The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

A Very Simple, Practical, Proven and Profoundly Empowering
Approach to Living a Life of Joy, Meaning and Purpose

...with Enlightened Journey Enterprises Founder - Chuck Danes

Before we go on, ask yourself and thoughtfully consider this question...a
question that CAN and very well MAY change every aspect of your life...if you'll allow it to

"If you're not experiencing a quality of life that you truly desire, is it possible...just possible,
that what you "think you know" may be the only thing that's keeping you from it?"

...really think about and ponder that. I did and it's changed my life well beyond what I enabled and allowed myself to conceive or imagine.

Hello Friend,

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to experience a quality of life that the rich and happy do?

Would you like to earn more money, be happier, healthier and learn how to achieve an uncommon level of success easier and faster than ever before?

If the answer is yes, and you're sincere and serious about doing so, I can assist you with that.

My name is Chuck Danes and the reason I believe I can assist you is because I've been assisting people to fulfill their heartfelt desires for more than 3 decades. I came online in 2005 to expand my reach and have impacted the lives of millions in every country around the globe.

But first, there's a VERY important question that you MUST ask yourself and become "keenly aware of" if you are sincere and serious about achieving whatever your desire/s might be...

Do you believe that it's possible for you?

It's a very important question simply because, your answer is the determining factor that will enable and empower you to do so or keep you from it. As important as that question is, over the years I've discovered it's a question that few ask themselves. Even fewer dig deeply enough within themselves so they might become "consciously aware" of what their answer is.

Some kinda believe it. Others WANT to believe it. Many "claim" that they WANT a better life yet never get to the "heart of the matter" regarding WHY they don't have what EVERYBODY wants.

That's why I ask. Do you REALLY believe it?

I want to make certain that you and I start off on the right foot.

WANTING something and actually achieving and HAVING what you WANT can't, doesn't and NEVER WILL happen by WANTING alone.

I'm going to be VERY direct about something. It's something that MOST "Law of Attraction Gurus" DON'T tell you.

If you've been searching for or waiting on some "New Found or Hidden Success Secret" and/or trying really hard to make life work "better", what I have to share could save you years of unnecessary trial, error, pain and needless frustration...

There Are NO Secrets For Being, Doing and Having More of Whatever You Aspire To Create In and For Your Life

But there are answers; simple, life changing and Powerfully Transformational answers that many (most actually) are unknowingly overlooking all the while thinking and "Believing" that there's something missing, wrong, flawed, broken, or that there's some New Found Secret or Breakthrough Discovery to be found "out there" that will finally make life work as they truly desire for it to.

There's Not...

It's not my intention to burst your bubble. It IS my intention to assist those who are serious and sincere about creating "measurable results" so they might stop WANTING and start HAVING what EVERYONE "claims" to WANT.

and if you'll spend a few moments with me, I'll provide in VERY simple and easy to understand detail not only how but why I know that's true...and that's a promise.

First, let's take an honest and up close look at where MOST are.

In today's busy, sometimes hectic and rapidly changing world, finding, putting and keeping the seemingly complex pieces of the life puzzle together in a way that makes sense while maintaining any semblance of balance is a difficult task for many.

For some; many in fact, it goes beyond being difficult. It can and often does seem impossible...literally.

That's a fact. It doesn't mean it's true. What it does mean is that if you "believe" it's true, it WILL become and remain true for you.

Difficulty and/or impossibility only becomes "real" because WE think and believe that it will. So when I say it's A FACT...what I REALLY mean is that it needlessly becomes and remains a FACT due to what MOST think and believe.

That my friend IS a FACT.

Because it is, the mere thought of experiencing a truly wholesome and fulfilling quality of life not only seems, but is often viewed as being outside the realm of possibility for most.

I know all too well what that feels like. I know because that's how I viewed and saw things at one point too. I've since changed that view and my beliefs in a BIG way. Since doing so, I'm happy to say that my results have changed too...BIG time.

I've been provided the privilege of engaging in what I LOVE to do. I've been enabled to connect and interact with people from around the world, from nearly every walk of life and have discovered that A LOT of people view things just as I did.

Because I've personally "been there and done that", I know firsthand how tiring, draining and disheartening that can be. I also know all too well that when you've experienced enough of that, it's not only possible, but highly probable to begin feeling disheartened, defeated, angry or resentful even.

I'm also well aware that when you hold onto, dwell on and experience those feelings long enough, it CAN and often DOES lead to apathy, grief and fear.

Yes, I've done that too and it's NOT a fun or empowering place to be...FOR SURE.

Reaching this place often results in "settling." Although I didn't realize I was settling at the time, I did "settle" for far less than I WANTED to and for much longer than I care to admit. What's really ironic about that though, is the fact that during that period, I didn't even realize I was settling.

But as I've since discovered, I was.

I WANTED a better life. I yearned, ached and even pleaded for greater results. I hoped, wished and prayed that "someday" I'd be able to experience the kind and quality of life that I was hoping, wishing and praying for. but didn't think I'd ever be able to reach the place where I wanted to be.

So I settled, all the while buying into the less than true belief" that life was designed and intended to work that way.

I've since found that I was FAR from alone. I certainly felt alone, but I wasn't. I had plenty of company...a LOT more than I thought. I've since discovered that most ARE settling even though they don't realize it.

No one WANTS to settle, yet the FACT remains, most are and they're doing so needlessly.

Perhaps you are too.

The question is WHY? The answer is very simple. It's because most don't think, know, believe or understand how AWESOME life can become when they themselves CHOOSE to enable and allow their lives to become whatever they desire for them to become.

For some, it results in giving up and ceasing to even try. I mean let's be real...If we can't even maintain some semblance of balance, SURELY experiencing harmony joy and fulfillment isn't possible, right?

In speaking and working with thousands of people from around the world, "What's the use?" is the all too common response.

I recall saying the same thing to myself MANY times.

After arriving at this "less than empowering place" personally and remaining there for quite some time (which, by the way I'm IMMENSELY grateful for) I've come to another conclusion. A much different conclusion than the one I honestly thought and believed was true.

Not before experiencing some "pain" though. Some VERY SERIOUS pain.

That's why I'm grateful to have gone through that period. Had I not experienced that level of pain, I wouldn't have been led to the answers and solutions and made the changes I did.

I came to the realization that if nothing changes, nothing's going to change regardless of how much I hoped, wished, prayed and wanted it to..

Believe me when I tell you, I WANTED to change things...I WANTED it really bad!! After PLENTY of that I realized WANTING alone wasn't ever going to provide what I WANTED.

Bottom line...I decided to make some changes. Those changes started with making some new choices. I had NO ideas at the time how IMMENSE making new choices and changes would be.

Admittedly, I wasn't quite sure where to start initially, but I hung with it and experienced some more PAIN before I figured it out. A more accurate statement would be to say that when I made the choice and the commitment to find the answers and solutions I was looking for, combined with an unwavering commitment to DO whatever it took to break the self limiting cycles, the ways and means revealed themselves.

Doors began to open. It was necessary to walk through them but when I did, things began to change. My hopes, wishes, aspirations and WANTS began to transform into tangible and measurable results.

The kind of results that I LOVED.

Here's the short step by step version of what I figured out and then did...

The first thing I did was made a choice to rethink things.

That opened some new doors for me just as it will for you or anyone else who "chooses to do it. Walking through those doors led to being introduced to, learning and understanding some things I wasn't previously aware of.

  • Then, after a time, it became crystal clear" that what I once "thought I knew" and really "believed to be true" about life, myself, others and what was necessary to experience Real Freedom, wasn't as "true" as I had been taught and thought it was.

    Doing that led me to an entirely different conclusion. A far different conclusion than I had previously held to that point.

    A very empowering, freeing and life transforming conclusion actually, that YOU or ANYONE else can arrive at IF ever and WHENEVER you choose to do so.

    That includes YOU. It includes ANYONE who is sincere and serious about creating change.

    I'll tell you right up front, contrary to much of the "metaphysical NONSENSE" that's being circulated today, it's NOT blink your eyes easy.

    What I share is for grown-ups. It's for those who are SERIOUS and SINCERE about getting the job done.

    The reason anyone can is because there are answers. Profound and powerful answers. Transformational answers in fact. These answers lead to solutions that EVERYONE is looking for, yet which few find.

    Not because they CAN'T BE found, but rather because where they're found is where MOST choose NOT to look. Yet to find these answers and solutions, it requires a willingness on the part of an individual who doesn't KNOW that the answers ARE available, to do what most simply don't and/or won't do.

    It's what I like to call and often refer to as Mastering The Razor's Edge.

    Doing that simply requires understanding the importance of becoming aware of and consciously integrating 2 vitally important factors for experiencing FAR above average results.

    Those factors are finding and walking the "razors edge" and consist of BEING and DOING.

    I'll reveal more about what that means and HOW to do so shortly. For now I'll just say that Mastering the Razor's Edge is the missing piece of the life puzzle that I overlooked and was, for the most part unaware of.

    I had the DOING part down. I've found that MOST do. I was personally DOING plenty but I kept "coming up short." No matter how much I did and how badly I wanted Real Freedom, I kept receiving "less than desirable" results.

    Since I've been there personally, if you're in the place that you're ready for and serious about creating change, maybe I can assist you. Maybe not. I can't PROMISE YOU that what I have to say and share with you is going to provide your dream life.

    The reason is because that part is up to you. It's up to YOU to decide to replace the "head trash" that's kept you from having what you WANT.

    But I'm going to do my best to show YOU how to get to where you truly desire to be, because that's what I do. I've dedicated my life to doing the best I'm able to assist those who are sincere, serious, open, willing, receptive and will allow me to.

    That's really what this is all about...YOU. So let's shift gears and get into how and why I know ANYONE can create, meaningful, lasting and significant change in life...including YOU, regardless of where you're starting from.

    Where are You, What Do You Think, What Do You Believe, How Do You Feel, What Kind of Results are You Getting and Where Do You Truly Desire To Be?

    Those are BIG questions. HUGE questions. But they're VERY important questions to ask yourself. As true as that is, most don't think about them much let alone become aware of the answers.

    I fact I've come to KNOW, it's because most stay too focused on DOING all the stuff that is responsible for the "imbalance" in their lives. What they're doing and HOW they're doing it isn't enabling them to move beyond wanting, hoping, wishing and praying so they might actually RECEIVE and HAVE what they claim to want.

    Many who find themselves there, consistently focusing on what they DON'T want, what's going "wrong" in their lives as well as ALL the reasons they CAN'T because of "what's going on in the world."

    You put all that together and that keeps people really busy. Creates a lot of frustration too. It also leads many to feeling tired, drained and disheartened. So much so, they never think about or ask themselves the BIG questions.

    If you don't ask the questions, you'll NEVER find the answers. You know what's sadly ironic about that?

    Many claim to be too busy to do that.

    Let's face facts, there's a lot of "stuff" going on in people's lives in this day and age. There's a lot of "stuff" going on in the world 'out there" too. Much of it IS less than desirable stuff.

    But I also know after doing all the stuff, focusing on the poor results and what's going on in the world, that we don't have to "allow" any of that stuff to affect us individually nor do we have to allow it steal our dreams.

    We can. Many do. But we don't HAVE to. As true as that is, most do nonetheless simply because they don't know where to look or HOW to see beyond what seems so real, appears as being so obvious and is so often times viewed as being random, chaotic and uncontrollable.

