Explaining The Unexplainable And How To Use It For Profound Results

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Explaining The Unexplainable And How To Develop It For Profound Results

"You know where your "true power" lies now let's harmonize it with the physical you for "desired" tangible results"

Universal Consciousness - Your Consciousness - Brain and Mind

Thanks to tremendous break through discoveries in science we’re beginning to understand in a tangible and “provable” kind of way the essential role of mind and spirit as the underlying driving force that keeps the “physical aspect” of us alive and functioning in day to day life.

It’s a form of understanding with regard to how consciousness which is “non physical or spiritual in nature interconnects with biology so to speak.

The newest of these sciences is called Epigenetics which is showing that the old beliefs regarding our DNA and genetics

These discoveries can be utilized in an immensely beneficial way to not only enhance our own personal growth and development but literally impact, in an extremely positive and transformational way, life as we know it on a global scale.

It’s essential to understand that your brain and mind are separate and should be developed differently. Understanding this and choosing to apply what you discover early on will save you many years of finding what it is that you have been looking for all along. This approach allows for sudden and spectacular results with regard to your individual development both mentally and spiritually.

Put in a more direct way…your brain is not designed to experience spiritual or dimensional frequencies but your mind is.

You may be thinking that

The brain was created and designed as a physical tool for physical experiences. It can be likened to the hard drive on a computer that stores the data and programs, providing commands and direction enabling the physical body to function.

The mind could be considered for the sake of this analogy as the “spiritual brain.” It’s the operating system that the brain depends on yet at the same time serves as the connecting link to the unseen or spiritual realm. The mind is an aspect of you, let’s call it the “spiritual aspect” that enables you to tap into and experience things beyond the physical. It is the aspect of you that enables and empowers you to tap into and have spiritual or metaphysical experiences.

This is where what I refer to as a “Higher Truth” resides. An untainted form of truth where “infinite wisdom and knowledge” can be acquired. It transcends individually acquired beliefs and perceptions based on the limitations of what you have been taught and told by others. In essence it enables you to discern what “truth” is for yourself.

When you learn to transcend the limitations of the brain you begin to discover in a very profound and personal way what the “Infinite” truly is. Quite simply it’s about learning to consciously utilize your sixth sense.

Unlike the 5 physical senses that the brain utilizes to experience “physical life”, the mind utilizes the sixth sense to experience things beyond the physical yet at the same time it bridges the gap between brain and mind. It provides a knowing at both an intellectual physical level and at the same time a deep feeling level. The brain can’t dispute and dispel it because the brain is involved in the process yet at the same time the brain can’t take you there and allow you to experience it for yourself by itself.

The brain being physical in nature is limited to things that are of a physical nature. The mind being spiritual in nature requires a physical thing…a machine of sorts which is what your brain and physical body are, to transform and transmute consciousness which is unseen energy into a physical form of energy which creates the events, conditions and circumstances that we experience in physical life. In other words it’s the physical brain that carries out the instructions and desires of the “spiritual mind.”

Ok, now that we understand those differences, let’s look at another extremely important distinction that needs to be made regarding your thoughts. I believe it’s an often overlooked distinction that keeps many from fully experiencing the power that they have been provided and utilizing it in a way that consistently brings about desired results.

Think about this for minute…really think about it and allow yourself to internalize and grasp the profound nature of the following statement. It often times holds the key that can transform your entire life.

In the same way that brain and mind are not the same thing…

Consciousness and thought are not the same.

Consciousness is of a spiritual nature and thought is the processing of consciousness as it passes through and is processed by the brain. What is thought is based on what is perceived and believed to be real. Beliefs aren’t only a spiritual thing based on consciousness. Beliefs are a neurological physical mass in your brain that form and exist within the neuro pathways called dendrites.

You could say that pure consciousness which is an unseen spiritual form of energy is processed in the brain which creates electrochemical processes firing in the brain which is then transmuted into emotion which evolves and transmutes into action or inaction at a physical level.

It’s a very simplified analogy of the process of the non physical or spiritual aspects of you, the “real you” being transmuted into and expressed in physical form. A transmutation originating from pure Universal Consciousness (the purest form of energy) to individual consciousness to mind to thought to emotion to action or inaction. A perception of “separateness” is a perception formed in the brain…it’s nothing more than a belief that exists in physical form as a dendrite.

