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Simple IS Best - Most DEFINITELY Best

Part 2 of 3

Are You Really and Truly Ready to Experience a Harmonious, Over the Top AWESOME and Indescribably AMAZING Quality of Life in a Truly Simple, Logical, Practical and No Nonsense Kind of Way?

It Really and Truly is as Simple as this...

"KNOW Thyself"

"Our self-image and our habits tend to go together. Change one and you will automatically change the other." ~Dr. Maxwell Maltz

Simple IS Best - Most Definitely BEST

Hopefully, by now you’ve found, and have taken the time to read, Part 1 of Simple is Best.

If you have and you've read it in its' entirety, you have at the very least, a basic understanding of the vital role paradigms play in determining the kind and quality of our lives.

Today we're going to look at another very powerful and potentially transformational concept. Like the concept of paradigms that we covered in part one, the concept we'll be covering here, is equally simple.

It's a concept that can assist you in shifting your current paradigm (and the quality of your life) should you find that enabling and allowing "a shift" to occur is in order.

Not just "any old shift" though. A specific kind of shift. The kind that enables and allows the events, conditions and circumstances in our lives to shift.

That's what everybody WANTS isn't it? We WANT to see the external shifts, yet it's a fact that most never do. Not to the degree that they'd really love to at least.

The question is why?

Take it from someone who spent many years trying to figure that out...The answer is simple. Too simple actually, which is exactly why it took me (and has taken many others) so long to figure it out.

I was personally told and taught that externals shifts required a LOT of hard and strenuous effort doing whatever it took. I did A LOT of that before I figured out a better way.

It really is simple too...ready?

To make the necessary external shifts that provide tangible and measurable results that we "truly love" in the simplest, quickest and least painful way possible begins with making an "inner shift" FIRST.

It's really more about enabling and allowing this "inner shift" than it is MAKING an inner shift.

It's a VERY IMPORTANT concept to understand and DO too if you have a sincere desire to receive and SEE the greatest possible results in the simplest, quickest, easiest and least painful way that I'm aware of.

If you'll recall, in Part 1 we discussed HOW and WHY "common ways of thinking and viewing things" can NEVER provide anything other than "common results."

That's where "inner shifts" come into the picture. People don't "commonly" enable and allow themselves to the kind of inner shift that enable and allow uncommon results to happen.

Although the concept of paradigms IS very simple to understand once you "get it", in 99.9% of the cases, understanding what a paradigm is, isn't enough in and of itself. Understanding paradigms "intellectually" definitely isn't enough to enable and allow the external shifts that we all desire to see, to take place.

First, it's necessary to SEE, KNOW and understand that our chosen paradigms are the ONE and ONLY thing that determine the kind and quality of reality we experience as individuals.

Put in simple terms, as it pertains to you and what you'll receive or NOT receive in life...your chosen paradigm is "the main thing." It's what determines your individual experience in life.

If you already do understand that, you're one step closer to becoming enabled and empowered to create a more wholesome and fulfilling quality of life. That's true, simply because you grasp and understand something that MOST don't. It's a VERY useful, immensely transformational and equally POWERFUL understanding to have. It's VERY powerful and CAN be used to transform EVERY aspect of your life.

Acquiring an "intellectual understanding" of how our paradigms determine our individual reality is a great start. But it's only a start. Knowing about and understanding the concept of paradigms enables you to better understand HOW and WHY your life turns out as it does.

Although a vitally important piece of the puzzle, limiting yourself to a strictly intellectual understanding regarding paradigms is, for lack of a better description, kindergarten stuff.

Case in point.

A LOT of people have "read, watched and/or heard about The Secret. Maybe you have too. If not, The Secret was a DVD production released in 2006 which introduced A LOT of people to what has become widely known as The Law of Attraction.

Because of The Secret, A LOT of people heard about and acquired an "intellectual understanding" of The Law of Attraction...part of it at least. Truth be told, people heard what they WANTED to hear.

What MOST heard and thought they understood, was that The Law of Attraction enabled and allowed you to "get what you want."

That's true to a degree. You can get what you want. But what most disn't hear and DON'T understand about The Law of Attraction is that it also provides what you DON'T want just as easily as it can provide what you do.

The key is choosing consciously. Choosing consciously really boils down to alignment and harmony.

Just as acquiring an intellectual understanding of paradigms is elementary, in the same way, knowing about "The Law of Attraction" is also elementary.

The Law of Attraction is very real but it's not new and it's definitely not a secret. It's an age old concept that was recently repackaged and relabeled.

As great a production as The Secret was, (and kudos to Rhonda Byrne for creating it and introducing SO many people to the Law of Attraction) like the concept of paradigms, The Secret was an introduction to what you CAN do, but it barely scratched the surface regarding what's truly necessary to USE it in the way it CAN be used.

It revealed a concept. It did an amazing job of introducing people to the fact that we do create our realities but it's incomplete in and of itself.

That's why I refer to a surface level "intellectual understanding" of paradigms and/or The Law of Attraction as kindergarten stuff. Although useful and no doubt helpful, it's only a very small piece of a very large puzzle.

To complete any puzzle, it requires having all the pieces.

The Law of Attraction is a necessary and important piece of this larger scale puzzle granted, but it's only that...a single piece.

Although the concept of paradigms (and the Law of Attraction) does provide a very basic foundational "intellectual understanding" of how and why our lives unfold as they do, understanding something in a strictly "intellectual" kind of way isn't enough (or anywhere CLOSE to enough) to provide those who claim to WANT to "make life better" with an EXPERIENTIAL understanding of just how AWESOME life can actually become.

Grasping it and understanding it "intellectually" IS an important piece of the puzzle and CAN serve as part of a rock solid and unshakable foundation for building a masterpiece life upon. But, make no mistake there's more to know, understand and DO to transform a limited, "intellectual understanding" into an EXPERIENTIAL kind...MUCH more.

It's VERY Simple once you KNOW how. I encounter people ALL the time (a LOT of people too) who "tell me" they know how. Yet they consistently struggle and work really hard just to make the car payment, pay the rent, keep the lights on and buy groceries.

That's what life consists of for most.

So before we get into the meat of Simple IS Best and I reveal how to END struggle once and for all, I'm gong to make an IMPORTANT clarification between "thinking we know" something and actually KNOWING it.

If results aren't "tangible and measurable", they're NOT results. If you "think you know" something yet it's not providing results...tangible and measurable results that align and harmonize with your BIGGEST desires, you don't KNOW it even though you may "think you do."

Simple IS Best will show you how to get "measurable" results, a kind and quality of which MOST don't think, believe or KNOW that they can.

Although we've barely started, we've taken an important first step that has the potential to be (and very well could be) the beginning of a very exciting, very rewarding and VERY fulfilling journey for you.

That depends on you, where you are on your personal journey and the choices YOU make from this point forward of course. Having a basic, foundational understanding of The Secret or an intellectual understanding of the concept of paradigms isn't enough. There's more to know and understand to create Real Harmony in our lives.

It's this "deeper understanding" that follows which MOST never take the time to learn and understand.

Are You Choosing and/or Will You Choose The Short Path to Pain or The Short Path to Real Freedom?

Ultimately, there are only 2 paths to "choose from" in life. I have my own preferred names for those. I gave them names after walking down both of them. One I love and the other?...well not so much, although I learned MUCH after after spending more time on it than I care to admit.

One is the Short Path to Real Freedom and the other is The Short Path to Pain.

Based on my own personal experiences as well as spending a number of years coaching and mentoring people from all walks of life, I've found, in the vast majority of cases, that unless and until someone has experienced what The Short Path to Pain is like first hand and has acquired some scuffs, bumps, bruises, battle scars and experienced some SERIOUS pain) along the way, they become comfortable and never move beyond where most choose to survive and get by mode.

Not comfortable as in having what they "truly desire", but rather comfortable with the status quo living paycheck to paycheck (or close) and remaining in survive and get by mode their entire lives.

Some call a survive and get by mode a "comfort zone." I don't, simply because after finding myself "seemingly stuck" in one of these "less than desirable zones" personally, I discovered that it's NOT comfortable AT ALL. In fact after personally walking that path, I've since coined the term, The Short Path to Pain.

Unless you've journeyed down The Short Path to Pain like I did, you may be tempted not to read this in it's entirety. You may read it, forget it, do nothing with it and go about life as you have before.

You CAN do that of course. We get to do whatever we choose to. Nothing wrong with that at all. But make no mistake. If you're not where you truly desire to be, unless you do something different than you have, life isn't going to get any more comfy and certainly not any more exciting or AWESOME than it is right now.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

It's possible, as was the case with me, that things may need to get A LOT worse before you wake up, take notice and decide to do something different to ease the pain. You may, at this point be comfy doing whatever you do and have no desire to do anything different or create any change at all. If you're good with where you are and your content and happy, congrats.

You're one of a very few.

Because so many never DO anything different and aren't experiencing a full and truly harmonious quality of life, a kind of life that they "truly love" in EVERY aspect, I think it's important to share this.

Regardless of how over the top amazing, grand, awesome, good, fair, poor or "seemingly horrific" you perceive the scenery to be on whatever path you're walking now, the scenery can ALWAYS get better. Infinitely better. By the same token it CAN get a lot worse. Infinitely worse in fact. It works both ways.

How well or poorly it works for YOU, as you discovered in Part 1, depends on you...100% on you.

Because it's my "Soul Purpose" to empower people, combined with the fact that I LOVE doing it, I'm going to do my best here in Part 2 of Simple is BEST, to ensure that you have not only enough information, but the RIGHT kind of information presented in the simplest way I know how, to empower you to be, do and have as much or as little as you choose.

I'm going to DO the best I'm able to put up all kinds of warning signs and even create a detour around the Short Path to Pain and place flashing neon arrows pointing you toward the Real Freedom Path instead.

Whether it's to create a kind and quality of life that you love on ALL levels or you're only interested in making just a tweak here and there, take it from someone who spent plenty of time on the Short Path to Pain, The Real Freedom Path is the way to go.

The scenery is DEFINITELY much better.

What follows will provide you with some useful insight; a road map if you will that will enable and allow you to navigate toward, and if you choose, venture down this Real Freedom Path in the simplest, safest and least painful way that I'm aware of.

I do that so you might become "best equipped" and keenly aware of the importance of, doing the right things in the right order. As those who have chosen to do that will joyfully tell you, when you DO that, IF you do that, you get where you want to go much quicker and more simply than those who travel blind. You get better and more desirable results than NOT having one.

Whatever paths you walk, the scenery becomes amazing. Put simply, you know how to get awesome results.

The kind of results that you love...on ALL levels in EVERY aspect of life.

Here's the thing though. If you think and believe as the majority does and are used to DOING what MOST do, "getting it" and using it in the "conscious, intentional and purposeful kind of way" that's necessary for receiving these AWESOME results, is more than likely going to require some more information.

Just as more information MAY be necessary, investing a bit of your time, focus and attention is DEFINITELY going to be necessary if you're serious about and have a sincere to get the greatest possible result.

That's important simply because transforming a survival mentality into a "prosperity mentality" is going to require that you "unlearn" some, much or in some cases perhaps MOST of what you HAVE learned.

Unlearning is EVERY BIT as important as learning, so you can really "get it" and begin USING it in a way that suits and best serves you in the fulfillment of your desires, whatever they might be.

It's well worth the investment of time though and a very wise investment if you're serious about experiencing an awesome quality of life. It is, simply because it IS awesome and life changing information for those who ARE truly seeking change, who DO choose to read it, "get it" and then once done with that part of the process, making a "conscious choice" to use and apply it.

