Let's Play The What If Game

What If…

  • ..You found that you "truly" could experience harmony, fulfillment and total joy in your life?
  • ..You could learn to live your dream "Whatever" that dream might be for you without limitation of ANY type?
  • ..You were able to effortlessly attract to you the money, health and relationships that would enable you to experience harmony, fulfillment and plenty in EVERY area of life?
  • ..You discovered that you are FAR MORE than just a physical body sent here to scrape and struggle your way through life?
  • ..You discovered that you could quite literally think and feel yourself into having whatever you desire to experience in your life?
  • ..You found that you didn't have to work at jobs that you find displeasing and that you could actually do what you love to do in your vocation?
  • ..You had the financial resources to do what you want when you want without constraints or limitations of ANY kind?
  • ..You could experience optimum and vibrant health with more than enough energy to spare?
  • ..You found that you could quite literally attract harmonious, rewarding and fulfilling personal and professional relationships into your life?

Although that may currently sound like "pie in the sky" far fetched nonsense to you, just as it did to me at one point, I am here to let you know that regardless of what you may currently believe…..

You CAN!!

Yes you can create a life for yourself as mentioned above. You can begin to consciously create the events, conditions and circumstances which you most desire and currently only dream about and "wish" that you could experience.

In fact, whether or not you are currently aware of it, you already ARE creating the events, conditions and circumstances that you experience from day to day. Unfortunately, If you're like most you are just doing it unconsciously. Without even realizing it you are producing each and every one of the experiences in your life right now, both the pleasant as well as the unpleasant. Those experiences which you perceive as good as well as those that you perceive as bad. Those that you find rewarding as well as those you find life draining.

There is also a very simple and logical explanation as to why you AREN'T experiencing the type of life that you WISH you could.

Did I say SIMPLE? Did I also say LOGICAL? Yes, that is exactly what I said and as you will soon discover it is MUCH MORE simple and logical than the majority are aware of. WHY? Because the majority do what the majority does and as a result experience the same outcomes as the majority will continue to experience until they make the conscious choice to do something different. That makes perfect sense doesn't it?

To provide a little more depth of understanding let's use the following example……

Let's create a fictional character named Tom. Let's say that Tom is a respected man in his community and has gained the respect and trust of those in his circle of influence. They have learned to look up to Tom and respect his opinion in EVERYTHING. Now, one day Tom learns something that with all his heart he believes is true, which was taught him by someone that he respected and trusted as well. Because of his level of trust and respect for this person, Tom never even questions the information given to him. He has no reason to. It makes sense, he feels confident that what they shared MUST be accurate, to his knowledge this person has never led him wrong before as far as he knows. In fact they've always tried to help him and had his best interest at heart. So, with all this evidence Tom takes them at their word and never bothered to investigate whether or not what this individual told him was true or not. He fully trusted them after all so he didn't feel the need to.

OK, as a result Tom begins sharing his newfound wisdom with all those who respect and trust him as well. Everyone he encounters, he begins sharing his new truth fully believing that what he shares is credible and will benefit those who he shares it with in the greatest way possible. Everyone adopts this as truth and as a result begins to utilize what they've learned never questioning or giving another thought to the fact that it might not be true at all or considering the fact that it might be based only on a "perceived truth."

As a result the whole town begins taking actions in their lives based on what Tom has told them fully believing that what they've learned based on their total trust and respect in Tom is true. Now everyone in the town also begins sharing this same knowledge with everyone that they know, who respect and fully trust them as well and this newfound knowledge spreads like wildfire. Soon everyone in the entire county is taking the actions based on this knowledge and things seem to be going along OK.

Then one day a stranger comes into town and observes what all these townspeople are doing based on what they have been taught and believe to be the best way to accomplish it. Now the stranger being new to town who hasn't been effected by Tom's influence, with the best of intent and a sincere desire to help, begins sharing a way that he has learned which would provide much better results with much less effort. In fact he decides, after observing for awhile, that his way would provide FAR greater results with FAR less effort.

So the stranger begins sharing this randomly with those that he comes in contact with. He soon discovers that few believe what he has to say and as a result of him trying to help, some even become offended with him. So after a while not wanting to offend or make anyone upset he quits trying and decides to keep his way to himself.

