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Welcome To The All New Enlightened Journey Personal Empowerment Newsletter

First and foremost welcome to The Enlightened Journey Global Community.

Mere words can't possibly come anywhere remotely close to fully expressing how excited, pleased and grateful I am that you've chosen to join us here.

Not necessarily for myself, for you, or the Enlightened Journey Community exclusively. But for the world at large.

The reason I say that, is because the journey that we're going to be embarking on together, starting right here and now, has the potential to not only impact your personal world in a very significant, pleasing and profoundly desirable kind of way, but also on a much larger scale that extends well beyond you or I.

Perhaps in far greater ways and on a much larger scale than you can possibly conceive or imagine right now.

This edition, as well as each and every future edition of Enlightened Journey is written and shared with one intention and for ONE primary purpose...

With the hope that the information shared enhances and expands the quality of your consciousness. This expansion of consciousness requires and is dependent on your willingness to look, analyze and inevitably see beyond the surface level appearance of things.

It's a process of ascension really. Not the form of ascension that so many have been indoctrinated to believe. It is rather a form of ascension that can be most easily and succinctly described as an expansion of consciousness.

The expansion of YOUR consciousness plays a role and has a direct correlation, not only to the kind of impact that you do make, but also determines how limited or uncommonly expansive your understanding becomes regarding how that impact has far reaching effects that most definitely do play a defining role in EVERY aspect of your own life as well as far reaching effects for humanity as a whole.

Where Are You In Your Understanding Regarding Yourself and What Do You Currently Believe to Be True About The Personal Impact That You Are Most Definitely Making?

You may already be well aware of the large scale impact you CAN make, yet not understand the size, scope and enormity of the impact that you already ARE making.

If you're of the same mindset that the majority are, it's quite possible (and perhaps even highly probable) that you think that you're not. You may find yourself hoping, (maybe wishing) that something might happen someday, so you can.

It's even possible, and maybe even highly likely that you see how you ARE making an impact, tangibly speaking, yet you're unaware of the underlying intangible factors that always determine, with mind boggling precision, what you receive (or feel you're not receiving) in life, due to the kind, quality and/or the quantity of it.

It's equally possible that you're looking for ways to enhance and expand the impact you are making, so you can begin experiencing more of the enormously positive outcomes that doing so "consciously and consistently" always provides.

If you fall under the heading of the "majority", chances are, you're not aware of the ENORMOUS role you DO play in EVERY outcome you experience, the quality of which is determined by the impact that you ARE (that we're ALL) making ALL of the time.

Regardless of what you're aware or not aware of, and aside from what you believe or choose not to believe, you are making an impact. We all are. A very significant and large scale one too. ENORMOUSLY big. It's equally powerful too. Granted, it can and very well may can "seem as if" it's not, but it is.

It can be most easily and simply described as a multi-level impact as well.

You could say this multi-level impact that we're ALL making ALL of the time, is both tangible and intangible in nature.

Although it's true that we tend to place a lot of focus, attention and emphasis on the tangible appearance of things, it's the intangible aspects of this impact that is MOST important. It is because it plays a huge role in determining the kind, quality and quantity of the tangible impact that you are making, as well as what you receive or feel you're not receiving in life.

It's this "intangible" level where everything begins. You could call it the "seed level" which determines the quality of the impact you ARE making and also determines the kind, quality and quantity of the harvest you'll receive (whether you view it as good or bad) in the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.

If you don't KNOW that already, you're certainly not alone. The truth is, although most are aware (at varying degrees at least) of the tangible impact that we all make, they often don't realize and overlook the intangible aspects of it.

As vitally important as this "underlying impact" is, our traditional education systems don't teach about such things. That is perhaps the number one reason WHY so few have an understanding of it. The fact of the matter is, in roughly 99% of the cases, we're not taught about such things.

The reason why, is another story for another time.

But aside from what we learn, don't learn and/or think we know, we are ALL making an impact, ALL of the time. What's more, we are all doing so on multiple levels simultaneously. You could refer to this "multi-level impact" as a multi-dimensional one. The fact is, because of a few really awesome gifts which were freely provided to you, me and everyone else, you can't not make one.

