39th Edition Of "Enlightened Journey" Ezine

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Discovering and Navigating
The Narrow Path

Part 4 of 4

Navigating, Mastering and Consciously Initiating Your Ability To Attract and Create "Material Abundance"


If you've arrived here first of all congratulations. Showing up is 50% of the process.

Here's all the details on the rest.

But first let me ask you...

How many books have you read, CD and DVD programs have you watched and listened to,

How many seminars have you attended and motivational speakers have you sat in front of that got you really excited and fired up only to find that a few days later you found yourself wondering what in the heck you were so fired up about?.

If you fall into the category of the mass majority who are earnestly seeking change the answer is more than like PLENTY.

And how many of those took you where you wanted to go?

If you're reading this chances are PRETTY GOOD that the answer is NONE.

That's why what Loreen and I are going to be doing is SO powerful.

We are going to hand select a small group of individuals work closely with them and lead them step by step to their "desired destination."

We are going to be there every step of the way leading, nudging, prodding and if and when necessary kicking those who "need it" in the pants and keeping them on track. (In a most Loving way of course)

That's what "caring coaches" do. And it's a POWERFULLY effective approach too.

Loreen's role is going to be on the "tangible DOING" side.

My role is going to be teaching you proven and powerful "success principles" that will

The vehicle...the "tangible tool" we'll be using is YournetBiz which is and has been creating "Real Freedom" for a number of people globally for the past 2 years.

Here's what both Loreen and I understand based on having "been there and done that."

YourNetBiz is a tool that leverages the wealth creating power of the internet better than ANYTHING available today.

can assist in taking you there. Combine that with what we'll be providing and your chances of attracting, creating and experiencing "Real Wealth and Real Success" are enhanced exponentially.

I'm well aware that a number of people are unaware of what value they could possibly provide to enhance the inflow of money and abundance in their lives.

They're not at the place where they can tap into the "infinite field" if you will to conceive let alone create the mindset or the processes and systems for making the "desired outcome"...in this case more money "real and tangible."

That's why what Loreen and I offer combined with YourNetBiz will be a powerful set of tools for doing so.

It fulfills everything we talked about IF it's something that resonates with and "feels right" to you.

It provides anything and everything that anyone could possibly need to provide over the top value to others looking to enhance their financial situations.

It already has EVERY system you could possibly need to enable you to reach those people.

It provides clear, concise, step by step instruction how to put those tools and systems to use.

The products in and of themselves provide far greater VALUE than the exchange of value necessary to participate.

And Loreen and I will be there to guide you every step of the way.

YourNetBiz provides EVERYTHING with the exception of your willingness to recognize and see it as a tool that can take you where you desire to go and the willingness to apply and put into practical application what it so clearly shows you to do.

But rest assured, the benefits extend FAR BEYOND making money!!!

It's about creating freedom. Freedom for others and freedom for yourself.

It's about time freedom. It's about freedom from what "appears to be so real" going on globally. It's about opting out of the global think tank and NOT depending on others choices or what's going on "out there" to determine your level of security and financial future.

But first and foremost it's about contributing...providing value and assisting others in getting what they want.

It's about "loving people" and "using money."

It's about "loving" the idea of contributing value to others, assisting them to "get what they want" and receiving value back that harmonizes with what you choose to "put out there."

If you "get that" and are "truly willing" to "apply it", Loreen and I would LOVE to visit with you.

If you're cynical and pessimistic about what we do or the intention we have, you're not the kind of person we want on our team. If you're all about chasing the money and saying whatever someone wants to hear to get a "sign up" you're not right nor will you be a good fit for our team.

If you have an "entitlement mentality" you're not the kind of person that will fit or resonate well with our philosophy.

But if you have a sincere desire to enhance the lives of others...if you're REAL intention is about giving more to others...if it's about assisting others to get what they want so you can get what you want and you see that's how you attract and receive more of what you desire for yourself, and you "really and truly get the power behind DOING things that way, you're the kind of person we're looking for and we'd like to visit with.

Loreen and I are going to be playing full out and do the best we know how to make a lot of people "truly wealthy" and the benefits extend FAR BEYOND money and material stuff although that is a "portion" of our overall intention.

And it's our intention to assist and guide those who are "serious" and committed to doing the same.

If you're truly SERIOUS about jumping on the boat and going along for the ride here's what you need to do next...

Click here...watch the videos and follow the links provided.

There are only so many that we can work with at a time effectively so if your serious...if you're really and truly "serious" and it feels right for you...DO something right now.

Not next month. Not next week. Not tomorrow. I mean START TODAY!

Take the first step right now.

Both Loreen and I will point you toward the path and show you the step by step process, but it will be up to you to put one foot ahead of the other and walk the "path" that will take you there.

The only thing left to do now is to decide or not to reclaim your birthright and embrace your right to experience Real Wealth, Real Harmony and Real Success for yourself.

You can find and follow what you "truly love" or join Loreen and I as we assist those who wish to join us to take their "tangible results to the next level.

And now the only question that remains is does what we're offering resonate with you? Is it something that you could "love" and fully engage in? Do you have a "sincere desire" to create the change and will you DO something about it to make it real and tangible?

Loreen has created some free gifts to show you just how "simple" it is. They're her no strings attached contribution to you.

No strings, no obligations, no expectations with the exception that they might enable and empower you to make conscious and intentional choices that will "allow" you to flow with rather than against the inevitable global changes taking place enabling you to experience more of the "desired outcomes" that you envision for yourself in the future.

If so, simply fill out the application and take the first step.

We'll be in contact with those who feel we can work with.

If it feels right and you're "thinking about it" but you're not taking action and DOING something about it RIGHT NOW I'm going to put my coaches hat back on for just a minute and ask a few very important, potentially life changing and thought provoking questions...

Why in the world would you choose to stay in the place where you DON'T want to be...when you've attracted the tools, systems and the people that can assist you in getting where you DO want to be?

Has what you've done to this point or "thinking about it" gotten you there yet?

Are you allowing your head to do the thinking and ignoring your heart?

Do yourself a REALLY BIG favor and REALLY "Think about that" before you make any FINAL decisions OK?

Because you have access right now to the people who are ready, quite able and more than willing to assist you and show you how.

The FINAL decision of course is yours.