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The "Key" To Effortless Creation

The Attainment Of Wealth...REAL Wealth...Contrary To Popular "Belief" Isn't Difficult To Acquire...In Fact It's As Simple Or As Difficult As YOU Choose To Make It And "Allow" It To Be.

Brace Yourself...You're About To Embark On A Journey Of "Profound" Discovery...A Journey That Will Transform Your Entire Life FOREVER!!
You're Soon To Be Introduced To And Handed...

"The 'Key' To Effortless Creation"

Your Personal Guide To Experiencing Harmony And Fufillment In EVERY Aspect Of Your Life


Although it's been a few months since I've been in contact, let me assure you it's NOT because I've been loafing. :-)

In fact I've been "working" diligently on something that I know, based on an almost overwhelming number of contacts received over the past months, that you'll find to be extremely beneficial in enhancing your quality of life should you choose to apply what you are soon to discover and make a "conscious choice" to "allow" it to.

What is this something? It's called "The Key To Effortless Creation" which provides what I have come to believe to hold the answers that so many are and have been looking for yet, due to an "Infinite" number of reasons, so few ever find.

Although I do my best to personally answer each e-mail received, there are times when the quantity of contacts…more specifically questions contained within them exceeds the time I have available to answer each individually in a way that effectively provides the answers with the depth of clarity necessary to assist those who write to fully comprehend the intended message.

Not that the information contained within them is difficult to comprehend but rather because in order to effectively break through the "belief filters" which many have established, the very filters which keep so many from experiencing all that's available to them in the various areas of their lives, it's necessary at times to provide lengthy explanations which if answered individually would take literally hours per day to get through.

That's the reason for this mailing…to first of all apologize to those of you who have written but have not received an answer and at the same time introduce you to my latest "creation" which I'm hopeful and confident will provide whatever answer it might be that you are looking for and have written concerning.

I've created this series titled "The Key To Effortless Creation" which as part of The Enlightened Journey Family, you will be provided free access.

This 1st phase of Key To Effortless Creation will provide you with deeper insight and hopefully additional clarity concerning your individual ability to create and experience "Real Wealth" in your life, and unlike the past editions which were scheduled to go out once per month as you'll soon discover

It's come to my attention that, as powerful and life transforming as this information is, there are many who not only need to understand at a deeper level how the events, conditions and circumstances in each area of their lives unfolds, but also require the physical step by step breakdown to effectively utilize what they discover to begin experiencing the kind and quality of life that so many desire yet so few ever attain.

Since the inception of "Enlightened Journey Enterprises" back in 2005 and the launch of the Enlightened Journey newsletter shortly thereafter, it has always been my intent to provide you with real, practical and timely guidance and advice based on my personal perspective which was acquired through years of extensive study of quantum physics, timeless spiritual teachings, the functions of the human physiology, the simple observation of nature and far too many personal experiences to list here.

What I've been working on over these past months not only provides you with that information in the best way I currently know how to deliver it.. Not only the "awareness enhancement" aspect of how to begin experiencing what I like to refer to as "Effortless Creation" for yourself, but the tangible and practical steps that you can begin taking immediately as well as the physical systems and tools that will enable and empower you to begin "consciously and purposefully creating and experiencing whatever individual desires you may have and wish to experience for yourself individually.

Understanding that each individual has certain preferences with regard to understanding what I like to refer to as "Higher Truth", The Key To Effortless Creation mixes and utilizes the various avenues of study which brought me to my individual conclusions and is presented with the intent that it might reach and make an impact on all who choose to utilize it.

In a nutshell it's the best way I know at this point to provide all of you with the answers that you may be seeking while still enabling me to fulfill the purpose for which Enlightened Journey Enterprises was founded which is providing you with valuable and timely enable and empower you to begin consciously, purposefully and intentionally creating and experiencing the kind and quality of life that you desire for yourself and those you love.

As I'm confident and believe that you'll soon find…it was well worth the wait between issues.

As you'll recall if you were a part of the "Enlightened Journey" family prior to December of 2007, the past few editions of the newsletter were focused on "Wealth Consciousness" and the crucial role it plays in determining the physical experiences in each area of your life.