The “real you” knows that it’s not separate. It experiences the interconnected nature of individual consciousness with the collective consciousness and on a larger scale with Universal Consciousness.

It recognizes itself as an individual yet also sees that it’s a part of something far bigger and greater than itself. It is individual yet at the same time an integral part of the whole just as a drop of water that is taken from and separated in a physical way from the ocean and even though individual in form still exists as an individual yet integral part of the ocean.

It’s your introduction to “Awakening.”

When you’ve experienced this for yourself it becomes possible to harmonize the physical aspects of you with the spiritual aspects of you. It’s where a profound awakening and eventual sense of completion is realized.

It provides you with an uncommon understanding of what it means to use an “inside out approach” to life rather than the opposite.

There is a special system that, if followed correctly and consistently, allows you to experience true Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.


Left Off Here

This place isn’t a describable place with the limitations of language. It’s a place of pure, true and untainted love, where the experience of entering into, exploring and personally experiencing the profound sense of “inner knowing” that it exists is all that’s required unless and until you once again forget it’s infinite magnitude by allowing the “appearance” of temporary externals to once again overpower and dominate your “perceptions” bringing you back to a place of fear, scarcity and worry where the very choice to do that and the actions that follow in both thought and deed provide tangible physical “things” which if recognized and looked at deeply enough, show you just how right you get to be.

You get to create and experience all the evidence you require to validate it for yourself.

The “perceived” struggles and difficulties of life become once again very “real and logical” as what you chose to have fear, scarcity and worry type thinking about shows up and is delivered to you precisely as you have “unconsciously“ asked for through your own choices to keep your predominant focus on them.

Often times we can grasp just how true this is and attempt to make changes. We decide for a time to be positive. To do our best to look at things in a positive light yet as soon as something shows up that contradicts with our “new way” of being we fall back into the old predominant mindset, allowing this thing to shake and disrupt our recently chosen path and we fall back into the same self limiting and self sabotaging patterns.

We begin to judge and label these things that show up and allow their “perceived realness” to shift our mindset back to the same unconscious state that was responsible for attracting and creating them to begin with. We once again “perceive” ourselves as being trapped.

We fail to see that this thing, whatever it might be showed up when it did as the result of what we chose for ourselves at some point in the past. It’s simply a harvest that took time to grow based on seeds that we ourselves planted prior to now.

What you choose now will determine what you will experience tomorrow or at some point in the future. Our job isn’t to know the how or when…it’s simply to know.

I personally know from experience that it can be immediate, yet at the same time attempting to force it and choosing to stay attached and clingy to how, when, what and where will only serve to push it further away and attract to us what it is that we’re hoping that this thing desired will replace. It attracts to us more of whatever it might be that we are trying and hoping to escape from.

The Vast Majority Seek Pleasure To Avoid Pain

Creating desired results can never happen by attempting to escape from something undesired. Conscious creation is about accepting what is as it is. It’s about allowing what is to be OK just as it is yet at the same time being open and willing to discover what it was that created what is so you might experience a greater and more pleasing “isness” at some point in the future.

It’s not difficult. In fact it’s quite simple once you begin to recognize and choose to shed the perceptions and judgments about how difficult it must be.

As spiritual text puts it…it’s simply a choice to “Seek and you will find.”

It’s simply a matter of becoming conscious of and recognizing the immutable and unwavering cycle. Recognizing the absolute and unwavering perfection of the “Perfect Plan” for what it is and understanding at the deepest levels that it is just that…perfect, precise and unwavering. You begin to see and understand that it’s without judgment…without discernment…without malice…without anything except pure, untainted and boundless love that provides precisely what you are choosing for yourself based on the kind and quality of consciousness that you choose for yourself.

It’s simply about slowing down enough to become keenly and consciously aware of what you are asking to receive at the deepest levels of your consciousness. and once this choice is made you’ll begin to recognize how real and true it is that the consistent and continuous flow of the creative process is always perfect, precise and never wavers.

