If I Can Build A Website
With Site Build It, ANYONE Can !

Anyone Can Build A Website : Site Build It Shows You How To Build A Website That Works

I remember when I first began thinking about building a website.

If a high school dropout with minimal internet experience and ZERO website building experience can do it, AND rank in the top one fourth of one percent of ALL websites in the world...you can too!!

Sure, you can build a website. Anyone can. But to build a website that works is another thing.

That's why I chose to build a website with Site Build It.

The wrong choice could needlessly cost a year or two of your life and thousands and thousands of dollars.

That's one of many reasons why Site Build It is becoming the choice of both novice and seasoned webmasters alike.

I know all too well based on personal experience through both extensive research combined with much trial and error that there are literally thousands of companies that offer website building software.

There are nearly as many companies "claiming" that you can simply purchase their hosting package, use their website builder, do some point and click, build a website and in a very short time you can be up and running and begin making "Oodles of money."

Well...they're partially right.

The "partial truth" is that you CAN build a site rather quickly. The "Oodles of money" part? That is where MANY hosting and website companies fail to tell you "The Whole Truth."

Don't get me wrong, you CAN make a VERY COMFORTABLE living on the web and create an awesome quality of life IF, and I emphasize IF, you have the correct tools and guidance that will enable you to.

It takes more than hosting company and a point and click website builder to become successful online.

What most of these website building and hosting companies DON'T tell you is that just to build a website isn't enough.

With well over 60,000,000 websites registered, The key to success on the internet consists of a WHOLE LOT MORE than just building a website, presenting your product, service or expertise and waiting for the money to start rolling in.

Yes, many companies today offer a website building tool that will enable you to build a website quite quickly and easily, and many even offer a way to build a free website. But then they leave you to all the guesswork of how to do the search engine optimization, and a bunch of techy type stuff that I STILL don't know anything about and have ZERO DESIRE to learn about let alone DO.

With SiteBuildIt, I don't have to know all that behind the scenes techy stuff because THEY do ALL of that FOR ME.

Then after all that (if that isn't enough) you'll need to figure out how to get interested and targeted visitors to your website once you build your website and are ready to put it online.

I've Got Good News And Bad News

(I'll give you the bad news first, then we'll cover the "Good News" and wrap things up real positive)

Here's the bad news.....

The bad news is just because you build a website regardless of how state of the art or beautiful it might be doesn't mean that people will find your site. Whether you build a free website or use a company that charges for their hosting and website building services, neither is going to enable you to become successful and generate revenue without some other VERY key factors being in place.

MANY key factors!!

That's why Site Build It is such a powerful tool and such a great website building resource.

They are MUCH MORE than a website building and hosting resource. THEY handle MOST of these behind the scenes "Key Factors" for you, enabling you to focus ONLY on what you DO know.

Believe me, I've checked out NUMEROUS build a website companies prior to finding Site Build It before building this website and found that there are very few who show you both HOW to build a website AND provide EVERYTHING you need to make it a success without spending thousands of additional dollars and a whole bunch of time learning all there is to know in the process.

Through further research I discovered there are ABSOLUTELY NONE who provide everything you need in the way of all the tools, guidance and behind the scenes happenings that make a site successful AND also provide you with documented proof via real life Site Build It case studies plus even some home made videos explaining why SBI users LOVE Site Build It so much . These are real life everyday regular people like you and me many of which, like me, knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING initially about building a website and who's sites now rank in the top 1% of all the sites in the ENTIRE WORLD.

In fact, if you'd like to check for yourself, THIS SITE your looking at is ranked in the top 1/2 of 1% of ALL sites in the WHOLE WORLD.

Don't misunderstand, I'm NOT bragging. Quite the contrary. I'm simply conveying that thanks to SiteBuildIt, even though I knew absolutely NOTHING about building a website when I began and still have VERY LIMITED techy type ability today, my site STILL ranks in the top 1/2 of 1% of ALL websites in the world.

That's the REAL beauty of Site Build It...I didn't have to be technically savvy and I still DON'T have to today!!

I engage in my passion, get my message out their to my audience and SiteBuildIt takes care of the rest.

NO OTHER website building company in the WORLD can claim that they provide ALL of that.

Why do you suppose that is? Because they can't!!

Now...Are You Ready For The GOOD News.....