As a result of those editions I have received countless e-mails and inquiries regarding the attainment of "Financial Wealth" specifically and have been asked to expound and provide more clarity as to how to begin "consciously" manifesting results in the area of financial wealth specifically.

Although I have chosen to honor those requests…Make no mistake…financial wealth like any form of wealth ALL comes from the very same Source, whatever you might personally choose to refer to this Source as, and is made possible due to the very same immutable and unwavering principles and processes that have existed since the beginning of time.

In fact choosing to remain unaware of these principles and more importantly, developing the ability and willingness to "consciously" and consistently harmonize with and "apply" them or not could and often does for far too many, mean the difference between a life of continual stress, strain, struggle and mediocrate or a life overflowing with far greater and far more pleasing "creations" than you may have previously perceived and believed were possible and attainable for you personally.

As you'll soon discover, your ability to create financial wealth happens as a result of the very same immutable, perfectly constructed and unwavering process as creating what I like to refer to as "Real Wealth" and harmony in each area of your life whether it be physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

By the same token, an experience of continuously experiencing the "undesired" events, conditions and circumstances in life, regardless of what area that might be for you personally, is the result of this very same perfectly constructed process. Although many today, most in fact "perceive" their lives to be chaotic, unfolding randomly with no apparent "logical" explanation and for no apparent reason, the "Real Truth" is that it's NOT the system or process that is flawed but rather the individual understanding or lack of which makes it at times "appear" as if it is flawed as these "undesired" experiences unfold in your individual life.

But rest assured, once you have completed "The Key To Effortless Creation", your understanding and hopefully your enhanced ability to consciously "apply" your newfound understanding will provide you with results…tangible, measurable and "profound" results that will prove to DRAMATICALLY enhance the kind and quality of your life in ways that you may have previously "perceived" to be impossible or could only happen as a result of luck, fate or chance.

Regardless of what you might currently "perceive" truth to be with regard to how and why your life has, is, does and will continue to unfold as it does…know this…

Creation NEVER happens by fate or chance or luck or due to ANY of the numerous "falsely held" beliefs that so many today hold, but rather due to an unwavering, immutable, non-prejudice and never ceasing process that I personally like to refer to as "The Perfect Plan."

Once you have been introduced to and made aware of this plan, once you begin to see the simplicity and the abundant and "infinite" supply of whatever desires you may hold for yourself combined with the limitless power that has been made available to you as a result of it's unwavering, and never ceasing power and make the choice to consciously and consistently "apply" what you discover, you will become enabled and empowered to become the "conscious and purposeful creator" that so many hear of but are never provided the step by step breakdown of how to make it "real" in a "physical sense" for them individually.

It's my hope and intent that The Key To Effortless Creation will provide you with just that. A deeper understanding as to how and why…PLUS the means to make it a reality for you starting right now.

If you've been a part of the Enlightened Journey family for awhile you've been receiving and hopefully utilizing, applying and even more importantly benefiting from the same powerful and life transforming information which I've discovered, personally utilized and some years ago made the choice to share with those who like me were looking for "deeper" answers as well.

The Key To Effortless Creation condenses much of what you've discovered thus far as well as adds a few things which may not have yet been covered to provide you with the best of the best that I am able to contribute at this point in my life, hopefully providing you with an enhanced awareness enabling and empowering you to not only begin "consciously" creating whatever hopes, dreams and desires you make the choice to experience, but providing the "tangible" and "practical means in which to make them a physical reality in each area of your life

As many of you already know, I made a decision and a commitment some years ago to share my discoveries and personal experiences with you which are intended to and hopefully are, providing you with not only life transforming information and knowledge regarding your individual creative power, but specific how to's with regard to attracting and experiencing what I like to refer to as "Real Wealth" in EVERY aspect of your life.

If you have made the choice to "consciously" apply what you have discovered as so many who write in have, I already know the changes you've experienced. How can I know? Because what is shared never fails or wavers…EVER…IF it is consciously and consistently "applied." In fact…as I have come to know through my own personal experiences…it CAN'T fail to work.

It is only a matter of making the conscious choice to develop the awareness, adopt the belief and make the unwavering commitment to consistently apply what has and always will work without fail IF you make the "conscious" choice to discover, apply, learn to "surrender" to the process and "allow" it to unfold.