    That's precisely how many; most in fact, do view what's taking place in their own lives as well as the world out there.

    In fact, because of how most do see things, most are also convinced that creating a life of joy, meaning and purpose is impossible. As true and widespread as that belief is, as I discovered first hand, it's NOT impossible at all.

    Allow me to rephrase that so it's clear and there's no margin for error or misunderstanding...

    Creating an extraordinary quality of life is not only quite possible, it IS attainable; simple even...unless you've given in to the "less than true" assumption that doing so is impossible.

    As we've already covered, many have which also determines how and why MOST do things the way they do. That's WHY so few HAVE and experience what EVERYONE really wants, which is a life of harmony, joy and fulfillment.

    But we can...we ALL can if we choose to. And it's NOT nearly as difficult as so many "think and believe it is." In fact it's far more simple than MOST are aware of.

    Will You Take a Few Minutes To Learn About a Very Revealing and Eye Opening Process?

    I'm going to reveal something soon...a process; a very powerful and potentially transformational process, which I KNOW after engaging in this same process personally many years ago, is very eye opening and revealing.

    It's a very simple process. It also reveals in a very simple yet profoundly insightful kind of way, what keeps so many thinking, believing and doing things in such a way that keeps most in wanting mode and never receiving what they truly desire.

    In addition, it points out and makes it very easy to see and understand why becoming aware of and Mastering The Razors Edge is so vitally important for those who are serious about creating Real and lasting harmony, joy and fulfillment in life.

    If you'll take just a moment to DO it, here's what I promise...

    Once you're made aware of how simple and revealing it is, it becomes so crystal clear and blatantly obvious why so many (perhaps even you) are feeling so tired, drained and disheartened. It will also reveal why so many settle for mediocre results, why some have given up and why the vast majority don't think or believe that they can create and experience a life of joy, meaning and purpose.

    It will also reveal why, unless new choices are made, why the majority may never have what they truly desire in life.

    As I said, It's a VERY revealing process.

    What's better is that it may enable you to clearly see that you CAN have what you desire...what you "truly desire", regardless of what's taking place in your life currently or in the world out there.

    I'll make you another promise...a BIG one too. It will transform your entire life, should you choose to continue on and do something about what this process reveals to you. But it's going to require that you DO something about it; something that I've found most don't and/or won't do once they're aware of it.

    That's also why so many have such a difficult time creating any form of balance in their lives, let alone experience harmony, joy and fulfillment.

    Would you agree that if you choose to DO things as most do them, you can only expect to receive what most do receive?

    Whether you agree or not, it's true. You could say that it's an immutable and unwavering truth regardless of what anybody believes.

    But if you'll hold up your end of the bargain, I'll promise you, you'll experience VERY uncommon results...extraordinary results in fact that most aren't aware that they can experience.

    Before we engage in this process, let's explore a bit. Let's dig just a bit below the surface so you might see, know and understand for yourself how simple, possible; probable in fact creating your heartfelt desires are...or at least can be.

    Let's identify those first.

    What Do You Desire...Truly Desire To Be, Do or Have More Of?

    Since you've arrived here, it's because you have a desire to be, do and/or more of something in your life. No I'm not a mind reader, it's a fact that we ALL do. We ALL without exception want more of something regardless of how grand and free flowing or how bleak and hopeless we might currently believe things are.

    That's a fact. It's also a fact, as we've covered already, that most aren't receiving what they "truly desire" more of. Although it is a sad and often overlooked fact, it is a fact nonetheless.

    What do I mean by an often overlooked fact? It's simple...

    Although many settle for the way things are, they do so without realizing that they are settling. They've given in to an all too commonly held belief stemming from a less than true, definitely unvalidated and certainly unsubstantiated fact that what their experiencing is as good as it gets.

    Although it's not a fact and certainly not "true" that anyone HAS to settle for less than they truly desire, the simple fact that they "believe it's true", creates the fact just as they believe it will in their lives.

    Do you doubt that? Do you find yourself questioning it? If so, no worries. I KNOW that's very possible simply because I was there once myself.

    In working with many people since, over the course of many years, I've also discovered that many, although initially they were unaware that they were settling, later discovered that they too, in fact were.

    They just weren't aware that they were.

    They, like me, had no idea that physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony was an option, let alone could become a way of life. Maybe, based on where you are now, combined with what you've seen, done, what you've been through and what you've experienced in the past, you think that too.

    If so, I'm going to ask that you do your best to disarm any resistance you might have running through your mind right now, fully engage and do the best you're able to open your heart as we move forward.

    Because creating an "uncommon" quality of life is an option and one that you can choose for yourself.

    It's not an option that most choose granted. But it IS an option and Real Harmony and Real Freedom CAN become a way of life...for you, me, and ANYONE else...every day.

    It's simply a matter of you choosing for it to be that way...or not.

    I'm going to show how and why I KNOW that's true even though I didn't used to think so.

    Let's Engage In This Brief and Simple Process So You Might See
    and Know For Yourself Just How True That Is

    That's what we're going to do next. Right now in fact.

    It's going to require a bit of focused attention to see the benefit and gain the insight, but if you're anything like me and many others who have made the choice to do it, it will turn some light bulbs on. Maybe even some "floodlights."

    You ready?

    Here we go...

    Imagine for just a moment what it might be like if you had something that you really desire in life and don't have now. I mean something BIG.

    I'm not talking about what you think you have to settle for based on what you currently believe or what you might think you're limited by or incapable of receiving based on your current or past circumstances and experiences.

    I'm also not talking about limiting it to what you think or believe you can have that's currently limited by what you do currently have.

    I'm talking about BIG...NO LIMITS BIG...regardless.

    Do your very very best to just wipe the belief slate clean, get into your heart and start from ground zero. Do your very best to FULLY imagine without limits what your life might be or could be like if you had this desire right here right now. Tap into, ignite and rekindle what you truly desire or have, at some point in the past desired, but may have given up on.

    I'm referring to your hearts desires here.

    Have you ever really thought about or ever imagined what that might be like for more than just a moment?

    Whether you have or whether you haven't, do yourself a HUGE favor and DO it now...regardless.

    It's going to reveal how simple it's been to have and receive what you DO have right now as well as what you've received in the past, although it may not seem too simple based on what you're experiencing right now. That varies from person to person.

    Just do your best to tune in to your "hearts desire" even though you may currently think, believe; or even if you're drop dead certain that you can't have it.

    Get that picture and hold it.

    What does that consist of, what's it look like and equally as important, how would it enable and allow you to feel to finally have and actually experience this desire whatever it might be?

    What would it mean to you and your loved ones? What could you DO for your loved ones, yourself and others if you had it?

    Get really clear on that for a moment. As you ponder and think about what that is, become aware of what surfaces and runs through your mind; REALLY tune in, pay close attention and ask yourself another question.

    What I've come to KNOW to be A VERY IMPORTANT question...a question that turned my life around in ways that I didn't know or believe it could prior to discovering the profoundly simple answer that I'm going to share with you in a moment.

    Thinking about this desire; this "hearts desire" ask yourself these questions...

    • What do you believe to be true about receiving or not receiving what you just imagined?

    • What thoughts surface and reveal themselves as you do your best to conceive and imagine this desire becoming real and tangible?

    • How do you feel as you think about, imagine and focus on this desire?

    Tune in, become aware and pay VERY close attention to what train of thought ran through your mind and how it made you feel.

    OK...let's continue.

    What Surfaced and What Was Revealed To You
    as You Imagined and Thought About Your Desire?

    Before you answer, allow me to take a guess. If you're like most, it was all the reasons why you think you CAN'T fulfill whatever it was that you imagined.

    Or perhaps what surfaced is ALL the obstacles and barriers that you believe are in your way and keeping you from actually fulfilling that desire. Maybe you thought that you can have it but how hard it would be to make it real.

    Is that an accurate guess?

    Allow me to be fair and upfront. It's not a guess. It's precisely what's revealed for MOST when I lead them through that process and they choose to take the little time necessary to see how true, revealing and insightful it is.

    That's a very important first step, but there are more.

    So next, let's take it a step further so you might know not only how to change what was just revealed to you, but also how you can begin experiencing in tangible and measurable form, whatever your desire was, rather than just Imagining and thinking about it.

    But before we take the next step, I'll make you another promise...

    The benefits you'll receive will go far beyond that single desire. Should you choose to do what so few do, you'll know not only that you can, but what it means; what it truly means to experience a life of joy, meaning and purpose.

    That a BIG promise. But after choosing to do what I'll be sharing with you next, I KNOW it's a promise that will hold true if you'll enable and allow it to.

    That part will be entirely up to you as it always has been and always will be. If you hold up your end of the bargain it's a promise I KNOW I can keep and one that I know will come true for you if you'll do what's necessary.

    It's going to require first of all, that you begin making some new choices. Don't worry, they're very simple choices.

    Make This Simple Choice...Your World Will Transform
    and Your Life Will Never Be The Same...That's a Promise

    I learned many years ago that the most simple choices provide the most profound results. In fact, I've personally witnessed what many would call miraculous results. In more than one case the "seemingly horrific transformed right before my eyes and did so in the blink of an eye...literally.

    Each time this happened as I would discover years later, it was due to ONE VERY SIMPLE choice. And it's a choice that most simply don't make.

    But it's a necessary choice if you ever hope to to experience a life of joy, meaning and purpose.

    One of the first choices that's required for most; it was certainly a choice that was required for me and many like me, was "Getting out of my head and into my heart."

    In fact, that is without reservation, the single most profound and freeing choice I've ever made. Miracle creating advice...literally. It was advice I received many years ago.

    And I must say, although on the surface, it seems very simple, perhaps even irrational, illogical and unrealistic to most, it's VERY profound and transformational advice.

    Life transforming advice as I would discover first hand.

    Although upon my first hearing that advice, it didn't make any rational or logical sense and certainly "seemed" too simple to create any meaningful and lasting change in my life, I later discovered I just "didn't know what I didn't know.".

    Although it was a choice that I was initially challenged to make, as it turned out it was the most on target and transformational choice I've ever made even though at the the time I didn't "think it was" nor could I see the countless benefits that making that choice would provide long term.

    Nonetheless, as I would later discover, it was, as promised a profoundly transformational choice which provided many more benefits than I can possibly share here including but certainly not limited to a number of miracles that defy common understanding.

    If that sounds a bit unrealistic, exaggerated or even far fetched to you, know this, I get that. It certainly sounded that way to me at one point...for sure.

    And admittedly, there are many "unfounded and flat out ridiculous claims being made today regarding what kind of choices are necessary to enable a truly whole and fulfilling quality of life to become a reality.

    I can assure you that "Getting out of your head and into your heart" isn't one of them. That's also why and how I KNOW I can make and keep the promise I have.

    Because I've "been there and done that" and KNOW how powerful and transformational making that choice is. Although it may sound and seem too simple, unlike many of the wild and ridiculous claims I've heard, it IS profoundly powerful.

    Maybe you've been exposed to some of these ridiculous claims I'm referring to yourself. Maybe you're in the process of trying some or have tried some. If you are, I'll assure you that creating an uncommon quality of life requires more than simply getting a clear vision in your mind, visualizing, creating a dream board and waiting for your ship to come in.

