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I’ve been receiving an ever increasing stream of contacts from within as well as outside the Enlightened Journey community lately. Based on a number of those interactions I’ve decided to step up to the plate and address something that could prove to be not only extremely helpful for you personally, but every other member of the community as well.

I’d like to clear the air on a few things and at the same time get something off of my chest that I find a bit troubling. This subject has surfaced in a few of my conversations and sharing my individual “perspective” may prove to be equally or perhaps even more beneficial for you as well as anyone else who is sincere about their growth and working toward enhancing some aspect of their lives.

I’m going to be very honest, blunt and straight to the point here…

I’m a bit fed up with all the marketing hype and overpriced rehashed products being offered today, claiming to have the “Ultimate Secret” and/or the “One Size Fits All Solution” for creating and experiencing anything and everything you could ever desire in life.

Life isn't a "paint by numbers" game. It's a unique creation that you yourself design.

In the same way, if you truly hope to create your life BY design, it's going to be necessary there are no "Secrets" for doing so.

Although the wisdom as well as the path does exist for creating an extraordinary quality of life for yourself, and in fact has existed since the beginning of time itself, it most certainly isn’t and never has been a “Secret” at all.

Granted it requires a “deeper than average understanding” and a willingness to enhance and expand upon what you "know" if what you currently "know" is keeping you from being, doing and having what you truly desire for yourself.

But the path is an individual and unique one.

Ultimately where each path leads is far more profound than many are “aware” of yet a number of the “products” being marketed, claiming to have “The Ultimate Secret” and the “One Size Fits All Answer” can prove to be not only disheartening but damaging for those who are exposed to this information, serious about creating change for themselves yet are only provided a shallow and very superficial understanding as to how to achieve whatever the change might be.

One thing I can assure as a result of having been, there, done that, tried it and proudly brandishing the "Tell me what to do and how to do it" t-shirt, many...most perhaps "personal development products miss the mark.

Perhaps you’ve “tried” one or more of these products yourself.

Don’t misunderstand…there are a great number of personal empowerment and self actualization products offered today that ARE extremely enlightening and beneficial. But at the same time there are just as many and perhaps even more that promise the moon and stars, yet don‘t provide even close to the depth of understanding necessary to achieve a fraction of what they claim they will.

The programs I’m referring to are those that falsely claim to have the quick, cheap, and overnight easy “One size fits all” approach for creating fulfillment, harmony and happiness in your life.

I won’t get off on a tangent about that…Here’s my point…

There exists NO SUCH THING as a “one size fits all”, stand alone cookie cutter approach that provides harmony and fulfillment in every aspect of EVERYONE’S life.

We’re each unique and as such, it’s crucial that we each understand the necessity of defining and creating our own unique custom tailored plan that’s exclusive to us before we can expect to see whatever benefit we’re intending to.

Although the underlying principles for creating “desired results” in life are fixed, immutable, unwavering and unerring in their operation and do apply equally to every aspect of our lives, how we come to understand and choose to apply these principles individually is crucial, because it can, will and does make all the difference in how effective these principles are and how quickly positive change can happen for us.

Shallow and superficial “pie in the sky” promises are counter productive to what so many really great personal empowerment teachers are attempting to teach and convey to an ever growing number of people who are looking for change.

Point 1 made. Now on to point 2...

The next point that I believe is essential to make is with regard to a number of outlandish and far fetched claims being made regarding the Law of Attraction specifically and the impact it has on your life individually…

This is a bit complex so, although I’ll be brief and to the point, allow me to begin by saying this…

I’ve studied success principles as well as the science and spiritual teachings and functions of the human body that support the creation of success and the potential that we each have to create it for ourselves for more than 3 decades.

I like to refer to it as years of path walking and believe me when I tell you, I’ve done a LOT of path walking!

Here’s what I’ve concluded based on those years of “path walking“ and my personal experiences so far…

We each have our own unique definition of what success means for us individually.

For me personally, success means creating and experiencing physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony. To me that’s what “Real Success” is. I’ve personally walked a number of the other less than fulfilling paths and based on my experiences, that is my individual conclusion.

Maybe at this point, it means something altogether different for you based on where you are. It’s possible that you currently believe that harmony and fulfillment in every aspect of life isn’t even possible. That’s OK. Where you are in your understanding is precisely where you’re suppose to be.