That's when it becomes "life changing." Life changing is an understatement actually. Dramatically life changing would be a more accurate description.

It's my hope and intention that Simple IS Best provides a meaningful contribution to YOU. I'm going to do my best to keep it all VERY simple too, simply because I personally believe, (and I think you'll agree) Simple is BEST.

We're ALL Looking for the Simplest, Quickest, Easiest and Most Efficient Resources to "Make Life Better, Aren't We?

Based on the consensus of the masses, there's no questioning or denying the fact that simple is best. It's equally true that as a human species, we're ALL seeking more out of life. With those factors being "true", I think you'll agree, we're each also seeking the "simplest, quickest, easiest and most affordable solutions" to get more of whatever it might be that we desire so we can make life better.

Think about it. Whether physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, you do have a desire to be, do and/or have more of something don't you?

Of course you do. We ALL do. But WHY is it, do you suppose that as we "get more" we always seem to WANT even more?

It's because we believe that "getting more" will make life better. If you're like most, you're constantly trying to figure out, or at the very least, "wishing" you could "figure out" how to fulfill your hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations in the simplest, quickest and easiest way possible, so YOU too can "make life better."

We truly DO want to make life better and we truly do WANT to do so in the simplest, quickest and easiest way possible. That's why we keep looking for, seeking out, searching here and there for even more simple solutions.

It's equally true that based on what most "think and believe" needs to be done to "make life better", it can seem to be really complex, often difficult, mentally, emotionally and physically draining and in the vast majority of cases, "seemingly impossible" to reach this "better" place.

The question is WHY? The answer is simple.

We keep moving the target. Some have no target. They define "making life better" and getting more in a very broad and general kind of way. Most define "making life better" as doing, getting and having more. But they have no clear vision of what that "more" entails. They never arrive at this "better place" simply because they don't know what or where this better place is or they simply don't believe that they can get there from here. They wouldn't recognize what their "more" was even if it was dropped in their lap.

That's what a lot of people are waiting for too. For the MORE they WANT to be dropped in their lap. That's why hyped up claims of overnight success and airy fairy, "visualize your dream life into being" products are so popular.

We want more but few know what it is or they don't want to have to do anything more (or different) to get it.

Most NEVER reach this place where more of what we WANT exists, simply because there's a lack of vision. A serious lack of vision actually. No I'm not talking about folks who have no eyesight, I'm referring to those who have no foresight. Without foresight, there's no vision. You can't hit a big vision if you have no vision to hit.

The vision most have is to merely survive and get by with a little extra of this and a little extra of that along the way. Take a close look at what most receive. They get precisely what they expect to get.

Doing that, in itself validates the importance and power of a vision. It does because that's where most are. Most hold a vision of survive and get by and are successful in doing just that. They think, speak and act in ways that has them doing whatever they do so they can.

To move beyond survive and get by mode requires a bigger vision.

Although We Truly Do WANT More and to Keep Things as Simple as Possible,
Because of What We've Learned and "Think We Know", We
Unknowingly and Unintentionally Complicate and Sometimes Sabotage What Could (and Would) Otherwise Be VERY Simple

As much as we'd all LOVE to and as much as we all claim we WANT to make life better in the simplest way possible, most are missing the mark. We're unknowingly and unintentionally complicating things. We are though, only because that's what we've learned to do. That's what we've been programmed and conditioned to do.

We've all been taught that it's wise and noble to get out there and "make life better." The more we "make life better", the more fun we'll have, the more stuff we'll get, the greater the social status we'll acquire, etc. etc.

We simply don't know any better. Because we don't, we have a tendency to take what would otherwise prove to be a VERY VERY simple concept and turn it into something that "seems" very complex, complicated and difficult.

I'm certainly no exception to the rule. After doing the same over the course of many years, I got tired of that. REALLY REALLY tired. Sick and tired actually. What's really cool about that though, is that My "discomfort" got me moving. The pain became so intense that that the discomfort of DOING something differently felt more comfortable than where I found myself. The pain of stretching, learning, growing and "forgetting" much of what "I thought I knew" dwarfed the pain that my complacency created.

What a gift.

The reason it WAS and still is a gift is because that's when I ventured out and discovered a far more effective, efficient and simple way to DO things. Not only was it simple, the result of doing so was phenomenal. Beyond what I could have conceived or imagined as I was "doing" what most do.

It was most definitely a far more simple way than I was previously "aware of" FOR SURE and without question a more effective, efficient and pleasing way for fulfilling long held "heartfelt desires." I don't mind telling you, at one point I began "thinking" that those desires that I once only hoped, wished, prayed for and "dreamed about" could never be fulfilled.

I thought that for a long time actually. I believed it too for almost as long. What I would later discover is, because of that, I unknowingly, unintentionally and "unconsciously" chose a paradigm that didn't align and harmonize with what I truly desired. My vision carried me as far as I could go. As a result, (we'll call that an effect) I experienced far more of the less than desired than I WANTED to. That was a long, hard, difficult, tiring and "seemingly complex" path to walk I might add. I began to "think and believe" that this "path" was my destiny and I certainly didn't like the scenery.

Maybe you can relate. It's quite possible and perhaps even probable that you think and believe that navigating the crowded and populated survive and get by path is YOUR destiny. Or maybe you're content with some of your journey but there's a patch here and a patch there where you don't like the scenery either. Maybe some of it you REALLY don't like because it's downright ugly.

If you can relate in any way, shape or form, maybe you'll come to the same conclusion that I did. Maybe you will, maybe you won't. I can't know that. Regardless, if it's yours also, it's my hope and intention, that you'll heed some wise and potentially transformational advice based a very diverse range of personal experience and arrive at your conclusion a lot sooner and with a few less bangs, scrapes, bumps, bruises and pain than I did before I arrived at mine.

It was ugly. Well it "seemed ugly" at the time. In reality it was the most beneficial path I ever walked. I'm sincerely and wholeheartedly GRATEFUL in fact. It didn't make it "seem" any less ugly or painful when I was walking it though.

I don't know what label you'd use to describe that path, but because of the bangs, scrapes and bruises I personally received along the way, my personal preference is to refer to this populated path as the Short Path to Pain.

Although it really and truly "seemed as if" it was a long, hard grueling path as I was traveling down it; and I did "choose" to walk down it for a LONG LONG TIME, the label, "The Short Path to Pain" best describes it for me.

Here's the conclusion I came too...

After looking at plenty of scenery that I didn't like, I came to the conclusion that if I was going to be able to look at, see and savor the kind of scenery I truly desired to see, it was going to be necessary to choose a different path.

That's when I discovered that there was a simpler path. I chose to walk down it. That's when I discovered how simple it ALL really is. I also discovered how AWESOME it could be. FAR more simple and AWESOME than the "seemingly complex and difficult" path that I had previously chosen. What's really crazy about that is the fact that for many years, I didn't even realize I had chosen this less than desirable path.

I had no idea that I was choosing at all. I just "thought" that's how life was designed to work.

But as I've since discovered, I did choose it. I had been choosing it and unless I DID something differently I would have continued choosing it.

We're ALL choosing, HAVE chosen and will continue choosing our paths...ZERO exceptions. Even if we encounter some scenery that we think is really really ugly, none of our doing and we in no way, shape or form contributed to the ugliness, we still have a choice.

we can still respond in a way that doesn't put potholes, barriers, hurdles and an infinite number of obstacles that contribute to the ugliness on our future paths. That's a VERY simple yet VERY VERY important conclusion to come to if you really enjoy and "truly desire" to see the REALLY AWESOME scenery that's available to ALL of us. We only have to choose it.

As I was walking the Short Path to Pain, although I had no idea whatsoever at the time that there even was such a thing, I'm ecstatic to say that a MUCH simpler path with REALLY AWESOME scenery truly DOES exist.

Had I realized that sooner, I'm pretty sure I would have chosen it sooner. I simply wasn't "aware of it." I had no idea that I had a choice in the matter and could switch paths anytime I chose to. As I've since discovered; as many like me have, this "path" not only exists but it really and truly is simply a matter of "seeking it out", finding it and choosing to walk down it.

You know what? Since you're reading this, if you're looking for some simple answer, solution, nugget of insight or step by step guidance toward a more simple, wholesome, rewarding and fulfilling path, you have an advantage that I didn't have.

An advantage that I wasn't "aware of" would be a more accurate statement. So I'll just say, The "perceived advantage" YOU have today, is that you have someone who is willing to point you toward and introduce you to a far more rewarding and fulfilling path. The same path that I found. Sometimes I refer to it as the Real Freedom Path. That describes it accurately, but due to the scarcity mentalities most have, they can't see themselves walking down it.

Whether you choose to walk it or not is up to you. I will say, in my opinion it's a really cool path. It is in one sense the Real Freedom Path, but I prefer to call it "The "Simple Path." It's a much simpler path to Real Freedom than the alternative. Don't let the label fool you though. The Simple Path is where the most AWESOME scenery I've ever seen can be found.

Having that COULD save you many years of walking a "less than desired" path and seeing all the less than desirable scenery that exists on the Short Path to Pain regardless of how far you walk down it.

I'll assure you this "less than desired path" is VERY populated. The Real Freedom Path isn't.

It's a much simpler path than MOST choose and what's sadly ironic is that as awesome as the scenery is on this less populated path, most never choose it. Because they don't, they never get to see and experience the kind of scenery that they "claim" they WANT to.

It's a VERY simple concept. That's why I think it's of VITAL importance to introduce you to and ask that you carefully consider another path that you may or may not be aware of currently.

It's a VERY Simple concept that will reveal how simple it all "truly" is. It will that is if you choose to adopt, USE and DO something with it. Some will, some won't. The fact of the matter is MOST won't. The reason most won't and DON'T is simply because it's based on a much more simple concept than most are aware of let alone understand. Because it's more simple and effective than most understand, few will choose to learn it and fewer will actually DO it.

And that's sad because it's a far more exciting, rewarding, fulfilling and tangibly pleasing way of doing things, yet it's based on a VERY simple yet profoundly transformational concept.

How simple is it?

It's as simple as making a conscious choice to KNOW Thyself.

You may or may not be "aware" of the power behind the statement KNOW Thyself. You may or may not be aware of what it truly means. You may think you "Know Yourself" already. Maybe you do. But it's equally possible that you only "think you do." I "thought I knew myself until I discovered that there was a LOT MORE to KNOW based on the "intellectual understanding" I and so many receive as we go through life.

Far more "think they know" who they are than those who actually KNOW who they truly are, so I'll provide a brief history of where the term KNOW Thyself came from.

Socrates, a well known Greek philosopher who is credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy stated that...

..."Knowing Thyself is the height of all wisdom."

The term KNOW Thyself was also inscribed in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. The meaning of the statement, "Know Thyself" was intended to serve as a warning to pay no attention to the opinion of the multitude.

Translated into today's language, "STOP believing thinking and DOING as the multitude DO." STOP buying into, believing and adopting the same opinions and perspectives that the multitude holds and uses to make their life choices by.

The reasoning behind WHY DOING that is SO important is simply because the multitude operates from a place of scarcity. They exist within a Scarcity Paradigm. They observe, judge, label and often condemn what's going on out there, make short sighted assumptions, judgments and place labels on events, conditions, circumstances and people "out there" and never accept responsibility for their lives.

They often "claim" that their "heartfelt desires" can NEVER be achieved or attained because what's going on "out there" is keeping them from doing so.

In the Judeo Christian Bible, although perceptions may (and often do) vary as to what it means, this next statement could, and in my opinion DOES state the VERY same thing as KNOW Thyself when it instructs us to...

"Be in the world but not OF the world."