Enter Site Build It

If You Know Something About Anything, A Hobby, A Passion, ANY Interests or Experience, You Can Turn Your Knowledge Into Revenue. How Exactly?

All it takes to create and make a website that ranks just as high as this one is a little desire and motivation combined with the unmatched service and extensive suite of easy to use tools and simple to follow step by step direction that the friendly folks at Site Build It! provide.

Unlike ANY other company that I checked out Site Build It provides EVERYTHING you need to not only build a website but build a website that gets interested and targeted visitors that are looking for whatever it is that you have to offer. In addition Site Build It provides it ALL for one EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE price that ANYONE can afford without the need to utilize ANY other outside services.

How can I speak with such assurance and confidence? Because I was one of those who, although I recognized and understood the huge potential of going online and WANTED to build a website that would contribute to people on a worldwide scale, I had absolutely zero experience in website building, virtually no computer skills, and my technical knowledge of anything to do with computers could have been stored on the head of a nail. I'm not kidding!!

Based on these "perceived truths" that I thought at the time were keeping me from building a website, I wrote off my WANTS as wishful thinking for quite some time, and had pretty much written off the idea altogether that someone of my skill level in relation to computers and website building could ever make it in the online world.

Does this sound like you?

If so.....

Regardless of what you may currently believe with regard to building a website and becoming a recognized presence on the internet with the potential to work from home on a full time basis, understand this. It is much easier and more doable than most realize, once you have the correct tools and knowledge.

That's where Site Build It! comes in to the picture.

If you're "truly" considering building a website of your own, I hope you'll take the little time necessary to read the remainder of this article. What you will learn here could potentially change the entire course of your life in a dramatic and powerful way the same way that is has mine, plus save you an immense amount of frustration, trial and error, time, money AND disappointment in the process.

Just in case you're not a reader here's a REALLY QUICK 3 minute overview from the founder of Site Build It

Site Build It makes website building child's play

explaining and showing you exactly why you, or anyone else for that matter, CAN build a website with Site Build It. There are some additional links on the video page that will make it VERY clear how and why Site Build It can make your build a website venture not only a lot of fun but REALLY profitable as well.

Since I began my how to build a website journey, I have discovered much concerning not only how to build a website but how to build a website that works. I have come to know as a result of EXTENSIVE research that although there are numerous companies that CLAIM "Quick, Cheap and Easy", they don't tell you EVERYTHING that you need to know and what needs to be done, let alone show you how to make it a reality once you build a website using their service.

That is what you'll fully understand at the conclusion of this article. You'll not only fully understand how easy it can be to build a website but you'll have EVERYTHING you need to build a website that delivers POWERFUL RESULTS should you decide to move forward.

If you are......

  • Considering a work from home opportunity
  • Attempting to escape the grips of the corporate world
  • Sick and tired of working for others
  • Looking to add revenue to your existing income
  • Looking for a fulfilling and profitable hobby
  • Ready to experience the sense of fulfillment that self employment and working from home can provide....
  • ....Or a host of other reasons, then you will find the information in the remainder of this article extremely beneficial to you. Not only will you find out how easy it can be to build a website, but you'll also understand how to build a website that works and does EXACTLY what it's suppose to do.

    In a recent survey done in the U.S., it was discovered that 72% of all Americans had a desire to start a home based business. Of that percentage a large number, even though they had the desire, didn't know what they could do to fulfill that desire. If you fall into that category, whether you live in the U.S. or any other country in the world for that matter, you're about to discover an eye opening lesson which may very well prove to provide the answer that you have been looking for.

    Before we get into more of what it might be that you have a desire to accomplish, let me share my personal story of how it came to be that this site, Abundance-and-Happiness.com came into existence.

    Here's My Story.....

    When I was first introduced to Site Build It , I honestly hadn't given alot of thought to build a website. Sure, I understood the massive potential and had given some thought to the ability to reach a worldwide audience from the comfort of home, but for me, with my limited, OK non-existent experience, I didn't believe that it was possible.

    A lot of people might wonder and often ask how it is that a previous manager with absolutely NO experience in computer technology, and no formal education could possibly start building a website business and walk away from a 6 figure career just like that. Well the walking away wasn’t hard at all. I was fed up. Actually I was FAR MORE than fed up. I knew that if I continued at the pace I was working, 70-80 hour and sometimes even more work weeks, that it wouldn’t be long before something started breaking down, namely ME.