    Although some of these techniques can prove to be a very helpful part of the process, they are only a part...a very small part. In and of themselves, they only lead to further disappointment and pain no matter how much you DO them.

    Perhaps you've even personally tried one, two or maybe even, many of those strategies and methodologies, with the hope that doing so would enable you to enhance the quality of your life in some way, shape or form, yet in spite of all your effort, all your doing and all your trying, you're still waiting for that ship as well as those desires to take form.

    Hey, believe me when I tell you, I KNOW what it's like to wait for your ship to come in. Yes, I've been there also. You could say I've walked the "waiting for my ship to come in" path.

    Needless to say, it didn't "show up" even as badly as I wanted it to.

    What Have You Allowed Your Teachers and Authority Figures To Convince You That You Need To Get or Do to Finally Make Life Work?

    I've also walked the "you need to get this, do this and acquire this other thing" path only to discover that the results were limited at best.

    As I would later discover, after DOING many of these things, there was something missing. Something VERY simple. But until I discovered it, it didn't matter what I did, what I got, what I tried or what I acquired.

    The quality of life I desired; that we ALL desire remained nothing more than a desire.

    Because I have been there, I also know this...

    There are many so called "teachers and authority figures" out there with various titles and some with impressive credentials, saying that you need this, need that or need this other thing to finally make life work as you desire for it to.

    There are others that say you need to DO this, need to DO that and NEED to DO this other thing. And there are many "teachers and authority figures" out there today who not only teach that but they honestly believe that's what's necessary.

    I'm not saying that it's not partly necessary or that DOING that is completely ineffective. They too may be part of the process, depending on the direction and quality of the teaching, but again it's only a part. A very limited part.

    No need to get into any depth about that here. If you're anything like me and MANY others who have "tried" those approaches, you're already well aware of not only how true and prevalent this form of teaching is, you've also discovered that in MOST every case, how INEFFECTIVE "doing and getting" what MANY of these teachers and authority figures CLAIM is necessary, really is.

    I started doing that more than 35 years ago, so believe me wen I tell you, I've seen, tried and done more of these "less than effective" strategies, methodologies and systems than most.

    So before we go any further allow me to also share this based on my own experiences and what I've come to know since...

    You Already Have Anything and Everything You Could Possibly
    Need To Create a Life of Joy, Meaning and Purpose

    If you get nothing else from what I share here, it's my hope; a deeply sincere and heartfelt hope that as you go forward in life that you'll at some point understand and truly grasp the fact that you have all you need right here, right now.

    You don't NEED anything more to make life work as you desire for it to. You've been freely provided and already have in your possession Anything and Everything you could possibly need to create Real Wealth, Real Joy, Real Harmony and Real Freedom in EVERY area of YOUR life.

    The fact of the matter is, you ALWAYS have. There are no exceptions. The same holds true for all of us...regardless.

    But it's equally true that sometimes, most times in fact, it's necessary to learn and understand how to USE what we do already have in a more focused, intentional and effective kind of way.

    More accurately stated, it's more a matter of "unlearning" what many of our teachers and authority figures have told us is necessary to get or do so we might fine tune these skills more quickly. It's VITAL in fact that we "unlearn" some and in many cases MUCH of the less than effective advice and do away with many of the processes, methodologies and strategies that we've been told, taught and "believe" are necessary.

    And that IS a VERY IMPORTANT and NECESSARY part of learning to fine tune and USE what we do already have in a more focused, intentional and effective kind of way. You could say it's a process of unlearning, relearning and doing things differently than how most choose to do things.

    Would you agree that if you keep doing things as you have, in the way you have, you'll keep receiving more of what you have received?

    I hope so, because doing things differently is a necessary and important part of the "fine tuning what you already have" process.

    And you CAN do that if ever and whenever you choose to. And because you can, you can also receive "whatsoever you desire" when you fine tune these inherent skills that WE ALL have already and make a choice and heartfelt commitment to do that.

    Yet few do.

    Which is why very few experience the joy, fulfillment and transformation that comes from making that choice. It's an option that requires a choice; a necessary choice to enable and allow a life of joy, meaning and purpose to become real.

    And we ALL can experience just that if and when we make that choice.

    That may initially "seem to be" an unfounded, unprovable and perhaps even a ridiculous statement. I know that's what I thought when I began my "conscious journey" a number of years ago. I also know and regularly communicate with a lot of other people who, like me, thought so too.

    Maybe that's where you are right now. Maybe you find yourself thinking the same. If you do, I understand. In fact, I totally get it if you do. As I've said, I've been there and done that.

    But as I and these others I've mentioned have since learned through our own experiences, we could. And we did. During this unlearning, relearning and what turned out to be a very empowering and exciting rediscovery process, we also discovered that we ALL can.

    Since we ALL can, that means that YOU can too. So, regardless of what you might currently think and believe, it's not a question of CAN's a question of, "Will you?"

    That's a question that only you can answer for yourself. It's also a choice that only you can make for yourself.

    Here's Something Else I Discovered During My Unlearning, Relearning and Discovery Process...

    Some years into my personal journey I also discovered something very simple yet at the same time very profound. Something that conflicted with MOST of what I'd learned, believed and encountered during my own journey of seeking, searching, learning, discovering and trying so many techniques, processes and systems.

    And what I found is simply this...

    It was that "very way of thinking and DOING things" and what I believed to be true and necessary that kept me needlessly looking and seeking and trying so hard to make life work the way I wanted it to.

    Here's what is really interesting and and at the same time so profoundly simple...

    It was those very choices that not only had me looking and seeking and trying so hard for so long with very limited and in many cases, very disappointing results, that was actually creating and sustaining the very events, conditions and circumstances that I was "trying so hard" and doing so much to change and break free from.

    For many years, I chose to keep doing the same thing. Not surprisingly I kept experiencing the same kind of results.

    Ironically, it was that choice and way of doing things that also kept me blinded to seeing, let alone finding the very answers I was seeking, searching for, trying so hard and wanted so badly to find.

    What I would eventually discover is that were readily available and easily accessible the entire time.

    I simply didn't know where to look. But they were there for me to see and use the entire time.

    It took me a LONG time to see, understand and "figure that out" before I realized that experiencing a life of Real Harmony and Real Fulfillment was in fact an option.

    I'm certainly FAR from alone in that discovery.

    It's possible, quite probable in fact that you're still looking and searching and seeking an doing as I and many like me have. Maybe you are and maybe you're not.

    Maybe you've given up trying because you honestly believe that where you are and what you're experiencing is as good as it gets.

    Or maybe you know the possibility exists, but you're still searching. Regardless of where you are, one FACT holds true and is going to continue to.

    Whatever it is that you choose to do, you'll get to be right.

    What does that mean exactly? Simply this...

    If you've given up, you get to be right. If you choose to settle you'll get to be right. If you're still searching and seeking because you believe you need to, you can and will keep searching and seeking as you believe you need to.

    But here's what else you CAN DO if you CHOOSE to...

    You CAN get back in the game and fine tune your inherent skills and you CAN stop the search. Or you CAN keep searching "out there" as I and many like me have.

    But here's what I've since come to KNOW to be true, and I've shared it already. You already HAVE anything and EVERYTHING you could possibly need to make life work as you desire for it to.

    As you "truly desire" for it to.

    When I say TRULY desire for it to, I mean what you "truly desire"...WHATSOEVER you desire as one of the ancient texts clearly states and makes so crystal clear.

    No settling, no struggling, no forcing, no trying to make things happen, no trying to figure things out and no having to settle for merely "surviving and getting by" as so many do.

    It's so profoundly simple to do. No, it doesn't mean that you'll never have any challenges in life or that you don't have to do anything as so many so called "teachers" out there claim.

    Those are a part of life. A very important and necessary part. But you certainly CAN reduce the amount of challenges and make the doing far more desirable than most do. And although challenges are a given, when they're experienced, you can move through them much more quickly than most do.

    Now it's simply a matter of YOU Becoming Aware Of, understanding and KNOWING just how TRUE that is or not. Once you've discovered that, it's simply a matter of choice to begin using what you DO already have...consciously, intentionally and purposefully...or not

    That's how "simple" it is. But I also know how complex it can seem initially to begin doing that if you think and believe as most I and many like me once did.

    It's simply because as I've mentioned already, we've each been taught and developed a very broad and diverse range of beliefs regarding life, ourselves and others, many of which aren't "really true" at all. Based on what we believe and "think we know" about life, when the answers and solutions seem to be too simple to be effective based on what we believe, it can "seem" too good to be true.

    Yes, I've been there too.

    That's what we ALL think and believe and will continue to, unless and until we make a "conscious and intentional choice" to look at and SEE things differently.

    That is an important choice. A necessary choice if we hope to see and experience what we truly desire.

    Once we SEE things differently, we can begin to DO things differently, start "RECEIVING" what we "truly desire" and in the process, clearly SEE, KNOW, understand and begin experiencing for ourselves just how simple it CAN BE should we choose that for ourselves.

    Unbeknownst to many, we can. We can CHANGE the difficulty, struggle, perceived complexity and slow hard pace into the very simple.

    It simply requires a choice to do so.

    There's something else that VERY important to understand that most so called "law of Attraction teachers don't and won't tell you yet it's only fair that you know.

    Simple Doesn't Mean It's Always Easy But It Becomes That When You Choose to Discard and Eliminate The Illusions and Perceptions of Complexity

    Make no mistake, simple doesn't mean that moving from where you are to where you truly desire to be is always easy. At the same time, making a commitment to yourself to do what may not initially seem "simple or easy" reveals how simple it "truly is."

    Would you like to know what's really cool about that? It's ironic, often overlooked, but it's REALLY cool.

    It's simple too.

    Once you get beyond what may not initially "seem" so easy, the simplicity reveals itself. When it does, it becomes far more "simple and easy" to begin doing and "receiving" what you truly desire.

    Once you've done that, it becomes far more simple AND easy to maintain this desired momentum as you begin seeing and experiencing what you "truly desire."

    And it's SO simple to do that once you SEE it. That will become much more clear in a moment when I reveal just how simple it is...more accurately how simple it CAN be should you choose for it to be.

    Will You Choose To Experience The Transformational Power of Navigating The Razors Edge

    I've done nearly everything that I'm able to do and taken you about as far as I can due to this limited form of media.

    There's one more thing I'll share before closing. It has to do with The Razors Edge that I've mentioned as we've moved through what we've covered.

    It has to do with with the so often overlooked importance of understanding the vast differences between an intellectual understanding and an EXPERIENTIAL understanding. And it's VERY important; vital in fact to understand if you you're sincere in your desire to create a life of joy, meaning and purpose

    Prior to the process we engaged in above, had you recently or ever thought about...I mean REALLY thought about how or even IF you could really and truly create a kind and quality of life that fulfilled any and every hope, dream, desire and aspiration you currently do have or have ever had?

    I'm referring to your grandest visions about life and yourself. Real life experiences that would enable you to know what it felt like to experience a Truly Whole, fulfilling, complete and joy filled quality of life...I mean REALLY and TRULY whole physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

    Here's another fact. An all too common "sad fact."

    Some have thought about it, some haven't and there are still others that "used to" but have given up. Those that have given up have arrived at the "less that factual" conclusion that they can't get there so what's the use.