We are in the world, but we most definitely don't have to listen, follow and DO what MOST (the multitude) in the world do. MOST "think" like the masses, believe like the masses, listen to the masses, follow the masses and DO what the masses do. But VERY few actually heed the timeless wisdom and DO what it clearly instructs us to do.

As a result the masses get what the masses get.

The way they do it and what they receive as a result isn't, or at least doesn't seem "simple" either.

That's why it's SO important to Know Thyself.

It simplifies things. A LOT!!

Put in everyday language, it's important to Know Thyself simply because how and what you think about YOURSELF determines every outcome in your life. As true as that is, the vast majority are unconscious and unaware of WHO they "truly are", WHAT they are "truly capable of" and equally as important for "keeping things as simple as possible",

It ALL stems from scarcity thinking that "seems to be" difficult to overcome due to our scarcity mindsets. The fact of the matter is, MOST are totally oblivious to what they're thinking about most.

If you're anything like me, the term KNOW Thyself may "seem to have" no relevance as it pertains to enhancing quality of life or experiencing harmony in life. A lot of people think they know who they are. What they think they know though, stems from a very limited intellectual understanding we've learned and acquired throughout our lives regarding who and what we are. It's an intellectually acquired understanding that in most cases, has us believing and perceiving in such a way that falls far short of identifying and knowing who and what we truly are.

Because of what we believe about ourselves, we look at, view and SEE ourselves as much less than we are which has us thinking, speaking and acting in ways that provides us with FAR LESS than we're truly capable of having.

We'll cover more about that soon. For now I'll just say that we're MUCH MORE (and quite capable of FAR MORE) than most "think or believe" we are." What MOST of us have learned through our intellectually acquired understanding is that we're limited, flawed, unworthy.

Those who have been taught and believe they're limited also think they know what they're capable of achieving or not achieving. Most define what they're capable of achieving by stating what they CAN'T achieve and what they're NOT capable of. They are unknowingly holding, stating and acting upon the vision that they are "unconsciously constructing" and wondering why they can't "get what they want."

That's why what we "desire in life" and ARE quite capable of receiving can often seem so complex, difficult and in many cases, IMPOSSIBLE to achieve. But it's not. It's NOT that is, unless we decide that it is and choose for it to be.

If we make the kind and quality of choices that align with what we claim to WANT, it's very simple. If we consistently make choices that conflict with what we claim to WANT it can "seem" very difficult...impossible even.

Point being, whatever path YOU choose, whether it be The Short Path to Pain or The Simple Path, the scenery you look at as you journey down it CAN be and WILL be whatever you choose and allow it to be.

Really and truly, this edition of Enlightened Journey is about getting you thinking and DOING things in such a way that reveals a whole new paradigm and opens doors that you may not be aware of. Let's refer to this new paradigm as a Paradigm of Power. A kind and quality of power that we ALL have at our disposal and CAN use to achieve Real Freedom if ever and whenever WE choose to.

I'm also going to reveal a way; a VERY simple way that enables you to bypass the limitations of the intellect temporarily so you might remember and see just how simple it can be to smash through and transcend the limitations of the intellect so you might move beyond merely thinking about what The Real Freedom Path "might be like" and begin DOING things in such a way that will not only enable but empower you to begin experiencing whatever your individual desires in life might be.

It's a way that will enable you to SEE in an EXPERIENTIAL "real world" kind of way the sheer simplicity and perfection that underlies the how and why we receive whatever we receive in life. A way that enables and allows you to see beyond and break through the bondage of scarcity to EXPERIENCE the awe, excitement, joy and fulfillment that happens automatically and continues to grow when you choose to DO it.

It assists in the attainment of whatever heartfelt desires we might have. They start "showing up" in ways that MOST don't believe they can. For most these "ways" can "seem" illogical, impractical, not feasible and in many cases impossible. But once we're "aware of it" we begin to recognize, see and do things in such a way that we've previously overlooked. Very simple and in many cases "seemingly miraculous" ways.

The HOW and WHY behind it may be a bit difficult to grasp and comprehend initially but rest assured, as we move through what follows, the fog will clear and you'll begin to see for yourself just how simple it all is...or at least CAN be.

That's why I've appropriately titled this month's edition of Enlightened Journey "Simple is Best."

Aren't I a GENIUS? :) I'm not only extremely grateful, I'm actually ecstatic to say, that's one of my many "gifts."

Before you begin thinking that's an arrogant or haughty statement and become tempted to make any short sighted assumptions or judgments about ME or WHY I say that, allow me to clarify and follow that statement up with this...

So are YOU. That's one of YOUR many gifts too. You too ARE a genius. A powerfully creative genius actually.

If you think and believe as most do, you may not believe that, but it's true. I certainly didn't believe it at one point. I certainly wasn't "taught" that I was. In fact I was "taught" something entirely different. I've since discovered that MOST think and believe as I once did.

That's why making the choice to KNOW Thyself is so vitally important.

So you can "unlearn" what MOST of us HAVE been taught so you might SEE...REALLY see that you ARE in fact a genius. KNOWING Thyself is part of the "unlearning" process. DOING so enables you to remember, recognize it and begin "using" your inherent genius in a conscious and intentional kind of way. Once you do that you begin to remember, see and KNOW just how powerfully creative you are too.

That's the first necessary step for fulfilling "heartfelt desires" in the simplest way possible. It's the first of many steps down the Real Freedom Path. Making a "conscious choice to KNOW Thyself and realizing that you ARE a creative genius enables you to begin USING and consciously directing your power in a way that fulfills whatever desires you might have rather than limiting, suppressing or sabotaging them.

I'll share something else that you may not believe or be "consciously aware" of. You may, based on where you are now, "think and believe" that what I'm going to share next is crazy or ludicrous. I say that because that's what I thought initially. But it's not crazy of ludicrous at all. In fact, It's true." It's just based based on a much Higher Truth than most are aware of so it's often "perceived as being" crazy and/or ludicrous.

Here it is...

EVERYONE else is a genius too. And yes that includes YOU regardless of what you might currently think or believe to be "true" and aside from what you might think is necessary for YOU or anyone else to "claim" that we ALL are in fact, geniuses.

Few do "claim it." The masses certainly don't. Later in this edition, I'll be providing some very simple yet revealing reasons as to WHY that's true. I'll be providing you with a few troubling yet specific examples that will serve as validation as to WHY we have forgotten that we ARE in fact geniuses as well as WHAT has caused our forgetfulness.

So because that's "true" it's also important to KNOW this...

It's not a matter of finding and claiming your genius status. It's not a matter of earning it, working hard to get it or needing to "find it." It is a matter of knowing where to look, "reclaiming" what's inherently yours and "remembering" just how "true it is.

Doing that, although it can "seem to be" quite difficult or complex if you're unaware of WHERE to look, is VERY simple too. Once you're aware of that it's as "simple" as DOING the right things in the right order. That's when you remember that you ARE in fact a genius and begin to SEE in an EXPERIENTIAL kind of way that the attainment of your heartfelt hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations become much easier and simpler to attain too.

But I'll warn you up front, the "right order" doesn't mean nor does it entail DOING things the way the masses do.

In fact, it's quite different than and in a number of cases quite opposite of what the masses do. Although that's true, it also delivers results; awesome and amazing results that the masses will never see or experience.

The fact of the matter is, the masses are always looking, always seeking and always "acquiring and trying new stuff", seeking out new and better solutions, learning new "stuff" and always on the lookout for ways to "make life better."

They honestly and wholeheartedly believe that the way to make life better exists, "out there."

But they're doing things blindly. They're putting the cart before the horse without realizing they are. They don't realize it though, simply because they're DOING things in the way that most of us have been taught to DO things. That's what we believe is necessary to make life better.

In essence, we've been trained, programmed, conditioned and indoctrinated to "believe" that's how things must be done.

That's why SO many DO so much, expend so much "physical energy" DOING this, DOING that and DOING this other thing yet "seem to" receive so little. Most are DOING plenty. More than enough actually. But they're doing so blindly, halfheartedly, with fear based mindsets. They ARE doing the best they "know how" and DOING what they think and believe "needs to be done" to survive and get by. But the reason they're DOING all this DOING without "receiving" what they "truly desire" is because they're DOING it without first making a conscious choice to KNOW Thyself.

Doing that; making a conscious and intentional choice to KNOW Thyself is a game changer.

That's also what enables and allows you to clearly SEE that YOU and everyone else is a creative genius. A kind of creative genius which CAN BE used in a conscious and intentional kind of way and provide you with the "desires of your heart" just as simply and easily as DOING things "unconsciously" consistently provides "less than desired" results that only lead to more scarcity.

Scarcity can be a difficult cycle to break free from. The reason that's "true" is because looking at scarcity, SEEING scarcity and consistently experiencing more scarcity, more often than not only leads to more scarcity thinking. More scarcity thinking leads into even more scarcity. It's a way of looking at and DOING things that can only provide more of the same.

That's why it's vitally important to make a "paradigm shift" as I mentioned in Part 1. Making a "Paradigm Shift" breaks the scarcity cycle.

Although few realize it, the creative process was designed and operates in cycles. Scarcity thinking creates and sustains a "seemingly inescapable" life cycle that can only provide more results that equate to scarcity. Prosperity thinking creates and sustains a cycle that consistently provides prosperity.

Breaking the cycle is as simple as shifting from scarcity thinking to prosperity thinking.

Once you reclaim and remember that, you can "reclaim" and BEGIN using your creative genius in such a way that brings you what you "truly desire" rather than always looking, always seeking and always "trying new stuff "out there" in the hopes that you'll find that "nugget" or pot of gold that will once and for all enable your life to become better.

I say "reclaim and remember" intentionally. I do because the kind of creative genius I'm referring to is NOT something that you NEED to acquire. You ALREADY have it. The fact of the matter is, although we're ALL gifted with, are using this "gift" and ARE "creative geniuses" already, we don't all believe we are, let alone KNOW it. Because we don't, we don't use it in the way that it CAN be used.

We ARE using it already though. ALL of us are.

We most definitely don't use that gift in such a way that enables and allows us to SEE and KNOW for ourselves just how true it is that we ALL are creative geniuses. We don't simply because we've forgotten. Reclaiming it is as simple as remembering so we can KNOW that we are geniuses which enables and empowers us to begin USING what is already inherently ours in a more simple, efficient and effective kind of way. A "conscious and intentional" kind of way.

It's equally true that many...the vast majority in fact, have forgotten that they are creative geniuses too. They've yet to remember and as a result aren't currently "aware" of just how true it is either. Because MOST aren't aware, chances are better than good that YOU aren't aware, don't remember and don't KNOW that about yourself.

Whether you do or whether you don't is really immaterial. It's true. You ARE a creative genius regardless, and the reason WHY it's "true" is very simple. Granted, although it can "seem to be" a stretch; perhaps even difficult, complex and seemingly impossible to believe, let alone understand initially; whether you'll use your "gift" consciously and intentionally or NOT reveals how simple it all is. And it IS so very simple.

If you currently believe that you or anyone else is NOT a creative genius, there's a VERY simple reason as to WHY.

It's as simple or as "seemingly complex" as this...

If you don't think you're a genius for whatever reason, you simply haven't yet taken the initiative to KNOW Thyself.

And if you haven't "done that" yet, you still think and believe as the masses do and will consistently receive what the masses always receive.

Yes it IS that simple!! Most just haven't "figured that out" yet. What we have figured out is that we need to go somewhere else, do something more, learn something else, find a new intimate partner, try some new technique and/or search for some "new secret" and/or "get more stuff" that we think and believe we NEED so we might once and for all, "make life better."