    Managing in the sales profession for 17 years had nothing to do with computers. I barely knew how to turn one on!! Seriously though, my computer skills were Nada, Zip, Zilch, Almost Zero. I did learn how to do the basic things like logging on to the internet, using my word processor and things like that but other than those basic functions I knew NOTHING.

    If my computer started acting up I was on the phone with the friendly computer fix it guy and if he was busy, I’d wait until he wasn’t. I had to, I didn’t have a choice in the matter.

    Anyway back to the how and why of why it was that I decided to build a website and how this site developed into what you see today.....

    I must admit that when I walked away from a 17 year career without knowing what else I was going to do, I was a little nervous. OK forget nervous, I WAS DOWNRIGHT SCARED!! What could I possibly do out in the workforce to continue making the kind of money that I and my family had become accustomed to making, maintain our current lifestyle, AND still keep our sanity? I thought and thought and thought about this for quite a long time before the small amount of money I had saved began to dwindle and then after much contemplation, finally I came up with an answer.....


    There was absolutely nothing that I could think of at the time that a 48 year old high school dropout could do in the business world starting all over from scratch in corporate America beginning with a 6 figure income. Quite honestly I didn’t want to get back in the corporate scene anyway, EVER again.

    Although I enjoyed more than a comfortable level of income that I had worked up to, I began to despise what I had to do to get it. I hardly ever saw my family, I was working myself into both physical and mental exhaustion, I had no time to spend on the things that I enjoyed doing...... I could go on forever.

    Man, was I in a pickle.

    So what did we do? Well, first we started cutting expenses and I mean BIG TIME cutting.

    Then I started surfing the internet plugging in different keywords hoping that I might come across something that would get the creative wheels turning and spark a fire in me. I surfed for many days and nothing, except for what I thought at the time was some cheesy e-book called The Getting Started Action Guide that appeared to be a book on how to build a website. Although I don't remember exactly what words made me click the link it was something about how to build a website and starting your own business on the internet doing what you love. YEA RIGHT!! There it was again. That same pie in the sky empty promise that I had seen a thousand times before from what seemed like every internet marketer on the face of the earth trying to sell me on how great their product was. So I thought.

    At the time, although I had done a little research concerning how to build a website and had a vague understanding concerning the enormous potential the internet provided, with the possibility to reach millions, I thought at the time that you had to have some sort of formal education to build a website . Due to my work schedule up to that point I didn't have the time to go back to school to learn how to build a website or anything else for that matter. Not only that but with the little I knew about the computer I didn't figure I was a very good " build a website " candidate.

    Well, I didn't have anything else to do at that moment so I downloaded the e-book, sat down at my computer and opened up the PDF file that contained this Getting Started Action Guide e-book that I was sure at that point was going to be just like all the rest and began reading.

    The first words I read were something like.....

    "Don't Just Build a Website Build A Website That Works."

    Initially I had the intent that I would read a few pages and after discovering it was just like all the other "False Get Rich Quick Promises" that I had allowed myself to get sucked into over the years, I'd just delete it and get back to whatever else it was that I was going to do. (Whatever that was)

    To my amazement the more I read the more interested and excited I became. This REALLY WAS different I thought to myself. This guy Ken Evoy really might have a point. So I kept reading, and kept reading and ...., well, you get the idea.

    Anyway the more I read the more I realized that this was FAR DIFFERENT than anything I had previously read. It wasn't full of the traditional hype and "build a website and get rich" stuff that I had read before. The honesty and sincerity of this Ken Evoy guy came through loud and clear. I began to realize that with all the help of this simple step by step plan plus all the tools and support that Site Build It! provides, this was something that really could be done. Maybe this build a website stuff could be easier than I had previously thought. Even better than that maybe it was something that Even I Could Do.

    Then it hit me. You know that little inner pessimistic "You can't do that" voice that talks to you sometimes. That one that says "Hey, you can't do that, you've got a family to support. Not only that but you don't know a thing about computers let alone enough to think that you can build a website. Cmon, GET REAL!"

    So I started to rationalize how that voice might have a point after all. Here I was, zero to very little internet experience, absolutely ZERO website building experience and just as much knowledge concerning how to do it. What made me think that I could build a website ?? OK, the voice wins. But what could it hurt to keep reading, and that's exactly what I did.