Not long after a few of the townspeople start noticing that the stranger is experiencing tremendous results in a fraction of the time that it takes them to achieve the same results so they begin questioning him as to what it is that he is doing. How in the world could it be that he could be enjoying such good results so quickly and with so much less effort? He happily shows them wanting of course only what's best for them and wanting to be a good neighbor. Although initially they find it hard to believe, a few adopt his method, put it into action and as a result begin experiencing the same pleasing outcomes. It's not long before word spreads concerning this new method and more and more the townspeople adopt it and begin experiencing and enjoying the same results.

Let's take a closer look at what's transpired....

Tom being respected and trusted in the town learned of a way to do things from someone that he trusted, and being respected and trusted himself, with all the good intent in the world began telling and showing his friends who also took him at his word.

Did Tom do anything wrong? Well, not intentionally. His intent was good. He really believed that what he was sharing was credible, that it was the best way to do things and that it would help his friends. It's how he learned to do things. The only mistake he made as well as those who followed him was listening and taking for granted that what was being shared was the best way without discovering for themselves if it was true or not. They took the word of Tom because they knew that he wouldn't intentionally deceive them. It wasn't until the stranger moved into town years later that they discovered that there was a better way. A MUCH better way.

Now, let's relate this story to your own life. Is everything that you do in life based on what you have been taught by those you love and trust and who told you that the way they do it is the best and only way to do it? Are the majority of your beliefs YOUR beliefs or those that you've adopted and accepted because you love and trust those who have taught them to you?

If you're like the majority that is exactly what has happened.

Could it be that is precisely why the majority work in jobs that they find displeasing? Is it possible that is precisely why few ever follow their true passions fully believing that you can't make a living doing what you truly love to do? Have you ever considered the fact that is precisely why so many work such long hours and so hard just to make ends meet at jobs that they find displeasing and unfulfilling?

This is why the majority retire after forty years of working hard all their lives in conditions that are considered to be poverty. It's precisely why 1% of the worlds population control approximately 96% of the money that circulates in the world. They have learned something that the other 99% have not. It's because they have learned a better way which 99% of the population either refuse to recognize or have come to believe isn't possible for them due to well intentioned teachings that they've received all their lives by those who also did what the majority do based on what they were taught by well meaning people before them.

If you were able to trace back far enough from generation to generation asking each where it is that they adopted their beliefs from, what do you suppose you'd find? What do you suppose they'd tell you? Chances are that they would tell you that they learned their ways from their parents who learned their ways from their parents who...... You get the idea. But did anyone ever investigate if WHAT it was that they learned was really true or just based on "perceived" truth? In most cases the answer is NO.

Except of course for the 1%.

The result is that you have many traditionally established beliefs which if you were to investigate deeply enough, you would find that many of them are FALSE and not based on truth at all, but rather "perceived truth."

OK, now the moral of the story…..

Never, ever believe ANYTHING that ANYONE tells you without first investigating it for yourself and determining if it's based on "Real Truth" or "Perceived Truth."

There is a tremendous difference in the two and it could mean the difference between you struggling and working hard all your life and never reaching your goals or fulfilling your most heartfelt desires or discovering a way that is much simpler, much easier and provides results far greater than you ever previously "perceived" were possible.

I fully understand that the mass majority that will view this web page have been taught things that are limiting their results. I realize that 99% of those who arrive here will have a preconceived notion that life was intended to be difficult, that money is hard to come by, that you must work long and hard all your life even at jobs that you find displeasing because they've been taught, that is "just the way life is." I know from personal experience that many will believe that they are just too old, too young, too busy, too stressed, too broke, too...too...too...too...too.

Because of these beliefs the majority end up on Someday Isle.

I know because I've been there and done that. I was stranded on Someday Isle for many years until I discovered that I didn't have to be and discovered the means to rescue myself from it. Someday Isle is a very populated and even crowded place.

There are far too many that exist somewhere on Someday Isle...

Someday I'll get that job I love.

Someday I'll start that business.

Someday I'll become wealthy

Someday I'll......

But the reality is that someday never comes. While these are commendable desires, the mass majority will never take the action necessary to fulfill them. Why? Because they don't know how.

