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Simple IS Best - Most Definitely Best

The Very Simple and Troubling Reason Why Don't We Know About
and Use Our Inherent Genius to Keep It That Way

Part 3 of 3

If you'll recall, in Part 1 of Simple is Best I revealed that your chosen paradigms determine the kind and quality of your reality. Then, in Part 2 we covered ALL the reasons why you ARE a Creative Genius.

I also shared my personal insights about what you can DO to "consciously utilize" this creative genius within you which enables and allows life to become all that we "truly desire" for it to become.

I'm going to reveal some additional things you can do here in Part 3 as well as WHY so many don't realize that they ARE Creative Geniuses. More specifically I'm going to reveal one of many sources which clearly and simply reveals WHY we don't believe we are Creative Geniuses in the majority of cases.

Let's take it a step at a time though.

The first necessary thing to DO simply entails being open, willing, receptive as well as "focused and attentive" as I do my best to reveal in the "simplest", quickest, easiest and most succinct way I know how, WHY you are a genius, why you may not currently think and believe you are as well as how to begin USING what you DO ALREADY KNOW (and ARE using already) in a more efficient and pleasing kind of way.

It's going to be necessary to DO that so you CAN remember, SEE, once again believe and begin showing up in the world in such a way that you KNOW in an experiential kind of way, that you really and truly are a creative genius.

Because regardless of what you see or believe currently, regardless of what you might think you know based on whatever "intellectually acquired" understanding you've received regarding how things are, although it's a VERY VERY simple truth, it's going to require some "unlearning and deprogramming" before you'll become enabled to SEE and KNOW how "simple it all is.

It's going to require a "conscious choice" to Know Thyself so you might begin thinking, speaking and acting in such a way that enables you to mold, shape and construct a paradigm, the quality of which enables and empowers you to receive what you "truly desire" and SEE FOR yourself what a powerfully creative genius you are.

The ONLY thing that keeps ANYONE from seeing it right here and now is the simple fact that they’ve never been made “aware of it” or if they have, they simply don't believe it even though it's based on and supported by a Higher Truth than they've enabled and allowed themselves to become "aware of." That, combined with the fact that it’s SO simple and easy to see are the only things that keep so many from seeing how true it is.

Ironically, because it is SO simple, most overlook it. They overlook it because they've forgotten how "simple" it is. Because they've forgotten due to WHAT they've been "taught" MOST just don't "believe it." Because they don't believe it, they don't DO what's necessary to "remember" either as "simple" as it is.

I've found that's the #1 reason WHY so many can't SEE, don't believe, sometimes never realize and as result never "consciously utilize" their inherent genius that WE ALL were freely provided, in a conscious and intentional kind of way.

Perhaps the BIGGEST reason is because it's just too simple. Then MANY go a step further than that. Because it IS so simple, many will "claim" based on what they believe and "think they know" that it's just "too good to be true."

The reason behind that is quite simple too. Most can't see, don't "believe" and as result never take the "simple steps" that enable them to both SEE and BELIEVE it. But they don't simply because we aren't taught and never learn how to do so. Because of that, most never discover just how true and simple it is...or at least CAN be.

It's SOOOOO "potentially simple" in fact that no DOING is necessary. Not the kind that we think and believe NEEDS to be done at least. It's a VERY simple kind of DOING.

Yet, because of where MOST are; due to the fact that MOST think and believe that life was designed to be difficult and complex, it IS going to require DOING something before the "the simple kind of doing rule" applies.

And this DOING entails "UNLEARNING" which at some point will enable you to remember what you ALREADY KNOW.

And THAT is a VITALLY important thing to understand as well as the first step in the process of KNOWING Thyself. Undergoing a reevaluation, RETHINKING things and engaging in a potential "unlearning, deprogramming and relearning" process simply because of what you may have been taught, believe and perceive to be true about life and yourself.

DOING that reveals how simple it is.

Although many want to skip that step, some, much or in some cases ALL of what we've been led to believe about ourselves is going to have to be UNDONE and UNLEARNED first if you'd like to remember and once again KNOW who you REALLY are and what you're "truly capable" of BEING, DOING and/or HAVING in life.

Here's WHY that "may be" and for MOST is necessary...

Due to WHAT most of us have learned, we "Honestly Believe" that we're limited in varying degrees. Because we "believe" we are limited, we also believe that life, our journeys through life and the many choices that we're faced with and make as we go along are complex. The "perceived complexity" of life often has us fearful of making ANY choices or "fearing" that the choices we have and do make are "wrong."