The Kind and Quality of the Impact That You're Making ALWAYS Provides a Mirrored Reflection of What You Receive (or Feel You're Not Receiving) In Each and Every Aspect of Your Life

It's widely believed by those who view themselves as "victims of circumstance", that life just happens and delivers what it will. Although many have learned and do believe that, it's not based in fact. Although many have "learned" and do believe such things, the real fact is, every tangible outcome (an effect) can be traced to a cause.

That includes, but is not limited to everything that happens in your life. Simply stated, the quality of your life is a mirrored reflection of the kind, quality and quantity of the multi-level impact that you're making (yet may feel you're NOT making) in the world. It's due to this impact which determines and provides who and what has been (and currently is) showing up in your life.

Sometimes that's mistaken as not making an impact, but it doesn't means it's true. Granted, the quality of your tangible results may not be a reflection that you love, like, or even want for that matter, but it doesn't mean you're not making an impact.

You are. Every belief you hold, every emotionally charged thought that you think, every word you speak and every action that you yourself take, plays a crucial role in determining the quality of yours.

Because that's "true", you can, if you're not already, begin making the kind of impact that provides you with a quality of life that most only dream about. Once you fully understand how you're determining the multi-level kind of impact you're making individually, it becomes blatantly obvious just how important it is to do so consciously, intentionally and on purpose.

Once you're aware of that, it becomes much easier to make the necessary shifts and begin to make a very positive and enormously productive impact...not only for yourself, but for the world at large too.

If you're not quite there yet and the personal and large scale impact that you are making hasn't yet provided you with what you desire most in life, keep your chin up, remain attentive and do your best to open your heart to what follows.

It could, and very well may be, what you've needed to up your game in a REALLY big way.

As we progress through future editions of Enlightened Journey, you'll be provided with all the insight you could possibly need to begin making the profoundly desirable kind of impact that transforms intangible hopes, wishes, dreams, desires and aspirations into tangibly measurable results.

The REALLY awesome kind.

Whether you internalize and use the insight that follows or not, is up to you. But rest assured, based on the experiences of a very diverse group of individuals from around the world, it's of a kind and quality that, when applied, not only CAN, it DOES transform lives.

It not only CAN, it WILL create desired transformation for you, should you internalize and consistently DO what's necessary for that transformation to occur.

That DOING begins with expanding your awareness about vitally important topics relating to you, to the degree that things that you may have previously been "unaware" of, become KNOWN.

Developing the necessary understanding that you are making an enormous impact and coming to the realization of the power you hold is where it all begins.

Let's Begin With You and The Personal Impact
That You Most Definitely Are Making

I can't possibly know what prompted your arrival here. I have no idea where you are now, what you're experiencing, what you have experienced, what you want, where you've been, or where you desire to go.

Nor can I know what kind of impact you are making, think you're not making, or wish you could make.

I really don't need to know any of that. All that I need to know about you is what I DO KNOW already. Because what I DO KNOW about you is all I need to KNOW to provide you with all the insight you could possibly need, to move you from where you are and may not WANT to be, to wherever it is that you "truly desire" to be.

You may be doing really well in life, but want to do better. You might be doing OK, but are finding that keeping things in the "OK zone" is difficult, challenging, demanding and perhaps even REALLY stressful at times. You may hold the mindset that creating extraordinary success (or even getting by in life) requires a lot of hard work, struggle and sacrifice and you're looking for an easier way. It's also possible that you feel you aren't doing well at all and are looking for some answer or solution, so you can move from where you are, and get to where you REALLY want, hope, wish and/or perhaps, have been earnestly praying that you could be.

Only you know the specifics of where you are.

As far as what you want? Your wants may be entirely different than those of another.

Some want more money. Some want more love. Some want vibrant health. Some want their own business. Some want a deeper, richer and more meaningful spiritual connection. Some just want life to be more simple and wish it could be.

Some want all of it.