They rely on flawed traditionally established belief systems which make Someday Isle their final destination and stay stuck there the rest of their lives never experiencing the lush and uncrowded lands that aren't far from them. They look at these places through their binoculars and know that it's there for them to experience, but no one ever showed them how to row the boat that would enable and empower them to get there. As they look through those binoculars they can see for themselves how beautiful these places are and think to themselves..."Someday I'll get to go there as soon as someone shows me how to row that boat"

But nobody knows how and they don't take the initiative to just hop in the boat and experiment a bit until they figure it out because they have been told and taught by those they trusted that doing so could cause them to fall into the water and maybe even get hurt.

I also understand that up until this point that for most it's not their fault. Like so many they have learned these "perceived" truths and spent the majority of their lives experiencing limited results based on those teachings. But now IT IS your responsibility. You have been introduced to a possibility that exists that if ignored is a choice to remain as you are experiencing the same results that you have. And that's OK if that is what you choose to do.

But What if you could learn to change? And what if you discovered that it was MUCH easier to experience a life of fulfillment, abundance, and limitless prosperity than you currently believe it is?

What if you could discover the secret to becoming a conscious and purposeful creator of the events, conditions and circumstances in your life and finally begin to experience ALL that you have a desire to experience and became keenly aware that life has far more to offer you than what you are currently experiencing?

What If you discovered beyond the shadow of a doubt that you truly could do EVERYTHING listed above and you KNEW that it couldn't fail, WOULD YOU? What if you discovered that you TRULY ARE creating EVERY event, EVERY condition, and EVERY circumstance which you are currently experiencing in your life and that you TRULY did have a say so in what those experiences consisted of.

Let's assume for just a moment that it's true. Let's make the unlikely assumption that you really could make the choices that determined your financial, physical, and relational health. That you truly could experience harmony and fulfillment in EVERY area of your life. That you could provide those you love with anything and everything that you have a desire to provide them with without constraint or limitation of any sort. That you really could spend your time doing what it is that YOU choose to do whenever you choose to do it? That you really could fulfill your financial obligations with far more than enough left over, doing what it is that you TRULY LOVE to do and are passionate about!!

You would wouldn't you?

Of course you would!! Who wouldn't?

Now let's remove the assumptions for the time being long enough to enable me to introduce you to the fact that YOU CAN. Allow yourself for just a moment to eliminate and dispel any preconceived notions that you may have with regard to your abilities, what you may "perceive" as possible or logical long enough to discover that THERE ARE specific Laws and Principles in place, fixed, immutable and unwavering Laws and Principles, which in fact have existed since the beginning of time which if properly harmonized with WILL enable you to begin consciously creating "Whatsoever You Desire."

What if you discovered that it's due to these same immutable and unwavering laws that you currently ARE creating every event, condition and circumstance that you're experiencing in your life regardless of how you might perceive it, but if you're like the mass majority you are doing so unconsciously? What if you discovered that you have the inalienable right of free will to choose what those experiences would consist of once you learn what these laws are and how to harmonize with them to begin experiencing the kind of life that you desire to experience but due to YOUR OWN choices, as "unconscious" as they've been have kept you stranded on Someday Isle?

Why NOT begin to do it consciously and purposefully?

It really and truly is FAR more simple than most realize. They only need discover the fact that it's true and expand there awareness just enough to discover it for themselves.

YOU only need recognize the fact that it's true and develop the awareness of how to make ALL YOUR "What Ifs" a very real part of your life. To develop a level of self awareness with regard to who and what you truly are, regardless of what you have been conditioned to believe to this point, that will enable you to leave Someday Isle and begin to fulfill your most heartfelt desires in EVERY aspect of your life, physically, financially, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually.

That is precisely the intent and purpose of Enlightened Journey Enterprises. That is why this community was created. To assist in building your awareness, introduce you to the "facts" concerning the limitless potential that you possess and show you step by step how to make your most heartfelt dreams, goals and desires a reality. To empower you to begin creating and experiencing the kind of life that so few experience and that so many currently "believe" to be "illogical", "unattainable" and out of their reach.