    Those that do or have thought about it, often don't enable and allow it to become anything more than a momentary thought. Although some spark of hope or insight might ignite briefly, it's written off as "too good to be true."

    It remains nothing more than a passing fancy.

    Some have even "gone for it" yet didn't achieve what they set out to do so they've given up trying. The possibilities and scenarios are many, but the conclusion...the sad conclusion is one and the same.

    They've come to the place where they think and honestly believe that experiencing a kind and quality of life that's truly whole and fulfilling is nothing more than "wishful thinking."

    Hopefully what I have to share next will provide not only some comfort, but some hope. Life changing and life enhancing hope.

    I've certainly been there in "wishful thinking mode" as I've shared. I know many others who have as well. But although we may have temporarily stalled and in many cases lost all hope of experiencing an extraordinary quality of life temporarily, there's ONE thing we DIDN'T do.

    We didn't "quit."

    We kept on "keeping on" until we found the answers and witnessed just how "simple it CAN be to create significant, meaningful, lasting and AWESOMELY desirable change.

    You can too. Anyone CAN who chooses to. As I've stated, it is an option. It's certainly not something that you HAVE to or MUST choose. But it's an option that you CAN choose. And it's SO VERY VERY Simple.

    I'm going to reveal soon just how "simple it can be" should you decide that it's an option you'll choose for yourself. To do so though, it's going to be necessary to get you out of "stalled, doubtful, cynical, pessimistic or given up all hope mode" just long enough so you might regain some momentum.

    Let's take it a step further...

    On a larger scale, what do you think and believe to be true about life and the possibilities that are available or that you may think and believe are NOT available to you?

    Those are REALLY BIG questions aren't they? So big that we could discuss and dig and probe and dissect the potential answers that you and others might come up with for hours, weeks, months, YEARS perhaps and still not come anywhere close to covering all the possibilities.

    How could that be?

    The answer is simple. Profoundly simple in fact. Yet as simple and profound as it is, most simply aren't aware of it. We'll cover more about WHY that's true in a moment. First let's address WHY we could sit down and visit and probe and "try to figure things out" for years and barely scratch the surface of the many possibilities there are.

    The reason why is because life and the possibilities available to us in life are quite literally of an infinite variety.

    And the ONLY thing that can possibly limit the quality of YOUR life or enable it to become and remain joyful, fulfilling, expansive and abundant beyond measure can always be traced back to the beliefs you hold and what you believe to be true with regard to what is possible or NOT possible for you.

    That's a fact. A scientifically validated fact as well as a timeless fact backed by VERY SIMPLE, timeless wisdom that has been taught, talked about, written about, understood and USED very effectively for thousands of years. All we could possibly need to validate and substantiate for ourselves just how true that is goes back to the first stages of recorded history.

    And any answer you might provide is more than likely going to vary to some degree from the answer another might give when asked the very same question.

    Why is that?

    Simply because there is no single answer that's definitively true regarding life and all it's facets. Although you may provide an answer explaining your individual perspective regarding what life is or isn't, what's possible or not possible for you, what you think and believe you can or cannot have, regardless of how thorough, amazingly descriptive, profoundly meaningful and eloquently conveyed it might be, there is someone who sees things differently than you do.

    It may even be the smallest and seemingly insignificant difference.

    So, regardless, there is no description that you can provide individually that can fully and accurately describe what life is and what it means to and for another individual.

    We are, to put it very simply and succinctly, unique in our own unique kind of way. And this uniqueness is what determines and defines our own personal meaning of life as individuals as well as determines what we desire AND what we'll experience in the various aspects of our lives in the future.

    And although on the surface the reasons behind WHY some seem to float through life while others seem to consistently struggle can seem to be very complex.

    Although it can and often does seem that way, the reason behind why is actually very simple too. Profoundly simple in fact.

    Here's how simple it is...

    We all come from various backgrounds, have learned, believe and in most EVERY case adhere to those "learned beliefs." We tend to follow and do what we've been told and taught are the "right and wrong ways" of doing things or are the only way to do things.

    And we've thought and believed that for a LONG time.

    Put simply, we've developed our own belief patterns, our own unique ways of viewing ourselves, others and life in general based on the beliefs of others. Due to those factors, we have each formed our own unique set of beliefs, perceptions and views regarding life and what's possible or NOT possible for us in life.

    And we get to be RIGHT every time. And I do mean EVERY TIME.

    Do you doubt it? Do you see it? Do you need MORE to see how true and accurate that is. I'm going to reveal in a very rational, logical, practical and VERY simple why it is TRUE.

    Here's where it gets REALLY interesting and eye opening.

    I encounter MANY individuals who tell me that their beliefs and perceptions ARE true because they've got "experience to back it up. They've experienced this, experienced that and experienced this other thing so don't try to tell me it's not true.

    Because it IS true!!

    Here's why it's NOT as true as so many think it is. Here's why what YOU might swear is true isn't as true as YOU might think it is.

    Remember our exercise just a minute ago? What popped up for you as you were thinking about your grandest desires? What thoughts surfaced. What did you begin thinking as you did that.

    What doubts surfaced?

    Ready for something REALLY REALLY simple yet potentially life transforming?

    This leads to our unique and individual experiences. And those experiences mirror our beliefs without fail.

    And these beliefs and perceptions that we've learned are further solidified by our own diverse and unique list of life experiences both past and present. They solidify and strengthen the very beliefs that we've been taught, learned, believe to be true and in MOST cases adhere to.

    And because of that those beliefs combined with our experiences also impact how we view our futures and what's possible or not possible for us right here, right now.

    We ALWAYS get to be right.

    Have you ever considered or thought about this?

    Each of those factors collectively joined in our own unique way; which not only can but do equate into any infinite number of potential combinations, have determined, are determining and will determine what we have, are or will personally experience in our lives moment by moment, hour by hour and day by day from here on out unless...

    We identify and CHANGE the beliefs and habitual thought patterns that needlessly HOLD so many back.

    That's how SIMPLE it is.

    We're all at different places as well as different stages in our lives. And these places and stages are determined by our unique ways of being (what we believe, perceive, think and do) which we have adopted and adhere to based on our own unique set of beliefs, values, hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations.

    And those are unique to each of us as well.

    Due to the uniqueness of those factors, the results we receive as individuals and the amount of expended effort that we believe is necessary and which we choose to engage in determines how we go about living our lives and determines what we receive as a result.

    In essence, we create (or if you prefer co-create) our lives precisely as we believe we will.

    Put another another way, the kind, quality and quantity of our results always have, always do and always will to some degree vary from individual to individual.

    On the surface, the how's and why's behind why that's true; or in many cases have us doubting that it IS true can be difficult to pinpoint, see and discern.

    When we do that, life can not only seem to be, but does unfold in ways that we believe and as a result experience as being quite "complex" and in many cases, difficult. From this strictly surface level vantage point, due to our beliefs, perspectives, views and how we choose to engage ourselves, combined with the experiences we go through, life and things we experience in life can and often do "seem" random, chaotic, out of balance, and out of control.

    For some; many in fact, life can be viewed as being unfair resulting in further experiences that align and harmonize with those choices.

    But it's that very way of thinking, believing and DOING things; our learned and now "chosen way" of doing things, that enables and allows it all to become very real. It shows up in our lives just as we believe it will.

    Here's what I and many like me have discovered after doing the VERY same thing...

    It's not that things ARE random, chaotic, out of balance or unfair, it's our THINKING and habitual belief patterns that makes things "seem that way."

    And so they become that and are precisely as we think and believe they are.

    So we do more, try more, chase more, try to get more and in the process deplete ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically in our blinds attempt to get more of what we "truly desire" in the best way we know how.

    But we just can;t seem to get there from here. Sometimes we settle. Sometimes we quit. VERY seldom do we GET what we "Truly Desire."

    As an example do you know of anyone that seems to do far less than you or maybe doesn't seem as intelligent as you, yet consistently receives more than you do?

    Maybe that person even works in the same vocation as you yet their results "seem to" be more easily attained and consistently greater than yours.

    When it's looked at on the surface and you attempt to logically discern how and why things do seem to turn out that way, that generates many various comments and opinions as to why.

    But at a deeper level, a level beyond the limitations of the intellect and what we observe through the physical senses, the uniqueness that defines you as an individual is not only very real, it also plays a vitally important role in determining the kind and quality of life that you'll experience individually as well as the quantity of what you'll receive.

    And that is determined by the factors we've covered already. Your upbringing, background, beliefs, perceptions, values, hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations which ultimately determine what you do or don't do.

    Each of those factors combined, determines the unique kind and quality of life that you'll experience right down to the most minute detail.

    And for most, our past experiences combined with what and how we view, judge and label what's going on in the world around us currently is the determining factor that also plays a MAJOR role in molding, shaping, defining and determining with amazing precision, what we'll experience at some future point in time.

    And when you look at all that and attempt to break it down into what we perceive as being rational, logical and feasible; due to HOW and what we've been taught and BELIEVE, it can all seem very complex, extremely complicated and perhaps even impossible to sort through and figure out.

    That's how SIMPLE it is.

    And all of it...ALL of it stems from what we believe, how we think, our unique perceptions regarding life and the feelings generated based on those factors. That's what determines for the most part everything that follows.

    And the process which determines the kind and quality of results that we DO experience, never rests, errs, wavers or fails. It's always perfect, always precise and NEVER misses it's target...EVER.

    The quality of our results vary without question, but the process which enables them to become real and tangible never does.

    You could refer to it as an all encompassing and all pervasive Universal Truth. It applies equally to you, me and everyone else regardless of how unique we each are and the diverse set of beliefs, opinions and perceptions we hold regarding life in general.

    That's why we see so much much diversity in the world on both an individual and collective scale.

    You could say that what's happening on a large scale globally, is a collective joining of individual beliefs, perceptions, responses, reactions and choices that we as individuals make on an individual scale which join together and determine what we see and experience on a collective scale in the way of events, conditions and circumstances that we didn't individually choose.

    For now let's focus on YOU specifically...

    • Where are you in life?

    • What exactly are you experiencing?

    • How do you perceive and what do you believe to be true regarding your life and the kind and quality of results you have experienced and are experiencing currently?

    • And on a much larger scale, how do you view what's happening in the world around you?

    Those are VITALLY important questions to not only ask yourself, but become keenly aware of in a very "uncommon" kind of way if you truly desire to be, do and have more in life.

    And as you think about and ponder those questions, ask yourself the question that you did a few moments ago.

    What is it that YOU "truly desire" to be, do and/or have more of?

    Do you have unfulfilled hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations that never seem to come to fruition no matter what you do or how hard you try to make them real?

    Does it seem at times as if life delivers one less than desirable thing after another without apparent cause or reason?

    Do you honestly believe that life unfolds randomly or that what is happening and unfolding in the world around you is determining your results individually?

    Perhaps you've concluded and honestly believe that life was intended and perhaps even designed to be hard, difficult, or worse a constant and never ending struggle?

    Or maybe, as millions upon millions of others have, you've heard about what's recently been relabeled and repackaged as The Law of Attraction and truly "want to believe" that you can be, do and have whatever you desire in life but there's still some piece of the manifestation puzzle missing that you just can't seem to find or put into place?

    If so, Take Heart...

    You're certainly not alone. Far from it in fact. There are A LOT of people all over the world thinking, wondering, believing, feeling and experiencing the same.