Some have no idea specifically what they do want, they just know they want more. Some are working really hard, yet still find themselves hoping, wishing and praying that something might happen someday so they could finally have whatever it might be that they want more of. And sadly, some; many in fact, have given up on trying to get anything beyond the very basics needed for survival, because they just don't think they can have it, so what's the use.

And yes, there are still others who are struggling just to survive and have a difficult time doing that.

There are many possibilities. An infinite number actually. But of the many that exist, anything we seek out and strive for in life, whether more money, better relationships, greater health, making a bigger impact, or WHATEVER; anything that exceeds the basic "needs" for survival, are really just surface level wants.

There's Something Deeper Going On Within You That Plays a Defining Role in Providing (Or Not) What You Most Desire In Life

There are 2 predominant desires we hold that reside beneath our basic needs and our many wants which are important to become aware of. These 2 things exist a few levels beneath any and all surface level wants and desires.

Those 2 things are...

  1. To be loved, accepted and appreciated.

  2. To be happy and fulfilled

Ultimately, all "perceived" needs, wants and desires aside, that's what we're ALL truly after.

Ironically, these same needs, wants and desires CAN and often do sabotage and keep us from experiencing what it is we're truly after.

I'll be revealing a little "secret" about WANTING, NEEDING and the less than desired "impact" both CAN and DO have as we progress through future editions of Enlightened Journey. It's one of the underlying factors which keeps wanting, needing and desiring alive.

What I'll be revealing as we progress through each edition is, without question, a game changer, so I hope you'll remain focused, committed, attentive and that you'll do whatever is necessary to read each and every edition.

It's a vitally important part of the unlearning/relearning process and could prove to be the catalyst that eliminates ANY need to WANT from your life.

We'll be covering all the how's and why's about that in great detail as we move forward through the process.

For now we'll stay focused on YOU, the impact that you ARE making and the 2 primary things that you (that we ALL) truly desire, which is to be loved, accepted and appreciated and ultimately, to be happy and fulfilled.

I don't know any of the specifics about what you feel you "need" or want in the way of "surface level stuff." I can't know how much love, acceptance and appreciation you're receiving or feel you're not receiving right now. I also don't know what being happy and fulfilled might mean or look like for you based on what you believe right now.

I don't need to. Only you do. All I need to know about you to assist you in the greatest possible way I can, is what I DO KNOW already. So let's look at what I do KNOW right now.

Here's what I DO KNOW about you...

  • I KNOW that you are YOU

  • I KNOW that you are HERE

  • I KNOW that you HAVE had experiences

  • I KNOW that you WILL HAVE future experiences

  • I KNOW that because of those experiences that you have had, are having, or at some point will have, that you have a tendency to either RESPOND or REACT to the events, conditions, circumstances, people etc. that become a part of your moment by moment experience.

We BOTH know those things right? I mean they're blatantly obvious. Ridiculously obvious. So obvious that you might be thinking that they have no relevance in enabling and empowering you to get more of what you think you need, want, or "truly desire" individually, let alone how they could possibly enable you to make a large scale, desirable impact on the world.

But they do. They have IMMENSE relevance. In fact it's HUGE, so please stay with me as we work our way through the ridiculously obvious and move ever closer toward what I hope will also become equally obvious soon. It's something that's not nearly as obvious, few are aware of, yet it has everything to do with the kind, quality and quantity of impact you are making and will continue to make, which ALWAYS determines what you'll receive or feel you're not receiving in life.

It's vitally important in fact, yet many are unaware of and oblivious to just HOW important it is. That's why most overlook it altogether.

As blatantly and ridiculously obvious as these statements I've made regarding you might seem, I'll assure you, there is a method to my madness.

Let's examine the first blatantly obvious thing that both you and I know about you, which is the undeniable fact that you are you.

Because I know that, even though you and I may have never met face to face, I do KNOW that just because you're YOU, that you can be, do and have whatever you currently need, want, as well as what you "truly desire" in life.

You can have ALL the "stuff" you want, and be happy and fulfilled too.