You’ll understand at the deepest levels that you always get to be right…that The Source always says yes…that you always get precisely what you are asking for without fail and with unwavering certainty.

You begin to comprehend and understand at the deepest levels what “Unconditional Love” truly is.

But it does require a choice to get to this place of “knowing” and assurance. It’s not a difficult choice. It’s not a choice that requires a strenuous “physical doing.“ It’s simply a choice to become still long enough to recognize and tap into it.

As spiritual text puts it, it’s a choice to “Be still and know that I am God.”

Few have come to this place in their lifetime, not because it isn’t “real” and always accessible, but because few choose to enter into it. Many more have gotten a taste. Call it an insight, an epiphany, a momentary glimpse of the vastness and indescribable peace that exists there. Yes, some have seen it and experienced it at a distance yet due to an infinite number of unique reasons chose not to recognize it and take a closer look. There are some who may have experienced it for a second, a minute, an hour, a day and for some, maybe even for a week. Perhaps for some even longer periods.

For some these experiences seem to come out of nowhere without any warning, unaware and unconscious of how they come to be. Yet due to their encounter for a time they “know.” Then as they think about it and attempt to analyze and rationalize the experience it’s often written off as imagination, “chemical imbalance“ or worse, “temporary insanity.” These inevitable yet disempowering conclusions are only brought about and based on previously established beliefs and perceptions or choosing to buy into the beliefs and perceptions of others as you share with them this experience and this faint knowing that still resides.

It’s not a temporary place. It’s not a place that is intended to be experienced “sometimes” only to be disregarded and written off when the temporary “reality” of the physical events, conditions and circumstances…the external “things” in our lives “seem” difficult. It’s our birthright to enter into and experience it anytime we choose yet it does require a choice…a “conscious choice.”

It cannot be easily explained, but it can be experienced by those who choose to seek it out and find it. Yes it requires diligence initially. A commitment to slow down, get quiet and be still long enough to tap into and experience it periodically. diligent seekers.

It’s not a place that you can “try” to get to. It doesn’t require physical effort. It doesn’t require any assistance from the brain with the exception of allowing the brain to make the physical decision to do the doing necessary that enables the limitation of the physical brain to be transcended. Effort, trying and attempting to make yourself go there will keep you from entering into it. It’s an allowing of sorts. A surrender. It requires a quieting of the consistent mind chatter that attempts to keep you stuck in the physical reality of life, consistently engaging your mind in all the urgent moment by moment choices that you “perceive” must be made to survive and to insure that the things that you “perceive“ to be so urgent are taken care of.

Yet it’s this very choice that preoccupies you, consistently rationalizing that you don’t have time to slow down and become still because of your “busyness” which keeps you from entering into and experiencing the place where all the answers and solutions that you are so anxiously seeking already exist. It blocks your awareness and understanding that whatever it is that you are attempting to find…these things that you so desire and are struggling and striving and working so hard at to achieve are already available to you…accessible by you…already yours.

Yet you’ll remain blind to this “higher truth” unless and until you recognize the importance of surrender and allowing. A surrender at the deepest levels. Learning to get into this place of allowing does take some “doing” on our part initially. Although it does require a doing of sorts initially, it’s this form of doing that precipitates an “undoing” of how we have been conditioned and programmed throughout life to “perceive” that desired outcomes must come into being which are the very cause of what keeps us from experiencing them.

When we choose this for ourselves, we touch and experience at the deepest place the simplicity of it all. We recognize that it was all of our trying, our attachment and anxious expectation to the outcome which is precisely what kept the desired outcome from us.

This is precisely why so many have become so stressed out…are so anxious and fearful. Because they choose to attempt to bring about their desired results with strictly physical effort and fail to take time to tap into and personally experience the place where all this “physical stuff” comes from and more importantly the unwavering process of how it‘s brought into our “physical reality” and experienced by us.

It’s simply a matter of Awakening. It’s simply a matter of stirring and arousing ourselves from our “unconscious slumbers” and choosing to do something different than we have in the past that produces far greater results than we currently “perceive” that results must happen based on the belief filters that we each have allowed ourselves to be limited by.