    BILLIONS of people in fact. But why? And that answer is quite "simple" as well.

    And it's as simple as understanding that BILLIONS hold the very same limiting beliefs, consistently process the same habitual thought processes through their minds, consistently ask the same dis-empowering questions and consistently receive what are often judged, labeled and perceived as being the same "common results."

    And I'll be the first to step forward and say that at one point in my own life, I found myself in the very same place. Unbeknownst to me at the time and what I would discover a number of years later was the VERY SIMPLE fact that I was consistently processing and thinking the same dis-empowering thoughts, believing in the same self limiting way and doing the VERY same thing over and over and over again.

    And that is what most do without realizing what's taking place. That's why so many overlook the simplicity. That's why MOST overlook or don;t BELIEVE that there's a far more simple and easy way to do things.

    And it's a SAD but VERY real FACT that MOST don't KNOW that and as a result keep doing the same things, all the while hoping, wishing, blindly praying and in some cases expecting different results without DOING anything, but never experiencing what they truly desire.

    Would you agree that doing as so many are doing that you can only expect to keep experiencing the same leas than desirable results that SO MANY in the world today do NEEDLESSLY experience?

    And I KNOW it's needless for the simple fact that I "needlessly" experienced the same until I "decided" that enough was enough. It's at that point that I also decided to begin making some "NEW choices", asking some new questions and finding some new answers in places I hadn't looked before which revealed in a very real, tangible and measurable kind of way just how "needless" that "less than desirable" period of my life really was.

    It's what had me walking what I refer to today as the "long path." I've since discovered it was MUCH longer path than was necessary for sure.

    Yet at the same time, for me it was necessary. As "needless" as going through that scary and "seemingly inescapable" period was, it served a greater purpose and inevitably ended up serving a MUCH GREATER good than I could have previously conceived or imagined at the time down the path that I was looking for the WHOLE time.

    And that is SO key. The limitations that I was choosing to "conceive and imagine" revealed in tangible and measurable form, precisely what I was choosing to conceive and imagine most.

    Yet at the time, for the life of me I couldn't SEE that. Based on where I "thought and believed" I was, due to how I had been taught to look at and view myself, others, the world, what I desired and how I was choosing to look at, see, judge and label all of it including these "less than desirable" results that were unfolding all around me, I was blinded to the simplicity and perfection behind it all.

    And that was only one facet of many "Greater Goods" that would eventually reveal themselves after going through this "needless" and painful entourage of seemingly endless and seemingly inescapable "less than desirable" experiences.

    How can I possibly see that as "good" today?

    That's VERY VERY simple too.

    The fact that it created enough pain to cause me to slow down long enough to begin to discover and understand WHY things "seemed to be" randomly and chaotically unfolding as they were was, in fact one of the greatest gifts I could have EVER received.

    And it was because the pain and disappointment was strong enough; it became intense enough to move me forward and begin making some new choices that I didn't even realize were my choices to make.

    You could say that even though I KNOW first hand that being in that place and perhaps even "seeing yourself" as limited or hopelessly stuck is NOT a fun place to be, at the same time what unfolded as a result unfolded, perfectly, precisely and just as it was designed to.

    How was it designed to work?

    That's why I've put together what I've chosen to call the Razor's Edge Package.

    The Razor's Edge Holiday Savings Package

    The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation and The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Medititation

    Here's What You Get In The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation


    The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System


    As I would soon discover it was unfolding just as I was "choosing" for it to without ever realizing that I was doing the choosing.

    And the same holds true for you. It holds true for ALL of us...unconditionally. There are no exceptions.

    The ONLY exception is determined by whether you choose to SEE things that way or not and make the choice to change them or not. Some do, some don't.

    And it's that choice which always determines the kind and quality of current and future choices you'll make as well as the kind and quality of results that you'll experience in your life.

    And that's how "simple" it is.

    I certainly couldn't SEE that at the time I was experiencing it. And if you find yourself in the same or a similar place where I "NEEDLESSLY" found myself; if you feel stuck in a seemingly unending barrage of less than desirable results and believe your stuck, chances are great that you're thinking the same or similar thoughts that I did, perceiving, conceiving, imagining, judging and labeling things in a similar way.

    And if you are, I'll assure you that you are experiencing the same or similar results and will continue to unless you make some new choices.

    That's very "common" actually. In my work I coach and connect with a very diverse group of individuals from various cultures from all walks of life. But regardless of where these individuals reside or what they might do, I've found that MOST people are "thinking" and experiencing the same, yet don't and/or won't do anything differently.

    Yet I've since found that it's this very way of thinking that so often leads to "NEEDLESSLY" and consistently wanting, desiring, hoping, wishing, blindly and futilely praying, doing this, trying that, stressing out, in a constant state of fear, anxiously needing to "fix things" and always looking outside for answers and solutions so they CAN get what they want.

    But due to how they're "choosing" to go about it, they never arrive or find what they're so anxiously looking for.

    And I've also concluded that doing so, ultimately results in attracting and experiencing far less in life than what's truly available to you, me and everyone else.

    But the reason WHY is simple. PROFOUNDLY simple in fact. And it becomes equally simple to see and change when you understand...

    The entire Universe operates, consistently expands and sustains itself due to cycles.

    And it's the kind and quality of those same cycles that determines the kind and quality of our results both individually and collectively in EVERY aspect of life.

    And it's US as individuals that feed these cycles which is determined by what WE ourselves belief, perceive and based on those factors, "choose" to conceive and imagine most.

    And the quality of those choices "feeds the cycle" and determines, without fail, the kind and quality of our lives.

    Put simply, what we focus on expands. What we feed grows. And it's our choices which feed the cycles which inevitably determine the kind, quality and quantity of our intangible as well as our tangible and measurable results.

    It determines how we feel, what we think, what we do and how well we do it which determines our results.

    It's our unique and individual way of believing, thinking, perceiving and doing things which both feeds, sustains and completes the creative cycles that make physical life possible at all.

    Consistently making the same choices DOING the same things yet never addressing the underlying issues, regardless of how badly we might be WANTING something more, ALWAYS results in receiving less than what we truly desire."

    And the same less than desirable cycles continue and sustain themselves...effortlessly, flawlessly, consistently and UNCONDITIONALLY.

    But to SEE that; to become enabled and empowered to attract and experience something different and EXPERIENCE something different requires a choice to DO something different than we have in the past. But the kind of doing that's necessary to change the quality of the cycle is much different than most are choosing.

    The REASON MOST aren't is simply because they "Don't know what they don't know" and keep operating and believing and choosing the same or similar ways of doing things based on what they "think they know."

    Most are doing plenty. Yet they overlook the cause, the RREAL CAUSE which feeds the cycles and in turn makes the doing seem "limited" or altogether unproductive in achieving what is truly desired.

    Because doing things in this way; in a way that the vast majority are blindly "choosing" to do things leads to a consistent series of VERY LIMITED and in MANY cases, "FAR less than desirable" results in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of life.

    And those results conflict with what we truly desire, value and in some cases even, what we "know" down deep is readily available to and for us.

    Yet for some reason we just can't seem to break through the seemingly insurmountable and impenetrable barriers that either blind us to or seem to block our desired path. And it's these same blocks and barriers that often keep us from starting at all let alone moving confidently and unfailingly forward gaining and maintaining an ever increasing form of momentum enabling us to move from where we are to where we "truly desire" to be.

    MOST think and believe that it's what we DO which determines our results. But there's something taking place prior to that which IS the "underlying cause" that so many are looking for yet not finding.

    Where is that?

    It's ALL taking place at the level of consciousness. The kind and quality of our consciousness determines the kind and quality of our lives.

    As I and many like me understand all too well, that is certainly not an easy, pleasing or fun place to be. Left unchanged it can lead to mental and emotional overwhelm, regret, remorse, disappointment, anger, anxiety, depression, grief, apathy and even despondency.

    That's the "bad news."

    But there is "good news." Really great and AWESOME news actually.

    And the awesome news is that we can scale, conquer and move through any "perceived obstacles and barriers" once we make the choice to do so. Or we CAN if we choose, remain "NEEDLESSLY" stuck, always hoping, always wishing, consistently praying and DOING more, yet NEVER receiving whatever it might be that we truly desire to receive.

    How can THAT possibly be AWESOME news?

    For the VERY same reason it was for me. Simply because we have the power to choose what we'll experience whether physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

    There is nothing...NO THING outside of you and the choices you have made, are making or will make that has determined, is determining or will determine the kind and quality of YOUR individual results.

    You can certainly think there is. You can and many do "believe" there is. You have every right to "perceive" and view the world and your life in that way if you "choose to."

    And you'll find, as I and many like me have; as the vast majority still do, that "you get to be right."

    You ALWAYS get to be right.

    I KNOW all too well that things CAN "seem that way." But I also KNOW that if you allow the way things "seem" to continue to define and determine your current and future choices you'll remain "NEEDLESSLY stuck", things will "seem hopeless" and you may even "perceive yourself" as helpless unless and until new choices are made.

    And that's the key to transformation in life.

    That's where it ALL begins. With a single choice. That's where whatever it might be that you have experienced or what you're experiencing currently began.

    With a single choice which lesds into a series of other choices and leads you out of the shadows and into the light were EVERYBODY wants to be.

    And the single most important choice you can make is discover and understand in an "uncommon kind of way" the underlying processes and principles that determine everything we see and experience in life.

    There are MANY that make the initial choice yet never follow through and DO anything once the choice is made. But it's only a halfhearted choice that lacks commitment.

    And what most overlook and choose not to do is develop the foundational understanding; the basics of WHY they can create the life of their dreams once that initial choice is made.

    And that's VITALLY important for the simple fact that once we understand the basics; once we begin to SEE and grasp and understand the simplicity and perfection; once we've poured and laid the necessary foundation to stand and build upon, building the structure becomes far more simple and enjoyable than most can even conceive or imagine.

    But to do so, we must first come to the place in our own minds that we KNOW that we can be, do and have what we CHOOSE and "truly desire" in life. Then and only then can we effectively build upon the basic foundational structure in a more pleasing kind of way, develop a crystal clear and more advanced understanding of not only THAT we CAN but WHY and HOW we can in even more enjoyable and productive ways.

    And that's when life CAN become rewarding, fulfilling, IMMENSELY pleasing and far more "desirable" than so many in the world today think and believe that it can.

    That's also when we can begin to consistently remain focused, make more conscious, intelligent and informed choices that propel us forward rather than remaining "NEEDLESSLY stuck", continuing on making the same uninformed, unintentional, dis-empowering and "unconscious choices" and repeating over and over and over again the very same or similar "less than desired" results. Results that BILLIONS are needlessly experiencing.

    But the reason WHY is SO profoundly simple...

    Most never CHOOSE to take the fist step let alone the steps that follow. And the first step; the single most IMPORTANT step is becoming informed, keenly aware and coming to the realization that we already have all the tools necessary for being, doing and having whatever it might be that we desire at our disposal.

    Once an initial choice is made to create desirable change, it's simply a matter of "choosing" to better understand and use these tools that we ALL possess and which we have ALWAYS been using in a more conscious, intentional and purposeful kind of way than we chose to in the past.