You may not KNOW it. Actually chances are better than great that you don't KNOW that about yourself yet. Most don't KNOW that. And because MOST don't KNOW that, they don't have whatever it is.

Chances are great that YOU may not believe that you can. In fact, the idea that you can be, do and have whatever it might be that you want AND "truly desire", may seem totally illogical, irrational, far fetched, or maybe really crazy to you even.

Depending on what you currently "believe to be true", combined with what you've experienced thus far, that may be WAY too big a stretch for you at this point.

But aside from what you might currently believe, regardless of what you've experienced, or how big a stretch it might be for you right now, I DO KNOW that you CAN.

So you could say, in that way, if you don't already KNOW that about yourself, I KNOW YOU better than YOU know yourself.

I also KNOW that what you believe plays a role in what you've experienced, are experiencing and what you will experience. Another thing I KNOW, is that what you believe and "think you know" plays a huge role in the enormous and significant impact you're making, will continue to make, yet chances are good, think you're not making.

But it doesn't matter what I KNOW to be true about you, or what's possible for you in life. What I've come to KNOW regarding you, can't in and of itself enhance the quality of your life. Nor will it determine the kind and quality of the impact you're currently making or will make.

Whatever it might be that I KNOW, can't, doesn't and won't, in and of itself, have any impact on your life in an individual or large scale kind of way, just because I believe and say it's true.

It really doesn't matter how true it is either.

Just to be clear, I don't merely believe, I KNOW that these things I've shared regarding you are "true." HOW I KNOW is another story, that I'll be sharing more about in a future edition. But what I KNOW doesn't matter, as it pertains to you.

What DOES matter as it pertains to YOU, is what YOU know and believe to be true about yourself.

But I also KNOW that, due to what many have learned, DO believe and "think they know" about themselves, God, (or whatever label you prefer to describe Source) and a number of other things, they think and honestly believe that life just happens as it will.

Many hold the mindset that life was intended to be difficult, that getting enough "stuff" is the way to happiness and fulfillment, that getting what they want requires hard work and sacrifice, and that some things are "doable" while others are "impossible."

But the fact is, none of that is true. Life can become simple, "stuff" will NEVER provide "long term" happiness and fulfillment, long, hard hours of grueling "work" is NOT necessary, and ALL things are more than possible. What's more, your ability to see and experience that, can be (and in a number of cases is) easily) DOABLE.

Yet because so many don't believe such things, they unknowingly and unwittingly minimize their impact to the degree where needs, wants and desires remain a consistent reality and the fulfillment of these things remain nothing more than a hope, wish, temporary experience, or some future event that they "might" experience someday.

It's due to what we believe or don't believe which is why so many DO remain in need, want and desire mode. Those who do, keep things "hard" and/or impossible, and in the process limit the impact they ARE making and COULD make. Without realizing it, they are "choosing" to navigate an unnecessarily difficult path and/or consistently (and often) choose much less than what's truly available to them.

Another thing I'm keenly aware of and KNOW, is that you CAN, and very well may be choosing a much more difficult path and/or less than what you "truly desire" too.

Since you're here reading this right now, chances are great, that you ARE and HAVE been, or you wouldn't be here, wasting your time reading this.

I also KNOW that in nearly every case, those same kinds of beliefs and choices can, and often do, not only result in receiving FAR LESS than we want and desire, but actually provide the polar opposite of what it is we'd most love to have.

I KNOW that, because I've "been there and done that" personally. Many times in fact. Countless times. I've personally walked that difficult path. I've revisited that "choosing less than I wanted place" over and over and over again, prior to making different choices. I did that personally for a number of years, without ever realizing or believing that I was, in fact, the one DOING it. I KNOW a lot of other people who have "been there and done that" too.

I know plenty who are STILL doing that, claim they "want" more, yet refuse to learn how to do things differently and in a much more simple and "better" way, so they don't have to want, need or desire anything.

No, I no longer "hang out" with those kind of folks, but I know of many.

So believe me when I tell you, based on decades of experience, I DO KNOW first hand that we CAN (and often do) choose a difficult path, and as a result, get much less than we do want and truly desire.

