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These Helpful Resources Are For You – every place you see red underlined text – you can click those words to be re-directed to that resource.


Building The Foundation– most of the resources that I’m aware of are listed here foryour convenience. Some are completely FREE, some are paid.  All of them are resources that I have personallyused and/or continue to use to this day.  I wouldn’t recommend anything that I hadn’t used withoutsuccess.

I believe these resources will addgreat value to your business.

I’ve set up this page to provideresources for every step of the 10 simple easy steps to starting an internet business. If you have the eBook, thiswill help you to find the resources for each step. If you don’t yet have the eBook – it’s FREE…it’s got more than100 pages of information that will help guide you to starting an internet business and you can get it just forbeing a member of our team. Simply click the image below for your copy.

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Keyword Research

Your Domain Name


Your HostingAccount

Go green AND get what I find to be the bestcustomer service around! 


Host Gator Web Hosting

Develop Your Content

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Copywriting is an essential part of your contentand when done correctly can become your top sales person!

There are several wonderful copywriters online who provideexcellent resources. Following are the top two who I would recommend….just so that you are aware they offer bothFREE and paid resources:

  • Marlon Sanders – he basis his entire business on an “evergreen” approach – write once, earn over and over – he’s totally down to earth, no hype and just really, really good at what he does. Click on his name to get access to his FREE info!

Tip:  visit some of the product links below.  Without purchasing a single thing you can learn volumes about how to write sales letters!  he’s a master at copywriting…you’ll be drawn in!

Here are just a few of the products that heoffers – I have used many of them and never once have Ibeen disappointed!

It’s well worth adding yourself to his newsletter as wellfor FREE information. The Best Of Marlon Sanders

  • The Writers Secret – Marlon’s cookie cutter approach to an internet business that sells millions online.

  • The Amazing Formula -the 12-step formula that makes people do what you want – and built Marlon a multi-million dollar business

  • Bob Bly – author of more than 70 books and the man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s top copywriter”  Also has some amazing resources for you.

I have enjoyed his newsletter for more than a year and healways provides quick, simple and great copywriting tips.

Here are a couple of hisprograms:

But now, Bob Bly has discovered a safe, sure-fire way foryou to completely retire – within 18 to 24 months from today – even if you haven’t saved a dime forretirement.

In his new audio program, “The Internet Marketing RetirementPlan,” Bob will show you how he did it. (click the link above to learn more)

  • Become An Instant Guru – Become much more famous in your niche or industry than you are right now. Move to the top of your profession – in demand for your product or service, status, prestige, and income.

In Bob Bly’s new program, “Become an Instant Guru,” heshares with you proven, utterly pragmatic methods you can use to quickly and easily become the recognized authorityin your field … starting in as little as 90 days!

Build Your Website(s)

  • Weebly – FREE WYSIWYG website builder 
  • XSitePro – WYSIWYG website builder that you may use to build an unlimited number of websites – for you…or perhaps as another business model!  They have fantastic SEO applications already built in!
  • Blogger – Free blogging platform from Google – caution – this one is NOT to be used for sales letters and advertisements…you must be providing information and value
  • WordPress – that is, a fantastic FREE blogging platform that is widely used and accepted by the internet marketing community.  This is a great way to build a business website and blog!  There are also a multitude of FREE plugins available to add functionality including great SEO!!
  • WordPress Direct – found at, and based upon a wordpress blog platform, this group has developed a great program for beginners.  Here you can choose a beautiful template that is already SEO friendly and VERY easy to use your first time out.  Set up to be a business on it’s own if you have great information to offer! 
  • Advertisements allowed AND encouraged!  
    • also…take the 30-Day challenge – 30 days of FREE training on making money on the internet with blogging.

Your Auto Responder

Treat your clients like gold and stay in contact with themon a consistent basis…And, in my opinion, few do it better than AWeber!

Your Internet Marketing

Free Marketing Resources:


Video Marketing:

  • YouTube
  • CamStudio – free software for screen capture – great way to develop videos (especially if you are camera shy)

Press ReleaseMarketing:

  • Free Press
  • PRWeb – a paid press release distribution service…well worth the money for the volume of traffic you can expect.  However, the guidelines are far more strict than with the FREE service.

Social NetworkingSites:


  • – sponsored by Google, get’s great SEO benefits

  • – the most popular platform online for Internet Marketers for its functionality, theme designs and SEO benefits

  • – also for the WordPress platform, this group has made it VERY simple and user friendly for a newcomer to build a blog with all the necessary elements of SEO already built in.

Paid Marketing Strategies

PPC –   Google Adwords 

EzineAdvertising – Directory of EZines!Simply the best membership available for those of you interested in using this marketing method to grow yourlists.

Offline Mailing Companies to help you out-

Additional UsefulResources to Help YOU Build RESIDUAL INCOME

I know from experience that when I first started my internetbusiness it didn’t take me long to become overwhelmed and broke and…that it happens to many!

Many are not fortunate enough to find an online mentor oronline mentoring team that will help them.  But, still many want to succeed online.  Two possibleresources that you can provide to your subscribers as great alternatives to mentors are membershipsites.

 Membership sites are organizations that provide,tools, resources and training to their members for a monthly fee. There are many wonderful membership sitesavailable for internet marketing beginners but…there are also those that I have found were not worth theinvestment!

Following are two membership sites that are inmy opinion outstanding…especially for the internet newcomer! They are both packed full of amazingtools and training and lead by amazing internet marketers dedicated to “paying it forward”!

To me…the philosophy of paying it forward, giving back toothers unconditionally…is not only the key to online success but, a required characteristic for a business partnerof mine! And that is why I am a member of both of these sites!

So…should you be so inclined to want to find some furthereducation…check out these two wonderful programs.  I have every confidence in telling you that yoursubscribers will benefit from either one or both of these programs.


The Make Real Money On The Internet site (MRMI) – Click on the link to learn more and…if you like try the site for 30-days for only$1!!

Stephen Pierce is an inspirational speaker, and has a verymotivational style.

If you’d like to learn more about his proven system…orderhis FREE book below(yes…you will have to pay shipping and handling…it is an actual paperback book…but, well worth the few dollars toget your hands on it!)

Click the Image of the Book to Get Your FREE copy NOW! (Iwould always encourage you to at least test out, try or use the products that you recommend to yoursubscribers.  Ensure that you are offering them good quality)

Make Real Money Free Book

II. The IM Advantage – I purchased a program from this group a little over a year ago and it changed my life. I learnedhow to take my online knowledge offline to help small businesses and…got my first two clients withinweeks.

To this day…I am helping offline businesses build theironline presence and I owe that income source to Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey the founders of this group and theirSEM Blueprint.

Most of the programs they offer are “blueprint” in natureand excellent quality…they have a fantastic reputation in the community and their training is so remarkably easy tofollow that you can’t help but enjoy the programs even if you are a complete newcomer!

Recently they put together a membership site and I jumped atthe chance to join! They offer a complete line of training courses and tools to help grow yourbusiness.

In addition, they have a fantastic community of supportivepeople available in their forum who are remarkably helpful in helping others to grow theirbusiness.

I would encourage you to check out the IM Advantagemembership site!  Click Here…or on the image below.


PROTECT YOURDOWNLOADS – Also, if you choose to create productsand sell them for download on your site…you will need a good way to protect yourfiles. The best software I can recommendis 

DL Guard, from page andcontent protection to full membership sites.  Click Here! Easyto use and compatible with many, many website building programs, it’s a great way to ensure that your customersreceive their products and that the “pirates” are kept at bay.