    That's when we SEE in a very real, tangible and profoundly empowering kind of way that we don't NEED anything more than we already have. That's when we KNOW in an unshakable and immutable kind of way that there are no SECRETS or new-found discoveries to be searched for, sought out or found.

    That's when we understand in a life transforming kind of way that we ALREADY possess ALL the tools necessary for being, doing and having whatever it might be that we truly desire in life.

    But seeing and knowing how true that is and then doing so first requires learning and understanding how to begin consciously utilizing these tools in such a way that moves us toward rather than away from we "truly desire" to be, do and have more of.

    The fact of the matter is, we're ALL without exception using these tools already. We always are, always have and always will. Most are just using them unconsciously and unintentionally and at the same time "unknowingly" and unintentionally taking themselves further away from rather than closer to where they "truly desire" to be.

    And shifting direction; doing an about face simply requires a "choice" followed by a commitment to shift direction, do an "about face" and keep moving forward in the direction of where you truly desire to be.

    It's simply a matter of making the choice to begin using these "tools" that you already have in a more conscious, intentional and purposeful kind of way. In such a way that you might begin seeing and experiencing in tangible and measurable form the hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations that so many constantly think about, hope for and WISH they had, but never focus on or give attention to in such a way that enables and allows what's "truly desired" to become a very real part of their lives.

    There you have it. That's what so few realize. That we already DO have the tools, that we already are ARE using them yet most are using them in a far "less than efficient" way than they were designed, intended and which we are quite capable of using in a far more "desirable kind of way" than MOST choose.

    Contrary to what you or anyone else may currently believe, all that's necessary to transform heartfelt desires into tangible experiences; whether it be transforming grief to joy, lack to prosperity, emptiness into fulfillment and perceived chaos into perfect order is a new perspective.

    Because when our perspective shifts, our life shifts. Change the kind and quality of the perspective at the conscious as well as subconscious levels and the kind and quality of results change in far greater ways than MOST can even conceive or imagine let alone make real and tangible.

    We ALL want the real and tangible results and we CAN have them.

    But FIRST, we must learn to see ourselves and our life from a different place and in a different way than we've chosen before.

    We certainly don't HAVE TO. That's optional. We only HAVE TO if we're serious, sincere and ever hope to be, do and have more than we have in the past.

    So what CAN we do?

    Learn, Understand, Become Aware of and CHOOSE To Consciously Align, Harmonize and Apply What's Been Available
    To Us Our Entire Lives

    Actually, it's not so much about learning as it is "unlearning" some and in a number of cases MUCH of what we've been taught, learned, accepted, adopted and believe to be true.

    Because as I've discovered, life never has to be lacking or limited in any way, shape or form. It certainly wasn't designed that way. And if you find yourself thinking that's just how life is; if you consistently focus and see yourself as "seemingly and hopelessly stuck" or you believe that your limited in any way, shape or form in ANY area of your life, whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually, it MOST certainly doesn’t have to stay that way.

    You can choose to remain "NEEDLESSLY stuck" and continue to "believe" that you CAN'T have what you "truly desire" for sure. And you most definitely have that right. But you certainly don't have to remain there.

    But rest assured refusing or overlooking the importance of making conscious, intentional, purposeful and informed choices is a choice that will keep you "NEEDLESSLY and seemingly stuck" as so many believe they are, feeding, sustaining and experiencing the very same "less than desired" cycles.

    Many don't choose anything. Many believe that NOT CHOOSING is a safer or simpler or easier choice than choosing to explore and discover new territory that they weren't previously "aware of." But what they DON'T understand is the fact that NOT CHOOSING is also a choice. And it's the same kind and quality of choice as unconsciously and unintentionally choosing which is what is enabling and allowing so many to consistently create and experience so many less than desired results.

    We'll cover more about choosing in a moment and why we often unknowingly and unintentionally make "unconscious choices" that lead to the very same less than desirable results.

    First let's think about, get focused on what you desire individually.

    What Do You Really and Truly Desire To Be, Do and/or Have More Of?

    Since you've arrived here, chances are great that you have a desire to be, do and/or have more of something in your life.

    No, I'm not a mind reader. I've discovered after many years of working with a very diverse group of individuals from every walk of life that everyone without exception DOES desire more of something.

    And it really doesn't matter how grand or how bleak life may seem currently, literally EVERYONE desires to either be, do and/or have more of something in life.

    You could call these desires to be, do and have more our "core desires" which determine and reveal, at the "conscious thought level", what we value most.

    But although EVERYONE has these core desires, you don't have to look very far to see that not everyone is (and in fact very few are) consistently receiving what they "truly value" and and at the same time "truly desire" to be, do and/or have more of.

    The reason why some do but most DON'T isn't nearly as complicated nor complex as many think. In fact it's quite simple. And it's as simple as this...

    It's simply because most people don't believe they can.

    And the reason why so many believe that is not only quite simple but quite rational and logical too.

    Here's how simple, rational and logical it is...

    What We Believe and "Think We Know" Conflicts With What
    We Truly Value and Consciously Desire To Be, Do and Have More Of

    Unbeknownst to most we have conscious desires and beliefs as well as unconscious desires and beliefs. And we ALL do. The conscious and the subconscious often conflict with one another.

    On the surface that may not seem so clear, simple and obvious. So bear with me, because what I'll be sharing as we move forward will hopefully make it crystal clear soon.

    Just as we each have core desires and values, we also have core beliefs. These core beliefs differ from person to person, but regardless of how expansive and freeing or how limiting and restrictive our individual beliefs might be, they all have been acquired in the very same way.

    They are unique for us and come from different sources for sure but HOW they were acquired is one and the same.

    They've been formed due to what we've been taught is true. And we wholeheartedly "believe" that what we've been taught to be true is definitively "true."

    But due to what we've been taught and the way we've been taught it and the resulting beliefs and perceptions that are formed due to those teachings, these same beliefs and perceptions stem from and equate to nothing more or less than "learned ways of being."

    And it's these "learned ways of being" that define and determine the kind and quality of life we'll experience whether physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

    These "learned ways of being" develop into and determine our individually chosen belief systems which determines how we think and perceive life.

    Over time, learned beliefs become "subconscious beliefs" which create our "internal map of reality" which defines and determines what we believe to be true about life.

    This internal map of reality is molded and shaped based on a combination of factors. The primary factors are what we've learned as well as what we've experienced either directly or indirectly beginning from the time we were born.

    And what we experience solidifies in our minds as well as in a measurable kind of way; in a life experience kind of way that what we were taught and the core beliefs we established as a result must be "true."

    What so many unknowingly overlook is the fact that experience stems from belief, NOT the other way around. Less than empowering beliefs will certainly create and sustain less than desirable cycles which do determine the kind and quality of results we experience in ever facet of life.

    Yet at the same time ANY less than desirable outcomes that so many "perceive" as being so real were made real due to BELIEFS, thoughts, perceptions and feelings that enabled them to become REAL to begin with.

    We've all been taught what to believe, who and what we are supposed to be, what we're supposed to DO and NOT do as well as what's right, wrong, good, bad, acceptable and not acceptable.

    We've also learned what's possible and not possible for us in our lives.

    But in many cases; most cases in fact, there's a problem with that. A "perceived problem" that is.

    We have, in the vast majority of cases, enabled and allowed the beliefs and perceptions of others to define and become our own. We've allowed the beliefs and perceptions of others to determine and define for us what the kind and quality of our lives will be like.

    We take what we've learned at face value. And as children, that's quite normal and natural. We don't know any better. We simply accept the advice, teachings and instruction of those we know, trust and depend on for our survival.

    But being children, what we don't realize is that what we've been taught by others isn't necessarily true. Because what we learn, in more cases than not is only blindly accepted data that's been handed down from generation to generation.

    And in the vast majority of cases this data that has been blindly accepted, adopted and believed, determines the kind and quality of our life choices.

    And in nearly EVERY case, these "learned ways of being" have been handed down from generation to generation without anyone ever questioning if what's been handed down is "really true."

    And that's where the "perceived problem" often kicks in. That's why it's quite easy to become "seemingly stuck" and repeating the same less than desirable results over and over again. That's precisely why we "believe" we can't do this, shouldn't do that, can't acquire this or have that and essentially never "move consciously and confidently forward" to become and create what we "truly desire" in our heart of hearts.

    But it DEFINITELY doesn't mean that we can't. Because we CAN unless and until we make the choice to decide that we CAN'T.

    It's simply a matter of "accepting responsibility" for our lives.

    Because once we move through our childhood dependencies and enter into the world on our own, most carry those same beliefs forward with them. But often times we never take the initiative to explore and closely examine if what we've learned, believe and perceive as being "real, right and true" is really true at all.

    It becomes our truth without question. And it's the kind and quality of truth that we adopt and "choose" to hold onto which feeds the cycle that ALWAYS determines the kind and quality of our tangible results.

    But in many cases it's not based on what I often refer to as Higher Truth. And there's a HUGE difference between "perceived truth" and Higher Truth.

    And the Higher Truth is this...

    "As we believe we receive."

    What we believe and receive as a result need not be and IS NOT definitively true. We only need adopt it as "our truth" to receive outcomes; whether desirable or far less than desirable that align and harmonize with what we believe, perceive and deem as being true.

    In some cases these beliefs become so buried, we're often unaware that we have them. These buried beliefs often become so deeply engrained at a "subconscious level" that we have no conscious awareness that they exist at all.

    Subconscious beliefs are powerful and ALWAYS overwrite our "conscious beliefs" as well as ALWAYS determine what we'll have or not have in life.

    In other words what we often think we believe and even claim to believe on a "conscious level" is one thing. I can "consciously believe" that I can do this, have that, become this or make this other thing happen. But if it's something I truly desire for my life yet I'm NOT experiencing it in tangible and measurable form and I consistently find myself hoping, wishing, praying and desiring but not HAVING whatever it might be, there's something blocking it.

    What is that thing? A subconscious belief. yet at a subconscious level, the belief conflicts with what we consciously desire and/or "want" to believe that we can have.

    And that my friend is where the "perceived problems" and less than desirable results that so many today "believe to be" inevitable, unavoidable, unending and perhaps inescapable stem from.

    That's precisely why the same less than desirable cycles are repeated over and over and over again although our conscious desires seem futile simply because our tangible and measurable results consistently conflict with what we SAY we desire and WANT to experience.

    That's also what determines both our emotional responses and reactions to various situations in life which in turn determines the kind and quality of what we unconsciously, unknowingly yet consistently feed these cycles.

    There Are But 2 Choices In Life. Move Toward and Open To What You Love or Move Away From and Resist What You Fear

    Although the intentions of our teachers is often to teach us what's best for us and intended to keep us safe, we've "learned" for the most part to focus on and run away from what we fear rather than focusing on and moving toward what we "Love."

    And the "key word" in that statement is "focus." Because when we adopt and accept any "fear based belief" as our own, other than those which keep us safe and from inflicting physical harm, our focus is misaligned and misdirected energy that can never provide the desired result.

    In other words, we often place focus on imaginary fears when no physical danger is present.

    That's where EVERY desirable as well as less than desirable event, condition or circumstance that we experience individually comes from. What we focus on and give attention to.

    Although we may have a "sincere desire" for example to do one thing that we love, our belief systems direct our thought processes to focus on "avoiding what we fear" rather than moving toward what we Love. We "claim" for example that we "want more money" but our focus and attention remains focused on being broke or in many cases even on "not being broke."