But we keep looking on the surface. We keep looking and seeking and buying and trying new stuff that we think we NEED "out there."

There's a very wise, insightful and potentially transformational statement that was made many years ago by a very influential leader named Lau Tzu. It reveals a VERY SIMPLE way to remember that you are a genius and reclaim what's inherently yours even though you may have forgotten.

That statement is this...

"To see things in the seed, that is genius."

That's where MOST miss the mark. That's what MOST don't and/or won't DO. That's why so many have developed "seemingly incurable amnesia" and can't seem to remember that they are geniuses. We've learned to look for and depend on finding our solutions in the world "out there" rather than "unlearning" what we've been taught and "think we know."

We can cure this "temporary and quite curable form of "temporary amnesia though by looking and remembering what's taking place at the seed level.

Rather than learning about and looking at "the seed level" we're always looking, searching and consistently "seeking" out answers and solutions on the surface. That's why so many are always looking in the world "out there" for ways and means to "make life better." They "unconsciously choose" to look at the harvest they HAVE created, judge and label it as "bad, ugly and/or seemingly horrific"

Based on the way MOST are DOING it, one thing is certain...

...The future holds more of the same. More wanting, more trying, more learning, more looking for new partners, more seeking out new secrets and more frustration as we navigate our life paths "trying to figure things out."

The fact of the matter is, due to how most are "trying to figure out how to make life better", it's quite easy to become so busy and short on time and energy that they overlook, never discover and never engage themselves in the Truly Simple way that "enables and allows" them to reclaim and utilize their gift of creative genius to attain and EXPERIENCE the "desires of the heart."

But it's necessary to go to, learn and understand this "seed level" FIRST so they CAN. And that is PRECISELY what most don;t do.

The busyness and the "perceived lack of time and energy" that becomes our experience stems from "trying to make things happen so we can make life better.

Enabling and allowing is much more effective, certainly less stressful and far more productive than always TRYING to "figure out" how to make things happen. Attempting to force things, always "trying to make things happen" and always looking "out there" for something new, something better, is counter productive. That becomes MUCH EASIER to SEE, understand and DO when we "choose" to do what most DON'T and/or won't do FIRST.

It's as Simple as Choosing to KNOW Thyself

We're consistently looking, always seeking, always trying new things, learning new techniques, methodologies, acquiring more education, new gadgets and the latest, greatest technologies "out there" in our futile attempts to simplify things in the hope that we might finally "make life better."

Don't misunderstand. I love things. I enjoy gadgets. I LOVE receiving more "stuff." But receiving the additional joys, benefits and enhanced quality of life that "stuff" CAN provide comes later. That's all surface level stuff. Once you understand the "seed level"; once you KNOW what kind of "seeds" to plant to "get" this stuff, DOING so becomes SO MUCH more "simple."

As true as that is, most don't. MOST continue down The Short Path to Pain always hoping, always wishing and blindly praying that one day they'll find and get the "stuff" that will once and for all, "make life better."

Making life better may very well mean something entirely different to you than it does for another, but inevitably, whatever that is, we want that. Not only do we WANT it, we WANT to acquire it, WHATEVER it is in the quickest, simplest and easiest way possible.

We WANT what we WANT and we WANT it now. That's why we DO so much and "believe" that if that form of DOING isn't providing the desire, that we must DO something else or spend more time DOING more of what we've been doing with ever greater intensity.

Tune in here please, focus and pay VERY Close attention for just a second will you? This is VERY Important if you're sincere and serious about simplifying things and "making life better."

There's a "problem" with this "all too common" approach. A "perceived problem" that is.

Most are looking "out there" for what they "think they want" and "think they need" to make life better rather than looking within themselves. That's where Anything and EVERYTHING we could possibly WANT or NEED (and MUCH more) is found.

21st century science has made great strides in proving it and the ancient texts have clearly stated just how true it is for thousands of years.

What it DOES state is...

"The Kingdom of God is within you."

Most aren't aware of that statement, don't KNOW what it REALLY means, simply aren't listening or they just don't "get that." That's part of why so many aren't experiencing the "better life" they claim to want. They're wanting, looking for, "seeking out" new ways, trying and DOING new things, learning new Secrets, techniques and strategies to MAKE life better but they're looking "out there" which is the VERY THING that keeps so many DOING so much yet still always WANTING and trying to make life better with very limited results.

And just in case you overlooked it, the problem with that approach is, they keep looking "out there."

It doesn't state "Figure things out and then get out there and MAKE it happen." It CLEARLY states that anything and everything you could "possibly desire" is WITHIN you. Yet another of an INFINITE number of reasons WHY it's SO VITALLY IMPORTANT to KNOW Thyself.

There are others who "claim" they "WANT to make life better" who are consistently hoping, wishing and praying that life will become better, yet they aren't willing to DO anything differently than they have to create the "better life" they "claim to want." They're always "waiting for their ship to come in."

So, they buy the latest Law of Attraction program, hope, wish, pray, visualize, do dream boards, chant, visualize some more, buy lottery tickets, etc. etc., and then hope wish and pray some more, only to find that their hopes, wishes, dreams and heartfelt aspirations never come true.

Due to how we're going about trying to make life better, always looking, always seeking, always trying new things and consistently doing things that we're "told" are necessary, more often than not, this learned and "chosen way" of DOING things doesn't provide this "better life" we "claim to WANT" as we believe and are told it will.

That's why so many spend their entire lives doing the same thing over and over and over again, attempting to make life better yet never arrive at where they're "trying to get to", no matter how much they hope, wish, pray or DO.

Good news though. There IS a much better, far more simple, certainly much quicker and, aside from what most think and believe, a MUCH easier way.

It becomes MUCH MORE Simple when we "enable and allow" OURSELVES to "enable and allow" our lives to become better by looking where this BETTER life has ALWAYS existed and CAN ALWAYS be found IF we choose to LOOK where we've been instructed to FIND it rather than always "looking out there" trying to make life better.

It doesn't matter WHERE you are now, whether you're experiencing a GRAND and over the top AWESOME quality of life or your struggling to survive and get by. As humans we all desire more. There's ALWAYS more to be, do, have and experience and we CAN do that in a much more desirable, wholesome, fulfilling and "simple way" than MOST choose.

It's simply a matter of doing things in the right order and looking in the "right place."

And I'll make you a PROMISE right from the start that our lives CAN become SO much better and far more simple regardless of how grand, bleak, busy or complex we might think they are right now when we make a "conscious choice" to LOOK where ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you could possibly "desire" is found.


That's WHY the choice to KNOW Thyself is so important. That's the first order of business that MUST be dealt with and handled if you're ever to receive and experience what you truly desire in life.

What's going on within yourself can enable and allow life to become INFINITELY better, infinitely worse or keep things as they are. Yes, it works either way. The way it "works" for us as individuals depends on the choices we make, how we DO things and the order we DO them in.

Some (although few) DO things in such a way that enables and allows life to become all they truly desire for it to be, while others (the vast majority) do things in such a way that makes life stay the same or "seem" worse.

In the bigger scheme there is no better or worse and nothing ever stays the same either. Life is always changing every second of every minute of every day. If it "seems to be" staying the same, it's only because we continue thinking, believing, speaking, acting and DOING the same.

What we do, how we do it and what we receive as a result enables and allows our lives to "seem better, worse or remain "seemingly the same." It's all just a matter of choice and perspective really.

Those who make a "conscious choice" to KNOW Thyself, know, see and understand things that those who DON'T choose that never will. They clearly see and understand that what's unfolding "out there" is a mirrored reflection of what's happening within themselves.

The point is, which way it goes for US; how life unfolds for us, is up to us. We "choose that" although it's true that most don't realize that they do and have no idea; let alone any "conscious awareness" of how the "choosing" is being done.

That's why it can "seem" so difficult sometimes and impossible at other times to "make life better."

It "seems that way" simply because most "try and DO things" in the very same manner that MOST others "try and DO things" and we end up receiving what most receive. MOST are looking and continue looking "out there." In the vast majority of cases we receive FAR LESS than we truly desire. We end up struggling, striving, settling, and getting by all the while thinking and believing that WHAT we've done is all we can do and we honestly believe that we have gone as far as we can go.

The fact of the matter is, we CAN "enable and allow" our lives to become Infinitely Better once we KNOW how to enable and allow ANY and EVERY aspect of our lives to become whatever we "truly desire" for them to become.

Enabling and allowing in this case, simply means STOP resisting and start enabling and allowing yourself to look within yourself so you might finally remember and rediscover what most never do.

What is that?

The FACT that we ARE creative geniuses and that we've each been freely provided an immeasurable and unlimited form of Power to create a life by design. KNOWING and understanding that enables and allows the desires of the heart to become much simpler to acquire.

The first step to enable and allow things to become better is to KNOW Thyself.

But it requires YOU doing it. DOING it though, isn't DONE in the way MOST think it is. That's the hard way. There's a much better way and it IS VERY Simple.

Let's be real here. Who doesn't WANT that. Who wouldn't LOVE that?

If YOU would LOVE finding this better and more simple way, and you're REALLY serious about DOING it, here's a key point to understand....

It's NOT about hoping, wishing, praying, wanting, and trying. Nor is it about seeking and searching, learning this new technique, doing this, doing that or doing this other thing that enables life to become ALL that it can become.

Learning and doing certainly have their place. But they're not the main thing. It's not what it's about. What it is about is SO much more profound, powerful and simple than that.

It's about making a conscious choice to KNOW Thyself FIRST. Once chosen, it's about enabling and allowing ourselves to make the necessary internal adjustments and paradigm shifts FIRST which in turn enables and allows the learning and doing that follows to become more simple, efficient, effective and fun too.

When we get there, the "externals" that we do desire begin to "show up" in a much more "simple", easy and free flowing kind of way. Sometimes they "show up" in seemingly miraculous ways.

Although I'm not going to provide any in depth scientific or holistic validation as to WHY the following holds true in this edition, it's important to understand this...

"Trying and WANTING to make life better" creates resistance. It pushes what we WANT away. The reason is simple. Look up the word WANT in the dictionary. You'll discover if you DO it, that WANT implies "lack."

A paradigm of WANT only feeds the cycle that keeps us "seemingly trapped within a paradigm of WANT. It's a Scarcity Paradigm that can only produce and provide MORE scarcity.

Enabling and allowing ourselves to KNOW Thyself, to SEE and KNOW who and what we "truly are" and rediscovering the inherent genius that ALREADY exists within each of us enables and allows life to become what we "truly desire" for it to become. It opens the floodgates. It DRAWS what we "truly desire to us.

In future editions, we'll get more into the how and why that ALWAYS holds true. The point is this...

When you make "the shift" from trying and WANTING to make life better to enabling and allowing life to be what it is and expressing sincere and heartfelt gratitude for all the good that's in our lives right here and now, we begin to "draw to ourselves" more to be grateful for. There's not nearly as much DOING necessary as most think and believe either.

And those "desires" ALWAYS DO "show up" when we DO what's necessary to DO first, which enables and allows how "simple, perfect, precise and AWESOME it all is" to reveal itself.

But it's necessary to DO what most simply choose NOT to do.

It REALLY is this simple too...

It's as Simple as Choosing to KNOW Thyself

What does that have to do with enabling and allowing life to become better?

That's simple too. If you don't realize you ARE a creative genius and you think as most do, although you ARE still using your creative genius, you're doing so in such a way that keeps things the same or provides the polar opposite of the desired result.

It's a VERY simple, easily verifiable and substantiated fact. On average we think" an average 60,000 thoughts per day. Of the estimated 60,00 thoughts per day that we do think, we're only "consciously aware" of what roughly 3-5% of those thoughts are.