The doing necessary isn’t a strenuous effort form of doing. In fact it’s quite relaxing and restful. It’s empowering and rejuvenating beyond description.

It’s a doing that requires a commitment to rest and getting still for a time. It’s a form of doing that stills the individual aspects of mind enabling it to tap into, engage with and experience the Universal Mind.

Rather than attempting to make things happen, we learn to allow them to happen enabling them to unfold in ways that our “physical brains” in so many cases are unable to conceive and once we choose to and begin to recognize the importance of doing so, often perceive the physical outcomes experienced as a result to be miraculous and/or somehow coincidental or even magical as they begin to “show up.”

It’s a surrender to what is rather than a resistance to what is which in turn enables the deepest desires held to unfold. We literally begin to attract the ways, means, people, circumstances etc. to make our desired outcomes “real”…a tangible and physical part of our physical reality.

You can if you choose continue to depend and lean on the physical brain to work things out for you. You can as many do spend the majority of your time fixing what you perceive to be wrong. That’s certainly a right that you have. But I can also tell you based on years of experience and “trying” that very way, a personal choice that I made to walk down that very path for many years, that it’s a very limited and shortsighted perspective that will make the flow “appear to be” chaotic, random and often times seemingly blocked. It will continue to keep you stuck in a place of hard earned results. It’s a very limited way to experience life in comparison to what is and always will be available to you.

The Flow Is Always Flowing

The reality is that the flow is never blocked. It’s only that we are “unconsciously” calling forth what we perceive to be chaotic and random events, conditions and circumstances that the flow delivers just as we are “unconsciously” choosing and as they show up, based on our individual judgments and perceptions regarding them as well as our perceptions and beliefs regarding this “flow” that we perceive it to be blocked.

We see ourselves as being separate and “cut off” from it. We rationalize that the lack of our desired outcomes is due to “unanswered prayer”…that it just wasn’t meant to be, that we are in some way unworthy and in doing so choose to deny and shed our individual responsibility by giving our power away to some external thing rather than recognizing that it is us who is responsible for it’s existence. We choose to deny the creative power that has been provided to each of us. Rather than choosing to delve more deeply…to seek until we “get it” and understand the necessary shifts that are within our power to make enabling us begin “getting” the desired outcomes we rationalize…intellectualize…and come up with all the excuses as to why we can‘t and aren‘t experiencing what we are quite capable of.

As these various things show up that are counter to our “consciously desired outcomes” our way of perceiving and judging them based on our beliefs of their “realness” creates and intensifies a quality of consciousness…the fears, the doubts…the worries…a way of “being” that creates resistance and only serves to intensify the asking for more of what it is that we are and have been receiving all the while claiming that these things are precisely what we don’t want. We fail to see that it is us…our chosen way of being that is what is creating more of the “undesired” things in our lives.

I write this from the perspective of how most “perceive” and see the undesirable things that show up in their lives, which is from a strictly physical viewpoint. When I mention limitation and fear and lack and worry, I mention them as physical ways of being. As a physical way of “perceiving” things. Choices that we each individually have the inalienable right to exercise and engage in or not.

From the “spiritual” perspective…in the grander scheme of things, in the realm of the Absolute…Universal Consciousness, there exists no such thing as good or bad…right or wrong…pleasant or unpleasant.

There exists only this vast and infinite “kingdom” of isness. An indescribable and infinite field of every possible outcome that we in our purest and most basic form…our “soul or spirit” form are intricately interconnected with.

From a more scientific perspective, when I mention these ways of “being” that we choose…the fears, the doubts, the worries, the insecurities, the falsely perceived self worth that we hold regarding ourselves and the power provided to us, it’s from a Newtonian physics perspective which is that what we see and “perceive” to be real and true at the level of “consciousness” becomes real and true for us…it’s what creates in “physical form” what most choose to perceive and label as “reality.”

These choices, ways of being and perceptions are based on a basic understanding of relativity…a physical world of duality and polarity where good cannot be understood and experienced unless the possibility of bad also exists as a probability.

It’s based on what most perceive cause and effect to be which are the physical actions taken which produce physical results. True cause and effect goes deeper and needs to be looked at and understood at this deeper perspective if you hope to begin consciously creating more of the desired outcomes.

