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Nov 02, 2010
Your Kind Words
by: Chuck

Hi ML,

Thank You for your kind words. So glad you enjoy what I so love and enjoy doing. And the fact that your "heart skips a beat"...well...what can I possibly say about that except I'm immensely grateful to be enabled to contribute and share through my work (love and play actually) in a way that invokes such a positive and awesome response. :)

Yes, I do write a lot and I'm often asked why I haven't published in book form. Other than my e-book, , The Miracle of You and Your Cells I suppose the main reason is I've been content in reaching those who are attracted to my work through and the Enlightened Journey newsletter, combined with the fact that I enjoy and cherish my privacy as well as being able to maintain my own schedule.

I suppose one day I will when it "feels just right." Until then it's a joy to be enabled to reach and share with incredible people like you.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, compliments and "loving" encouragement. It means more than you may realize.

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