The fear isn't REAL. It's imagined. We imagine it into existence only because of what we've learned and believe to be true.

In many cases, we "think" it's difficult and complex to effectively and efficiently "choose the right path" as we navigate through life. Because we "believe that", we also tend to "believe" that getting and experiencing what we "truly desire" in life is difficult and complex too...in some cases "impossible."

If that were "really true" there WOULD be cause for fear.

But as I discovered after walking the "growth lesson" path for many years; since making the choice to KNOW Thyself I've since come to the realization that there's no need to fear ANYTHING simply because it's NOT difficult or complex at all. In fact, as I've said many times, It's simple.

The fact of the matter is, it's VERY VERY simple. Most just can't SEE that. At a DEEPER Level though, just as everyone KNOWS that we're ALL creative geniuses, everyone also KNOWS how SIMPLE it all is too. We're well aware of the FACT that it is "definitively true" that we are ALL geniuses. Powerfully creative geniuses too.

Here's the really great part...

Because we are that, we can BE, DO and/or Have "whatsoever we desire."

Since MOST can't SEE and don't believe that, chances are good that you don't currently "believe" it either, so I think it's important that I say this before I reveal how simple it CAN BE...

Things Are Seldom as They Seem But They're
ALWAYS as We Perceive Them to BE

Although I won't go into great depth here, as 21st century science has clearly shown, our perceptions determine our reality.

Any belief or perception that YOU might hold that it's NOT true that you ARE a creative genius and/or powerful beyond measure doesn't mean that it isn't true. That simply means that you haven't yet "relearned" that it is. You simply don't believe it is "true" which molds, shapes and defines your individual "perception" of truth which also determines the kind and quality of your life experiences.

Point being, Life becomes "precisely" what we imagine it to be.

That's what keeps so many from "reclaiming and consciously utilizing their inherent genius. That applies to YOU, me and EVERYONE else too. This "not doing so" also impacts and determines EVERY area of your life without exception.

That's "true" simply because it's that "perception of truth" that you've "learned" which determines how "seemingly hard, difficult, complex and "NOT simple" things are. But it only "seems" that way sometimes. For some, it seems that way MOST of the time and for others, ALL the time.

The reason for THAT is also quite simple.

Put as simply as I can, what we "believe to be true" about life determines how we approach life, what we choose in life and the paths we walk down, which in turn determines the kind and quality of life that we as individuals experience...

...Whether it be Profoundly SIMPLE and AWESOME or "Seemingly Complex" and HORRIFIC."

We CAN make a conscious choice to "remember" and change our perceptions by "unlearning" how limited we are as well as how seemingly difficult and complex life is. We do that by simply "relearning" more supportive and empowering beliefs that enable and allow life to become "easy AND simple." Or we CAN hold onto our existing beliefs, "allow our temporary states of amnesia brought on by Mental Hyperactivity to keep us off of our "best game" and enable and allow the chips to fall where they may.

We CAN, if we choose enable and allow things to remain "difficult and seemingly complex."

We get to "choose" that. But regardless of what we choose, it ALL begins and ends with what we believe and perceive to be true. We choose that.

So, put simply, it ALL begins and ends with YOU.

We get to choose what we have learned to believe to be beginnings AND endings. That's why it's so important to KNOW Thyself. It opens your eyes and enables you to SEE and KNOW that there is NO BEGINNING and NO ENDING. It enables you SEE, KNOW and REMEMBER the Infinite possibilities that exist for ALL of us right here right now in this moment. It also enables you to REMEMBER that WHAT you choose, you "get to" experience.

WHATSOEVER you choose...unconditionally.

Many overlook the simplicity and infinite nature of the promise that says we CAN have "Whatsoever we desire." We have simply because of the way we're "choosing." We are for the most part; due to our Mental Hyperactivity and temporary states of amnesia "unconsciously choosing" something other than we DO "truly desire."

We "get that" too, whatever THAT might be. We "get to" SEE and EXPERIENCE what WE ourselves are choosing...unconditionally.

Our beliefs determine our perceptions and it's our "perceptions" and how we view life that determine and define our life choices. Collectively, those choices are what determine and define how we look at, approach and go through life, determine the quality of choices we make along the way and the experiences we have as a result of those choices.