Cause is consciousness. Everything following are effects of this one true cause. The physical actions that we take, which so many “perceive to be the cause are nothing more or less than an effect of the true cause which is consciousness. We can’t take physical action without a thought and we can’t think unless there is a consciousness to process into thought.

Yet in actuality which is the quantum, metaphysical, or the spiritual realm, it’s precisely what we choose…the ways of being that we choose for ourselves that determines what is drawn from this “unseen“ place, brought into and experienced in this “physical place” of relativity unconditionally based on our own unique and individual choices...our individual ways of looking at, perceiving and judging things which determines, precipitates and continues the immutable and unwavering cycle perfectly and precisely based on those choices that we ourselves make. It’s what keeps the flow open and continually producing results desired or otherwise in our lives.

Sometimes these choices can effect us individually at the physiological level meaning affect our individual abilities to take action or not and other times we can attract events conditions and circumstances to us that we perceive to be externals that we have no control over.

As an example, if we perceive something as being “bad”…if our perceptions and judgments regarding the “badness” of whatever this thing that shows up might be, at the same time it creates a way of internal beingness projecting a “frequency” that harmonizes with bad, this projected frequency attracts energies of a harmonious frequency at the unseen, metaphysical, quantum or spiritual realm and shows up in the Newtonian world…the physical world…a world of relativity and polarity as a manifestation and/or experience just as we chose and “perceived“ that it would.

I’m not attempting to deny that things don’t happen in physical form that we might temporarily see as “bad”, but rather expressing the importance of looking at and seeing things beyond the physical. Looking at the bigger picture in the hopes that you might see how this cycle of “bad” things continues and can often be “perceived” to be an inescapable cycle.

It’s not. It’s simply a matter of making a conscious and intentional choice to see things as they really are…from a perspective of “actuality” rather than reacting to them based on our deeply ingrained conditioned responses and perceptions of “reality” which enables us to look at and see things differently…allowing us to accept things as they are…”allowing them to be OK as they are, which changes the quality of the projected frequency which in turn begins attracting different things and creating different results….desired results.

As Brian Tracy puts it…”When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” They don’t simply change because we have changed our way of looking at and perceiving them, they change in a physical and tangible way. Our “reality” changes.

Initially it’s a change in perception yes. It’s in essence an internal “paradigm shift.” But it’s this choice that changes the physical outcomes. We begin to see and experience the choice that we made at the unseen level of consciousness…as the result of a conscious choice and that shift precipitates a process that begins to mold and shape into tangible form.

In other words it’s essential that you understand that it’s not external events, conditions and circumstances that need to be remedied or fixed, but rather an internal condition…something going on within ourselves that we need to discover, look at and develop an understanding of which shifts and changes what we will be looking at, seeing and experiencing at some point in the future. That’s were our “true power” lies.

Although many of us are unconsciously utilizing this power and fully believing that they don’t possess the kind of power I’m referring to, nothing could be further from the truth!! We ALL have it and we are ALL using it every second of every minute of every day.

Where the confusion lies is when we choose to remain “unconscious” of this power and unconsciously create “undesirable events, conditions and circumstances in some or all areas of our life which more times than not we “perceive” to be due to possessing a “lack of power.”

That’s why those with the attitude of believing it when they see it never see it. They can’t. They are seeing and will continue to see what they believe which is outcomes based on the doubts that they choose to hold and project. It’s always a successful creation. It’s only perceived as something different individually due to ignorance. Not ignorance like in “dumb” but rather an ignorance based on a lack of deeper understanding. As the result of a lack of heightened awareness you could call it.

I could write and write and write about this forever doing my best to explain it based on my own exploration and experience, yet it will never replace the power and profound sense of knowing and assurance that comes from experiencing it for yourself.

The intellect…the physical aspects of you that process consciousness can never take you where the spiritual aspects of you can. It requires a choice to allow yourself to enter into this place and experience it for yourself before you can ever grasp and understand the profound and vast nature of it’s “reality.”

