A Light is Shining in the Not So Far Distance!

by Ruth

Oh, oh, I've been a long way. In the meantime so many things have happened, and are happening right now; a mixture of not desired and desired circumstances in my life.

Good to have met you Chuck Danes, although I do not know you personally. I believe that people sometimes cross paths.

This time we have reached to each other to talk, about life. I have always been very curious, cause I'm feeling the itches and the aches.

At this moment I'm reading stuff about all areas to help me get balance in my life. Although I know and feel I'm blessed, cause I'm a Christian and believer, there's a long way to go to reach the summit of life.

I have wondered till now how to be fulfilled. I got teaching at high school levels and with grades, diplomas and all sort of certificates, but could never get a descent job or for a long time, neither some pay for all of those occupations.

Years have transpired, and here I am, a mother and grandma, knowing so much, but not about life itself (Higher truth?) and am for the time being very low financially, economically, socially, and relationally. For sure I would have liked to Know how to prosper (one of the promises to me from God's Word) and so many other things likewise.

Your stuff let me feel inspired.

Chuck's response to Ruth...

Hi Ruth,

Good to meet you too and Thank You for sharing here. Glad my "work" is playing a positive role in your life. You keep looking.

The Light is always there. EVERY path we walk, EVERYONE that crosses our path serves a meaningful purpose and EVERYTHING works for a greater good when we allow ourselves to see that.

I believe the only thing that "dims the light" and creates what we see as "shadows or darkness" are the beliefs and perceptions we hold regarding what we experience in life.

When we see that, make a choice to get to the core of all things, shift the belief that creates "less than desired" things, make new choices and take a different form of action than we did to create the shadows and darkness we see, the Light is seen again.

It's always there, always has been and always will be. It's simply a matter of us becoming aware of, acknowledging and removing the "belief filters" that block us from seeing it.

When we do SEE it again, it's always in perfect timing and everything that we "thought of" as bad or less than desired in the past, takes on a whole new Light.

Perhaps this will assist you further in "flipping the switch" to see that 'You ARE the Light of the World.'

You are Ruth. Thank You for shining your Light this way.

The Best For You,





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