Most "choose" to believe that they are NOT a genius and never take the time or put forth the energy necessary to discover a Higher Truth than they currently hold. They never choose to KNOW Thyself which is NECESSARY to cure and rid themselves of their otherwise temporary amnesia.

And it's a fact that MOST don't think or believe they are creative geniuses simply because they haven't yet made a "conscious choice" to rediscover for themselves just how "true" it is that they ARE.

The simple fact that we are ALL geniuses is merely based on a Higher Truth than most are "consciously aware of" or choose to KNOW and understand for and/or about themselves. WE CAN though by simply "relearning and REMEMBERING" just how "true" that is.

That's the ONLY reason why so many don't think or believe that they are in fact geniuses and as a result, seldom USE that inherent genius in a "conscious and intentional" kind of way.

Here's another KEY point...

We ARE using our creative genius already. Each and every one of us. Most are just using theirs in such a way that brings about hit and miss results, or in some cases, the polar opposite of what they "claim to want."

And THAT is a key factor to understand if you ever hope to move beyond what MOST think and believe so you might begin molding, shaping and experiencing a kind and quality of life that MOST don't "think or believe" they can experience.

But make no mistake...We all CAN and we do ALL KNOW it at a deeper level. It's simply a "level" that transcends and extends beyond our "conscious awareness" due to the "intellectually acquired understanding" that we've received, bought into, have adopted, believe and make each of our important life choices by.

We've simply forgotten.

You KNOW it too. If you're like most, you've simply forgotten what you KNOW as most have. If you're one of those who has forgotten, there's a VERY SIMPLE reason as to WHY. There's also a VERY SIMPLE solution for not only remembering, but getting to the place where you KNOW beyond the shadow of a doubt in a lasting and unshakable kind of way just how true it is that you HAVE only forgotten.

Once you REMEMBER how "true it is" you can begin USING that newly acquired truth to begin "consciously creating" more of what you "truly desire" to be, do and/or have.

I'm going to reveal this way soon so that you can remember and once again KNOW in a "conscious kind of way" how "true that is." For now I'll just say that it's not based on a limited "intellectual approach" that only intensifies our Mental Hyperactivity. The intellectual approach is limited for most. VERY limited actually. It's what creates so much NOISE in the head, perceived hardship, difficulty and leads us down what many refer to as the long hard path.

What I'm going to reveal and encourage you to DO is to make a transformational shift; a shift that will enable and empower you to bypass the temptation to lean and depend on the intellect as I did for a number of years. It's going to require doing that just long enough to relearn, understand and remember the importance of taking an EXPERIENTIAL approach to "unlearning and remembering." A way of DOING, SEEING and KNOWING things that the intellect, in and of itself has never, can NEVER and WILL never provide.

The EXPERIENTIAL approach however, can, WILL and DOES enable you to remember who and what you TRULY are, what you're "truly capable of BEING, doing and having and REMINDS you that you ARE in fact, a creative genius.

What's REALLY great about that is that DOING so is VERY VERY simple. Just as simple as everything we've discussed already. Profoundly simple actually. Because it is, MOST overlook it too. They never choose to DO it and as a result never REMEMBER simply because they never choose to move beyond their previously acquired self limiting (and in MANY cases, self sabotaging) intellectual understanding which molds and shapes any infinite number of "fear based" beliefs with regard to how things truly are and how things truly work.

You'll be provided a "choice" to DO that VERY soon.

Before we get into that, I think it's important to first reveal WHY so many don't KNOW that they ARE in a fact geniuses already...regardless of who they are, where they live, what they do, their level of education, what they may have previously been programmed and conditioned to believe or the life experiences that lead to our judgements, labels and opinions about ourselves and the experiences themselves.

This programming and conditioning comes from MANY sources. I refer to these sources as our "Schools of Study." There are MANY schools of study that we "think and believe" are good, beneficial and serve us in fulfilling our desires yet the Higher Truth is, they are schools of study that have served in the development of our amnesia. They are the VERY Schools of Study that have caused our "forgetfulness" of Higher Truth.

They're the VERY schools of study that have us "thinking and believing that we're flawed and LIMITED. But we're NOT.

One of these Schools of Study is our socially and culturally accepted education systems. They're one of many sources that WE have "enabled and allowed" to bury what we KNOW already and create our "forgetfulness." We've "enabled and allowed" ourselves to "forget" that we ARE in fact, creative geniuses which only serves to take us further away from rather than "closer to" KNOWING Thyself.