When you learn and discover the importance of transcending the limitations of the physical brain, elevating the 6th sense properties that you, I and everyone already possesses, you discover and experience for yourself that the choice to acknowledge, stir and develop the sixth sense is the bridge between the physical aspects of your limited perceptions that the brain keeps you trapped within and experiencing the profound assurance and sense of knowing regarding the literally infinite potential and possibility that exists for you once you choose to discover it for yourself. It enables you to personally experience that what we have labeled as “capacity” in the physical Newtonian world whether mentally, emotionally, spiritually, relationally or physically is nothing more than an illusion that you create and limit yourself by.

The infinite has no “capacity.” It is a non existent judgment in the bigger scheme of things. Is it a “reality?” Yes based on most peoples judgments and perceptions, a limited capacity is reality which is the very judgments and perceptions that limits their capacity and keeps them in a reality limited by what they choose.

Your individual capacity to be, do and have anything in any aspect of your life is whatever you choose it to be for yourself which when understood, embraced and consciously applied, enables you to personally experience the boundless and infinite nature of the Source of your understanding whether that be God, Universal Consciousness, Higher Power, Supreme Energy or whatever you might choose to label and refer to the Ultimate Source as individually.

A choice to acknowledge, stir, awaken and develop the sixth sense is a choice to build the bridge from limited and dense “physical thinking processes” where perceptions of “reality” are limited and connect you to Universal Consciousness where those limited perceptions can be and are enhanced and expanded as far and as vast as you allow them to be.

It’s a choice to experience the infinite, profound and loving nature of the Divine.

It enables you to know and see and understand that “The Kingdom” isn’t somewhere that you “go”, or have to work to get to. It’s a place that you already exist within and like everything else are an integral part of. You begin to know and see at the deepest levels that you are not separate from anything or anyone else…that you are intricately interconnected and because of this interconnected nature and the vast and infinite nature of this place that there is no reason to want or need or lack anything. It’s all already available to you. It’s already yours. You are already a part of it…and it a part of you. You are one with it whatever IT might be. It’s simply a matter of recognizing the truth of it, choosing it and consciously drawing it to you.

This Infinite place isn’t restricted, it is quite literally infinite in nature. EVERYTHING already exists within it.

EVERYTHING includes those things that you CAN see and experience in the Newtonian physics world as well as those things that you Can’t yet see in the quantum, metaphysical or spiritual world.

Everything consists of the good the bad and the ugly. If we are experiencing more of the bad and the ugly than we desire it’s simply because we are choosing to keep our predominant focus on the bad and the ugly. It’s because we are choosing to judge and label these events, conditions and circumstances that we experience in “physical form” as bad and ugly which directs our quality of consciousness and our thoughts on what is bad and ugly and the result is that we draw more of what we are choosing to keep our focus on to us which as more of it shows up we continue to judge and label which can and does only bring more of the same.

We create a self fulfilling prophecy. We “unconsciously” ask the Source to deliver what it is that we claim that we do not want and “the flow“ delivers it just as we choose.

Perhaps you prefer the scientific perspective. As science points out the “Field” is an infinite field of probability. Everything existing within this field which is EVERYTHING whether physically observable with the 5 senses or in subatomic wave/particle form, at it’s core…in it’s purest and most basic form is energy. It’s a vibrating and continually in motion field of energy. It’s an infinite interconnected field which is continually flowing in and out of form.

Modern day science is now recognizing this infinite Field as an intelligence. An infinite field of consciousness…photons of “pure light” (subatomic wave/particles) that respond to the individual consciousness that we choose for ourselves.

It is these subatomic particles that collectively join to create atoms which scientists refer to as matter or “physical” things.

Science also understands that there is NEVER an atom out of place…EVER.

Whatever your individual choice is as to what name you place on “it“, whether “The Kingdom” or “The Field” and regardless of what you might choose to refer to the Source of your understanding as whether He/She/It, rest assured that it is magnificent, perfect, precise and unwavering and ALWAYS delivers precisely what you choose due to and based on “Unconditional Love“ or from the scientific perspective due to Cause and Effect. The cause being the quality of consciousness and the thoughts that you choose which are harmonious frequencies of energy being projected out consistently and continually gravitating toward and being attracted to other harmonious frequencies of energy.