The other 95-97% of those thoughts are mindless babble. This mindless babble is the result of conditioning, programming and indoctrination. We've become conditioned to habitually think in ways that align and harmonize with scarcity. It runs "under the radar" outside of our conscious awareness. It's also estimated that 80 percent of this "mindless babble" is negative and fear based.

Combine THAT simple, PROVEN and substantiated fact with another FACT and you can begin to see just how simple it is as to WHY creating desirable change can "seem" so difficult. Even though it may not "seem simple" right now, it becomes very simple when you make a conscious and intentional choice to "think about and become aware of what you're thinking about" most.

Unconscious, habitual, under the radar thoughts CAN be detected and shifted by simply choosing to. When and IF you make the choice to KNOW Thyself and see things at the "seed level" you begin to SEE and understand WHY that's SO vitally important.

Few understand how important it is let alone the power their thoughts have in determining their reality. That's why so many are always trying so hard to make life better. They simply don't understand the literal nature of their thoughts as it pertains to what we receive or don't receive in life. Source (whatever you perceive Source to be) PROVIDES whatever experiences we might go through in life PRECISELY as we choose when we ask in earnest, with the right intention and for reasons that asisst rather than harm.

As the ancient text clearly states, "Ask and you shall receive." Our "predominant thoughts" are doing the asking and we receive just as we ask.

If 95-97% of our thoughts are "unconscious" and an estimated 80% of those thoughts are negative, is it any wonder WHY receiving the desires of our heart can "SEEM" so difficult?

NOT understanding the powerfully creative and literal nature of our thoughts, combined with mindlessly making statements like WANT, Make life work better and always "seeking" what we think we NEED to make life better "out there" can never, has never and WILL never provide what you truly desire.

Because of the literal nature of our thoughts, combined with the fact that we're always wanting or thinking about "making lie better, we are in essence asking for more want, always "trying to make life better" and receieve just as we choose. JUST AS we ask. That's why so many continue on in life "looking outside of ourselves for the quickest, cheapest and simplest solutions that NEVER have, never can and never will provide what we do "truly desire."

Those "unconscious choices" always lead to the materialization of tangible events, conditions and circumstances that align and harmonize perfectly and precisely with what we predominantly think about the most.

Scarcity thinking provides "less than desired" results. Prosperity thinking provides the desires of the heart.

Wanting and always thinking about making life better is scarcity thinking. Holding a vision, seeing it as an already fact and doing what we feel inspired to do as we move ever closer toward it is prosperity thinking.

It's VERY simple.

In either case, we "receive" precisely as we ask. We receive either MORE want and always find ourselves "trying" to make life work better or, when the time is just right the fulfillment of a grand vision. Due to HOW we're thinking, WHAT we're thinking, combined with the power and the Free Will we've ALL been provided to think, believe, do and "create our lives as we choose" we have the ability to "unconsciously create" more want and more "trying to make life better" or the polar opposite which is an AWESOME and AMAZING quality of life.

It's OK to want and it's OK to try to make life better if you don't mind walking The Short Path to Pain. Because in doing so we sabotage and never get to experience the very things that we DO "truly desire" and claim we want. Take it from someone who's been there and done that, that CAN and DOES create some unnecessary and needless pain.

But at the same time when we choose that, when we ask for that whether consciously or unconsciously the pain experienced is precisely what we were "supposed to" experience.

And YES, It truly is that simple.

We could get into all the science, research, timeless wisdom, etc. that supports how and why that's true. You COULD engage in years of research and study (as I did) by exploring and learning more about the energetic, vibrational nature of the cosmos, the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, other levels of consciousness, studying the lives of the mystics, sages and masters, exploring the ancient texts and a whole bunch of intellectual data that clearly reveals in an intellectual kind of way how and why that's true.

There's plenty of really insightful and empowering data "out there" to find, study and research for sure. But, that's the long path. It's complex. It is because it's intellectual data.

But as I promised, we're going to keep it very very simple in this edition. So simple that anyone can begin DOING things in such a way that enables, empowers and allows them to EXPERIENCE what they truly desire without all the hoping, wishing, anxiously praying, seeking, searching, wanting, trying and consistently DOING more of the same things they have done with greater intensity in their constant yet futile pursuit of "trying to make life better."

I discovered, after doing the same, prior to engaging in many years of research, study and EXPERIENCING what can only be described as a number of VERY PROFOUND and AWE inspiring experiences of IMMENSE proportion, that MOST are DOING things in precisely that way. What MOST don't understand though is the fact that although they're DOING the best they know how. As true as that is, they're doing things in such a way that has never, is not and can NEVER provide what they do "truly desire."

The reason is simple. They're always coming from a place of scarcity which can only provide lack, limitation, fear, doubt, worry and anxiety.

The way we're DOING it provides mediocre results at best. That's what we've been taught though and how we've learned to do things. That's WHY we think as we do, believe as we do, do as we do and consistently watch as life unfolds in PRECISELY that way.

That's also why so many are always hoping, wishing, anxiously praying, seeking, searching, wanting, trying, learning and frantically DOING more and more things with greater intensity to "make life better."

That's the "common way" of doing things for sure. That's also how most TRY to do it. That's also why MOST continue "trying so hard" their entire lives yet never arrive at where they truly desire to be.

As anyone who's tried this "common way" of doing things will tell you, (myself included) it certainly isn't simple and it most definitely isn't easy. Yes, I've tried it that way. I also discovered another way; a FAR MORE simple way after "trying it" the same way for MANY years. The way which most do.

The reason behind it is "simple" though.

The Multitudes Never Choose to KNOW Thyself, See Themselves, Others and Life as Limited, Overlook Their Inherent Genius and Unconsciously Utilize Their True Power

Let me clarify something that's VERY important as it pertains to YOU and the term KNOW Thyself.

When I say KNOW Thyself, I'm not referring only to the flesh, bone and muscle "meat suit" you. I'm referring to WHO and WHAT you "truly are." Yes, whether you "think you are" or not, you're MUCH MORE than a "meat suit", I'll assure you.

When I refer to KNOWING Thyself I'm referring to KNOWING All of YOU; all aspects of YOU and how these "seemingly separate" aspects of you all "interconnect" and work together to determine how we think, what we believe, how we perceive life, what we do, how much of it we do and how well we do it.

When I say the "seemingly separate aspects of you" I'm referring to the spiritual, mental, emotional AND physical YOU. Each of those attributes combined with the factors I've mentioned above, determine the kind and quality of your life.

When you align and harmonize those aspects of yourself in a conscious and intentional way, the genius that you are becomes VERY apparent, quit obvious and VERY simple to use in a way that best serves you and others.

You could say it's simply TRUE and at the same time TRULY simple as to why YOU and EVERYONE is a genius, even though A LOT of people...MOST people in fact, aren't aware that they are. They don't "believe" that it's true and as a result never use this gift in the way it CAN be a conscious and intentional kind of way which enables and allows the attainment of what we truly desire to be, do and/or have in life to become much more "simple" than the alternative.

The ONLY reason so many don't see and realize that is because of what we've learned intellectually. We've acquired an "intellectual understanding" about how things are. Because of what we've learned, what we believe, how we think, what we "perceive" to be true about ourselves, others, the Source of our understanding and life in general, combined with what we think, say and do as a result of those factors, we seldom if ever break through the illusionary fog long enough to acquire an EXPERIENTIAL understanding of how AWESOME life CAN be.

In MOST cases, this intellectually acquired understanding, due to it's self limiting nature blinds us to the fact that we ARE creative geniuses, that we ALL were freely provided the same power, that we ARE in fact using this power "unconsciously" which is precisely what keeps us from SEEING and DOING things in the "simplest way" possible to begin receiving the desires of the heart.

That freaks A LOT of people out too. It's a way of looking at, seeing and doing things that only serves to stir and ignite more fear. It keeps MOST from discovering and using their inherent genius in a conscious, intentional and "simple" kind of way that we all have the ability, all have access to and ALL can use, to get things done in the simplest, quickest and easiest way possible.

Fear sabotages trust, keeps us feeling less than whole, disconnected, afraid and less than assured about life and ourselves. Knowing thyself and remembering that you REALLY and TRULY are a creative genius not only CAN but DOES change all that.

Before I reveal WHY you are a genius and how you can begin using what you are in a way that best serves you, I'm going to ask that you consider the possibilities...

  • Wouldn't it be AWESOME if you discovered a way to remain in a state of unwavering trust, feeling whole, connected, assured and at peace regardless of what might be happening around you?

  • How AMAZING would it be If you were provided the ways and means to DO that and KNEW that your "heartfelt desire" to experience just that (and much more) would be fulfilled?

  • What would that mean for you?

  • And what if ONE single concept; a VERY simple concept enabled you to DO that and you could reach this "place" in a FAR MORE simple kind of way than you currently think you can?

  • Would you at least be open and receptive to exploring the possibilities?

That's what the remainder of this months edition, Simple is Best is going to do. Reveal the simplicity of DOING that and show you how to turn an "intellectual understanding" of what doing so MIGHT look, feel and be like into an EXPERIENTIAL understanding so you can KNOW what it "feels like" in a real world kind of way to see and EXPERIENCE whatever your "heartfelt desires" might be.

Once you experience and KNOW it, you'll also know beyond the shadow of a doubt just how true it is that you ARE a creative genius and how simple it can be to use your inherent genius to fulfill the desires of your heart.

A kind and quality of EXPERIENTIAL understanding that NEVER leaves you and enables you to feel, KNOW, experience and project Love, trust, assurance and peace of mind in a profoundly transformational and EXPERIENTIAL kind of way...consistently and unconditionally.

Once you have the EXPERIENTIAL understanding that enables and allows you to move into and remain in this loving, trusting and assured state of mind, the "things that so many WANT which they are always hoping, wishing, praying, seeking and trying so hard to GET start flowing to you. The shift from scarcity, lack, limitation and fear to abundance, plenty, prosperity and Love takes place.

As exciting and freeing as that is, it gets better than that. That's also when the most efficient ways, the simplest means, the right people, ideas, etc. start showing up; sometimes in "seemingly miraculous ways, enabling and allowing your tangible desires to become real and tangible experiences.

There are a lot of "self improvement/personal development products" being circulated "out there" today that make a number of claims that "sound and seem" very promising and appealing. As I stated in the Welcome Edition, the quick, cheap and easy methodologies that so many claim to have for "getting what you want" sounds VERY sexy and appealing.

The sexy and appealing part is how quick, simple, cheap and "easy" their methodology is. Some claim to provide The Secret, some The Secret Behind The Secret, still others "The 3 step can't fail solution", and still others the "Newly Discovered Methodology" for getting what you want....WHATEVER you want.

There are a plethora of processes and techniques being taught through various mediums that "claim" they hold the Master Key to get what you WANT so you can "make life work better."

Some prove helpful yet MANY don't. Most don't actually. Those that show and tell you what to DO so you can "get what you want" are the ones that DON'T. Those that provide "accurate knowledge" regarding YOU and how to make the "inner shifts" do.

I'm going to share some of my own "personal less than desirable experiences" due to "trying things" the way MOST do. Not because I want you to know about my journey, but rather so you might know more about yourself and how to best and most simply receive the desires of your heart. Perhaps you'll be able to relate.

Back to self improvement/personal development programs.

I've tried MANY of those. Both kinds. I spent many years and Tens of thousands of dollars in fact "trying" various things, learning how to DO this, do that and do this other thing in the hope that life MY would become better. As much as I tried, life didn't become "better." In fact, not only did life NOT become better, my frustration only grew. All that served to DO was enable and allow that frustration, pessimism and an already "ungrateful attitude" to grow.