Have you ever heard the phrase you don't know what you don't know? Whether you have or haven't is immaterial. It's true. We don't. The same applies to the many teachers in our various "Schools of Study." Although they DO the best they know how, most of them have forgotten as we have who and what we "truly are" as well as the NEVER changing FACT that we ARE creative geniuses.

Here's an all too common, practical and real world example that supports just how "true" that is.

Our Teachers Don't Know What They Don't Know and Can't Teach What They Haven't Been Taught, Aren't Aware of and Have Forgotten Themselves

In the same way that we have forgotten that we're creative geniuses, most of our many teachers who we learn from in our early years have as well. This form of teaching also sets the stage for what kind of teachers we choose to listen to and learn from later in life.

Let's use traditional education as an example...

Many teachers in our traditional education systems claim you have the potential to be a genius. Some say you don't, you're not and never will be. Still others say that in order to be placed in this "genius category", you must be born with some "special gift" that some receive and some don't.

This "special gift" they claim, can be measured and is based on some predefined number which determines your IQ. This number measures and defines your "Intelligence Quotient" they claim, which enables them to determine and define how "intelligent" you are.

They also have us take any number of quizzes and tests throughout this "learning" process that measures our intelligence.

Another KEY point...

Whether it be IQ tests, S.A.T.'s or whatever other form of "tests" they use, their way of measuring and DOING things is limited. VERY VERY limited. The reason it is, is because our IQ's and the acquired knowledge necessary to score HIGH on S.A.T.'s are limited to and BY the intellect.

As I've discovered, after "unlearning" much of what I'd been taught to be "true", is the fact that the INTELLECT is VERY limited regardless of what your IQ might be and aside from how well or poorly we do on the traditional forms of quizzing and testing that we're told and taught is "accurate."

The intellect is an awesome and amazing tool. It serves a purpose for sure. But at the same time it's a very limited tool.

It's most certainly not an accurate way to measure who is or who isn't a creative genius. That's why some get the label and some don't. IQ, S.A.T. and other tests don't and CAN'T reveal our inherent genius. That's why we're told and taught that some are geniuses and some aren't.

That's also why SO MANY go through life believing they aren't "smart enough", gifted enough, or talented enough to receive the "desires of their heart."

But I say; in fact I KNOW that you ARE already...regardless. I don't care what ANYONE "claims." It just depends on the methodologies and gauges teachers use and what they themselves know, or at least think they know.

I can tell you after being around MANY teachers as well as MANY students, that MOST don't KNOW that we ALL are in fact geniuses. So, with all the best intentions, fully believing that what they teach is "true", MOST teachers and their students will tell you that you're not a genius.

But you DEFINITELY are. If you think and believe your NOT forget it. Unlearn it and throw it in the garbage regardless of what so many teachers or anyone else out there "claims" and tells us based on what they think they know.

The reason most teachers (as well as those they teach) aren't aware of that even though it is "true" that WE ALL are, is simply because they themselves haven't been taught that WE ALL are. They don't KNOW it, they don't believe it, they don't teach it and because of that, MOST of their students never become "aware" of how "true it is" either.

Since we've ALL been students at some point and have learned what and as MOST students do, MOST of US aren't "aware" that we ARE creative geniuses.

We ALL can become aware though. We CAN all remember that we are, including those teachers. Most just don't "choose to." The reasons behind that are many, a few of which we've covered already. Perhaps the most significant reason is due to the fact that we learn that we are NOT creative geniuses in our early years. Later in life, if some "teacher" who has remembered that we ALL are comes along and shares that wisdom, we tend to shun them and write such "nonsense" off as being airy fairy, foo foo and just "too good to be true."

Sometimes, those teachers are written off as "out there", weird, crazy and in a number of documented cases, some are killed even. I won't go into depth about that here either. There are a number of reasons WHY so many think and believe that and FAR too many possibilities than we can possibly cover here for sure.

The bottom line is, because most teachers aren't aware, they don't teach those who learn from them just how true it is either so very few KNOW just how true it is. What we "think we know" based on what we've learned causes us to forget that we have ALL been provided the same gift and are in fact creative geniuses.

See how simple it is WHY so many have forgotten? Sad granted, but simple.

That's only one of many examples why so many...MOST in fact don't KNOW and never realize that they ARE geniuses. The same limited perceptions of truth are handed down from generation to generation without MOST ever taking the initiative to explore and discover a "Higher Truth" that extends well beyond what our teachers have been taught which in turn determines what we ourselves are taught.

