The First Steps Toward Creating
"Real Freedom" With YourNetBiz

Ready To Get Started With Your "Tangible Tool"?

Let's Begin By Laying The Foundation With an Overview of How To Use The Success Blueprint That's Been Created To Assist You In Doing So

First and foremost...this portion of the site is intended as your "action" guide for leveraging and utilizing the incredible tools, systems and processes that have been made available to you.

The key phrase is "ACTION Guide."

It's NOT intended nor should it ever become just another "shelf-help" book. Just having access to, reading and/or listening to this information won't do you any good. Please carefully read the information provided, watch the videos when applicable and then TAKE ACTION, completing each step before moving on to the next step.

Success is achieved by taking one simple step at a time. Commit to seeing and consistently "doing things" that way and you'll soon look back and realize just how far you've progressed. Celebrate those successes as you move forward and "Keep on keeping on."

Please Note...Work at a pace that is comfortable for of the BEST things about an internet business is that it can be done anywhere, at any time and at whatever pace that you choose.

This is YOUR business and how you "feel" about what you're doing is not only important but a determining factor as to how effective you'll be in structuring and conducting business, which in turn will be reflected in your results. However...also please be aware that "Success is a Habit" and one of the keys to your success is choosing to thoughtfully consider your steps and then consistently take action. Set a schedule that you can and WILL commit to and make every attempt to maintain that schedule REGARDLESS. Consistently moving forward and remaining committed to that process is a developed habit that will serve you long term and ensure your success as you move consistently toward your "desired outcome."

Work at your own pace but keep in mind..."

No Action = No Sales!!

You've got the most powerful set of tools, processes and systems available to you combined with "unprecedented VALUE" that can and WILL serve MANY people around the globe who are looking for what you have to offer.

Consistently moving forward with the right mindset will GUARANTEE your success in this or any other endeavor. Choosing to utilize this tangible tools portion of the site as well as developing a daily habit of "feeding your mind" empowering and useful information will pay huge dividends that will serve you in ways that you may not currently fathom and do so for the rest of your life.

Point being...don't get caught in the trap of DOING..DOING and DOING. Use the mindset portion of the site that I've created for you to enhance your way of "being" and you'll enjoy and benefit from what you DO in far greater ways.

With all that said, here is what you can expect from this portion of the site:

A Clearly Defined and Easy To Follow
10 Step Process

Steps 1-10 will provide everything you could possibly need for jumpstarting as well as building a rock solid foundation for your internet business. Anything and EVERYTHING necessary to do so is found within this portion of the site.

On occasion I'll be referring you to your YNB back office for specific action steps. Those links will open a new window, so no need to be concerned about losing your place here.

The light bulbs will start coming on as you progress, make your way through the material and take the action steps that have been strategically laid out for you in the upcoming pages

  • Step #1 we've touched on already, but it's SO VITALLY IMPORTANT I'm going to touch on it again to make certain that you didn't overlook it and to make certain that you're "aware" of how important I and many before me have found it to be.

    Don't be's EVERY bit as important for you and necessary IF you "truly hope" to create significant success for yourself.

    That step is as simple as understanding the importance of creating and consistently holding a wealth mindset...a quality of "consciousness" if you will that's aligned and harmonized with creating whatever level of success you desire for yourself as you move through the process.

    This is the part of the journey that I KNOW based on personal experience is of the utmost importance...FIRST and FOREMOST in fact for creating extraordinary success as well as what I am MOST passionate about. In fact I consider it to be "The Main Thing" which is why I'll be both encouraging you and consistently reminding you to take the time to "Do a check up from the neck up" to ensure that your "quality of consciousness"...your consistent and habitual thought processes are aligned and harmonized with moving toward and reaching your "desired" destination as you are guided through the process and begin taking the action steps necessary.

