The Greatest of These IS Love

by Christell

I really enjoyed hearing your realization of how love is the greatest of all. I too have found that out at an early age and because of realizing that, I am able to spread it through the friends I meet along my path of experiences.

Your writings have inspired or ignited a pilot light inside me to further my education.

I have come from an alcoholic family and it gets quite hard to focus on what's important.

Thank you for sharing your insights.

I know that the greater power has some doings in me finding the greatest of all, mainly because I let all my thoughts and feelings go to clear my mind and I don't quite remember what word or phrase came to mind, but when I searched it on my phone, your page had come up and here we are.

So thanks and I will continue to and look forward to reading more.

Chuck's response to Christell...

Hi Christell,

Thank You for sharing your thoughts and your insights here. I'm glad you enjoy and find some from of benefit through my work.

External circumstances of all shapes and sizes can take us off our game at times. No doubt, that's a normal and natural part of life.

The great thing about polarity/duality is that it always presents an opportunity to make choices that enable us to grow and perhaps to reveal to us at some point, that ALL things do work for a greater good.

The possibilities are many but one thing is certain. Love always does win out...unconditionally.

The Very Best For You,


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