Deception Like Truth Is A Reality
In A World Of Polarity

Troubling "Probabilities" That Many Are Choosing
To Ignore Or Are Entirely Unaware Of

Accepting responsibility for the preservation of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of rights is a choice. Choosing not to be part of the solution is the main problem

Texas Congressman Ron Paul Knows What's Happening To Our Rights, Sovereignty and Our Monetary System AND He's One Of Few Not Afraid To Voice It and DO Something About It
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April 15th 2009 American Tea Party
Anthem Video : Freedom Ain't Free

In a world of polarity both the dark side and the light side are "realities." These videos and resources may provide you with a perspective that you hadn't previously considered as to just how "real" the "Dark Side" is.

Don't be alarmed but be aware...Don't be proactive. Individually we can make a huge difference. Collectively we can change the world very quickly.

Here's The Video Contained Within
The "Special Request" E-Mail I Received

'The Obama Deception'

America : From Freedom To Fascism

I Highly Recommend This Video, 'America : From Freedom To Fascism'

It's an eye opening documentary created by Aaron Russo : VERY Informative concerning issues regarding the Federal Reserve and what you're "told" is "Tax Law."

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(This film was listed on YouTube in it's entirety and received 3,000,000 views before being "suspiciously" banned.

Google users rated America: Freedom To Fascism 5 Stars. After weeks in the Google Top 100, AFTF had over 3 million views on Google Video!)

Restore The Republic Provides A Great Deal Of
"Eye Opening" and Current Information Regarding Issues That You May Not Be Aware Of, Yet Are Very "Real"

Restore The Republic - The Home of the Freedom Movement!

Independent Media Videos Containing "Probabilities" That The Mainstream Media Hasn't and Won't Air Concerning 911

The following are only portions of video on YouTube providing a compelling and troubling perspective regarding 9/11 and what may have "truly" happened and how.

The Great Conspiracy

Things Are Often Not As They Appear and
More Often Not As You're Told

In Plane Sight

Compelling Evidence That There May Be More
To The 9/11 Tragedy Than We Know

It's no secret and an easily verifiable fact that there is an unquestionable connection between the U.S. and the funding as well as training of Al Quida.

Does that connection go deeper? Is there more going on than we know? Is someone hiding something and if so why?

In Plane Sight provides a chilling and troubling perspective of what may have "really happened" on that horrific day

You can also purchase a
DVD of In Plane Site here

Update November 2012

Ron Paul Leaves Congress - Exit Speech