I can tell you from personal experience that they're not.I can assure you that regardless of where you may currently find yourself in relation to the events, conditions and circumstances that you're experiencing in your life, you DO have the ability to turn it around. You already possess ALL that you need to begin experiencing the life that you envision, hope, dream and wish for.

You already possess all you need to begin experiencing monetary wealth, vibrant health, and rewarding, wholesome and fulfilling relationships.

You only need step outside of your comfort zone, take the blinders off long enough to discover the fact that it's true and begin taking the action that will enable you to experience it.

That is where most fall short. That is precisely why the 1% experience far greater results than the 99%. Because they were willing to discover that THERE IS a much easier and more effective way than the 99% "BELIEVE" there is.

I know where you are. I know what you may be thinking. I know exactly what you are feeling because I too once felt the same way. I too once found myself, in total disbelief, reading and dispelling claims that I could take conscious control over the daily events, conditions and circumstances which made up my life and begin molding and shaping my life by design rather than by default. I experienced the same feelings of doubt and skepticism that you may be currently experiencing. In fact when I was first introduced to the possibility, for years I made the unwise choice and blew it off as far fetched nonsense.

Why? Because It was contrary to everything that I was taught that life was intended to be. It went against everything that I believed. At that point my awareness was such that I "thought" that life was designed as a testing ground and that whatever was thrown at you, happened as a result of a set of capricious and uncontrollable external circumstances which I had no choice or control over. I truly thought that I had minimum to no control over what type of job I could get and as a result did the best I could to suck it up and enjoy life the best I could with the little that I could manage to scrape together as a result of working hard, doing more, and attempting to somehow "be better" based strictly on my physical efforts. I truly thought that is how it was suppose to be. It wasn't until my life had reached a place of serious discontent, disharmony, financial disaster and seemingly hopeless circumstances that I made the choice to rethink my position. It wasn't until I expanded my awareness concerning the limitless possibilities that were already available to me and made the conscious choice to do something about it that my life began to change dramatically in far greater ways than I previously believed they could.

It wasn't until I made the conscious choice to begin questioning the beliefs that I held, which seemed to conflict with desires that I held that I began discovering that it was due to those beliefs and the actions that I was taking as a result of them which were creating my then current reality. It wasn't until I discovered that there was additional information and knowledge, profound knowledge, that I wasn't aware of and as a result had never been exposed to that I made the choice to delve more deeply into it and discern for myself if there was any validity to it. It wasn't until then that I came to realization and the conclusion that my then current circumstances were happening as a result of who I believed I was at the time. I soon discovered that who I was and what I was experiencing in my life as a result was to my utter amazement my own personal responsibility. I finally came to the realization that real, lasting and desired results don't happen as a result of what you're "Doing" but rather what you are "BEING."

WOW!! What a wake up call!! One that was a little tough to grasp and swallow at first but one that I have grown to be and am EXTREMELY grateful for. In fact it was the most valuable wake up call that I've EVER received.

Yes it was necessary for me to step outside of my comfort zone. It was necessary for me to expand my awareness and take the initiative to discover for myself all that was available to me. It was necessary to discover, eliminate and replace the self limiting self sabotaging beliefs that were keeping me trapped in a life that I no longer desired or cared to experience. Yes, It took effort on my part. But the rewards that I've since enjoyed, the satisfaction of becoming empowered to provide my family with a life that I once considered a dream FAR outweigh the cost that was necessary to achieve it. The ability to actually provide those I love with the kind of life that I desired for them, but was never able to provide without sacrificing my own time, happiness, health and well being is exhilarating and fulfilling beyond description.

Now in an effort to give back a portion of the many blessings I've had the good fortune to discover and experience, I'm offering you the same opportunity that I was provided which will enable you to discover who YOU truly are, what YOU are TRULY capable of achieving and then going one step further and assisting you in further developing that newfound awareness to begin molding and shaping the life that YOU deserve and are quite capable of creating for yourself.

In fact it will be much easier for you because you have discovered someone who has been there and done that can and will assist you in not making the same mistakes.