Before we continue, I would like to clarify that what is shared throughout The Key To Effortless Creation is based on what I personally have come to "believe" to be true based on my own experience as well as countless others who have chosen to share their individual experiences with me as well.

I'm not asking nor is it my intention to convince or sway you with regard to your own truth, but rather provide you with information…what I have found to be life changing information that has made a "profound" difference in my own life, in the hopes that it might also resonate with you at some level, to provide immense benefit to you and expand your "awareness" with regard to what's "truly" possible for you as well as "awaken" you to the "Infinite" potential that you already possess.

It is not only my "personal" intention but the very reason that Enlightened Journey Enterprises was created and exists today…to provide you with more of the "desired" results in your own life as it as for me and countless others.

Some years ago after experiencing numerous "undesired" and what I "perceived" at the time to be "painfully unpleasant circumstances" in various areas of my own life, I made a decision supported by a firm commitment to set out and discover why.

As a result of that commitment through countless thousands of hours of researching, seeking deeper understanding in numerous areas, engaging in the practice of meditation and working hand in hand with some of the most enlightened masters alive today, as well as studying the profound yet simple teachings of those who have long since passed, I discovered some life transforming knowledge, wisdom and insight that enabled me to clearly see how and why the "desired" as well as the "undesirable" events, conditions and circumstances in the various areas of my life happened.

Ironically, as I would discover, the same unfailing and unwavering system that creates what are "perceived" as bad or less than desirable outcomes can, will and do create the desired and pleasing outcomes as well once you become aware of it and learn to consciously harmonize with it's never wavering and ever unfolding process which is the underlying or unseen cause of ALL of creation.

It's what I like to refer to as my "Awakening."

Even more importantly, what I discovered as a result of that choice to delve into and "Awaken" to what I now refer to as "Higher Truth" would serve to break down what I "perceived" at the time to be insurmountable obstacles and barriers and shed some light on and reveal the unfailing ways and means to make certain that what I "perceived" at the time to be "bad" and "uncontrollable" experiences, weren't repeated and experienced again at some point in the future.

These discoveries, more specifically the experience and wisdom gained as a result of them are what I now like to refer to as "Higher Truth." What exactly is that and why do I choose to call it that?

Let me put it in the simplest terms possible based on my current understanding…

In reality there is no untruth. Only individual "perceptions" of truth. Your individual perception of truth will unfold in your life just as you believe and perceive that it will. My truth used to provide results that harmonized perfectly and precisely with what I "perceived" and "believed" at the time to be true. What I have discovered and like to refer to as "Higher Truth" is merely an expansion of awareness concerning things that used to fall outside of my awareness, which once discovered, studied, absorbed and most importantly "applied", provided me with the ability to form bigger beliefs which in turn began providing bigger, better and more desirable results.

In other words.…"The LIGHTS began to come on!!!….Floodlights!!

That initial choice to set out and seek the answers which I discovered as a result are readily available to ANYONE willing to find them, and will enable and empower you to "awaken" to profound truths, life changing truths which have since enabled and empowered me to break away from what I have since discovered to be the mindset of the mass majority…the status quo if you will…and discover first hand what it meant to tap into and experience what I now choose to refer to as "Real Wealth."

What dawned on me is that the reason that so many never discover these "Higher Truths" for themselves is due to various factors but the one that stood out the most for me was that they have developed "beliefs" that they don't have the "time" or are unaware of where to look to find them.

The result of that initial decision many years ago, or should I say what I began discovering as a result of it, revealed and clearly showed me that many of the things that I'd been taught and developed solid and unshakable "beliefs" concerning throughout life weren't necessarily "true" at all but in MANY cases were merely long held beliefs established as the result of someone else's teachings and guidance based on their individual "perception" of truth who received and developed those beliefs based on someone else's perception of truth who received and developed those same beliefs based on someone else's perception…..

You get the idea.

These self limiting and self sabotaging "truths" which I had been exposed to, adopted as my own and "chose" to hold on to for so long which I've since discovered created these "bad" experiences mentioned, were merely passed down from generation to generation without the receiver (in this case me) of these "traditionally established" teachings ever taking the initiative and making a "conscious choice" to begin questioning and making the choice to find out for themselves if what they were taught and were exposed to was really "True" at all, or merely a "perception" of truth based on someone else's pre-established perceptions.