That's also what determines what we teach our children and grandchildren.

But it goes beyond us and our personal teachers even. They simply believe and teach what they've been taught which is based on and limited to what their teachers have taught them. It goes back further than that. Their teachers and the teachers before them only teach this next generation of teachers what the teachers before them have taught.

Here's where the "perceived problem" comes into play...

Each generation of teachers as well as those they teach tend to take what they've been taught at face value. They simply never venture outside of what MOST of us are taught. MOST never "choose" to explore, stretch and decide to learn and see for themselves if WHAT they've been taught is really true.

So, we go through life thinking and believing "less than true" things about ourselves, others and life in general; very limiting and dis-empowering things that limit our views and perceptions of ourselves, rather than enhancing, elevating our beliefs to a level of Higher Truth that in turn enhances quality of life and enables us to actually BE, do and/or have "whatsoever we desire."

We make choices, DO things and teach others (including our loved ones) what we "think we know" about them and ourselves and because of WHAT we do and HOW we do it, we and those we teach go through life DOING things in a very limited way.

Because of that, we (and they) often become SO BUSY, SO anxious, so fearful and SO overwhelmed with DOING this, DOING that, getting this and getting that, that we never have the "time or energy" to DO what would enable us to BE, do and have more of what we "truly desire" in FAR LESS time and with FAR less effort.

We simply choose NOT to remember that we ARE creative geniuses and ARE in fact, powerful beyond measure.

Because of the time and energy that we expend due to this learned and "limited way" of DOING things we FORGET. We overlook and never DO the single most important thing that would enable us to remember and begin USING our power and creative genius in a way that we ALL can.

We never (or seldom) CHOOSE to KNOW Thyself so we can remember and BE who we "truly desire" to be.

I can assure you after making that choice personally, following through and DOING it, I've come to KNOW, due to what we've been taught, believe and perceive to be true, we've lost sight of a Higher Truth that supports and substantiates the fact that we ARE ALL creative geniuses.

It's a form of genius that we all have been freely provided. You could say it's a form of inherent genius that we're ALL born with. It's a given. It's something that we ALL have and can ALL use if ever and whenever we decide to.

ZERO exceptions.

If you're not already aware of the fact that you are a genius, hopefully you'll grasp, understand and clearly SEE shortly not only THAT you are but WHY you are...regardless of what some limited IQ, S.A.T., or other form of intellectually designed test might reveal and aside from what some teacher may have told you.

What follows will also reveal why such "simple things" can SEEM so difficult to remember so they might begin DOING what's "truly necessary to reclaim and start USING their inherent genius.

That reason is too, VERY VERY simple although for MOST, it "seems" really complex and difficult to fathom, let alone grasp or understand.

Sometimes Things Are So Simple They Can Prove to Be Difficult to Relearn, Apply, Let Alone Convey

I told you early on that I was going to keep things "simple." I am doing that in the best way I can.

I think it's important to say though, assisting those who don't believe or think they are a genius, IS or at least CAN BE somewhat complicated with the limitations of a newsletter. Although the WHY behind it is "truly simple", it can be a difficult concept to teach and convey in a way that people can really "get it." But again, as you hopefully understand by now, the ONLY reason it is, is due to the way in which so MANY have been taught combined with WHAT they think and believe to be true about themselves.

And make no mistake. That is the single most important thing that MUST be remembered if we're to use our creative genius to create a kind and quality of life that we "truly desire."

And as you also hopefully understand now, that requires some "unlearning" on your part. Although simple, it's not ALWAYS easy to go through this unlearning process. That depends on the kind of methodology that you choose.

The reason that's "true" and why it's not always "easy", is simply because these same teachings that teach us that we're NOT creative geniuses extend well beyond our school teachers and traditional educational systems.

Because we're constantly bombarded in our early years with VERY limiting teachings from a huge number of teachers which only serve to form even more VERY LIMITED beliefs.

Many of our "teachers" whether it be in public schools, at home, in our chosen religions, in the media, etc. etc. have told and taught us MANY things that don't align or harmonize with the Higher Truth that we ARE creative geniuses and we ARE powerful beyond measure.

We're told A LOT of things that are NOT definitively "true" at all. We're told that we're limited, that we're "unworthy", that we're in some way shape or form limited to and by our level of education and our "intellectually acquired" understanding that determines what we can and cannot DO as well as what we can expect to HAVE and not have.