As a result of having "been there and done that" myself, I also know that with a few simple adjustments, things can change dramatically. That means that they CAN change for YOU dramatically too. Life...YOUR life CAN become all that you want and "truly desire" for it to be.

Happiness and fulfillment can become and remain a way of life.

Whether that will or won't happen for you, is entirely up to you. Doing so or not, only depends on you and what you choose from this point forward. Be assured of this. If, at some future point in time, you're to have something different than you're getting or have had, it's going to require DOING something different now.

When you DO what's necessary, you change the kind and quality of "impact" you are ALWAYS making, which DOES change the kind, quality and quantity of what you receive.

And it NEVER fails.

It doesn't matter where you've been, what you've experienced or what you want right now. Once a few other blatantly obvious factors are KNOWN and a few new choices are made, I also KNOW that meaningful, desirable and even profound change CAN take place for you.

Happiness and fulfillment regardless, CAN become the "new norm."

I also KNOW that in some cases, IMMENSE change; what's often referred to as "Miraculous Change" can take place in the "blink of an eye" once these factors are known, their power understood and you choose to DO what's necessary to make the necessary adjustments.

I KNOW the power of choosing that because I've "been there and done" that too. I've personally witnessed and seen with my own eyes just how real, true and possible it is for "make you weak in the knees" miracles to happen right before your eyes. I've experienced moving from broke, afraid and feeling destitute, to a kind of life that most only hope, wish and dream about.

I also personally know of a lot of other people who are quite aware of how true and possible that is too.

Because I and a number of others have experienced just that, combined with the blatantly obvious things I KNOW about you, I also KNOW that you can experience the same...regardless.

There's really no need to examine these other blatantly obvious facts I've mentioned in great detail.

  • We both KNOW that you ARE here

  • We both KNOW that you HAVE had experiences

  • We both KNOW that you WILL HAVE future experiences

  • We both KNOW that because of those experiences, that you have a tendency to either RESPOND or REACT to the events, conditions, circumstances, people etc. that become a part of your experience moment by moment.

Those are VERY obvious facts, aren't they?

As obvious as those facts are, that LAST fact that we both KNOW about you is one that many don't fully understand the power or importance of. They simply don't understand how responding and reacting determines the kind and quality of their impact. They have little to no understanding of the literally indescribable power that is unleashed as a result of their moment by moment responses and reactions.

They're for the most part unaware of the enormously powerful impact that responding and reacting have, as they pertain to "receiving or NOT receiving" our wants and our deepest desires.

Although most DO know that it's a fact; that we each DO consistently respond or react to various situations in life, and that it's also a FACT that does pertain to all of us without exception, many; perhaps MOST, don't fully understand the importance of, nor are they even "consciously aware" of, which they are choosing moment by moment, let alone WHY.

Nor are most "consciously aware" of the vital and powerfully creative role responding and/or reacting plays and their relevance in each and every area of our lives.

It's the power that stems from these "choices" to respond or react, which determines the kind and quality of the individual, as well as the large scale impact, that we ALL are making.

Whether you're currently aware of it or not, and whether you believe it or not, is immaterial. It's "true" and it's a key understanding to become aware of, fully understand and KNOW if you truly desire to enhance the quality of your life, whether in immense and "seemingly miraculous ways", or even in little and "seemingly insignificant" ways for that matter.

It's also a fact that can, and when chosen consciously and consistently, will ensure that you'll begin receiving more of the "surface level stuff", as well as what you desire most in life.

It's something that will enable and empower you to make the greatest and most positive impact individually and collectively too.

You CAN do both. But whether you do or not is up to you. And it is a FACT that how you respond and react is of VITAL importance, because it has played, does play and will continue to play a huge role in determining the kind and quality of impact you make.

It's that "impact" which determines how easy, or "seemingly difficult", it will BE for YOU to achieve and experience whatever it might be that you do want and "truly desire."