    We've developed habitual ways of thinking that can NEVER provide the desired result REGARDLESS of how much we might claim to want it and ache to receive whatever the want might be.

    Our learned ways of being combined with our habitual patterns of thinking are creating and sustaining the very cycles that we claim we want no part of. Yet at the same time we are creating the very "problems" that so many are experiencing in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of their lives. Yet it's these very "problems" that we "perceive and believe to be inescapable that most are unknowingly choosing for themselves.

    But they're NOT really THE problem nor are they inescapable at all. Any "perceived problem" that we think we have, whether a shortage of money, ill health, or non-fulfilling and turbulent relationships are really nothing more than symptoms of a more deeply rooted problem.

    And this deeply rooted problem is our core beliefs, whether conscious or subconscious which determine the quality of our thinking as well as the kind, quality and quantity of what we receive in each and every area of life.

    It's these "learned ways of being" that determines in our own minds what we as individuals "think we know." And due to what we "think we know", we often repeat, sometimes defend and consistently engage in our day to day activities in the very same "less than efficient" way.

    And we consistently receive the very same less than desirable tangible and measurable results that we'll continue receiving unless and until we CHOOSE to DO something differently.

    Put another way what we think we know determines not only what but how and why we do whatever it might be that we choose to do.

    Due to our "learned ways of being" we often claim and honestly believe that what we know and how we go about doing whatever it is that we do; all the while in our own minds "knowing" it's the way that things should be or must be done is a VERY limited and self sabotaging way of doing things.

    It's what we honestly believe and perceive as being "true and necessary" for doing and receiving whatever it might be that we desire and set out to achieve individually.

    Due to these "inherited" beliefs and perceptions regarding what we can or can't have, how things "should be", "need to be" and/or "must be" done, we often limit and in many cases sabotage, without ever being consciously aware of how or why, the very hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations we claim we want and truly would love to experience more of in our lives.

    So we continue on, blindly DOING our very best based on what we "claim to" and honestly "think we know", sometimes learning to DO this better or DO that differently; enhancing this skill, developing our intellectual capabilities, DOING more of this and less of that yet still often find ourselves consistently settling, sometimes struggling yet always experiencing the same "less than desirable" results.

    And this "lack of desirable results" automatically ignites and engages the same self limiting sensations of fear, doubt, worry, anxiety that we hope all of our doing is going to alleviate.

    Yet it NEVER does.

    And by choosing to continue on DOING things in this way, we find ourselves repeating over and over again the very choices, actions and life draining reactions that consistently result in feeding the next cycle with the very same data which ALWAYS results in receiving and experiencing more of the same.

    MUCH less than we "truly DO desire."

    We desire to become masters of life yet we unconsciously allow life to remain our master. We "unconsciously allow" our subconsciously triggered emotions to determine and dictate how we feel rather than taking conscious control and directing these emotions in such a way that enables us to "FEEL" empowered and unstoppable.

    So, how do you begin to develop this mental and emotional mastery which inevitably leads to life mastery?

    Good question. And here's the readers digest version of how to not only do so but do so in the simplest, fastest and most productive way that I'm aware of.

    Life Mastery Begins Real By Choosing To Develop
    Self Mastery Which Stems From Mental and Emotional Mastery

    It really and truly is as simple and/or as complex as that. The degree of simplicity or complexity that you'll experience personally rests with you. How simple or how complex it is for you is also only dependent on you and you alone.

    Because mental and emotional mastery begins by choosing to become aware of and shift any "less than true" beliefs we've acquired and are currently choosing to allow to dictate and determine how we perceive life, what we think, what we do and inevitably what we "receive" as a result.

    Doing so enables us to think, feel, say and do things in a way that aligns with our desires. In other words...

    Life mastery is achieved by choosing to consciously, intentionally, purposefully and consistently align and harmonize the mental, emotional and physical aspects that collectively make up who you are with whatever it might be that you desire.

    I'm quite aware as a result of having "been there and done that" that life can often "seem" random, chaotic, cold, scary, imbalanced and unforgiving. When it's looked at in this way it can also seem that reactions of fear, doubt, worry and anxiety are a normal, natural, and seemingly inescapable part of life.

    But are they really?

    Well...I used to personally think so. In fact, at one point I was quite convinced; certain in fact of just how "true" that was. And for a number of years I personally engaged in this very same "less than desirable" mental and emotional game that I believed at the time to be inescapable.

    And guess what happened?

    As a result of choosing to play that game I also experienced more than my share of the same less than desirable and seemingly horrific events, conditions and circumstances which followed.

    And they were VERY real. They "seemed" inescapable. It "seemed" as if life was designed to be hard. It "seemed as if" struggle was an inevitable part of life.

    But after earnestly searching, exploring, seeking out answers and solutions to alleviate what many "perceive as being normal, natural and inescapable reactions, I've since found that the answer to "Is fear, doubt, worry and anxiety a normal, natural, and inescapable part of life" is a resounding NO!!

    Although fear, doubt, worry and anxiety CAN seem and are often perceived as being quite normal, natural, unavoidable and at times inescapable, it most certainly doesn't mean that they HAVE TO BE.

    It simply requires a choice; a conscious, intentional and purposeful choice to understand what's going on below the surface outside of our conscious awareness.

    And minimizing the destructive patterns that fear, doubt and worry create MOST CERTAINLY doesn't require seeking out and mastering some "Newfound Secret" nor taking some prescribed regimen of pharmaceutical drugs to alleviate the fear, doubt, worry and anxiety that so many in the world are experiencing.

    That's a whole other topic.

    All that's required is making the choice to DO something that we've already covered.

    Enhancing, expanding and elevating what we "believe" and what we "think we know" to be true.

    More than 3 decades of searching, exploring, researching, experimenting, discovering and finally APPLYING what I've since found to be a never failing solution has since proven in "seemingly magical and miraculous ways" which are far too extensive to cover here, revealed in tangible and measurable ways just how "real and true" that is to me in a very personal and profound kind of way.

    In fact, what I discovered and chose to DO changed the entire course of my life dramatically. And it did so in ways that I didn't initially "believe" that it could. In ways that I couldn't even conceive or imagine at the time.

    The same can happen for you.

    But my search didn't get underway prior to personally encountering a very diverse range of experiences in the early years of my life, many of which "seemed" quite terrifying and which I "believed" to be inescapable and unavoidable as I was experiencing them.

    And it was during that period that I discovered that the paralyzing effects of fear, doubt, worry and anxiety are not only avoidable they're most certainly not natural.

    In fact they're quite "unnatural." Yet at the same time, as "unnatural" as well as self-limiting as these fear based reactions are, that's precisely how many are "choosing" to go through life as "unconscious" as those choices might be and as "unaware" that those who are making those choices are.

    If you're anything like me and many others who have arrived at the same conclusion, initially, that may seem to be a ridiculous statement.

    Let's get real here. Who in their "right mind" would choose fear, doubt, worry and anxiety as their "chosen way of life?"

    And I would wholeheartedly agree. Who in their "right mind" would make such choices?

    And the answer of course is no one would do so intentionally and purposefully. But the unfortunate reality is, MOST are choosing just that without ever realizing that any choice is being made on their part.

    And the reason so many are "unaware" is due to the fact that how they respond or react is because of what they believe which is deeply engrained at a "subconscious level" and has become an automatic and conditioned response when they look at and see things in life that are "less than desirable."

    And without even realizing it, their "unconscious choice" and seemingly automatic "reactions" to various tangible and measurable outcomes that reveal themselves are sustaining, creating, intensifying and growing the very results that thye are "trying so hard" to escape from.

    But it's ALL because of conditioning. It's ALL the result of how we've been taught, programmed and conditioned to believe which creates the very same habitual patterns of perceiving, thinking and SEEING the world and we never make a conscious choice to interrupt the pattern to change things.

    But since it is "conditioned" it can also be "unconditioned" and replaced with a new form of conditioning that enables and allows the life we dream of to become a tangible reality.

    So how do we DO that?

    Well, allow me to borrow a statement based on timeless wisdom derived from one of the most widely read ancient texts which clearly and succinctly states...

    "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

    And that is how simple or seemingly complex creating significant, meaningful and desirable change in life is. It's also what enables long term sustainable change to persist.

    But it's that very wisdom that is often written off, overlooked and seldom chosen by those who "believe and perceive" that doing this or doing that is the answer to resolving the "less than desirable" life experiences that so many "perceive" as being normal and natural as we navigate our chosen life paths.

    It's a sad yet substantiated fact that most are DOING plenty but only a very small minority are actually seeing and experiencing what they Truly Desire in life.

    Some are doing so much that physical, mental and emotional overwhelm are quite prevalent and the very cause of so many experiencing and remaining seemingly trapped within the confines of fear, doubt and worry which limits their capacity for change and ALWAYS results in anxiety.

    Don't misunderstand. DOING is certainly an important part of receiving desired outcomes. Contrary to what many Law of Attraction teachers are "claiming" today, doing is a necessary component of receiving tangible and measurable results.

    But it's NOT the Main Thing as so many have been led to believe.

    Here's how and why many...most perhaps are "unconsciously choosing" fear, doubt, worry and anxiety in various situations without even realizing it.

    I'm going to ask that you consider something that you may or may not already be aware of.

    "Things are seldom as they seem. But they're always as we "perceive them" to be."

    What does that mean exactly?

    Quite simply, life and what we experience as we navigate through life can be viewed in various ways. An infinite number of ways in fact.

    How we view life, ourselves and even the individual events, conditions and circumstances that we encounter in our day to day lives are often looked at and seen quite differently than how someone else may see and view the very same things.

    Here's a practical example.

    Since money seems to be what most are after combined with the fact that it's such an emotionally charged topic let's use it as our example.

    Let's assume that you are accustomed to earning $1,000.00 per week at your job. One day you're offered another job that pays that much in a day. You may and chances are good that you'd believe and perceive that landing a job that pays you $1000.00 per day is AWESOME. Beyond awesome even.

    Yet someone who is accustomed to making $5,000.00, $10,000.00 or more per day would see the same situation that you "view, believe and perceive" as being awesome and amazing as something far less.

    The emotional response you experience and the emotional reaction they experience would be quite different. Same outcome, different reactions. So now I'll ask you...

    Which is right and which is wrong? Which is true and which is untrue?

    And the obvious answer of course is neither.

    Because it's not that making any amount of money, whether $1000.00, $10,000.00 or even a gazillion dollars for that matter is either awesome or pathetic in and of itself. What determines our individual conclusion and our responses or reactions, is nothing more or less than what WE ourselves "believe and perceive" as being true.

    And it's not limited to money and financial issues. The same holds true in every aspect of our lives. And it's how we view each of these areas that determines our emotional responses or reactions which in turn determines the kind and quality of our lives individually.

    Here's why our individually held views are so often deemed by us as being right and true while others might see our views and beliefs as being wrong and/or untrue...

    There exists "what is" and there also exists our individual perceptions that determine and lead to our judgments, labels, responses and reactions to "what is."

    Our perceptions and how we view the world stem from and become real for us based on our beliefs.

    That's certainly nothing new. And it's certainly not a secret.