Why do I call them harmonious frequencies being projected? Because they always are. The energy that we choose to project through our quality of consciousness harmonizes perfectly with other energies of a vibrational and harmonious match the likes of which you are choosing for yourself. When they “appear to be” disharmonious is only when they conflict with what we consciously desire yet we choose to project a disharmonious projection or frequency with what we desire. But in essence creation is always harmonious…it’s always perfect…it’s always precise…it’s always based on what we choose for ourselves…it’s always in flow.

And MOST importantly it’s ALL simply a matter of choice. We can choose consciously or we can choose unconsciously.

When you choose to expand your perceptions regarding what reality is or isn’t you begin to see and experience an expanded reality limited only by your choices as to how far you allow your perceptions and judgments to stretch and expand regarding what’s real and right and true for you.

That my friend is the ONLY limitation in “reality” that exists. The one that YOU create and “allow” yourself to experience.

I can’t, won’t and never will be able to take you there but I can and do consistently point to the path and the understanding that will enable you to experience it for yourself.

It’s called meditation. It requires a choice…it requires a commitment…it requires a willingness to spend a minimum of 20 minutes per day to enter into this place that I consistently speak of. If that’s not something that you’re willing to do then you are not serious about experiencing what so many write claiming they desire to experience.

That’s not intended to sound cold or harsh or uncaring. I write it because I do care so much and I know, from many years of personally attempting to discover this place intellectually…through countless personal development and self improvement programs…through attempting to fulfill what so many mad made structured religions teach is THE ONLY WAY…through years of attempting to “do” myself into creating the desires that I held and hold as dear, that experiencing and developing the close personal relationship with the Source of your understanding is THE ONLY way that you’ll ever “really get it” and experience it for yourself.

When you do…you’ll “know” it…believe me.

You’ll CLEARLY understand that the only “true” religion is Love.

EVERYONE can…it’s simply an individual choice as to whether you will or you won’t.

I certainly can’t, won’t and have no desire to make that decision for you. My only intent and desire as well as my passion and purpose is to share what I have come to “know” for myself. You don’t have to know it as I do. You don’t have to know and believe what I believe. You don’t have to buy into it at all. In fact I hope that you won’t believe what I or anyone else shares without “seeking” and discovering for yourself what “real truth” is for you individually. Far too many have been listening to and following the advice of others for FAR too long without ever discovering for themselves if it’s “really true” or not.

But I would challenge you and ask you to look at and become honest with yourself to determine if what you know…if your current “truth” is bringing about the results that you desire to experience for yourself.

If it’s not then it’s going to be necessary to elevate what you know or what you know will continue to produce the same result. It’s only necessary to recognize, discover and explore a “Higher Truth.”

Are you settling or are you truly experiencing the kind and quality of life that is, always has been and always will be available to you?

If you’re not, it’s only necessary to examine and expand what you know. It’s simply a choice. Some will make it some will not.

Whichever you choose, I wish for you all that you hope, desire and aspire to create and experience for yourself.

See You Next Month,

Chuck Danes

with God, worship in Spirit and Truth, emotional wholeness, sweet brokenness and abandonment.

On this day of your life, dear friend, I believe God wants you to know...

...that the mind and the soul must work together if you are to experience true bliss.

Try not to spend too much time exclusively in your mind.

It is a magnificent tool, but it has a limited perspective.

Try not to spend too much time exclusively in your soul.

It has a much wider perspective, but you cannot negotiate physical life from only that place. If you could, you would not have been given a mind.

Here is the trick: balance.

Spend some time each day nourishing and exercising the mind and the soul. You know how to do both.

So do it!

Stop Aching Over The Actions Of Others!!

Suffering doesn't prove that someone else is wrong. What it does prove is you will go to any lengths, including self-destruction, to prove that you are right. ###Instead of always asking yourself why doesn't so-and-so see how wrong they are, learn to ask Is what I'm feeling about that person right now good for me? Or them? ###See the upset not as an exterior circumstance to be remedied, but rather as an interior condition to be understood. ###Instead of always asking yourself why so-and-so acts this or that way, learn to ask What's inside of me that wants to hurt itself over how anyone else acts? -- Guy Finley