    Well, I'm glad I did. Actually ecstatic better describes it. The more I read the more I discovered that with the Site Build It! Program I didn't have to know anything about how to build a website and the little experience I had operating a computer was all I really needed.

    Ken Evoy, the founder of Site Build It! and the guy who wrote the e-book, The Getting Started Action Guide and The Affiliate Masters Course (more about that later) made it very clear through his manual that with the complete set of tools and direction that he had put together, not only could ANYONE build a website , but he'd show them how to build a website that get's results.

    OK, I'd heard that before. As I continued reading Ken made it VERY CLEAR that "This is NOT a get rich quick plan and expect to do some work to get it done." But he also made it very clear to me that his Site Build It! Program with all the tools and direction that it contained was EVERYTHING I would need to build a website and get that website up and running with the help of a number of support resources if I should need them. (which I later did use, BIG time)

    He went on to say that he would provide a simple and easy to follow step by step 10 day plan, ALL the technical tools that I would need and that using them would be as simple as clicking a link here and there. He also mentioned that it was important to follow the Action Guide that SBI provided to the letter. His company, Site Build It would do ALL the "techie" search engine submission stuff, and all the other highly technical "computer geek" stuff that I didn't have a clue about and had no desire or time to learn.

    OK, Now I was REALLY getting interested. Interested enough that I went to the Site Build It! website and began reading the real life case studies about hundreds of people who were basically in the same boat as I was with regard to website building experience and found that many of them learned how to build a website with as little or less experience than I had whose sites were ranked in the top 1% of all the websites in the world!

    NOT the top 1% of Site Build It! websites, but the top 1% of ALL of the websites IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! WOW, how could that be!!

    Now I'm no rocket scientist but it began to hit me that if all of these people could do it, with no more experience than many of them had, and rank in the top 1% of all the sites in the entire world, surely I could reach at least the top 5%!!

    It soon became evident to me that unlike the other how to build a website companies that I had previously looked into that Site Build It provided verifiable real life case studies which no other company that I had come across could or was willing to do.

    Just as I began to get REALLY EXCITED and realized that if all these people could build a website with all the tools and direction that Site Build It provided, then YES, even I could build a website and I was just about ready to get started.

    Then here came that voice again, but this time I told it to be quiet and I went back to reading my free e-book, the Getting Started Action Guide .

    It wasn't long before I figured out exactly how it was that 65% of all Site Build It! owners achieved such phenomenal success. A big part of it was because they became involved with a company as well as a founder that really cared if they made it or not. The limitless number of tools provided, taking care of all the highly technical behind the scenes stuff, the excellent support available anytime a question arises and a support forum full of experienced and willing to help webmasters made it obvious why, and up to this point was unlike anything I had ever before realized or believed even existed.

    OK, I was HOOKED. This was the BIGGY! Even I could build a website !!

    Then here came that voice again......

    "Yea it all looks and sounds great but you don't really think you're going to be able to afford something like this do you? How in the world are you going to be able to come up with the kind of money that this program is sure to cost. Do you really believe that you can build a website that delivers what these guys claim it does and still be able to afford it?"

    Again I began rationalizing, and as much as I hated to admit it, this time that voice was probably right. How could something so thorough which contained everything you needed to build a profit making website, which enabled complete novices to achieve a top 1% ranking in the search engines competing with over 56,000,000 other sites on the WWW be affordable?

    With rapidly diminishing hope and "almost" giving in to defeat, my curiosity took hold again. Although it probably was way too expensive I just had to check and see how much it really did cost. So I got back onto the site and clicked the purchase now button fully expecting that my heart would drop when I saw the astronomical price that it took to acquire and use this tool.

    Well my heart dropped alright. It almost jumped completely out of my body! It said that it was only $300.00 a year. $299.00 if you want to be real precise.

    I couldn't believe it! "There must be some mistake", I thought to myself. OK where's the fine print. It was time to start searching for the print at the bottom of the page. You know, the kind that you have to get the reading glasses AND the super duper mega magnifying glass to find even if you have 20/20 vision. To my amazement I couldn't find any!! How was this possible?

    How could Site Build It! only charge less than $25.00 a month, show you step by step how to build a website , provide you with everything you need to make it successful, take care of 100% of all the technical computer geek stuff, give unlimited support after the fact, and provide all this for so little!! It just didn't seem possible. There are many companies that charge more than that just to host a site, let alone provide everything you need to successfully run a site, take care of all the super technical nerdy type stuff, provide every possible tool you could possibly need, supply you with full time customer support, a plethera of web professionals willing and able to help you AND with the potential of achieving a top 1% ranking!!!