What I discovered quite literally floored me…even angered me initially but once I got over the shock and began digging deeper I became "Extremely" excited.

It's what I have since discovered to be and now choose to call traditionally established "False" beliefs. These "falsely" established and self limiting beliefs happen as a result of trusting in, depending on and learning from those we trust in and depend on for our safety and security throughout life and inevitably through those "teachings" we end up adopting those same beliefs fully believing, due to our dependence, trust and belief in those who taught, cared for and nurtured us, that they must be "True." It's due to these traditionally established "beliefs" in our most impressionable years that form our own individual "perceptions" of reality…what is "logical" or "possible" for us on an Individual level which determine without fail what can and can't be experienced in each individual area of our life.

I hope you won't misunderstand or take out of context what I'm saying. In most cases the beliefs established based on the previous teachings, experiences and guidance of those who taught us those same things are most generally taught with ALL the best intentions and with our highest good in mind. It's only due to a lack of awareness and deeper understanding on their part, a limited perspective with regard to HOW and WHY the events, conditions and circumstances in our lives unfold, that interferes and keeps them from providing us with a "deeper" understanding as to how to create and experience harmony in our own lives that is, as I have since discovered and come to understand to be "Infinite" or "limitless" in nature.

The sad fact is "many" times these beliefs which we've adopted as "true" really aren't true at all but rather only serve to form very limited and in many cases self sabotaging perceptions in our minds, often referred to as "Belief Filters" which we adopt as and perceive to be true, and are the very "cause" of what determines our physical results in each area of life whether desired or otherwise.

Through that search, more specifically the "profound realizations" obtained as a result of what I had discovered, something was "awakened" within me. That awakening preceded by countless hours and many years of searching and studying, numerous what I "perceived" at the time to be "failed" attempts of producing "desired" outcomes led to what I have since discovered to be my "Soul Purpose" as well as the "awakening" and re-creation of an unquenchable thirst and hunger to fulfill it.

That purpose combined with an "awakened" hunger to share what I'd discovered, and to this day continue to discover, led me to the realization that in order to experience "total" harmony and fulfillment in my own life, that I must share what I'd discovered with those who like me were also looking for a "better" way…who, like me had a desire to begin experiencing for themselves more of the desired and "good" things that life has to offer…who were looking for but had yet to find what I had discovered to be a "Higher Truth" which once discovered, understood and "consciously" applied, without fail leads to a much "Higher" quality of life.

Before we go on allow me to repeat and clarify something because it is SOOOO important…

In reality there is no such thing as "untruth"… only individual perceptions that we adopt and learn to accept as "truth" or "reality" throughout our lives which determine without fail how our physical outcomes and experiences in life come to be, which unfold in exact correlation and with unwavering certainty 100% of the time without fail, based on our individual "perceptions" of reality or put another way, what we have come to believe and "perceive" to be true.

Put yet another way…These "Filters" establish what we have "faith" will happen in the various areas of our lives and with absolute perfection and unwavering certainty, they do unfold in precisely that way and create with absolute certainty the events, conditions and circumstances in each and every area of life just as we "believe" they will regardless if we "like it" or NOT.

But one of the greatest and most rewarding lessons learned is just because those limiting and self sabotaging beliefs create outcomes based on the level and quality of the beliefs and perceptions held, it certainly doesn't mean that these "perceptions" of reality, the very beliefs which create the "undesired" outcomes in life can't be enhanced, expanded and as a result enable and empower us to expand our ability to experience far greater and far more pleasing and desirable outcomes.

Coming to this realization, and discovering first hand the limitless power that is and always has been available to you, me and ANYONE else willing to as a result of what I refer to as this "Awakening", can and will enable and empower you to change the entire course of your life regardless of how grand or bleak you might currently "perceive" the past or current outcomes in your life to be.

It's my hope that what is shared throughout The Key To Effortless Creation will enable you to establish an expanded awareness of what's "Truly" possible and available for you, that you'll make the choice to become "consciously" aware of and most importantly apply what I have personally discovered, utilized and have come to believe to be a "Higher Truth" which, should you make the choice to accept, absorb and apply what is shared, will also enable and empower you to begin experiencing a much "Higher" quality of life for yourself.