As those "chosen ways of Being grew", so did the events, conditions and circumstances that I DIDN'T want.

Consistently "trying and DOING things" in the way I was told and was instructed to do them made life "seem much worse" than it already "seemed" when I began.

If you're anything like me and many others like us, you've done the same. If you have, you're already aware of how "limited" MOST of these self help/personal development tools, techniques, systems and processes can be. Perhaps you've tried and tried and then tried some more to "do your very best" to apply what is taught, only to be disappointed time and again.

Perhaps you're feeling as frustrated, pessimistic and ungrateful as I was. Perhaps it "seems as if" scarcity, lack, limitation and a consistent flow of less than desired results is just how things were meant and are designed to be.

If you are, don't feel alone, You, I and MANY others have been there and done that too. Then, after navigating what many would call a long hard path, I discovered a MUCH quicker, FAR MORE simple, and YES...a FAR less expensive way. In fact it wasn't EXPENSIVE at all. There was no cost whatsoever involved. There was an investment required and made though.

But I'll assure you, it was the wisest and BEST investment I've EVER made or WILL ever make.

It went FAR BEYOND spending money on "useless gibberish" or the material kinds of investments as most define the word. It was a multilevel form of investment of time, energy and focus and the returns were "out of this world." I mean that literally too.

The simplest, quickest, easiest and most affordable solution I discovered and have already shared is DEFINITELY far more simple than I thought it would or could be.

What was it and How simple is it? This simple...

KNOW Thyself.

After trying MANY personal development programs, processes, techniques, seminars, etc. etc, my journey led into a more spiritual or if you prefer a more "holistic" approach.

That too was very beneficial and enlightening part of my journey.

By doing that I discovered that part of the trap that even the most spiritually minded seekers often find themselves “seemingly trapped” within, is listening to and believing what others claim about who and what they are.

Although I won;t get into great depth about the many possibilities, essentially were told and taught to look at mind, body and spirit as being separate.

They are not separate!!!

Believing, perceiving and seeing these interconnected aspects of you as separate creates a division; a sense of separation within yourself.

However subtle it might be or “seemingly insignificant” you may think it is…there’s a POWERFUL difference from that and KNOWING that the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of you are intricately interconnected, ALL necessary and integral parts of ONE WHOLE each important, each serving it’s unique purpose and all playing a role collectively and simultaneously as the One that they are.

The KEY to enabling and allowing heartfelt desires to become “real” requires nothing more or less than a conscious alignment between the mental, emotional and physical. There's a synergy that takes place automatically. A synergy that enables you to know that you are a creative genius, that you ARE powerfully creative and that the desires of your heart CAN BE fulfilled.

But to get there, to see that and KNOW how true it is, there's a very simple yet transformational step that MUST be taken first. I've said it MANY times but because it's SO important, I'll say it again.

KNOW Thyself.

Choosing to KNOW Thyself enables you to recognize and discern between limited "perceptions of truth" taught by others and what I refer to as Higher Truth. It eliminates the long, grueling, task of consistently “needing” to align and harmonize the mental, emotional and physical aspects of yourself and SEEING that navigating the endless path toward “enlightenment” is "Truly" unnecessary.

It enables you to KNOW that there's nowhere to go, nothing more to get and nothing more that needs to be done to reach this "place" where so many "spiritually minded folks" are "trying so hard" to get to.

Once you SEE and KNOW that, the necessary imaginings, thoughts, feelings and actions that follow in turn align and harmonize, enabling and allowing desirable miracles to become a regular occurrence. No “wanting, needing, force or trying” necessary.

That sounds simple enough doesn't it?

Depending on where you are now it may or may not sound "simple" at all. You VERY well MAY have "wasted" A LOT of money, time, energy and focus needlessly. So, even if it doesn't sound or seem simple right now; even though you may feel frustrated, disappointed, resentful, perhaps even angry and doubtful, no worries.

I'm going to reveal how "simple it can be" soon.

But make no mistake, as simple as it is, it's IMPORTANT; VITALLY Important if you have a sincere desire to be, do and/or have the "desires of your heart" fulfilled and experience the greatest possible quality of life.

A kind and quality of life that you "truly Love."

Rest assured it is simple, it is powerful and it WILL serve you well in both KNOWING Thyself and opening yourself to RECEIVE the desires of YOUR heart rather than resisting them.<

The Simplest Concepts and Actions Provide The Greatest, Most Desirable and Pleasing Results

I've personally found that; after DOING a LOT of things; many of them quite complex and complicated, that the "simplest things" provide the greatest and most pleasing results. Profound, life transforming and in MANY cases, "seemingly miraculous" results actually.

I shared one of those "personal miracles" with you in the last edition. As "seemingly miraculous" as it was, I've since discovered that the how and why behind it was very simple.

But to keep it as simple, quick and inexpensive as possible it's necessary to bypass all the smoke, mirrors, hype, techniques, processes and empty promises and go straight to The Source. It took me many years of "trying" various things; MANY things, before I "figured that out."

If you overlooked and/or didn't read that edition for whatever reason, you'll know what I mean by "Going straight to "The Source" soon. I'm also going to reveal HOW you can reach and access this Source anytime you choose as well as WHY most don't "think or believe" they CAN.

In the remainder of this edition, I'm going to do my best to reveal WHY it IS simple to "reclaim" your "genius status", remember and begin using your creative genius to "consciously create" a kind and quality of life for yourself that provides what you DO "truly Love and desire" without limitation.

I'm also going to introduce you to THE WAY that I've personally found, have used and still use today to reach and access The Source. It's a way that I've discovered which shortens what could otherwise prove to be a many year journey of self discovery to KNOW Thyself.

I'm going to DO so in such a way that opens the floodgates to an EXPERIENTIAL understanding of how to best and most simply align the mental, emotional and physical aspects of you so you might begin "consciously choosing" a prosperity mindset and navigating the many life paths we have to choose from with a sense of unwavering confidence, assurance and TRUST so you might KNOW and EXPERIENCE, as the ancient text puts it..."Whatsoever ye desire."

That may seem like a stretch to you. If it does, believe me when I tell you "I get that." It definitely "seemed like" a stretch to me too when I first heard it. Based on what I thought was true about life, others, God and myself, I certainly didn't believe it. I couldn't SEE it. I couldn't only because, as I've since discovered I had adopted, adhered to and consistently utilized a scarcity mindset.

I simply didn't BELIEVE that we had open and equal access to Source nor that we could shift the less than desirable events, conditions and circumstances in life into the "seemingly miraculous" in such a simple way.

I had NO idea, NO belief and ZERO conscious awareness that it COULD BE so simple.

But here's the thing I've since discovered. Something that applied to ME and applies equally to ALL of us without exception. Since it DOES apply to ALL of us, it's a VERY important thing to KNOW and understand about yourself.

If it "seems like a stretch" and you believe it's a stretch, it's certain that it's going to be a stretch just as it seems and just as you believe.

That's tangible proof of just how powerfully creative you are. That's how powerfully creative we ALL are, bar none. It's also HOW and WHY we so often use our creative genius "unconsciously" to create more of what we DON'T want.

If you honestly believe that personally interacting with Source or that receiving your "heartfelt desires" is a stretch or worse, IMPOSSIBLE, there's a "misalignment between the desire and YOU. Put simply, you'll continue doing the same as you have and remain in hoping, wishing, praying and DOING mode, never EXPERIENCING what you DO desire.

The scarcity mindset will grow. Fear, doubt, worry, anxiety and DOING things in the way MOST do them will remain a way of life.

The timeless wisdom that states "As you believe you receive" is more than some religious or New Age philosophy. It ALWAYS holds true. That's on target timeless wisdom that's "simple enough" to understand.

I've personally walked what many might call "the long hard path" before I "figured out" how simple it all is...or at least CAN be, to create (or if you prefer co-create) whatsoever YOU desire. What you "truly desire."

Life is ALL About Alignment, Harmony and Flow and Your Results Reveal Whether You're In Alignment or Misalignment With Your Desires

Most everyone is trying to "figure things out." There's really only one thing to figure out and understand to "make life better."

It's as "simple" as understanding alignment, harmony and flow. Once you understand it, you can better align the mental, emotional and physical aspects of yourself which reveals the simplicity and perfection of harmony and flow that surrounds us.

That's how things were designed. They're ALWAYS in harmony and they're ALWAYS in flow. If it "seems" as if that's not true, it's simply because there's a misalignment within yourself. There's a misalignment between you and what you "truly desire." That's also why it may seem and often does "seem" that you're not a creative genius. It's also why SO MANY think and believe they're "disconnected from Source.

You are a creative genius and you're NEVER disconnected from Source. Any "perceived disconnect" or "perceived disharmony" that reveals itself "out there" stems from "conflicting beliefs" within ourselves. There's a "conflict" between the desire and what you "believe" to be real, right, true and possible. The harmony ALWAYS reveals itself yet due to what we believe, how we view, perceive, judge and label the outcomes we experience, we believe and label less than desired outcomes and situations as disharmony.

To make the shift from a "seemingly endless flow" of "perceived disharmony" to Harmony only requires that you enhance and elevate your beliefs.

Like many, I used to think and believe that I was anything but a genius. I definitely didn't believe that I was powerfully creative either. I certainly had NO IDEA whatsoever that you really and truly COULD receive "whatsoever you desire."

That's what created my "personal" misalignment, "perceived disharmony and blocked the flow of what I truly desired in and for my life.

I'd heard or read those statements countless times, understood what they meant intellectually but as I discovered later, I didn't really "get it." Because I didn't "get it" I didn't GET IT either, meaning I didn't GET whatsoever I desired. In fact, it "seemed as if", since I kept receiving more and more of what I DIDN'T want regardless of how hard I "tried", what I did or how much I did it, I came to the conclusion that I couldn't HAVE what I did "truly desire."

Because of that I also believed that life was anything but simple. I believed it was quite difficult and complex to achieve what I truly desired to achieve actually.

If you're like MOST, maybe you do too. You may, as the vast majority does, always find yourself experiencing what you "believe to be" disharmony, scarcity, lack and limitation and as a result find that you're consistently "trying" to "figure things out."

Figuring things out is an intellectual approach that is VERY limited. The reason it is, is simply because we are "trying to figure things out intellectually with the very same intellectual understanding we've acquired through the scarcity programming and indoctrination we've received. We're attempting to figure things out and DO things based on the very same limited and less than empowering "intellectual data" we've acquired, adopted and "believe" to be true.

Although, we're DOING the best we can based on what "we think we know", we unconsciously remain in a state of resistance. There's simply too much to figure out.

Think about it. I mean REALLY think about it. Due to the countless choices and decisions we have to make, the infinite number of possibilities we have to choose from, the various life paths those choices and decisions lead us down and the infinite number of possibilities that we encounter as we journey down this infinite number of paths we have to choose from, there's A LOT to figure out. If you find yourself DOING that, I think you'll agree it doesn't seem all that simple. Does it?

It certainly didn't to me.

After personally trying to figure things out for a number of years, the enormity and "perceived complexity" of it all "seemed" quite difficult and far beyond complex actually. VERY much so. Because of what I'd been taught, believed and how things "seemed" I believed as many today do that we must just play the game of life with the hand that's dealt to us, do the best we can, grin and bare it and let the chips fall where they may.

It was that scarcity mindset which led to thinking, speaking and acting in ways that could only provide more fear, doubt, worry, anxiety and scarcity. The process delivered precisely what I was asking for although it "seemed as if" I was receiving the exact opposite of what I truly desired.