It doesn't matter if you're black, white, old, young, Christian, Buddhist, or agnostic. It makes no difference whether your formally educated or a high school drop out. Your level of business experience or lack of is NOT a determining factor. There are absolutely NO external circumstances of any type that can keep you from achieving your dreams, regardless of what or how big they are, once you make the choice to do so and the heartfelt commitment to follow through until you've achieved it.

Only you can make that choice. It is up to you to determine if your ready. If you discern that you are, then I will do everything within my power to assist you in getting there. I can't carry you. I can't force you to take the necessary steps that will get you there. But I can and will provide you with the insight, knowledge, direction and tools that will enable you to experience a life uncommon should you make the choice to recognize it's value and put it into action.

Life was designed to be enjoyed not endured and I thank God each and every day for waking me up and bringing me into that reality. I am grateful beyond description for those that that cared enough to provide the timeless wisdom and profound knowledge which awakened me to the "real facts" concerning who I am and what I'm capable of achieving.

Now it's time to take a good, hard, honest look at your own life. Is it producing and providing all that you desire? Are you completely and totally satisfied and fulfilled in your occupation, with your monetary situation, the state of your health and the relationships that you are currently involved in? Do you enjoy the benefits of doing what you would like to do when you like to do it without financial or time constraints of ANY kind? Are you currently making the choices that you choose to make with regard to your life or are you allowing others to make them for you? Are you living by someone else's standards or have you come to a place that enables you to choose those standards for yourself?

These can be tough yet very revealing questions to answer. You may find that they make you uncomfortable. Just as it was for me, this process and the discomfort you may be experiencing as a result is a very important and necessary first step in making the necessary changes that will enable you to answer yes to each of the above questions. But once you get through it and you begin taking the action steps that will enable you to experience the fulfillment and limitless potential that is and always has been available to you, you'll discover a level of satisfaction and fulfillment that up until now you believed to be "wishful thinking", only for the "lucky and fortunate few" and far out of your capability to reach.

I've got exciting news for you……

It's not. Not now nor ever has it been. The life that you desire to experience always has and always will be available. You only need take the first tiny step and make the choice as well as the commitment to become aware and discover it for yourself.

Are you ready?

The next steps are up to you. I've shown you the path. I've expanded your awareness as much as I'm currently able. Your willingness to recognize and accept it as YOUR path is up to you. You must decide if the timing is right for you. Should you decide that it is, I will be here to assist you in navigating through it. Should you make the unfortunate choice that this isn't the correct time for you I wish you well and should you ever change your mind, know that I will be here.

Regardless of your current choice, One thing is certain. Your life CAN become an Enlightened and Joyful Journey if and when you make the choice and commitment to allow it to be.

Nothing or no one can help you until you're ready.

You must be open and willing to receive. You must decide that you're worth it. That you deserve to have everything you want in life.

Only you can make the choice as well as the decision that living a rich, happy, healthy and fulfilling life truly is your birthright.

Neither I nor anyone else can do that for you. That is a choice only you can make.

Expanding your awareness concerning who and what you truly are is the first step in the process. This combined with Opening yourself to the revitalizing energy of the Source of All Creation and learning to "allow" your desires to become a very real part of your life is always the first step.

If you find that you are at the place to begin the journey……

Join us and we'll walk the path together. You'll be absolutely and utterly amazed as to what lies ahead. Be assured that I am committed to your success and will be there to assist you every step along the way. I will never ask you to do something that I haven't personally done. I will provide you with the very same mentoring, the tools and the step by step direction that I received which enabled me to experience the life that I am experiencing today.

Are you finally ready? Really ready?

If so, take the next step……

What does that step consist of? Building the awareness of who and what you are and what you are capable of becoming.

The first step in assisting you to develop the belief that EVERYTHING I've shared is absolutely 100% true and factual is a VERY SIMPLE one and will take you only a few moments to complete.

Here it is…….

Click on the link below which will redirect you to a page that will ask you to find an arrow. See if you can. If you're like 99.9% of the population, you CAN'T and for VERY good reason. Well maybe not a good reason, but for a very "logical" reason and one that will begin to expand your awareness as to the fact that YOU ARE NOT living and experiencing life to your FULL potential. I promise that it will be very enlightening and eye opening to you.

Click Here To Do That Now And I'll See You On The Next Page…..