In addition, should you feel led to do so, I hope you'll share what you discover with others as you progress in your understanding, providing them with more of the same. As you'll soon discover as we progress through The Key To Effortless Creation, it is through contributing to others that your own life will be enhanced.

Make no mistake as to what I am implying. I'm certainly not going to attempt to convince you that my way is THE way, but rather has proven to be a far better way for me and countless others personally, revealing…illuminating in fact…a different and far more empowering path than I had previously been following which once I began to "apply" what I had discovered, began producing more of the physical "tangible" results that I had a desire to experience.

I share these experiences with you NOT to attempt to convince you that they are "True" but rather with the hope and intent that your awareness might be expanded with regard to what's "truly" possible for you, and that by sharing, introducing and "awakening" you to a different perspective, other possibilities that you may not have previously considered or perhaps were completely unaware even existed, might also enable you to begin experiencing more of the desired outcomes that you have a desire to experience in your own life.

Based on my own personal journey and experiences, throughout that timeframe of seeking, at times frantically, I came to the realization that until others were "awakened" and made "aware" of what was "truly" available to them in each and every area of life they would, like I had to that point, continue to "settle" for far less than what is "truly" available to and possible for them fully believing at that time that whatever quality of life that they were currently experiencing is and was as good as it can get, when the "Real Reality"…the "Higher Truth" was that the potential for increase in EVERY aspect of life was, is and always will be "Infinite" in nature.

If you are anything like I once was, you may find that difficult to believe, hard to swallow or worse impossible for you personally. You may be like I once was, ready to quit, locked in fear, anxiety and worry "perceiving" there to be no way out of your .

Whether you currently "believe" that is possible for you or not, consider that as a possibility just for a moment. Consider the fact that whatever it might be that you have a desire to experience, regardless of which area of life that might be, already exists in Infinite supply and without limitation. Next, consider the fact that the only reason you may not be experiencing it, whatever IT might be for you personally, is due to your own individual choices. Although that may be a bit hard to swallow and admit initially, it was due to coming to that realization that began opening doors that I hadn't been previously aware existed.

Until that eye opening experience, what I choose to refer to as my "awakening", I truly believed, as so many do in today's world, that I was a "victim" or "creature of circumstance", susceptible to and limited by the various external events, conditions and circumstances which I perceived at the time to be THE determining factor…the ultimate and "uncontrollable cause" as to how my own personal life experiences had unfolded.

That was NOT a fun nor a hopeful place to be.

Perhaps you find yourself in this same situation. Perhaps you presently "perceive" and "believe" that the current events, conditions and circumstances in your own life happen as the result of some chaotic, ever changing set of uncontrollable external circumstances, that the entire course of your life is pre-determined or the quality of it controlled by something or someone external to you which you truly "believe" that you have no personal control over. If so, this is one of the first realizations that you are going to have to recognize and change if you "truly" desire to experience sizeable change with regard to your existing circumstances.

There is NOTHING….allow me to repeat that…NOTHING external to you which is, has been or ever will be responsible for creating your past, current and/or future results. As you'll soon discover, every event condition and circumstance experienced by you is determined by you…as a result of YOUR choices.

Granted, there are many who make these choices "unconsciously", perceiving there to be no order…fully "believing that life is just a random unfolding of whatever it chooses to throw at them, but that too is merely a perception…What I have discovered and come to believe to be a "false", life draining and very limited perception which unless changed and shifted will continue providing you with the same results.

Am I implying that once you know and begin to apply what The Key To Effortless Creation shares that you'll NEVER encounter difficulties again? NO, absolutely NOT. There will ALWAYS exist challenges. Without them it would become impossible to grow. What I AM implying is that once you are armed with this knowledge, with this deeper understanding and "heightened awareness" that when they DO arrive, you will be far better equipped to know how to deal with them effectively and that by doing so you will float through them much more quickly and without the damaging effects they have inflicted in the past.

In the physical world there exists something that is known as Polarity….What is perceived and experienced in the physical world as "good" or "bad"…as "positive" or "negative." On one end of this spectrum exists what we "perceive" to be positive or good, and on the other what we "perceive" to be negative or bad.

