Setting The Tone...The Stage and Defining Your Unique Approach For Building and Establishing Your Personal Brand

Step #2 Toward "Real Freedom"

Laying The Foundation For Creating Your Unique and Individual Marketing Strategy and Establishing Your Personal Brand

A KEY component of becoming extraordinarily successful online is understanding and internalizing the importance of the following statement...

People buy from those who they:


In this section we're going to be covering the how to of building your "personal brand" and WHY doing so in a "conscious and intentional" way is so important to getting your business off the ground as quickly as possible and sustaining the growth of your business long term.

Whether your chosen approach is to build recognition of your company or yourself, the same principles apply.

The most effective approach that I'm aware of which has served me VERY well for many years is what I refer to as "Attraction Marketing."

The concept as well as the integration and implementation of "Attraction Marketing" into your "personal branding strategy" is very simple.

With that being "true" I'm going to ask that you strongly consider using a similar approach as you create your marketing strategies in the steps we'll be taking in the near future.

What exactly is "Attraction Marketing" and why should you use it?

To put it into very simple and easy to understand Internet Marketing "lingo"...

"Attraction Marketing is simply a matter of mastering the art of contributing and providing value to your target audience "first", (introducing and marketing yourself first) developing and building a level of trust in those you "attract", turning them into ready, able and willing consumers who resonate with you...your message...your contribution and who will at some point exchange value for your products or services."

The infamous Zig Ziglar said it best...

"Help enough others get what they want and you'll get what you want."

It's as simple as that. But don't allow the simplicity to fool you.

It's a very powerful, effective and never failing way to establish a Know, Like and Trust relationship with people you've never personally met face to face.

It's also a strategy that will enable you to reach heights that so many "perceive" as being difficult, complex and in some cases impossible.

But it's not. The simplicity or the "perceived" difficulty and complexity will be determined in great part by your initial choice as to how you'll approach, reach out to and communicate with your target audience.

Your level of success will be determined by whether people feel you're attempting to "sell them" or assist them in getting what they want.

"The Business of Life and The Life of Your Business Is and Always Will Be Determined By The Quality of Your Relationships"

Understand...whether it's Direct Marketing, doing business online or offline it is, always has been and always will be, a business of RELATIONSHIPS.

I'm going to ask that if you're current focus is strictly about "making money" that you do your best to make the shift and place your focus on building warm and caring relationships.

The more relationships you can create, the bigger you can build your reach, the more leverage you have to build your business...

The more money you'll make!

The relationship list you'll build as we move forward should be looked at more as your book of friend contacts than "a list" of potential customers that you want to sell things to and make money from.

As you build your list, you are making new relationships.

Once you attract and begin to establish these relationships, it's important that you foster and nurture them. The first level of trust they show for you and what you have to offer results in them providing you with their name and e-mail address. Once they do that, you have a point of contact. You have a way to communicate with them.

Now, its your job to build trust within that relationship and position yourself as the friend and leader that you truly are.

The internet is a much different animal than personal face to face contact. When communicating through web pages, e-mails, audio or even video for that matter, there is no face to face contact, interactive body language, or physical interaction and the message you convey is, for the most part, one sided initially.

Although your personal approach and individual marketing strategy should be and will be unique to you, it's important to understand that building relationships and rapport is the ultimate goal initially as well as a necessary and EXTREMELY vital part of becoming successful online and sustaining that success long term.

Keep this in the forefront of your mind as you plan your unique marketing strategies and move forward with your personal branding efforts...

"People don't care how much you know
until they know how much you care."

Internalizing and USING that approach as you move forward and put your various marketing strategies in place will serve you in FAR GREATER ways than you may currently understand!!

In Internet Marketing circles this is what is referred to as "Attraction Marketing". Although I like and personally utilize a much broader definition for Attraction Marketing including but not limited to "consciously utilizing" the Law of Attraction as well as the other principles I teach, establishing and utilizing your own "style"...a style that resonates with and "feels right" for you based on where you are now, is and will prove to be a vitally important part of building your YNB and/or Primo Vacations business.

But, at the same time, if where you are now is in the mindset of "Selling and convincing" people on the merits of your BIZ OPP, rather than contributing and paying forward a valuable service of IMMENSE VALUE...something that can assist them in "getting what they want", it's going to be a much longer and more difficult road than necessary.

Again...this isn't about money and biz opps. This is about assisting others to get what they want.

To achieve the "greatest amount of success", it's going to be necessary to shift your mindset and your approach from selling and convincing to contributing and providing value.

Your YNB tour provides all the information someone needs to make an educated and informed decision. It does the telling and selling for you. It's explains the products, the systems, the compensation plan and how anyone who's serious about starting an online business can do so with what you'll be providing them.

It's NOT about selling and convincing, it's about building relationships, recommending solutions and leading others into exchanging value with YOU in such a way that you KNOW provides the same or greater value to them.

As you move forward and build your "personal brand", always keep in mind and structure your efforts in such a way that aligns with how YOU would like to be approached and treated and what someone might do for and give to you to make you take the next step and want to exchange value with and do business with them in the future.

Authenticity, Uniqueness and Individuality Are Vital Components of Creating Long Term Success Online or Offline.

We all have a message to share. We all have something of value to contribute. Being YOU and conveying YOUR message in your unique way is important. Copying other people's way of doing things isn't always the "wisest or most effective approach. Although it may be effective for them, it may not be effective for you.