But the Higher Truth is, we're NOT limited and we CAN DO and HAVE as much or as little as we choose.

It's those learned beliefs, those inherited perceptions and the limited paradigms those factors create which determine how "limited or unlimited" we are and/or can become. That determines what we think about and how we treat ourselves, others, what we choose as we go through life which in turn determines how and why life unfolds as it does.

Put "simply", it's those very teachings that determine what we believe, how we think, how we feel, what we do, why we do it and the perceived complexity that stems from those factors when we're initially taught something less than a Higher Truth.

What We've Been Programmed and Conditioned to Believe CAN Be and MUST Be Unlearned to Experience The Quality of Life We "Truly Desire."

When you make a "conscious choice" to unlearn, remember and KNOW Thyself, Higher Truth is once again revealed. The fog lifts, the veil is removed and you become enabled and empowered to SEE things in a whole new way. It's a kind and quality of TRUTH that shows you, leads you and guides you in your choices and actions and points you toward the "short simple path" to whatsoever you desire.

The Higher Truth as I shared earlier and in the Welcome Edition, is the fact that YOU are powerful beyond measure.

Although we are taught and led to believe many things; less than true things that can prove to be VERY self limiting and quite dis-empowering; things that we have no say so or control over, at the same time the complexity and difficulty we see and experience in life that we believe and perceive is true and necessary, IS in fact nothing more or less than a learned and/or inherited way of seeing and doing things.

We're taught it's "true", we believe it's "true" and we go through life thinking, speaking and acting in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with those learned and inherited beliefs. Those beliefs and our "chosen way of doing things" determines our individual experiences which only become and remain limited due to the fact that WE CHOOSE to adhere to and base our life choices on those same "limiting beliefs."

We become trained and laser focused geniuses (champions in fact) at maintaining the status quo, at consistently "falling short" of what we "truly desire" and due to the kind and quality of our training, what we focus on and DO, we seldom rise above it.

We DON'T though, NOT because we can't, but simply because we CHOOSE not to.

You've no doubt heard the term "BE the change you wish to see in the world."

What we've learned and believe determines how we're BEING and how we "show up in the world." If we believe we're "limited" how we "show up in the world" also becomes limited. The results we GET also become and remain limited unless and until we CHOOSE to break the cycle.

What we're taught in MOST cases, tend to believe and make our life choices by, more often than not leads to a self created form and "seemingly inescapable cycle of limitation, difficulty and perceived complexity. We've simply forgotten that we're "unlimited", that creating what we Love life CAN become easy due to the "simple" way things have been designed.

I'm going to reveal what I discovered to be the short simple path for remembering Higher Truth and KNOWING for yourself how real and true it is by going straight to The Source of ALL truth in a few minutes.

Before I do, there's one more vitally important thing to remember and do which will make it MUCH more simple and easy to DO than MOST believe it can be.

Although it's the LAST thing I'll be sharing, it's CERTAINLY important and MOST DEFINITELY necessary IF you ever HOPE to RECLAIM your genius status and do all you CAN do to begin creating "whatsoever you desire" in the simplest, quickest, least expensive and MOST efficient way possible.

It's also the FIRST step that MUST be taken. No worries though it's a "simple step."

Accepting Responsibility For EVERY Aspect of Your Life Enables You To Reclaim Your Power

One of the first VITALLY important steps on your journey to "KNOW Thyself" is accepting responsibility for your life. ALL of it. EVERY event, EVERY condition, EVERY circumstance, EVERY encounter. EVERYTHING you experience without exception.

That's important simply because if we think and believe things "out there" are responsible for what we think, say, do, feel, have or don't have, we give our power away.

We relinquish the power we've all been freely provided and CHOOSE to give it to those "out there. Put simply, we relinquish our power rather than RECLAIM our power and remember that we ARE powerfully creative geniuses.

That's true because once we're of age and it becomes time to accept responsibility for our lives, due to what we've been taught and BELIEVE, we choose, without being aware of what or how we're choosing, we have a tendency to look for blame out there. We do simply because we've forgotten the "timeless wisdom" which clearly, simply and succinctly states...

The Kingdom of God is WITHIN YOU."

It's WITHIN YOU. It's NOT "out there."

That's IMPORTANT to remember because that's also what determines, in GREAT part, our habits and our chosen way of DOING things. If we're taught less than true and dis-empowering things and we choose to hold onto and make important life choices based on this "limited truth", we can only experience a kind and quality of life that consistently provides results; tangible and measurable results that MOST in the world "out there" receive.