What few fail to understand is that without this Polarity we would be unable to fully experience life. If there existed no such thing as bad, we would be unable to experience what "good" was. If there were no such thing as pain, we would be unable to experience pleasure. If there existed no possibility to be "broke" financially or otherwise we would be unable to experience the joy s and pleasures experienced as a result of experiencing the polar opposite of that.

The process for creating lack and limitation in life, which is on one end of this Polarity spectrum, is no different than the process for creating and experiencing abundance and plenty which is on the opposite side of the spectrum. The only determining factor as to which YOU will experience, which end of this polarity spectrum that you will reside on is based on the quality of consciousness that you hold, the level and type of belief that you have with regard to each area of your life, the individual "perceptions" that you choose for yourself with regard to your individual experience which determines 100% of the time without fail and with unwavering certainty which end of this polarity spectrum that you will reside and remain on.

The ONLY determining factor as to where you will reside is based on your willingness and ability to begin "consciously" choosing your path which once realized that is possible for you and you choose to act on that possibility, it will enable you to begin experiencing what is "perceived" to be more of the "desirable and pleasant" outcomes….FAR more.

If you are currently experiencing lack and limitation in your life whether financially or otherwise it is due to the quality of consciousness that you hold with regard to whatever area it might be that you are experiencing lack and limitation in. As such you have a choice as well as the ability to shift that consciousness in such a way that will enable you to experience the polar opposite.

Put more simply, whatever you "believe" is possible or not possible for you will determine precisely and with unwavering certainty, 100% of the time, what your experiences in life will consist of and which end of this "polarity" spectrum you will reside on.

If your current experiences are fulfilling and you're experiencing every hope, dream and desire that you can fathom without limitation of any type, there's no need to change anything…just keep on doing whatever it is that you've been doing. There are those who experience "desired" outcomes in life even though they may not be aware of or fully understand the underlying principles which determine how and why they are.

But before making that decision consider this…

The possibility also exists however, that those who "perceive" themselves to be experiencing all that is available is merely due to an acceptance that what they are experiencing is as good as it can get when the reality is that "as good as it can get" is "Infinite" in nature. There is ALWAYS more.

Higher Truth has revealed to me that regardless of how "good" you might personally "perceive" things to be in your own life, the potential to experience far more is only a "belief" away.

By the same token if you're experiencing far less than the desired outcomes that you "wish" you could, as the mass majority are, and you continually find yourself settling for far less than what you have a "sincere desire" to experience in your life as the mass majority do, a "conscious choice" to change is going to be essential and necessary IF you ever expect to change the physical outcomes that you find yourself experiencing.

As I discovered years ago, and as you'll soon discover should you choose to explore "The Key To Effortless Creation, this change goes FAR deeper than merely changing a few external physical actions or adopting the "positive thinking" mindset, although that too was a part of my journey. Although physical "doingness" and positive thinking can and do provide results, without a deeper understanding…an expanded awareness if you will, both physical doingness and positive thinking can, do and will only continue to provide "VERY limited" results at best.

As I would discover after unsuccessfully utilizing various modes of rah rah motivational type methods and "positive thinking" for many years as so many do is that it is absolutely useless IF there are deeply embedded underlying "beliefs" held which keep it from producing the kind and quality of results that you hope and wish you could, and only serve to create additional stress, "perceived" failures and frustration in your life which in turn only serves to produce additional outcomes to be frustrated and "stressed out" about.

In fact, "positive thinking" in and of itself without a deeper understanding of how and when to "properly" use it CAN be very unhealthy. In fact, as I have since discovered it can create mental and emotional instability and even lead to physical illness and what modern day medicine refers to as bi-polar disorder.

The Key To Effortless Creation will provide you with FAR more insight and understanding which IF applied will produce far greater results…."profound results" that far surpass what positive thinking in and of itself could ever hope to produce.

Amazingly enough, many years ago prior to being open and ready to receive it, I was introduced to the very concepts and principles that I teach today. Unfortunately at the time I wasn't ready to acknowledge or accept what was being presented to me as real or "practical", let alone consider putting what was being shared into practical application. It wouldn't be until many years later and after I experienced some very "unpleasant" situations as mentioned above that I began to make different choices and began rethinking my position.

