Self Perception

Self Perception Determines Your Life Experience. Discover Who and What You Truly Are and Experience The Infinite Potential and Probabilities Available To You

Most everyone is familiar with perception which determines how you view your life and the things happening in the world around you.

As science has proven and as spiritual teachers have taught for thousands of years your perception is everything and determines your individual experience in life.

Self Perception determines your individual perceptions regarding your sense of self worth which in turn affects your self esteem.

Self worth and self esteem are 2 very different things. No one can ever take away your self worth. It was freely provided to you.

To make it simple to understand let's refer to what spiritual text states with regard to who and what you "truly" are absent judgment and outside opinion...

"You were created in the image and likeness of God."

No lack of self worth there. Yet due to individual perceptions with regard to yourself based on what you may have been taught throughout your life it is likely, if you're anything like the vast majority that your self esteem has been affected.

Parents, siblings, clergy, media have conditioned and programmed you to see yourself as less that what you truly are which affects every aspect of your life.

You are not your are not your mind. You are...the very essence of you a spirit being existing in a physical body. You ARE an infinite and limitless being who has allowed yourself to be limited by the programming you have received based on a very limited perspective which those who have taught you have been limited by as well.

Traditionally established beliefs...very limiting and self sabotaging beliefs are keeping you trapped in your own own self created prison.

The first step is realizing and understanding that you are and once understood elevating the self perception that you hold and elevating it to

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