I WAS. I just couldn't "figure out" how to make the shift and for a number of years didn't BELIEVE I could.

I didn't personally like playing the game of life that way. I certainly didn't like how that felt and I most definitely didn't like the results I kept receiving. Because I believed that the "chips would fall" where they would, It "seemed as if" the chips never fell on my side of the table. Because of that, it "seemed as if" the winning hands were only dealt to the "lucky people."

Then, as I shared in the previous edition, The Greatest of These is Love, something happened. Something BIG. Much bigger than I thought or believed could happen FOR SURE.

Something SO BIG that I began to open my eyes and take notice. That's also when I began DOING something that I hadn't previously done. I began a very intense search for what I refer to today as a Higher Truth.

At that point in time I had no idea that all I had searched for could have been found within myself. I believed that our searching and seeking must be done "out there." So that's what I did. I began searching and seeking "out there."

That's when and WHY I initially chose to navigate the self help/personal development path. That path proved futile yet led to MANY other paths over the years. I was looking for answers as to how and why an event of that magnitude could happen for someone like me.

The word "miracle" best described the event based on what I understood intellectually. Yet the "word" miracle didn't satisfy my hunger for deeper understanding in and of itself. I set out to "figure things out." The paths I walked to satisfy that hunger were many and spanned the course of MANY years.

I did that (and plenty of it) until the simplicity of HOW and WHY that "miracle" happened was revealed. I didn't look for it, search for it, seek it out or DO anything really with the exception of enabling and allowing that event to occur.

The best way I can describe this "experience" would be to say that it was an "intangible miracle." Some might refer to it as a "transcendental experience."

Call it what you will, it was PROFOUND, enlightening and MOST CERTAINLY revealing and eye opening.

You know what's really CRAZY about that? Enabling and allowing happened as a result of me "hitting bottom." Due to all my seeking, searching, doing this and doing that as I believed NEEDED to be done, I was drained, mentally, emotionally and physically. Hitting bottom precipitated my "letting go." After YEARS and YEARS of trying to "figure things out" what I had been trying so hard to find revealed itself in the blink of an eye.

But just as the "tangible miracle" that unfolded in the hospital emergency room required "letting go" and surrendering, this experience happened due to the VERY same "choice" although it WASN'T a choice I made "consciously."

The "hitting bottom" left me with nowhere to go, nowhere to turn, without knowing what else to do which automatically precipitated the "letting go" and surrendering.

That EXPERIENCE provided me with an understanding and a KNOWING that can't be described. What I can say is that it provided the missing puzzle piece that I had spent so many years searching, seeking, looking for and "trying so hard to figure out HOW to find during my "intellectual journey."

I immediately realized there was NOTHING to figure out with the exception that EVERYTHING had already been figured out and put in place already. The only thing necessary for me to do was to make a conscious and intentional choice to align and harmonize with what HAD already been figured out and once done enable and allow the "process" to take care of itself.

DOING that only requires DOING the VERY BEST you can based on where you are. DOING that only requires DOING your best to align and harmonize what you think, say and do with the "desire" and simply "enable and allow" yourself to let go. Let go of any "need", attachment, or anxious expectation about how or when that desire will "show up." Once you've DONE that, you simply let go, surrender and enable and allow the process to do the rest.

When you do; IF you do, you open yourself to receive and at the same time enable and allow Source to deliver the "desires of your heart."

The MASTER KEY to it ALL though is to align and harmonize in ALL you think, say and DO with Love. It requires letting go of the fear based programming and indoctrination we've received which has us operating from a place of scarcity.

It's SO very simple really...

  • Love and Allowing = Prosperity

  • Fear and Attachment = Scarcity

We'll cover more about what that REALLY means and how to do that later in this edition.

Point being, that experience revealed just "simple" it all is.

That was unlike ANYTHING I'd EVER experienced previously. Although I'd personally witnessed a "tangible miracle" of make you weak in the knees proportion prior to my "hitting bottom experience", up to that point, I had no idea that such a thing as an "intangible miracle" existed.

The word "miracle of an intangible nature" best describes that event in an intellectual kind of way, although words, regardless of how eloquent or masterfully articulated they might be could never and CAN never come anywhere remotely close to accurately describing the enormity or EXPERIENTIAL nature of what experiencing something of that magnitude was like.

In layman's terms you could say the "light bulbs came on." A WHOLE BUNCH of really High Intensity light bulbs. When they did, I could SEE things, KNOW things and UNDERSTOOD things that I'd NEVER studied and hadn't been able to SEE prior. I became able to SEE just how simple it all was in a very profound and EXPERIENTIAL kind of way that FAR exceeded anything and EVERYTHING that I "thought I knew" intellectually.

You know what really happened?

I remembered.

You know what's REALLY crazy about that?

Due to my "intellectual nature", I spent many more years trying to "figure that experience out" too. The intense nature of that event, combined with my curiosity, my habitual way of DOING things and the "NEEDING to figure things out" period that preceded and followed this "profound experience" led me into even more years of taking an intellectual approach hoping, wishing and praying that I could figure THAT experience out too.

It was a beneficial period and I figured out MANY things. The single most important thing I figured out is that my years of attempting to "figure things out" could have been shortened IMMENSELY.

Here's the single most important thing I've since figured out...

I've since discovered that the intellect can't take you where you truly desire to go. It simply CANNOT take you there. It can't because of the limited intellectual understanding that MOST of us receive, the slow hard pace that this intellectual understanding has us engaging in and the equally limiting beliefs we acquire, adopt, retain and use to make important life choices and decisions is, in itself VERY LIMITED.

It's based on scarcity and how we're taught to do things is limited to a physical and finite approach to life.

I discovered something, something I wasn't previously aware of that "could have" shaved years off of my search and eliminated the NEED to figure things out.

You could say my "limited intellectual understanding" was replaced with an EXPERIENTIAL understanding by "choosing" to DO something different than I'd previously done.

The BIGGEST and most significant thing I discovered was to STOP trying to figure things out. I've since done that and the results are astounding.

Many "seemingly miraculous" things have happened since. Astounding things. Mind boggling things that transcend what MOST believe and perceive to be possible.

The difference was life changing; DRAMATICALLY and IMMEDIATELY life changing. "That's also when the perceived complexity of how and why such things as "miracles" happen as they do, not only in that situation but life in general seemed to vanish.

And what's truly amazing about that is that nearly every one of these "profound experiences" that delivered "seemingly miraculous results, ALL happened in the blink of an eye.

That's one of a number of experiences that led me to KNOW that we're ALL creative geniuses.

I think it's also VERY IMPORTANT to say this before we get into how we all can enable and allow ourselves to SEE and KNOW how Real and True it is that we ARE all powerfully creative geniuses and that things are in fact, PROFOUNDLY simple.

Although many would call the many intellectual paths I've walked and the countless less than desirable experiences along the way as the "long hard path", a more accurate description of my personal journey based on my beliefs and perceptions today could be best described as one of self discovery with MANY "growth lessons" along the way.

That isn't how I described it back then though. Many of these "growth lessons" seemed horrific. That's what I believed, perceived and how I judged and labeled them to...

HORRIFIC experiences.

That's all changed now. I SEE them quite differently than I did.

I have ZERO regrets. I'm grateful for that journey; EXTREMELY grateful for EVERY step of it and EVERY growth lesson experienced along the way. I am simply because each of those "growth lessons" were necessary to "meet me where I was" at the time. It was my unique and needed "way" for me to finally cut through all the smoke, mirrors and nonsense and finally "make the commitment" to KNOW Thyself.

It's PRECISELY what I "needed" to finally STOP listening to, following and believing what the multitude believes.

As insightful, enlightening and profound as this "intangible miracle" was, there was still work to do. The work entailed yet MORE unlearning so I could "change myself." The "meat suit" part of me. The experience showed me the simplicity and perfection of it all; it revealed what was necessary to receive the "desires of the heart." Now it was simply a matter of "unlearning and undoing" all the intellectually acquired NONSENSE I'd learned about myself, others and how life worked and making more "conscious choices" as I began applying what I was shown.

The physical, meat suit part of me required a "rewiring." The neurological aspect of me required a rerouting and re forming of neuropathways which play a major role in what we believe, what we think, how we perceive ourselves, others, Source as well as what what we do and how we do it.

Knowing Thyself; truly knowing thyself doesn't happen nor can it happen by using and depending on learned and/or intellectually acquired data. It CAN prove helpful for sure. But it CAN'T in and of itself provide you with an EXPERIENTIAL understanding of how "simple, perfect, precise, unerring and unwavering the creative process is.

That proved to be quite liberating and enabled me to FINALLY find and begin navigating, exploring and savoring what I can only describe as the "Path to Real Freedom." It's a far more liberating path than most follow, I'll assure you.

Some of my personal growth lessons; like the one in the hospital emergency room were beyond profound and awe inspiring, some were mundane and some were "seemingly horrific."

What I've since discovered though, aside from what I believed, how I perceived and how I chose to judge and label these "growth lessons" at the time, is that they ALL served a definitive purpose. Aside from how mundane, "seemingly horrific" or awe inspiring they "seemed" as I was experiencing them, regardless of their kind and quality and what I believed at the time to be "true" about them, they ALL served a "greater good."

In fact, the more mundane and "seemingly horrific" these "growth lessons were, the greater the good that stemmed from them was. In fact the most "seemingly horrific experiences" turned out to be the greatest gifts I could have EVER received.

It didn't seem like it at the time. It certainly didn't feel like it. Based on what I "believed and perceived", I was absolutely, positively certain that these "seemingly horrific" events were ANYTHING BUT "gifts." Yet as it turned out, I've since discovered they were.

The same holds true for you. It CAN and does that is, IF you'll enable and allow it to.

Here's why my story and personal journey applies (or at least COULD apply) to you...

Since I personally "chose" the long, difficult and "many year path" initially (the intellectual path) and experienced countless growth lessons along the way, you don't have to. You CAN choose to but you don't HAVE to. The reason you don't is because during my long, arduous and seemingly difficult journey, I found a shortcut.

I'm going to reveal and point you toward that shortcut AND provide A WAY for YOU to experience the profound and awe inspiring without "unconsciously choosing" the limited "intellectual path, the many year "growth lesson path" and experiencing the mundane and seemingly horrific as I did.

Point being, I'm going to reveal the shortest, simplest, quickest and easiest path I'm aware of for Knowing Thyself. and rewiring the neuorological

I do so so you might begin using your inherent gifts, talents and creative genius in a "consciously intentional" kind of way without all the years of trying, wanting, needing, struggling, doing this and that and attempting to "figure things out."

It's also a way that will enable you to access Source whenever you choose.

Let's be very clear about something though.

I don't share what I DO because I WANT or expect you to believe me. I do it, so you might not unconsciously and needlessly choose to navigate the many year intellectual path I chose nor needlessly experience as many of the mundane and "seemingly horrific" growth lessons I did.

What's better than that is that I'm going to DO that in the simplest, quickest and most efficient way that I can.

And YES, it IS, ALL very very simple but it's going to require a bit of your time, attention and focus to learn and understand just how "simple it CAN be." It's what I believe will enable and allow you to KNOW and EXPERIENCE what MANY; MOST perhaps never "choose" to KNOW and EXPERIENCE.

Even those who "claim to know" or think they know don't "truly KNOW. They WANT to know and perhaps have begun DOING some things so they might one day KNOW, but deep inside there is still something that keeps them from Really and Truly KNOWING.