Let's take a closer look at the vital role that fact, as well as these other "common and blatantly obvious facts" we've covered, play in determining our individual results, our individual and collective impact and our collective contributions.

Common Facts Also Provide and Reveal Common Threads That Have ALWAYS and Will Always Determine The "Tapestry of Our Lives"

The "facts" we've covered so far are a given. They're immutable and unwavering facts. They pertain to ALL of us without exception. They're facts that pertain to this moment and will be equally pertinent in each and every moment, far into the future.

These blatantly obvious things we've covered about you ARE very obvious facts right? These other not so obvious facts may not be (and chances are great aren't as blatantly obvious) but rest assured, they are equally true. They do apply to ALL of us too.

You could say that each of these blatantly obvious and "less KNOWN", common factors are "common threads" that connect us and tie us all together in a sense. They apply to each of us individually just as they do collectively.

And it's these same factors...these FACTS...these same common threads, what we choose to do with them and how WE CHOOSE to weave them into our day to day lives individually, that inevitably determines the tapestry of our lives.

That's where we get into some additional "facts." More very important yet often overlooked and/or misunderstood facts that many either aren't aware of or simply don't do. Maybe you're not aware of them either. Maybe you are familiar with them. Maybe you've heard about them. Maybe you've even "learned" and understand them in an "intellectual" kind of way, but you don't do them.

You can understand and know them intellectually, yet if you don't DO IT, you'll never KNOW what it means to EXPERIENCE the awesome and amazing benefits experientially.

Maybe you're unaware of (or simply don't believe) the fact that each of these simple, blatantly obvious and not so obvious facts we've covered and what we choose to do with them individually, definitely DO have an impact and determine each and every thread that collectively do make up the tapestry of our lives.

And maybe....just maybe, you believe ALL of it, yet you just aren't in the place where you KNOW how you fit into the picture and that they DO apply to you, REGARDLESS of what you've been told and taught to be "true" about life or yourself.

We're all weaving our individual tapestries in our own unique way for sure. The kind and quality of our own tapestry is without question different from that of another. And because of that fact, we often look at, see and honestly believe that the life tapestry of others is somehow superior, more beautiful, more exquisite and perhaps even far more valuable than our own.

We honestly believe that some have more, because the kind of "impact" they're making is limited to a kind that only they can make.

Maybe you believe that. Many do. Because we do, often times we have a tendency to look at the weavers of these tapestries and we think, "Hey, they are more talented than me, luckier than me, more gifted than me, better than me, smarter than me, more educated than me, more capable than me, a better weaver than me," etc. etc. etc.

Because we often do think and believe that, we also often "believe" that some can have what they "truly desire" in life and some can't. "That's just how life is, and it's going to deliver what it will", we claim.

But none of that is true. Not definitively true at least. We often think and believe it is, but it's not, never has been and it's never going to be true, unless WE CHOOSE to think and believe in this "less than empowering" way.

That's when it becomes "true" for us, but it doesn't mean it's definitively true.

Where the difference can be found; the ONLY difference, and why "perceived separation" from what we want, desire, or feel we "need", each of which impacts and determines how our unique tapestry turns out, is how we choose to utilize and weave these "common threads" I've mentioned.

It's only our individual "Weaving Method" that's different.

Because it's what we understand about and DO with these same "common threads" as we do our own weaving, which determines the kind and quality of our own unique tapestry.

And I'm not ashamed nor too proud to admit that, there was a time when my tapestry resembled an old beat up, nasty, shabby and stinky rug.

I wasn't aware and didn't KNOW then, the power of what I'm sharing with you now. And because I didn't KNOW it, I wasn't able, nor was I allowing myself to weave my own tapestry in the way I WANTED it to turn out. In fact I used to think and honestly believed something completely different. I used to think that other people, external events, various circumstances and what was happening in the world "out there", was the determining factor as to what my tapestry would look like.

Maybe you do too.

But what I've since come to KNOW, even though I rejected it initially for MANY years, is the very simple, unwavering and immutable FACT that whatever we have chosen, are choosing or will choose to conceive, imagine, think about and DO most often, determines the kind and quality of IMPACT we make.