    OK I was hooked. It was a done deal. Where do I sign.

    I decided right then and there that I’d build a website and start my own internet business. That way I could work when I want and how I want, have the time with my family that I had come to treasure, and still maintain a relatively good lifestyle. OK, plan set, it was time to start doing something about it. Then here came that dreaded and agitating little voice again....

    "What in the world do you think that you're going to do to make money on the internet, silly? Yea this might be a great product that shows you how to build a website and yes it's very affordable, but do you honestly think that you can make a living writing about things that you have a passion for and love to do? C'mon let's get real here. Your not a writer. Other than an occasional poem or song here and there you've never written anything in your life!! You don't have a product to offer. You can't... You won't.. You don't...."

    By this time I'd had just about enough of that pesky little voice and although it seemed at the time that it had some legitimate objections, the more I read at the Site Build It! site the easier it became to overcome them one by one.

    I knew I had to do something, and soon, but what I was going to do and exactly how I was going to do it was at that point still not crystal clear. I’d heard all about starting a business doing what you love and you will be successful. I knew all the motivational principles, I trained and assisted many for many years in how to achieve in both life and business and I REALLY DID love to help people. But how could I possibly turn THAT into a business? More puzzling was how could I turn it into a business on the internet?

    OK, I knew what I wanted to do but now I had to decide exactly how I was going to do it.

    The story continues.....

    As I continued exploring the site I found a link that led me to the free Affiliate Masters Course which gave really precise and valuable instruction on how to build a website that allowed you to use other peoples products to generate income. Then I came across another link that told me how I could become an information entrepreneur , which Ken Evoy refers to as an infopreneur.(that was a new one) On that page I learned that an infopreneur basically writes about things that they know and enjoy writing about. I also learned that the majority of people who log on to the internet are looking for quality information and if you give them enough of it to assist them in solving their various concerns that you could, what Ken Evoy called "build a brand" for yourself, become recognized as an expert in your field, and people would be more than happy to buy the various goods or services that you offered.

    The more I explored the more excited I became. I was beginning to realize that I really could, build a website , more importantly a successful website and launch a business from home doing what I truly loved to do.

    OK, plan set it was time to make the move. I decided that what I would do is build a website that would allow me to share my life experiences with those that were seeking answers concerning life enhancement and human potential and would refer them to various products that I had used successfully over the years and found to be beneficial.

    I purchased the Site Build It! program and began reading and acting on the 10 day action guide. I was finally on my way. My once faint notion to build a website was finally taking form. What I soon found was that each day in the action guide wasn't necessarily a day in real life. There were only 24 hours in a day and being brand new to this stuff, some of those days laid out in the Action Guide took several of those 24 hour periods for me to get through.

    I began to realize that what Ken Evoy had mentioned many times in the e-books that I had read days before was for real. In my overzealous quest in looking for fast answers to my then current dilema, I had forgotten that this wasn't going to happen overnight or for several overnights for that matter.

    Prior to discovering Site Build It! the only way I knew at that point to provide for my family in the way that we had become accustomed to or saw possible to do that was to get back into corporate America. In order to do that I would have to go back to the 70-80 hour work weeks, and give up what I truly valued for the almighty dollar. I really didn’t like the idea of that but at this point what choice did I have? I didn’t see any others.

    Although I had made the decision and knew that I was going to build a website , I also began to understand that I might have to do it more slowly than I had originally planned. But if I went back to work doing what I had been doing how was I going to find time to do that AND build a website ?

    Being the stubborn and optimistic type that I am I rationalized that I had enough savings left to get me by for awhile longer. Maybe if I worked hard and long enough on building the website and stayed focused on accomplishing the plan that The Action Guide layed out, I could get enough revenue coming in that I wouldn't have to face the reality of entering back into what I had previously vowed that I would NEVER do again. Well, as it turned out I was right, at least partially right.

    I received my first notification by e-mail that someone had purchased a product through the site. I can't even begin to explain my elation!! Even though the commission I received from the sale was only a small amount, it was the most exciting and appreciated small amount that I had ever earned. I was on my way!! So I thought.

