by CJ


Thank you for your story and your site! I was brought to you by no accident!

I would like to share what I was also given.

To think of the ocean as SOURCE-GOD whatever you want to call it. And if I bring a bucket to the ocean and fill it and walk away, in the bucket is still the ocean. Just a smaller version of the same big ocean.

We, - all of us, are SOURCE. Just smaller versions. Just smaller buckets of SOURCE! Just like the bucket of ocean water. We choose to come here on earth and experience a life as human. But we are still SOURCE!

Your site has helped me remember that and to help me remember that no matter what we go through and experience, LOVE is all there is. Love or Fear. It is a choice. Always. Thank you so much for your site and your pages and pages of insight. For those that find their way to it, the TRUTH can set them free. Love to all of you..

Chuck's response to CJ...

Hi CJ,

You're very welcome. Glad to know that you received some form of benefit from my "work." Thank You for sharing your thoughts here, also.

I totally agree. There are no accidents, coincidences or random occurrences in life. Although navigating this earth plain as individuals, with the free will to "choose" Love or fear, we DO in essence, determine the quality of our experience based on WHICH we choose.

Although "humanly speaking", it seems as if we are "individual" as we navigate our "chosen" paths and go through the many experiences we do, we have the "choice" to respond in Love or react out of fear which, without fail and with unwavering certainty, determines the quality of the experience.

I like to view Source, however an individual chooses to define that, as an "All Pervasive Consciousness."

The quality of that "Consciousness" at this "God level" is Love...the unconditional kind.

We, as the ancient texts reveal, were created in God's image and likeness.

I personally like to think of "God" as a Consciously Aware Cosmos where an infinite number of probabilities exist, each of which is called forth based on the individual consciousness (each an integral part of the One Consciousness) calling it forth.

Point being, in my mind, Love (God, Infinite Intelligence, Higher Power, etc.) ALWAYS says YES.

Here's the part I REALLY Love personally...

The possibility of fear creating anything "less than desired" when the Intention, Attention and Focus remains fixated on Love, becomes an impossibility, even when fear is present.

Fear is a "choice" and as such is too an integral part of the One Consciousness.

Love is all there is, simply because, although we ARE an integral part of the Whole, each with the same ability and power to effectuate change, combined with the fact that there are an infinite number of probabilities to choose from, it's HOW we respond or react to EACH and EVERY tangible creation that determines the quality of EVERY effect, tangibly or intangibly, regardless if the change is desired or less than.

Although we don't learn, and as a result don't often SEE things that way, the beliefs, thoughts, choices and actions which are "perceived and seen as being" individual, make "ripples" in the ocean of the cosmos and MOST DEFINITELY impact the whole at varying degrees.

Although MOST see such concepts as "airy fairy", "out there" or "woo woo", it's quite real. In fact it was "scientifically validated" many years ago when a meteorologist "accidentally discovered" what's known today as the Butterfly Effect.

That discover revealed that a butterfly flapping it's wings in China, had a measurable effect on weather patterns on the other side of the world.

The same holds true as it pertains to our beliefs, thoughts and actions, each of which provide us with an "effect" that mirrors the cause.

By the same token, the "polar opposites" (Love and fear, good and bad, right or wrong) are a "tangible world thing" and limited to this tangible world...meaning, as individuals and a species, we have the right, the choice and the ability to believe, think and do as we choose "individually", the outcome of which either creates what we "do or don't want."

At the level of the Whole, polarity/duality doesn't "truly" exist.

As real and true as that is, the probability for polarity/duality DOES exist, tangibly speaking and it's the kind and quality of consciousness that perceives it, that determines the kind, quality and quantity of the many "potential effects" (of which there are a literally infinite variety) that we have to choose from and will inevitably experience.

It's ALWAYS in ALL WAYS a mirrored reflection of ourselves as individuals and/or a collective people. The ONLY difference in the quality of effects that we witness is one of degree.

I like to think of the beliefs, thoughts, words and actions of either love and fear as ripples, which gain momentum and create waves.

The many "ripples" we send out, create in tangible and measurable form via our "consciousness", the kind and quality of the resulting waves that we personally witness and experience.

And you're SO right. Really and truly "Love is all there is." Love and fear are united as well, with fear being (for lack of a better description) a darker and more shadowy aspect of love.

Really and truly it is ALL an illusion created in mind and the Big Love says YES to ALL of what we choose "unconditionally", or if you prefer REGARDLESS of the quality of that choice.

Some of those choices have love as the underlying factor and others are grounded in fear. Regardless, God (or whatever someone perceives Source to be) says, "OK, here you go."

That's how "unconditionally loving" the Big Love (Source) who created this immutable, unerring and unwavering "perfect plan" is...based on my own personal "perspectives and experiences" of course. :)

Based on what we've "learned" to be true, that understanding escapes many. That's why I wrote a 2 part newsletter some years ago that goes into depth and detail about how God and Love are one and the same, titled Unconditional Love, The Law of Attraction and You.

The VERY best for you CJ as you navigate your future paths.


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