    The mystics, sages and masters since antiquity have always taught just that for thousands of years. More recently, various branches of science have made great strides in discovering, validating and for the most part support just how "true" that is.

    Here's why it's so vitally important that YOU not only understand how real and true that is as it pertains to you, but also make a "conscious choice" to DO something about it; something different than you have been doing once the understanding is acquired IF you "truly expect" to create desirable change.

    No, you certainly don't HAVE to. It's optional. You only HAVE to if you're sincere about and truly expect to begin seeing and experiencing the kind of changes that so many are seeking yet believing they have no power or ability to create.

    But we do. We ALL do. And this same ability was freely provided to each of us without exception at birth.

    So what's the answer?

    To Change Our Seemingly Unchangeable Reality
    It's Necessary To Develop New Habits

    It's often said that we're creatures of habit and that's "true" to a degree. In a physical and emotional sense we ARE creatures of habit. Due to how our brains are wired which is determined by our inherited beliefs and perceptions, we do become creatures of habit and consistently engage in our "habitual way of doing, seeing and perceiving things" in the same way we have all the while hoping, wishing and often blindly praying for things to somehow magically change.

    Due to how we've been taught we often try to change our "physical habits" without ever getting to the core of our mental and emotional habits.

    And although habits are MANY; even though there are literally an infinite number of habits that we "unconsciously and unknowingly engage in from day to day, ALL of them boil down to 2 habits.

    What are these 2 all encompassing habits?

    We consistently move toward what we Love or avoid and run away from what we fear. Every belief, every thought, every choice, every habit and EVERYTHING we DO falls under those 2 headings.

    And due to what we're taught as well as the way we're taught throughout our lives, we have become primarily wired to run away and avoid what we fear. And since we ARE wired in this way, that's what we DO most often.

    Yet regardless of how much we might engage in this way, regardless of how hard we try or how much we do, we receive more of the same. And in the vast majority of cases, more of the same equates to FAR less than we truly desire, deserve and most certainly far less than what's truly available to and for us.

    In many cases it leads to MUCH more of what we believe and perceive as being an endless avalanche of seemingly endless (and in some cases unbearable) events, conditions and circumstances that seem to show up out of nowhere, a kind and quality of which we claim we don't want.

    And the cycle continues.

    This way of "seeing, doing and perceiving things" results in and places us in a seemingly inescapable cycle of fear, doubt, worry and anxiety which transmutes into a seemingly inescapable cycle of less than desired results. We end up settling, struggling and getting by as most in the world are unknowingly and unconsciously "choosing" to do.

    What we believe, the perceptions that form due to those beliefs, the fear based reactions we often "unconsciously and unknowingly" engage in and what we think, say and do as a result more often times than not, conflict with rather than align with "the receiving of" what we truly desire.

    And we never make the choice "allow ourselves" to enhance our understanding, develop greater levels of awareness which is a requirement for "enhancing our beliefs", consciously directing our emotions and enhancing how we DO things ALL of which are required for enabling our heartfelt desires to become real, tangible and measurable.

    But enhancing awareness in a way that begins providing what we desire, also requires choosing to get information and understanding from a different source or sources than MOST (and perhaps even you) have in the past.

    A famous scientist named Albert Einstein can be quoted as saying...

    "Attempting to resolve a "problem" with the same kind of thinking that created it is insanity."

    How right he was!!

    It's not from consistently repeating and unconsciously utilizing what we've learned, believe, perceive and "know to be true" that is going to lead to desirable and meaningful change in our lives.

    Doing so requires discovering, recognizing, becoming keenly aware of and shifting the beliefs that lead to our predominant method of thinking. Because it's those very beliefs combined with our predominant method of thinking that ignites and fuels our habitual and seemingly uncontrollable "fear based reactions" that take place due to our "learned ways of being."

    Bottom line? As the ancient text so eloquently and succinctly instructs, creating significant, meaningful, positive and lasting change does require...

    "Being transformed by the renewing of our minds."

    I'd heard that statement many times during the course of my life, but it wouldn't be until I had hit a place of desperation and a seemingly endless flow of "less than desirable" results, that I FINALLY made the choice to delve deeper and explore areas that extended well beyond what I'd learned, believed and "thought I knew."

    You could say I made the choice at that moment to DO something and without even being consciously aware of it at the time, I began the process of "Being transformed by the renewing of my OWN mind."

    And that initial choice lead into a many year search led me into exploring, researching and discovering various branches of science, the physiological and neurological systems that drive and sustain our physical bodies, studying the ancient texts from various cultures and exploring with uncommon intensity a number of other areas, the list of which is far too long to fully describe or explain here, which enabled me to break free from what I found to be my own self created prison.

    And that may seem a strong word but that's exactly what it was or at least what it "seemed like." A self created prison that kept me from experiencing the Real Freedom that was available and IS available to you, me and ANYONE else who chooses to discover the keys to open the door and experience the freedom that exists beyond it.

    And as I would discover after many years of searching and "unlearning" much of what I "thought" was true, the very keys that set me free were not only easily accessible, they were right before my eyes the entire time.

    I just couldn't SEE them.

    But ultimately this "choice" to do so, provided me with an entirely new form of information far more empowering and life enhancing than the information I had been taught, learned, accepted, adopted, made my life choices by and eventually "allowed" to become what "I thought I knew" and referred to as being "true."

    And not surprisingly, much of what I explored, discovered and began using to finally experience Real Freedom was presented to me many years earlier. But as a result of what I'd learned, believed and thought I knew at the time, I honestly "thought and believed" it had no meaning or relevance in my life.

    You could say I overlooked the very keys that would free me from my self created prison many years later.

    And doing so would eventually reveal "the amazing and cherished gift" of going through the "trying and seemingly horrific" events, conditions and circumstances I had which led me to experiencing the desperation that I had.

    How could that possibly be a gift?

    Had I not gotten to that place, chances are good that I wouldn't have chosen to enhance my awareness, expand my "belief borders" and discover new information which turned my life around.

    And I certainly wouldn't be DOING what I DO today which is offering and presenting the very keys to those who are serious about transforming the kind and quality of their own lives.

    I wouldn't be actively engaging in what I've since discovered to be my "Soul Purpose."

    Doing so only requires stepping outside of and stretching beyond what we "claim to know" just long enough to explore, understand and wholeheartedly engage ourselves in what is currently unknown and so often left unexplored by those who "claim" they want something more yet continue to engage themselves in the same habitual ways.

    And that's what keeps so many from receiving what they truly desire to receive in life.

    Changing conditions requires first accepting, acknowledging and embracing the fact that "We don't know what we don't know."

    That's also why so few experience a life of real joy, purpose, meaning and fulfillment in EVERY aspect of life. They never make the choice.

    But it's a choice that MUST BE made and followed through on if experiencing an extraordinary quality of life is ever going to become and remain a reality.

    Because creating Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom is about so much more than merely DOING and having. It's also more than simply mastering one, two or even three areas of your life; it's about creating true harmony, a natural free flowing balance and an indescribable sense of peace, assurance and fulfillment in ALL aspects of life; the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual, each of which collectively unfold moment by moment based on OUR choices.

    And it's those choices that determine the kind and quality of our lives and experiences individually.

    Are You Really Living Life or Merely Surviving?

    There are 2 predominant ways to go through life. One is merely surviving and the other is REALLY living.

    I can't know exactly where you are in life or what you're experiencing. No one knows that better than you. But what I do know is that whatever you're experiencing, since YOU yourself have chosen, are choosing and will continue choosing whatever it might be, you can also change it if ever and whenever you decide to.

    What is important is what do you think? What do you "believe" to be true about what's transpiring in your life? How are you viewing what's unfolding all around you? How do you feel as you observe it all?

    More importantly what are you personally experiencing in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of YOUR life as all this unfolds around you?

    I ask, not because I need to know. I ask so you might know. I ask because most are unaware and unconscious of how what they're believing, how they're viewing and perceiving what's unfolding and what they're "feeling" is determining what they'll "receive more of in the future.

    And I ask mainly because it's my joy as well as my passion and "Soul Purpose" in life to assist you in receiving, having and fully enjoying whatever you're currently desiring.

    But most importantly I ask because I want the light bulbs to come on for you and assist you in seeing why things are the way they are in your life.

    Because until you know why they are happening the way they are; unless and until you know HOW they're unfolding as they are, creating significant, desirable and lasting change can and will continue to seem extremely difficult or even impossible.

    And the answers can only be found by closely examining and becoming conscious and keenly aware of what's happening within yourself. Because I can assure you, whether you believe it and are ready to accept it or not, your life on the outside is a mirrored reflection of what's happening INSIDE.

    It's what YOU believe, what YOU know, what YOU think, how YOU view and how YOU feel as you observe what's taking place in your life and in the world at large that always has and always will determine what you're currently experiencing, what you have experienced and will continue to experience in YOUR world unless and until YOU make a conscious choice to DO something differently.

    Maybe what I've shared with you makes logical sense. Maybe it resonates with you and you know in your heart that what I've conveyed based on my own experience and years of path walking is true and you're truly ready to DO something about it.

    Maybe, if you find yourself in the place where so many do today, you're ready to learn, understand and apply some very simple yet profound principles that will enable you to experience Real Freedom for yourself.

    That's why I held the "live version" of The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation conference that took place back in 2007.

    I and people from around the world spent a full 8 1/2 hours together where I revealed what has taken me more than 3 decades of intense research, exploration, application and and a very diverse range of experiences to acquire.

    I also revealed, contrary to popular "belief" that there are NO SECRETS and nothing outside of yourself that's needed or required for creating an extraordinary quality of life for yourself and those you love.

    Because "The ONLY Secret" there is to discover lies within you.

    There is only YOUR way. But when you find your way you discover just how awesome, magnificent and simple consistently receiving your most cherished hopes, dreams, aspirations and heartfelt desires can be.

    And that's also why I've made The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation available in an immediately downloadable digital format and offer it as a tool to those who are "earnestly seeking" change.

    That's what The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation reveals in a very clear, logical, practical yet profound kind of way and does so in stunning detail.

    And it does so in many ways.

    I cover a lot of timeless wisdom left to us by the mystics, sages and masters since antiquity. I also cover, in a very simplified kind of way, the science behind success as well as provide the latest in cutting edge scientific research that supports and substantiates what the mystics, sages, masters and philosophers since antiquity have always known and conveyed.

    We look at the tangible and measurable aspects of life and how the process and the cycles that sustain life always operate in harmony and with unerring precision.

    We also engaged in an interactive exercise that reveals how to begin tuning into, becoming aware of, identifying and eliminating the self limiting and self sabotaging "subconscious beliefs" that keep so many from being, doing and having what they "truly desire" in and for their lives.

    And that's what The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation will reveal to you should you choose it as a tool that you'll use.

    In addition, I've also included a complimentary transcript of The 7 Hidden Keys conference as well as an e-book titled 'The Miracle of You and Your Cells'.

    If you've ever wondered what enables the tangible and measurable aspects of your life to become what they are and/or are seeking answers to the seemingly complex and often times fear igniting situations that seem to show up out of nowhere at various times and for no apparent reason, The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation is a tool that will prove to be of IMMENSE short and long term benefit for you.

    I've compressed and condensed more than 3 decades of transformational insight, experience and discovery into into an 8½ hour prerecorded conference which is immediately available downloadable in MP3 format.

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