    The next few days I continued to work on building additional pages waiting for the sales to start rolling in. They didn't. The reality of what I was going to have to do started settling in. The bills continued to roll in and the small supply of savings was fast dwindling.

    I had to make a choice, and fast.

    I Allowed Fear To Win

    One thing led to another and I found myself scratching, scraping, and stressing big time. Although I watched as the number of visitors increased just as Ken promised they would and sales continued to climb and trickle in they weren't enough to fulfill my obligations. It was time to make the dreaded decision. I had to go back to work, at least temporarily, so that is what I did. I rationalized that I could continue to build a website by setting some specific time aside.

    Having built up a great reputation throughout my corporate career, I often received calls from various places trying to get me to come to work for their organization. As many calls as I would get, I would gracefully decline. Then one day the phone rang and I was caught in a weak moment. Without going into all the details, there I was back doing what I had resigned that I would NEVER do again.

    I rationalized, kept telling myself how this was necessary and that "A guys gotta do what a guys gotta do" but all the while I was dying on the inside. What kept me going during this time was remembering what I had discovered through Site Build It, all the time keeping in my mind that this was temporary and as long as I would find time here and there to continue to build a website and keep the right attitude, I would fulfill what I had initially set out to do.

    So when I could I continued following the Action Guide and continued building the website. Each and every month as I checked my site stats they continued to climb and so did the sales. The first few months in fact by more than 100%!! Although I was only able to spend a small amount of time doing it, things were happening in a big way and they have continued that way ever since. Just like those others that I researched prior to making the decision to build a website Abundance-and-Happiness.com is also as of this writing in the top 1% of all the sites in the world and still climbing. (You can verify that here)

    Although I had encountered many objections from those in my immediate circle of influence when I first decided to walk away from the corporate scene and just about as much when I shared that I was going to build a website and establish an internet presence, I knew that I needed to do something. What everybody else considered illogical and too risky turned out to be one of the most rewarding decisions of my life.

    Due to their beliefs, like so many others today, in their opinion it was necessary to stay somewhere where you had some security. Well, I had a different plan and I put it into action. Yes, it was a little stressful at times and I must admit that doubt kicked in more than once. I even allowed to fear to win over temporarily (as much as I hate to admit it) But I got through it and persevered and the result is what you are looking at right now, Abundance-and-Happiness.com.

    No it wasn't easy and it certainly hasn't been Get Rich Quick. What it has been is a very insightful, at times stressful, but most importantly rewarding period of my life. The growth I have experienced since that first day since that I decided to build a website is immeasurable. Had I not discovered Site Build It and read the Action Guide, I'd probably never believed that I could build a website and as a result never would have.

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you should put yourself in a situation that might make you feel uncomfortable and run out and quit your job. What I am saying is that if you are disheartened with what you currently do, and have even an inkling of desire to build a website , you should check out what Site Build It offers. By doing a little research in the Site Build It website and reading the free e-books that Site Build It offers may very well provide you with an idea to build a website that you had never considered before.

    Not only did EVERYTHING that Ken Evoy claimed would happen in that first e-book that I read, happen EXACTLY or in greater ways than he claimed (There's alot to be said for that) but it also provided me with the idea to produce this site which is now assisting others on a worldwide scale. Unlike the many " Build A Website and Become Instantly Wealthy " hype on the web today, Site Build It not only tells it just like it is, but provides you with a means to brainstorm and helps you come up with various ideas concerning what subject to build a website around based on your desires, and also provides a precise step by step plan and powerful website building tools to assist you to grow and build a website that will provide income for many years to come.

    I'm often asked, "Has it made you wealthy?" To that I can honestly say yes. Maybe not wealth in the way that many associate with wealth, but I have my health, a loving and caring family that I now spend more time with than I have ever been able to for many years prior, and enjoy an income that most would consider significant. Even more importantly I am able to assist people around the world from the comfort of home and I am finally fulfilling what Site Build It helped me to discover as my purpose as well as my passion. That my friends is what wealth is to me.

    Words can't even begin to express the gratitude that I feel for Ken Evoy and the contribution he has made in my life through Site Build It! Even though I have never personally met him, through the communications with him on the Site Build It! forums, and the regular newsletters that I receive keeping me up to date on all the latest improvements that he's making to the already fantastic Site Build It! program, as well as keeping me abreast of the latest in the continual changes taking place on the web, I have come to know first hand that he is a trusted, caring and extremely intelligent guy who delivers everything and more than he promises he will. Without him, and his insight to begin a company like Site Build It!, showing me and many like me exactly how to build a website , a website that works, many like me might just be stuck doing things that we would rather not do. I am and will continue to be extremely and eternally grateful.

