Prosperity which are my birthright.

This reality now manifests...Thank You