But regardless of your individually held perception regarding what’s possible or not possible for you individually and regardless of how grand or bleak your current outlook might be…

Believe me when I tell you, there’s MUCH MORE to creating success and harmony in your life than simply being introduced to and developing a shallow and superficial understanding of the Law of Attraction.

Yes the Law of Attraction, as it’s been labeled recently is VERY real, extremely powerful and does impact every area of your life. No question about that. Yet at the same time labeling it exclusively as the “cure all” for everything in life without providing a greater depth of understanding of the additional “laws“ and principles that allow it to work as well as understanding how to harmonize your unique way of being with them, FAR more people turn away from and are turned off to the Law of Attraction due to failure and creating less than desired outcomes than are “often claimed” and “unconditionally guaranteed” by those marketing these stand alone “Law of Attraction” products.

In other words, there are more people who become “non-believers” after being introduced to the Law of Attraction, than it benefits due to shallow and incomplete teachings regarding it‘s operation and understandably develop “perceptions” that “this stuff is nonsense“…that it “doesn’t work” due to unrealistic, far fetched claims promising overnight results.

That’s becoming more and more prevalent today. FAR MORE in fact than I care to think about.

Which leads me into why I've decided to connect on a more personal level.

Based on my interactions with a number of people over these past months, I’ve chosen to step up to the plate, and hold a 2 day online conference titled The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation.

The content of the conference will be tailored exclusively for the Enlightened Journey community.

During The 7 Hidden Keys conference I’ll be covering in great detail, what I’ve personally come to “believe” to be and often refer to as a “higher truth” regarding both success and life in general and I’ll be presenting it in a live interactive setting.

For these 2 days, we’ll be covering nearly EVERY aspect of what I’ve personally discovered as well as personally utilized over the past 3 decades and have spent a number of years condensing into an extremely simple yet powerfully transformational format that literally anyone can understand and at the same time gain an immense amount of profoundly transformational insight from.

Based on what I've shared so far, I think it goes without saying that the subject matter goes well beyond the Law of Attraction.

We’ll be taking an extremely in depth look into what’s “truly necessary” to begin consciously and consistently creating desired results in your own life based on your uniqueness as well as your individual wants and needs.

So there’s no misunderstanding, let me be very clear on what the conference can and won’t do for you…

Will it “immediately” cure every problem you may be currently experiencing? Chances are for the vast majority…no...although as you’ll clearly understand at it’s conclusion, the “Probability” DOES exist.

How fast or how slow you experience "desired change" is going to depend on you. You CAN make quantum leaps.

But the fact of the matter is the vast majority have some “internal housekeeping” to do first. Yet once that choice is made, once this “internal housekeeping” chore is acknowledged, dealt with and completed…then yes I can say with absolute confidence that your life can and will be transformed and much more quickly and miraculously than most understand or even believe to be possible for that matter.

Don’t misunderstand…that DOESN’T mean you won’t ever have any problems again. It means that you’ll relate differently to the challenges that are sure to come at us in life. There a necessary and important part of life. Whether you currently understand it or not, they help us in many more ways than most understand.

Here’s the “real facts” concerning personal growth, transformation and how it applies to you individually…

Growth is a process…regardless of how hard you might look and wish and hope and pray that one exists…there is no magic wand. Sorry, it simply doesn’t exist. Becoming a conscious, intentional and purposeful creator of your life entails more than a “drive up window fast food easy” approach that ensures smooth sailing through life.

So, no I can’t and won’t promise immediate and miraculous results, any more than anyone else can who chooses to be up front, forthright and “completely honest” in their claims.

Here’s what I can and will promise…

The conference will arm you with an uncommon depth of understanding as well as reveal and point you toward an extremely empowering path that you can begin walking down immediately that will, without a doubt, enhance your outcomes infinitesimally IF you’ll simply choose to embrace and “apply” what you’ll discover regardless of where you‘re starting from.

What it will do is provide you with a “perspective”…a transformationally empowering perspective that CAN and WILL, should YOU choose to “allow” it to, create the internal paradigm shift that WILL enhance your personal results exponentially in whatever area of life that you choose whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

That’s how and where our individual results are derived from…from our individually chosen and held paradigms.