    I understand that that is quite a lengthy account of the events since I started exploring the possibility of using Site Build It! but it was necessary to fully and honestly convey to you what you can expect as a result of using Site Build It and making the choice to build a website if you should choose to.

    OK, Now that you've read my story, let's focus on you for a few minutes.....

    Do you have a desire to break away from the corporate scene? Are you working at a job that you despise and looking for a way to escape it? Would you like to find something that would enable you to spend more time with your family? Do you have an interest in starting your very own online business but don't think you have what it takes to build a website to achieve it? Or maybe you're content with your current career but just looking for a way to add a few hundred or thousand extra dollars a month to your existing income.

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    It doesn't matter whether you are a stay at home mom (or Dad) , a Infopreneur looking for a way to share your expertise with the world, a Network Marketer wanting to expand your reach to a global audience, a local brick and mortar business owner who's ready to expand your existing business with an online presence, an online auctioner or anything else related to a work from home online business, Site Build It! can and will provide you with everything and more that you need to build a website and turn your passion into a flourishing and profitable online reality. Whether your brand new to the online world or a veteran webmaster, Site Build It! can and does provide what I have come to believe to be the best, most affordable and most powerful results producing, all in one website building package that is available in the world.

    If your even remotely curious about the possibility and limitless potential available to you, but still not certain concerning your abililities to make it a reality, take the time to check out the website building arsenal that Site Build It! offers. It may very well prove to be some the most fulfilling and rewarding time that you have ever spent. I know that it was for me and should you decide to build a website and you'll provide just a little of what Ken calls BAM (brains and motivation) it will be for YOU as well. As of this writing thanks to the Site Build It! team, and the incredible education and website building service that they offer, I have enjoyed the pleasure of assisting well over 100,000 people in 104 countries around the world and am continually amazed at the steadily increasing number of visitors that I see come to my site each and every month.

    My experience with Site Build It! has far exceeded my expectations and everything that Ken Evoy claimed in the pages that I initially read concerning how Site Build It! could assist me in building a website and making my dreams come true have happened precisely or in greater amounts than he said they would. That unfortunately is VERY RARE in this day and age, but I have found Site Build It! to be an exception that will fulfill EVERYTHING that they claim they will.

    If you still have any apprehension whatsoever or need more information about how to build a website that suits your passion, before you make a decision, check out the Site Build It! site and the many free e-books that Ken provides. Regardless of what area that you have an interest in, Site Build It can and will provide limitless ideas concerning how to build a website that suits your individual needs and that you'll be proud of.

    Should you choose to explore further into how the Site Build It! team can assist you in making your most heartfelt dreams and passions a reality, be assured that you can do so with the utmost of confidence, and know that you are dealing with a company that does EVERYTHING and more than they claim they will.

    Here are some links to the many free e-books that Site Build It! provides as well as a link to live Site Build It Advisors which may assist you in discovering and deciding what online opportunity may be best for you.

    Don't let the FREE part fool you. These are extremely helpful and informative e-books jam packed with really valuable information on how to build a website in various areas that will prove helpful even if you should decide that an online venture isn't your cup of tea. If I were to attempt to place a monetary value on them I would have to value them as "Priceless." I hope you enjoy them, and I hope to be sharing with you on the Site Build It! forums soon.

    Here's the links to the e-books.......

    10 Day Action Guide    Local Business Masters Course    Work At Home Mom's Master Course (WAHM)    Affiliate Masters Course    Netwriting Masters Course    Service Sellers Master Course    Make Your Net Auctions Sell Masters Course    Webmasters BUSINESS Masters Course    Make Your Price Sell!, The Masters Course

    Choosing to start or not, your own online business venture is a choice that only you can make. I know for myself and many others around the world that learning to build a website and using Site Build It to get it done, was one of the wisest and most rewarding decisions that I have ever made. Maybe it will be as empowering and life changing for you.

    Whatever choices you choose to make both today as well as in the future it is my sincere and heartfelt hope for you that they might lead you one step closer to experiencing a life filled with Joy, Fulfillment, Profound Inner Peace and Limitless Prosperity in each and every area of your life.

    What I choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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