The quality of that "impact" determines the kind and quality of our lives as well as the quantity of WHAT we receive, whether we see it as awesome or horrific.

You could say that how we choose to weave these same "common threads" that tie us all together, is what has determined, is determining and will always determine the kind, quality and size of your individual tapestry.

And a key role in that process is how we choose to respond or react individually as life unfolds.

As we move forward that will hopefully become all the more clear to you if it's not already.

Let's shift gears a bit and talk briefly about the large scale impact that you are making and have made because of those same factors. Because it's these very same factors that determine the kind and quality of impact you'll make, not only on an individual scale, but on a collective scale as well.

Your Unique and Individual Way of Weaving Your Tapestry, Plays a Vitally Important Role In and For The Big Picture Tapestry of Life and The Collective

You might not be able to clearly see how you, what you choose and what you do or don't do in life impacts in a very real and meaningful way what's taking place on a larger scale...the collective scale.

But it's important. So VERY VERY Important.

It is because it's the kind, quality and quantity of that impact that will also determine what you'll have, not have and inevitably, what you'll experience in life. And that includes "intangible things" as well as "tangible and measurable things."

Even though the thought of YOU making a large scale impact might be too big and too vast a vision for you to conceive or imagine currently, based on where you THINK you are, I'll assure you based on "personal experience" that not only does the potential most definitely exist for you to make an IMMENSE and profoundly positive collective impact, you are in fact, making a large scale and very powerful impact already. Enormously large.

You always are, always have and always will. The same holds true for ALL of us.

How so?

Because it's how we choose to do our weaving individually and the tapestry we are creating in our own lives that plays a vital role in how the larger scale tapestry of life in and on this planet turns out.

The kind and quality of impact you are, or have made, may or may not be the kind of impact that you "truly desire" to make, but you are making one. But as I've already conveyed a number of times, we all are. The fact of the matter is, you can't NOT make a large scale impact.

That's yet another of those "common threads" that connects us and ties us all together.

Maybe you've heard the statement...

"If you're not a part of the solution you're part of the problem."

That statement is far more "true and significant" than most understand.

We ALL are making an impact already. Most just can't see that or simply don't understand the importance of how their individual "weaving skills" impact their own lives, let alone the world at large. A more accurate statement would be that most are "choosing" not to see it, even though they could. They may not realize that such a choice is being made.

As a result of the kind and quality of impact they have made, are making and will continue making; as unconscious and unintentional as that might be, they often "perceive" themselves as making and having "little to no impact."

But we ALL are making one all the time. And the impact we make individually is either contributing to the solution, or contributing to and fueling the problem.

That applies individually as well as collectively.

There is no "grey area." There is NO in between. We're either a part of the solution or we're a part of the problem. And when I say individually as well as collectively, I'm talking about in your life individually as well as on a "Global Scale."

I'll also assure you that MOST are "part of the problem" although they have no desire to be. In fact what most everyone "Truly Desires" is to make valuable, meaningful and significant contributions for themselves, those they love and on a much larger scale, in and for the world.

But most aren't. Yes most WANT to, yet as badly as so many WANT to and wish they could make these significant, meaningful and in some cases profound impacts and contributions, it's equally true that many don't think or believe that they can, let alone that with a few adjustments they can do so in a way that provides every want, need and fulfills each and every true desire as well, if ever and whenever they decide it's time.

That's a fact.

And ironically it's what we believe or don't believe to be true about that fact that also determines how we respond or react to the various events, conditions, circumstances and situations that arise and which we ALL encounter and experience as we make our way through life.

Most unknowingly and in many cases unintentionally react, when what is truly needed for creating the most desirable, meaningful and pleasingly desirable impact, is a positive response.

The reason why most do that, is because of the simple fact that many (most perhaps) are "choosing" to remain unaware, asleep in a sense and as a result remain unconscious of and oblivious to what they are choosing to conceive, imagine and focus on most.

The sad fact is, MOST have little to no understanding about how powerful our conceptualizations, imaginations and our focus are.