Although at the time I perceived this period of my life to be "bad" and "negative" as I would soon discover it was precisely what I needed to begin pushing me to begin searching and discovering that there was a much simpler, less fearful and far more productive way.

As I began to discover, analyze and "consciously apply" what I discovered I began to notice a dramatic shift within myself. A "Profound" shift that revealed itself through a sense of "inner knowing" that is quite difficult to accurately describe with the limitations of the English language. Once that shift was made within myself, once I made a "conscious choice" to delve deeper, to begin seeking and began to discover the limitless possibilities that were available as a result of seeking out this "Higher Truth" which I often refer to, the externals amazingly began to shift as well.

It finally clicked one day that if I was going to begin experiencing different outcomes, something was going to have to change with me. Like so many do, initially I thought that I was merely a creature of circumstance, my fate being determined by the seemingly chaotic external events, conditions and circumstances that I encountered and experienced from day to day.

I believed as so many today do, that success in life must happen by "working harder", "doing more", "being in the right place at the right time", being "lucky" etc. etc. Not only did that "limited" way of thinking create what I then "perceived" to be some serious havoc in my life as well as lead to physical and emotional fatigue, It kept me trapped within boundaries that I had no idea at the time that I had the ability or even the right for that matter to cross over.

That perception of reality is the very mindset that kept me, and keeps so many today trapped and limits your ability…your literal birthright to experience what is "truly" available to you which is, as you'll discover "whatever" you have a desire to experience. It wasn't until I came to the realization that in order to change and shift the external outcomes being experienced, that it was going to be necessary to shift the paradigms…my "internal beingness" which as I had discovered and continue to discover more about to this day, proved to be the "True" underlying "cause" for each of those experiences.

That was a life changing realization to come to. A life shifting and profound realization that began to open doors that I never previously even realized existed.

It changed the entire course of my life and it can and will change yours as well IF you're willing to remain open and receptive and learn to begin making "conscious and intentional" choices which harmonize with the kind and quality of the experiences that you desire to engage in and experience for yourself.

I fully understand the "perceived" complexity of what is being shared, but a conscious choice to discover and begin to consciously apply the life changing power that The Key To Effortless Creation holds, will enable and empower you to begin seeing for yourself the literal simplicity of it all and experiencing a quality of life that few in today's world can even begin to "conceive" and "believe" is theirs to experience.

The potentially life changing question that you must ask yourself now is…

Are You Willing?

That's a question that you and you alone can answer, but before answering consider the following…

Many think they already know everything there is to know about life, yet unknowingly their understanding is limited by what they have been exposed to thus far in their lives based on the teachings of others, and as a result never make the conscious choice to step outside of their self imposed "awareness borders" their "comfort zones which more times than not are in reality QUITE "uncomfortable" and as a result make the unfortunate choice to never delve deeper and discover that wisdom and knowledge as well as the rewards available and experienced as a result of "applying" it are quite literally "Infinite" in nature.

If you have kids you can relate and "know" what I'm talking about. You can tell them and tell them what's "best" for them, yet they just kinda role their eyes like you just fell off of the dumb wagon. They think they already know everything about life and, that they've already got it all figured out.

You care for them so much and you want to make certain that they don't make the same mistakes that you did which lead to the same unpleasant outcomes, but eventually you figure out that they're just going to have to go through some of the same turmoil and less than desirable situations as you did before they realize that you just might have some insight that will assist them and that you aren't some nut case after all.

As frustrating and painful as that can be, at some point you just have to accept the fact that everyone has a free will and must make some choices for themselves even if those initial choices create some temporary chaos in their lives.

Can you relate?

As I've discovered through my interactions with people around the world, It's no different with adults in reality. Due to our received teachings and past experiences throughout our lives, we develop deeply seeded "beliefs" that what has been experienced in the past is just the way life is supposed to unfold in the future, and when we encounter the very experiences that we've been taught to "believe" that we would, we put up these protection devices and call it "wisdom." The reality is that it's NOT wisdom at all but rather very limited outcomes due to undiscovered and as a result unchanged self limiting beliefs which created the experience to begin with.