In either case it's a misaligned and/or disharmonious belief. EVERYONE wants to KNOW and believe it yet, because they don't "believe" it on ALL levels, (mental, emotional and physical) they don't USE it in a way that it CAN be used by simply aligning and harmonizing the mental, emotional and physical with the desire so they can begin thinking, speaking and acting in an aligned and harmonious kind of way which enables and allows the "desire" to reveal itself.

In an "earthly sense" that's a SAD FACT too. It's especially sad due to how simple it is combined with the fact that MOST don't and/or won't "choose" to walk the "simple path" to KNOW Thyself so they might KNOW in an EXPERIENTIAL kind of way just how "simple" it is.

As "true" as that is, in a more "spiritual sense" it's not sad at all. In fact it's cause for celebration. Regardless of what you might be experiencing currently, aside from how grand or seemingly horrific life might "seem" currently, it's precisely where you're suppose to be. The growth lessons experienced and the wisdom gained from these current and/or past lessons will (or at least CAN) serve you well at some point.

At what point does that happen? That's up to YOU. For me it was a MANY year journey that "seemed to have" no ending point. The very same growth lessons kept "showing up" over and over and over again. It didn't HAVE to unfold that way. I chose for it unfold that way even though it COULD have unfolded MUCH quicker.

You could say I was "slow learner."

I've since found that most are slow learners as it pertains to doing things in the simplest, quickest and easiest way. Most are though, only because MOST choose to do just as I did. Most hold a scarcity mindset. This scarcity mindset results in pessimistic, doubtful and fearful attitudes which keep them from DOING what "could be done" to shorten their path and bypass the mundane and seemingly horrific "growth lessons" that so many "needlessly experience.

They "choose that" though because they are unaware that there's a more simple, easy and FAR shorter path than most choose to walk. They "unknowingly and unintentionally" choose to walk the long, hard, difficult and grueling path where the mundane and "seemingly horrific" events, conditions and circumstances that so many "claim" they DON'T want keep showing up.

They do that though only because they don't realize that there's a much shorter and simpler path to take.

That's also WHY most don't realize or believe that they are a genius unless and until they discover this shorter, simpler path. But the reason MOST don't realize or believe it initially, is "simply because" it's based on a much Higher Truth than most are aware of.

That's a KEY part of KNOWING Thyself. Awareness. Enhancing your Awareness holds the KEY to DOING things in the simplest, quickest, easiest, least painful and most efficient way.

There's no doing necessary in awareness really. Not doing as most define the word at least. It's not about looking for it, searching for it, seeking it out and trying to figure out where it's at. It is rather an "allowing" of sorts. It's as simple as "allowing" the AWARENESS that we ALL have within us, to come through. When you do, if you do, it directs you toward the shortest and simplest path. For those who listen, heed the advise and choose to walk down it, those paths ALWAYS provide the most breathtaking scenery and leads to where we ALL "truly desire" to be.

Most are unaware of, and as a result overlook the importance of opening to and allowing themselves to tune in and hear what our hearts are constantly communicating. The reason WHY is because it's a "whispering" of sorts. Initially they can "seem" difficult to hear. They're not whispers really. They seem like whispers due to our BUSY minds."

These whispers only "seem to be" difficult to hear initially simply because our minds are always screaming out that we MUST DO this, DO that and DO this other thing so we can avoid experiencing what we fear and DON'T WANT to experience. This "screaming", perceived "need" to DO more and the fear that follows stems from our "intellectually acquired" understanding.

The heart on the other hand is constantly whispering and revealing who, how and what to BE and consistently pointing out the shortest, simplest, quickest and easiest path that moves us ever closer toward toward what we LOVE.

We "choose" not to tune in. We choose NOT to listen. We choose NOT to follow it's lead and NOT DO what the heart instructs us to do. Without even realizing it, we choose NOT to enable and allow our heartfelt desires to become real and tangible life events.

The outcome?

Our life experiences remain "seemingly disharmonious" and "seemingly misaligned" with what we're always hoping, wishing, praying and DOING, resulting in a sense of hopelessness, helplessness and fully believing that any hope of receiving what we "truly desire" is nothing more or less than "wishful thinking."

That only happens simply because our hearts and our minds are misaligned in varying degrees. This misalignment creates fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, confusion, indecision and procrastination.

It's an unconscious and unintentional choice that leads to limited action and sometimes inaction. That leads to internal conflict and inevitably self sabotage.

The mind is busy because we've learned and as a result "choose" to "allow" our minds to engage in what can best be described as Mental Hyperactivity. That's what makes it seem like the heart only whispers. We don't hear the "whispers of the heart" simply BECAUSE of our "busy hyperactive minds" which keeps us from hearing and following the hearts lead which it's always calling out for us to DO 24/7/365.

To quiet the "screaming" and turn up the whispers, it's necessary to still the mind.

That's also what enables and allows the "infinite amount of awareness" that's within us to come through or "seem as if" it's NOT coming through.

But the awareness is always there, it's ALWAYS been there, it's going to remain there and it's always coming through. We only have to "choose" to listen closely to it, hear it, heed it's instruction and follow it's lead.

Many people think they have to DO something more; learn some specific technique, some magical process, engage in some new or ancient ritual which is precisely what keeps so many from DOING what's necessary to tap into, hear and heed the life changing instruction that the heart provides.

Here's another KEY point to understand if you truly hope to find and walk the shortest, simplest and easiest path for KNOWING thyself.

In more cases than not, our chosen way of doing things (DOING something more; learning some specific technique, some magical process or engaging in yet another ritual) only serves to intensify the Mental Hyperactivity that the mind engages in.

Even the most spiritually minded "seekers" sometimes think that we must DO something more to become "more aware" so they might reach the ultimate aspiration which MOST truly spiritual minded people are after, which is to become Enlightened.

Enlightenment is achieved in the "stillness." There's NO other way.

One of our greatest "earthly and worldly challenges" on our paths to being more, doing more and having more; whether it be an intangible aspiration such as Enlightenment or any other desire, whether it be tangible or INTANGIBLE is the Way you Think.

It really and truly is that simple.

It doesn't "SEEM" that simple, simply because we've learned and become hard wired to think in such a way that not only CANNOT enable and allow you to make the shift from "screaming to stillness." The programming and conditioning we've received combined with our linear intellectual approach to life, seldom if ever provides the "desired result." And as I've mentioned this linear, intellectual approach and the mental hyperactivity that follows conflicts with and seems to drowned out the "whispers of the heart."

Is it any wonder WHY so many "think and believe" that their "heartfelt desires" can never be fulfilled?

Most are looking for ways and means to "change" HOW they think so they might "learn how" to get what they want, WHATEVER that is.

If you find yourself DOING that, here's another key point....

There's nothing to look for and nothing more to learn. It's only necessary for us to slow down a bit, make a "conscious choice" to suppress the screaming of the hyperactive mind, tune into the heart and listen so we might once again remember what we already KNOW; what we've always KNOWN and start USING it.

Once we DO that we can KNOW, use what we KNOW and begin to SEE and EXPERIENCE just how "simple" it all is.

At some level, a MUCH DEEPER level than the intellect, we ALL KNOW it. Most just don't believe they do in an intellectual kind of way. The intellect drowns out the INNER KNOWING. The intellectual understanding we've learned and acquired has buried that KNOWING beneath layers of indoctrination and programming.

That's where the biggest "perceived problem" lies and WHY most lean on and use what they "think they know" about themselves, never DOING what's necessary to simplify things...a way that simplifies EVERYTHING actually, by simply "choosing to quiet the mind, listen to their heart and at the same time KNOW what it means in an EXPERIENTIAL and liberating kind of way what it "truly is" and "truly means" to KNOW Thyself.

That's one of a number of reasons WHY so many have forgotten that they ARE creative geniuses. They "seem to have lost themselves in the mire of "worldly teachings" that they've accepted, adopted and believe are true.

Sorting through those can "seem to be" quite tricky and in some cases impossible. But it's not as tricky or impossible as it seems. Where it can seem to get really tricky is due to the FACT that many who "claim" they are assisting us to become aware of these "limited, earthly teachings" are the VERY ones that are putting MORE limited earthly teachings into our minds.

I won't get fully into that here. The point is this...

Few make the "conscious choice" to discern between Higher Truth and intellectually acquired "perceptions of truth." The never "choose" to discover the difference and as a result never DO what's necessary to remove those "layers" of indoctrination so they might "unbury and allow" the KNOWING that exists within EACH of US to come through.

Although it's how many have learned and "try" to do things, we don't have to seek answers and solutions "out there." We don't have to become "better people." We don't HAVE to DO anything to discover and KNOW Higher Truth for ourselves with the exception of "stilling the mind" and allowing Higher Truth to come through.

That's how you go straight to the Source and eliminate the layers and many years of programming and indoctrination. They're more often than not flawed, even though we might "think and honestly believe" that they're not. That's also what keeps so many from seeing just how real and true it is that we are ALL without exception creative geniuses.

So I'll ask you. Based on what I've shared and where YOU are right now...

  • Can you SEE that?

  • Do you even believe it?

  • More importantly, are you open, willing and receptive to unlearning, relearning, remembering and DOING what's necessary so that you CAN SEE and BELIEVE it if you don't already?

That is ENTIRELY up to you of course. Although this form of DOING is quite uncommon amongst those who "claim" they have heartfelt aspirations to be, do and/or have more of something; aside from the fact that many self professed "law of Attraction gurus tell you how effortless it is, it IS going to require some DOING on your part.

But it IS a "simple" kind of doing.

SOOOO simple that most will overlook the power behind it and as a result NOT do it. That's OK if you find yourself there. You certainly don't HAVE to do it. No one HAS to DO anything. We get to choose that.

The simplest way that I've discovered is meditation. Not just ANY form of meditation though. I've "tried" several forms. Some require years of discipline. MOST do in fact.

Not the kind I discovered. It provides profound results quickly that MOST forms of meditation can't.

It's a very specialized form of meditation. A kind of meditation combined with complete instruction that is specifically designed to assist you in quieting the screaming mind, intensifying the volume of the heart based direction we ALL receive and eliminating the Mental Hyperactivity that keeps so many from entering into the stillness where KNOWING of an incomprehensible and literally indescribable nature resides.

A kind and quality of meditation that fine tunes and enhances sixth sense properties, opens The Floodgates to Enhanced Awareness, Self Assurance, Profound Inner Peace, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well Being and Ultimately "Completion".

If you're a "serious student" of life and are ready and willing to make the small commitment to yourself to KNOW Thyself, you can learn more about the form of meditation I've found and believe to be the best, simplest and quickest amongst those I've personally "tried", here.

That's enough for today. In a few days, I'll be sending you part 3 of Simple is Best which will provide very specific things to become aware of and will also reveal how and why what we've learned, believe, adopt and adhere to not only CAN but often does suppress and in some cases sabotage the inherent genius we're all born with.

As you'll see, once we're made aware of how we forget and the sources that cause these temporary states of "amnesia" we ALL can remember and ALL move forward in the simplest, quickest, easiest and most efficient way possible to begin "consciously utilizing" our inherent genius in such a way that provides us with "the desires of the heart" if ever and whenever we choose to.

In the meantime, check out and strongly consider if meditation is a path that you'll choose.

As the old saying goes...

"If you're not going within, you'll go without."

Go here and learn more about my personal preference for going within, discovering Higher Truth and KNOWING what it truly means to KNOW Thyself for yourself in an EXPERIENTIAL kind of way.

You can take it from someone who's "been there and done that" or not but one thing I'll assure you after "choosing the long path, Simple really and truly is BEST.

We'll connect again in Part 3 of Simple is Best in a few days.

Until Then,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099
Phone - 405-494-7593
Fax - 405-494-7604

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