Results that only serve to further "dis-empower" us and further limit what's truly available to and for us in life.

It's not because we HAVE to be or remain limited. We do because we CHOOSE to. We choose to adhere to these limiting and self sabotaging beliefs which only lead to limiting and self sabotaging experiences.

That only happens because we tend to shy away and NOT DO what another nugget of timeless wisdom instructs us TO do.

"Judge NOT by appearances."

Although it "clearly instructs us NOT to, we DO IT anyway. But the reason behind that is quite "simple" too.

Limited Beliefs Lead to Limited Experiences Which Only Serve to Further Solidify and Validate our Limited Beliefs

I have A LOT of people tell me that their experiences provide ALL the "proof" they NEED to support and substantiate the fact that what they believe is "true."

You may think, believe and "claim" the same.

Just in case you DO really believe that, allow me to provide a "different perspective." A much more FREEING, empowering and "consciously creative" one.

Let's get REALLY clear on a VERY simple fact first...

Our experiences don't mold, shape, define and determine our beliefs, our beliefs mold, shape, define AND determine our experiences.

That's true now, it's true of the past and it's going to remain true in the future...regardless.

As we experience those "things"; these less than desired and less than empowering things, our originally acquired beliefs become solidified REGARDLESS if they're based on a Higher Truth" or not. Regardless of HOW limiting these beliefs might be, aside from how dis-empowering and horrific those experiences might seem as we go through them and as much as we "claim" that we DON'T WANT to experience that anymore, those "real world" experiences only serve to validate that what we've been taught, developed beliefs about and make our life choices by are "true."

That's why we have such a tendency to "Judge by appearances." We've experienced that in the past, MAY be experiencing them NOW and because of their "less than desirable" nature, FEAR we'll repeat them in the future.

That's understandable though and not only simple but EASY to see WHY we DO that.

The many experiences we have or HAVE had, "seem to give" tangible credibility to what we HAVE been taught and believe to be true even if they're NOT true. They DO "seem" true. But it doesn't mean they ARE true. They BEcame "our truth" because we were TOLD they were "true" and the life experiences which follow unfold as they do" simply because we believe and/or DID believe they would.

"We Got to be Right" in the Past and "We Get To Be Right" NOW and We'll "Get to Be Right" FAR Into The Future...EVERY single time.

One of the greatest, most exciting and potentially liberating things about Higher Truth is that we ALWAYS get to be right.

We get to experience life just as we believe we will. That's how life unfolds...for us. That's why some float happily and abundantly through life (as small a percentage as that is) and also WHY so many experience a quality of life that they "claim" they want to ESCAPE and don't WANT to experience any longer.

Although we don't HAVE to, like everything I've described thus far, WHY we do experience what we "claim" we don't WANT to is VERY simple.

Here's how "simple it is...

We never accept FULL responsibility for our lives. The key phrase is FULL responsibility. We do accept responsibility for SOME things but not ALL things. Because we "think and believe" that MOST of our experiences are due to what's happening "out there" just as we've been taught, we seldom explore outside of and crash through these learned and limited belief barriers to discover that there is in fact a "Higher Truth."

We never make a conscious choice to KNOW Thyself and "choose to remain the "seemingly limited, unworthy, incapable, worried, fearful, scarcity minded, anxious and less than empowered individuals that we've been taught and "believe" we are.

We unknowingly "allow" ourselves to become victims/creatures of circumstance rather than using our inherent genius to become conscious and purposeful CREATORS of circumstance.

In other words we choose to remain limited BY these learned and inherited beliefs. We "believe" what we've been taught and often experience difficulty and the "perceived complexity" of life just as we believe we will and consistently CHOOSE to do.

But it's NOT because life and the things we experience in life ARE limited, difficult OR complex. It doesn't mean that SEEING the simplicity and making "conscious and intentional choices that lead to greater and more joyful experiences isn't available or possible because it IS. It's profoundly "simple" too.

SOOOO profoundly SIMPLE as I hope to convey in a very clear, simple and easy to grasp kind of way very very soon.

So for now, since Simple is Best - DEFINITELY and unquestionably best, to keep things as simple as possible, I won't complicate things by going into great depth or detail about WHY you are a genius and everyone else is too.