What's even more troubling to make certain that we don't experience those same things again, when the reality is that our lives have are and will continue to unfold based on how we "believe" they will. In other words, our past experiences have unfolded just as we were taught to "believe" they would, but due to these protection devices we've chosen to put up…these "belief filters" we've chosen to install due to these "bad" experiences we never choose to step outside the borders of our "comfort zones" again.

This IS NOT due to wisdom but rather a lack of "awareness" which is merely a "lack of wisdom" disguised. Real wisdom knows that there Is ALWAYS something more to discover…something more to experience and that in order to experience it, whatever it might be only requires an expanded belief and a willingness to take action.

To change the experience we only need change the "belief" which created it. To expand the experience you merely need to expand the belief.

The Key To Effortless Creation will serve to assist you in that process IF you'll remain open and "allow" it to. It doesn't matter how old or how young you are, how rich or how poor you might currently "perceive" yourself to be, whether you're a ditch digger or the CEO of a fortune 500 company, the color of your skin, your personal religious preference or anything else for that matter.

The point being that regardless of what you might have experienced in the past, regardless of what those experiences currently do or might have consisted of, they DO NOT dictate what your reality will be at any point in the future UNLESS you make the choice to "allow" them to. They were only experienced as a result of the quality of consciousness that you held to that point. To change the experience you merely need to change the quality of consciousness which created it.

Are you grasping the power in this? Are you open, receptive and willing to consider a perspective…a life transforming perspective, that once understood and consciously applied can and will provide far greater results…"desired" results in your own life limited only by your willingness and ability to "conceive" them as real and that their attainment, whatever that might be for you is only determined by your willingness or unwillingness to develop the "beliefs" that attainable for you?

If so then you'll want to pay VERY close attention to what is shared throughout the remainder of this series. If not you may be the type that must go through some of the same things I've mentioned above for yourself. Although it's not the quickest, most pleasant, productive or rewarding way, for some it just has to happen that way.

In reality there is no right or wrong way, although some may require more "growth lessons" than others before discovering that there does exist a far easier, much faster and far more pleasant way to begin quite literally "attracting" and experiencing whatever it might be that you "truly desire" to experience.

The bottom line is this…

Whatever it might be that you have or are currently experiencing in your life…there is much more to be discovered, explored and experienced. Regardless of how successful or unsuccessful you might currently perceive yourself to be, there exists a level of indescribable harmony and fulfillment limited only by your ability and willingness to conceive it, believe it and as a result of that choice to experience it or not in your own life.

Regardless of how much knowledge or wisdom you may have, may not have or may at some point in the future acquire, the horizon just continues to expand…there is ALWAYS something more to be discovered and experienced.

The Key To Effortless Creation is intended to make that very clear to you.

It's my sincere and heartfelt hope that the information you'll be receiving over the next several days, will provide you with a depth of understanding, additional insight and an enhanced awareness that will enable and empower you to expand your own horizons, to enable and empower you to begin experiencing all that is, has been and always will be readily available to you regardless of which area of life that might be for you whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

Experiencing "Real Wealth" in each and every area of your life is merely a choice just as an experience of lack and limitation…a choice that you have the ability as well as the free will to make.

It's our hope for you that the remainder of this series will enable and empower you to shift your paradigms, enabling you to conceptualize and develop the necessary belief in yourself as well as your God given ability to live a life uncommon contrary to the "perceptions" and opinions of the mass majority and that it will enable you to begin experiencing EACH and EVERY desire that you hold as dear for you and those you love in "Infinite" proportions.

It is our wish as well as our intention for you, that the following enriches your life in some way and provides you with the Unbridled Joy, Fulfillment, Profound Inner Peace and Limitless Prosperity that is and always has been yours for the asking should you make the choice to accept it as such and become "consciously aware" of how to begin making it a reality for you.

Regardless of your individual choices I wish for you ALL good things today and always.

Most importantly…

Enjoy, Savor, and Be Grateful For EVERY Experience Encountered During Your Journey. Doing so will provide you with a far greater, more fulfilling and FAR MORE pleasing experience than the alternative…that my Enlightened Journey friend… I DO know.

Until Next Time,

Chuck Danes