    Choosing to consistently remain "aware" of what's going on within yourself at an emotional as well as mental level and making the necessary adjustments should you realize it's misaligned with your "envisioned outcome" as you move forward will pay HUGE dividends both short and long term.

  • Side note: I have included and will be consistently adding to a few other sections on this site called Inspiration, Useful Tools and another called Fun Stuff. On those pages I'll be posting and providing access to some of the tangible tools that I have used in my journey as well as fun, motivational, inspiring and sometimes even humorous posts.

    I encourage you to reference this section throughout your "wealth building journey" and enjoy some of the free resources there. If you have something you'd like to share with the rest of the team that you feel might provide benefit, let me know and we'll include some of that as well.

  • Step #2 and beyond is where I will be guiding you with a form of DOING that will enable you to create results of a "material nature." It will provide "The Tangible Steps" you'll be taking to lay a rock solid business foundation to build upon long term as you grow your internet business.
  • Each step in the process serves an important purpose, is outlined for you in crystal clear detail providing the understanding as well as the necessary action step to be taken and completed BEFORE moving on to the next step.

    If you are the kind of person that needs to "see" the WHOLE picture before getting started - visit the BIG Picture Blueprint page - that provides the BIG PICTURE view and general outline of this entire curriculum.

Additional Things To Know and Be Aware Of

Action Item... will be indicated by the red and white arrow followed by the bold red "Action Item" text as shown here.

Individual Action Steps will include things like...

  • completing worksheets

  • writing copy

  • publishing copy

  • watching training videos

  • reading training materials

  • attending teleseminars

  • submitting your questions and comments to help guide others to success as well

PLEASE keep in mind that Each and EVERY step is to be taken in the order it's laid out beginning at step #1 all the way through to step #10.

Some tabs/steps have multiple web pages or sections to be completed.

At the end of each step or section you will find a confirmation that your action steps have been completed and a NEXT button to be taken to the next step.

You'll see some tabs that are not indicated with a number, these will be used and referenced throughout the marketing training curriculum.

For Example: SEO (search engine optimization) - this is a practice that you will incorporate throughout the building of your YNB business and learning will run parallel to your steps.

Need Help?! - There are help tabs on the bottom of every page of the site. If you need additional assistance simply click on the HELP button provided. You'll be redirected to a web form to submit your questions and/or comments as well as my contact information.

PLEASE be as specific and thorough as possible when submitting a question. "I need help" won't provide me with enough information to provide you with the help needed.

We will also be holding regularly scheduled Q&A sessions as we move forward and as more and more questions arise.

Should you find that you're Not Familiar with some of the internet terms we'll be using, - check out and utilize the Internet Lingo Glossary.

Ok...that was pretty painless wasn't it? Congratulate yourself and celebrate your first "Baby Step." You've taken it.

Now that you understand what to everything is laid out...and have an idea of what you'll be "doing" as we move forward, next, let's start taking the first "tangible ACTION step" toward "Real Freedom" by setting up your YNB business and personalizing your YNB website.

Click the Next button below to begin charting your course and taking the next "Baby Step" toward your success by personalizing your YNB site. This step consists of completing the 7 Step Set Up process located in your YNB back office.

If you're "sort of ready" but, not very (or at all) technical or computer savvy you may want to begin by getting some VERY basic training on "The Basics" before you move on and get into the YNB set-up process.

If so...Just Click the YNB "little computer heads" logo below and visit the YNB media vault

IMPORTANT Side Note : **you MUST complete your YourNetBiz registration before you will be enabled to access to the media vault**

You Can Get To Your Back Office By Clicking On The YNB Logo Below...

There are 2 helpful and very informative tutorials
there that you may want to start with

1) Computer basics - where you can find tutorials on Windows and the Microsoft Office products (and creating a Gmail account which if you're not familiar with yet...will be a super resource for you).

2) Internet basics - where there is a really good tutorial on Online Market Research that will provide you a good foundation to build upon as you move through the first few steps of this blueprint.