Let's Explore How To Get Those on Your Friendship List To Get To "LIKE" You

People buy from those who they: KNOW, LIKE & TRUST

It's a no brainer that those who choose to exchange value with you at some point will do so in great part to how they perceive you which determines how much they LIKE you.

When you're working online and initiate the various means to get your message out there and introduce yourself to others, keep in mind not EVERYONE is going to LIKE you. It's not a personal thing.

You certainly can't be all things to all people and not everyone you reach is going to like you or "resonate" with whatever you have to offer or be interested in the message you share.

But, you can and will appeal to a great number of them by "doing things" in the right way.

The simplest and most effective way is simply BEING Yourself. Be who you are. Convey what you stand for through your marketing and stay aligned with what you value most.

When you align and harmonize your values with what you do and how you do it, people feel that. It comes thorough in a very warm, pleasing and connecting kind of way. It's reflected in everything you write, say and do.

Point being align, harmonize with and stay true to yourself. Be who you are and convey that through ALL of your marketing efforts.

Would you like to know the #2 most powerful and effective way I've found to get folks to like you?

It's perhaps THE second single most important yet often overlooked thing you can do to ensure your success long term...Here it is...

Tune OUT of WIIFM and tune into the "Not So NEW" Universal broadcasting channel that EVERYONE resonates with and can tune into. Namely...WIIFT! It's without a doubt the single most tuned into, powerful and accepted radio frequency in life.

What does that mean exactly? Just this....

Tune OUT of "What's In It For Me" (WIIFM) and tune INTO "What's In It For THEM!!" (WIIFT)

It's a sad but very real fact that MOST people are so fixated and focused on themselves and "getting what they want" that they pay little or NO attention to what others want.

That is, until they get to KNOW and LIKE you. Once they KNOW you and LIKE YOU, then they'll be much more apt to DO for you things that YOU like.

Tuning into THEM and being clear about how what you have to offer can assist THEM, provide value to THEM and fulfill a want, need or desire THEY have will automatically take care of any wants, needs or desires you have for yourself.

And how that takes place as well as how fast it can happen can SEEM like magic.

This Is a Vitally Important and KEY Principle to understand and apply if you "truly desire" to become successful and sustain that success long term.

People like you when they believe you are interested in and care about them...when you do all you can to help them...when you contribute and provide value to them....when you listen to and hear them...AND...when what you have to contribute assists them in being, doing, and/or having whatever it might be that THEY "desire" to be, do and/or have!!

So...with that in mind, here is your new "Attraction Marketing" mantra that I STRONGLY recommend you commit to memory and use...

"How can I best CONTRIBUTE, provide VALUE
and be of SERVICE to you?"

Don't for one second underestimate the sheer "power" behind that philosophy. To take all the wonder as to WHY it's so powerful and effective is as simple as understanding and "applying" the age old "timeless wisdom"..."Assist enough others to get what THEY want which in turn enables you to get what YOU want."

With that in mind, let's begin this LIKE section with some assumptions and they are as follows:

  • Everyone (or NEARLY everyone at least) wants to make more money. The reason for that isn't EVER the money though. It's what the money can do. It's what they can exchange the money for that is the REAL Desire. That's what's at the core of ANY desire to make more money.

    Money is nothing more or less than an exchange of value for whatever someone might truly want. Money is an essential part of having a lifestyle of Real Freedom.

    And what's more...if they KNEW they could get that, they would happily share their unique gifts/passions/talents with others around the world in such a way that enables others to create that for themselves.

    That's your job. To show them in your unique way, that they can. To provide them with enough information for them to make an educated and informed decision for themselves.

  • No one wants to be sold. We may want to buy but, we don't want someone else to tell us when, where, how, or what to buy and we certainly don't want them to tell us that we MUST buy it from them!

    We can and will insure that they buy from us by "being" someone who makes it clear that that the INTENTION is to serve and provide VALUE rather than sell.

If you'll commit to becoming the one person in a million (or half a million for that matter) who thinks in terms of the OTHER person's benefit, (WIIFT) and you are able to provide it to them in a way that nobody else can, it's going to be awfully hard to dislike you, say no and turn you away.

INTENTION is KING here as it is in EVERY aspect of life.

On the other hand, if you act just like everyone else (the vast majority at least)...only thinking of yourself, what's in it for you and all the focus is on getting what you want - it's going to be a piece of cake for them to sense that, say NO and turn you down.

And rest assured, the majority of them will do just that.

How can you best tune in to WIIFT on a global scale enabling you to tune into, listen to and personally experience the "Sweet Sound" of success?

Well...it's going to be pretty tough to tune into them if you don't know who they are and/or what they want. Knowing who your target market is and what they want is absolutely essential.

So...let's work on that now. Let's get really clear on who you want to reach and define the wants, hopes, needs, desires and visions of your chosen market based on that choice.

You're current focus is paying YourNetBiz and/or Primo Vacations forward so...we'll use these products, tools and services for examples. Your individual strategy may vary a bit, but this will provide you with enough information to fine tune it for your particular audience and your unique approach.

Primo Vacations - your market could be parents interested in discount luxury family vacations.

It could also be those who have an interest in high quality, high value travel related products and a desire to market them

YourNetBiz - your market could be stay at home parents (or hope to be) or maybe just looking for credible means to supplement their household income with a home based business.

It could also be that they are simply looking for quality products that they can use to enhance their understanding regarding internet marketing or the many other products you have to offer in your retail center and can provide them access to.

Care to take a guess at who can provide that to them?

Define your target or ideal prospect based on your individual approach.

  • What are their needs?

  • What do they want to accomplish by purchasing your product or service?

  • What is their background story?

  • What benefit are they looking to gain...what problem are they looking to solve?

  • Who are they? (Demographic: male, female, age, occupation, income, etc.)

When you have a basic understanding of who they are...when you learn more about their story...you can start to develop and tailor your message specifically to and for them.

What benefits does your product or service provide for them? What problem or problems does it solve?

Identify at least 5 significant benefits of value to your prospect.

  • What's in it for them? (WIIFT)

  • How does your specific product/service provide for them better than another?

  • What can YOU do for them better than someone else? Why are YOU best suited to provide them with the value they're seeking?

Once you have defined your market and the kind of individual that you'd like to reach, you can very effectively connect and communicate with them. Every page of your website...every article you write...every video you produce, every audio you create will be a "letter" or communication directed specifically to and for them...a personalized communication tailored just for them...which provides a solution to a specific problem which you'll be solving for them.

When you choose to do that you'll soon find just how much people LIKE you and what you have to offer.

Are you starting to see the power behind this approach?

You have a number of tools and resources at your fingertips in your YNB back office that can and will provide a valuable contribution to a very wide and diverse audience seeking what you have to offer.

It's simply a matter of getting clear on what you would enjoy offering and then taking the action to introduce it and get it in front of those who can benefit from it.

Action Items...

Complete the "Like" section of the branding worksheet. Which, you should have downloaded in the previous section. If you haven't downloaded it yet - you can find it HERE.

Great job! You are well on your way
and one step closer to Real Freedom!

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