It's how you feel about your approach. Is it genuine? Is it sincere? Does it "feel right" to you?

As you move forward and progress further down the path of creating online success, your uniqueness, individuality and Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is going to be paramount in setting you apart from the "other guys."

I can tell you from personal experience that MOST have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) rather than a Unique Value Proposition. (UVP)

You have a unique way about you...something of value that sets you apart from everyone else. It's important that you recognize and use that.

Blatant Selling is a BIG No No!!

Your approach should be of a kind and quality that is conducive to recommending a product, service etc to a friend rather than attempting to sell a stranger.

No one WANTS to be sold. What they DO want is to be provided enough information to make an educated and informed decision for themselves that what you have to offer them can, in some way, shape or form benefit them which leads into the "desired" end result which precipitates an exchange of value.

You provide value in the form of a product or service (in this case YNB and/or Primo Vacations) and they exchange something of value for the value you provide...namely money.

It's a Win Win Situation. EVERYBODY Gets What They Want.

The value of YNB is unprecedented and unsurpassed in the direct marketing arena. In fact, the value provided far exceeds anything I'm aware of in relation to online or offline business. It enables and empowers ANYONE who's serious about creating a successful business with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING they could possibly need to do so.

Let's think about the market that's wide open for you.

I can't personally think of ANYONE who doesn't have a desire to enhance the financial aspect of their lives. The market is HUGE and YNB has structured the tools, systems, processes and training in such a way that LITERALLY ANYONE can utilize them effectively.

Combine all that with the leveraging power of the internet, integrate your UVP and you'll see how simple it can be to begin "attracting" as much or as little material wealth as you desire.

You now have the ability to "pay YNB forward", enabling others to see and experience the value for themselves and inevitably use it in such a way that enables them to get what they want.

How you approach "paying it forward" is of the utmost importance. The MOST important aspect of that is how people "perceive" you and the message that you convey.

Make no mistake...Perception is everything here.

Your job is to introduce others to YNB and/or Primo Vacations while showing them in a non-selling kind of way, that it can and does fulfill the wants, needs and desires of those seeking to enhance the financial aspect of their lives.

Consider how you became a part of my team.

My personal approach isn't one of "selling" or attempting to "convince visitors" to buy something from me initially but rather providing them with something they have a desire to acquire, can use and benefit from.

People don't know what they don't know. And what they don't know or fully understand often ignites fear which reveals itself in the form of fear, doubt, worry, pessimism, skepticism and in many cases cynicism.

That's especially true online. Let's face it, there's A LOT of hype, fluff and unfounded "pie in the sky" promises being made by those who "do whatever it takes to make a buck." They simply don't understand the principles behind sustainable and long term success and wealth creation.

Establishing your brand and the Relationship building portion of the process enables those who become a part of your relationship list to move beyond a place of fear into a place of liking and trusting you and building their confidence that what you have to offer can assist them in being, doing and having more.

Then and only then will the "desired" outcome...namely an "exchange of value" take place.

In essence it's about building a relationship with those you reach FIRST and then introducing and offering future products and services once that relationship has been established. Quality products/services that will assist them in expanding their knowledge and understanding further with the "intention" of assisting them in "getting" whatever it might be that they desire to have.

Your "Intention" is crucial here and cannot be understated. An "intention" of assisting others in getting what THEY want, need and desire followed up with action that supports that "intention" will provide you with what YOU want, need and/or desire.

It's VERY simple, profoundly powerful and ALWAYS an EXTREMELY Rewarding and fulfilling approach that extends far beyond material and monetary results.

There's a science to success. An exact science. The Law of Attraction is more than some "feel good" concept.

The reason WHY is simply because harmonious energies are attracted to one another and people are "attracted to" and "buy" from those they "resonate" with...that resonance is what draws or "attracts" others to us and/or our site and establishes the foundation of the "knowing, liking and trusting" relationship you will build with them both short and long term.

Which brings us into...

HOW will you attract your "desired audience" and get them to know, like and trust you?

In a's starts with introducing yourself, allowing people to get to "Know you" which is the first step for establishing and building your "personal brand"

Here's the step by step approach for creating the "desired outcome" in the simplest and quickest way possible...

  • You plug in and use the tools and training at your disposal

  • you'll tell your target audience a little bit about yourself - they start to know you

  • you take the initiative to understand and fulfill their wants, needs and desires they begin to like you

  • you build authority and credibility in your niche - they begin to trust you

  • Once that trust is built they feel comfortable "exchanging value" with you.

I think you'll agree that the most desirable end "exchange of value" is a BIG part of why you're here!!

The upcoming steps will help you to define, outline and start to establish your "personal brand" so that you can effectively connect and form a bond of sorts with your target market in a very warm, personal and powerfully effective way.

Ready to begin establishing and building your brand?

We'll begin by telling your story and begin attracting those who resonate with and "like you" and have an interest in what you have to contribute.

Click on the Next Button below and we'll get started.



success tools**One of the authority books on Attraction Marketing for Internet Marketing success is written by my friend Brad Weinman. The "Attraction Marketing Blueprint" is an excellent resource. No, it's not FREE...there's an investment of $47 but, it is comprehensive and if you want to delve deeper into the subject of Attraction's an excellent reference tool!