If you've read The Welcome edition and The Greatest of These is Love, you have a good idea about HOW and WHY I’ve come to KNOW that's TRUE and the power that we've ALL been freely provided...regardless.

I've provided you with the big picture view of why KNOWING Thyself and enhancing our beliefs is so vitally important.

Now let's look at the simplest, quickest, easiest and most efficient path I'm aware of for unlearning and remembering how and why you ARE a creative genius, that you ARE powerful beyond measure and that you CAN be, do and have whatsoever ye desire in life...IF and WHEN you "choose to."

Should you "choose" to take action and DO something with them, you'll become enabled, empowered and aware of things that most aren't so you might make more educated and informed decisions for yourself. Decisions and choices that provide what you DO desire rather than what you DON’T desire.

One thing is certain. You'll KNOW HOW and WHY to break free from the "sheeple people" crowd, elevate and enhance the limited mentality that keeps so many "needlessly and seemingly trapped beneath layers of "less than true" beliefs and assumptions and discover for yourself just how "truly simple" things truly ARE. You’ll KNOW and understand in a very “uncommon kind of way” just how awesome, grand, joyful and fulfilling life can be.

So, in the same way we've been taught and believe that we AREN'T ALL geniuses, I'm going to do my very best to assist you in "unlearning" and RELEARNING in the hopes that I can reveal to you WHY we are...why we ALL are, including YOU.

The ONLY difference between me and so many other teachers "out there" is that I'll be doing so in a VERY meaningful, desirable, transformational, lasting yet "simple" kind of way.

What we've covered here in this edition is certainly no exception. What I’ve done my best to convey in the simplest way I'm able is ENORMOUS. But the potential it holds for transforming lives (including YOURS) and reaching new heights is equally enormous as is the kind and quality of transformation that CAN BE experienced.

How so?

By simply applying the concepts I share IF they resonate with and make sense to you. They're concepts that I KNOW, based on my own personal experiences as well as the experiences of MANY others, many of whom I personally coach, are PROFOUNDLY simple, ENORMOUSLY transformational and IMMENSELY eye opening for those who WILL simply enable, allow and CHOOSE for them to be.

As I shared in Part 1 of this edition, my first choice and preferred methodology for changing perceptions, beliefs and limited perspectives is meditation. It’s the simples and easiest path I’m aware of. If you’ve read Part 1 of this edition, you’re well aware of the meditation system I use. It’s the ONLY one I recommend. There’s a reason for that. It’s simple too. It works. It provides what EVERYONE is looking for.

Perhaps right now, you “think” meditation isn’t for you. You MAY, based on where you are right now, “prefer” the intellectual approach. That’s OK. Many do.

If that’s the case, perhaps The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation will serve you better.

The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation reveals what took me many years and walking many paths to understand. It condenses this “intellectual approach” into 8 ½ hours of highly insightful, certainly useful and most definitely transformational wisdom and insight into a very “simple” to understand format.

The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation reveals in an uncommon kind of way, where the short path is. It reveals in an intellectual kind of way WHY there is NOTHING to fear. It reveals WHAT you can do to change what is often seen, believed and perceived as being the mundane and seemingly horrific events, conditions and circumstances that so many “needlessly experience” as they go through life for the gifts that they “truly are.”

It reveals in an “intellectual kind of way” how to BE, DO and HAVE what you truly desire in life. It reveals HOW you can, WHY you can and what’s necessary to DO so that you can. And YES…it is VERY VERY simple once you know and understand it. The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation provides that understanding.

I’ve done everything I can possibly do in the best way I know how to do it to assist YOU in Being, Doing and Having more of what you desire in life. I’ve done so in the most comprehensive, easy to digest and simple way I know how.

The rest is up to you.

It “truly is” as simple as I claim it is. All that’s necessary now is that you “claim it” for yourself so you might SEE, KNOW and personally EXPERIENCE just how simple it all is.

Which brings us full circle. Perhaps you agree...

Simple is Best - DEFINITELY Best. What I've shared is the SIMPLEST way I KNOW to point you toward and lead you down the path toward KNOWING Thyself as well as reach and EXPERIENCE where we ALL ultimately desire to go.

That's it for this month.

Please share any of your thoughts, questions and comments below, and I'll do my best to answer as many as possible in the best and simplest way I'm able.

Have an awesome month.

To Your Health, Wealth, Success and Happiness in the Simplest, Quickest and Easiest Way Possible, Today and Always,

Chuck Danes




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