It really is as simple as that.

Yet as “simple” as the process is that determines your results and enables you to experience dramatic change…here’s the kicker.

It’s NOT always easy. For some it’s easier than others, but the fact remains…it’s NOT always as easy as some might lead you to believe.

Why? Because there are other factors to consider that often times go unnoticed that are going on “under the radar” that when not understood can make some “believe” that The Law of Attraction as well as the other Universal principles that determine our existence are nothing more than a bunch of woo woo nonsense.

Take it from someone who use to believe just that way…it’s NOT woo woo nonsense!! It’s VERY real and it’s VERY powerful and it’s always working whether you’re aware of it or not.

It’s my hope to convey to those who choose to attend The 7 Hidden Keys conference, in crystal clear detail not only how it works but why.

We’ll be covering that in depth during the conference as well.

Here’s the bottom line…

If hype and false “pie in the sky promises” are what you’re looking for, then The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation is NOT the conference for you.

But…if you’re ready to transcend and see beyond all the hype…all the smoke and mirrors and are ready to discover “true to life” principles as well as timeless direction that can and will transform your life, should you “choose” to embrace and consciously apply what you‘ll learn, then this conference IS for you and will benefit you immensely.

Here are the details…

The conference was created with the Enlightened Journey Community in mind.

With that being the case, I’ve put together a special offering exclusively for you and the other members of the community. An offering that will enable everyone with a sincere desire to attend to do so and virtually insures that no one is excluded.

However…It will be necessary to act quickly because this initial offering will only remain active for the next 3 days. After that 3 day timeframe I’ll be opening the door for others outside the community and this exclusive offering will expire.

The conference is going to take place on July 25th and 26th 2009 and will be held online. No need for travel arrangements, hotels or airline tickets.

Although as I write this, it is a month away, I wanted to get this out to you now, so you could take advantage of this exclusive 3 day offering that I’ve put together before I announce it and make it available to the general public. (Should there be any spots remaining at the end of the 3 day cutoff.)

To ensure your seat and make certain that your spot is secured, I’ll recommend that you take immediate action. Although I can’t be certain that all of the spots will be filled in this mailing, it is going out to thousands of subscribers and once the spots are filled I’ll be forced to close the doors due to the limitations of the conferencing technology.

In all fairness to everyone involved, I’ll ask that you not pass this on to anyone else outside of the community due to the nature of the offer. It will be made available to those outside the community but the cost of admission will be much higher.

Although I understand that this is short notice, the 3 day time frame is necessary due to both the time and effort required to create additional marketing material to notify those outside of the community should any spots still be open and available.

Ok…with that out of the way, here’s why I’ve chosen to do this for you and why…

Basically, it’s to show my heartfelt appreciation for those who support Enlightened Journey Enterprises. I wanted to make certain that you were not only provided the first opportunity to attend, I’ve also decided to slash 50% off of the regular event pricing (for the next 3 days only) that was initially set and will be offered to those outside the community should there be additional spots remaining.

I also wanted to make certain that you were given the first right of refusal before announcing it to those outside the community.

Even at the full price it’s an “Absolutely Incredible Value” and priced far below anything comparable, so for the 3 day special I’m extending to you, it’s an absolute “no brainer.”

Here are the details in a nutshell…

During the 2 day conference in addition to the curriculum being presented we’ll conclude each session with live, interactive get your questions answered Q&A sessions to make certain that everything has been explained in a way that you understand and fully comprehend individually enabling you to begin using, applying and benefiting from what you’ve gained from the conference immediately.

For those of you who’d like to attend, but may be unable to make it to the live portion of the conference, each session will be recorded and all participants will receive a copy in downloadable MP3 format that you‘ll be able to keep and review for years to come.

I’ve also tailored this offering at a price that literally ANYONE can afford.

For those of you who choose to attend, I’ll look forward to talking and getting to know you on a much more personal level.

You can get all the details regarding the conference and secure your spot by clicking here.

Wishing you an incredible and prosperous month and an even greater 2009.

See You At The Conference,

Chuck Danes

PS - If all the conference spots are filled prior to your enrollment, please accept my apologies in advance. The conferencing software can only support so many participants. Should that be the case, I'll be offering a recorded version in MP3 format as well as a transcribed PDF.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.