Due to this lack of understanding, we often can't see how those 3 things that we're ALL doing ALL of the time, impact and affect not only what we do, how we do it, and WHY we do it, they also determine the kind, quality and level of impact we DO make on an individual and VERY large scale.

That's what always determines the kind, quality and quantity of what we ALWAYS receive individually as a result.

It can "seem" very complex, but it's so VERY simple.

Because what we focus on most, expands. Put in a simple and easy to understand kind of way, "What we feed grows."

Because of that, although we all ARE making, have always made and will continue making a significant impact in our lives individually as well as on a much broader scale in the world collectively, without exception, it's equally true that most are NOT DOING SO in a way that coincides, aligns and harmonizes with what they "want", let alone with what they "truly desire" in and for their lives.

Maybe that's where you are right now. Maybe not. I can't possibly know that. But what I do know is that there are some additional factors; more of these "common threads" that connect us and tie us all together.

Like the other blatantly obvious FACTS we've already covered, there are some additional facts that we BOTH know and are already aware of pertaining to you.

Here's what you and I both KNOW about YOU...

We KNOW you're here for a reason.

We KNOW that YOU made the choice to be here.

We KNOW that regardless of where you are now, regardless of how Grand and Magnificent, or how bleak and horrific you might perceive your life to be right now, you DO have a desire to be, do and/or have more of something.

How can I KNOW that? Simply because EVERYONE does. We ALL do. EVERYONE without exception has a desire to either be, do and/or have more of something in life. It's yet another of those "common threads" that connect and tie us all together.

Whether it's physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, we ALL desire more of something. It's also a natural human trait that's inherent in ALL of us without exception. A desire to be, do and/or have more is quite literally hard wired into our DNA.

Whatever those desires might be, aside from what we might desire individually in and for our lives, and regardless of what we might create and experience as a result, there's always more.

There's something else that A LOT of people are overlooking. Another "common thread" that ties us all together, but at the same time can "seem like" it divides us.

And that is the fact that the kind and quality of impact we'll make on both an individual and collective scale is determined in great part by what we ourselves choose to be, do and/or have more of.

Get this, because it is VERY VERY important.

The more we choose to focus and expand those factors outside of ourselves, the greater, more positive and pleasing impact we have, NOT ONLY collectively, but individually as well.

In other words the more our being, doing and having is focused on and directed towards assisting others to be, do and have more of what they desire in and for their lives, the greater and more positive impact we CAN and WILL experience in our own lives on an individual level.

It's that factor; that "common thread" that ALWAYS in ALL WAYS determines the kind, quality and quantity of what we'll "receive" more of individually. And that includes "intangible results" that have you feeling awesome and consistently fulfilled beyond description, as well as tangible and measurable results that align and harmonize with what WE love and "truly desire" to experience in life most.

That's the awesome news.

On the flip side, we can and often do make different choices, do things differently and consistently see, unconsciously create and experience less than (and sometimes the polar opposite of) what we "claim" to want.

And I'll assure you that MOST people, regardless of what they think they know, including many of the so called "Law of Attraction Gurus" who have so many focused on "Getting what they want" and "What's in it for ME" ARE overlooking that.

It's this so often "overlooked and/or misunderstood" FACT that is in great part responsible for so many getting more of this, more of that, more of this other "thing", yet never reaching the place or fulfilling the "real desire" that we ALL have, which is to be "happy and fulfilled."

That's also what is behind creating so many of the "perceived problems" in individuals lives as well as on a global/collective scale too.

We'll get into more about that in future editions.

For now, let's get back to YOU. Let's stay focused on what YOU desire to be, do and/or have more of in life individually.

Maybe at this point you're simply seeking, investigating and exploring ways to enhance the kind and quality of your own life. No worries. That's cool too. It's a great place to start actually. It's a great place to start, because unless and until you have taken care of yourself, and given yourself what you can, you can't possibly GIVE to others and continue to make the kind and quality of large scale impact that is necessary to make, if we're going to receive and have more than enough to give.

Here's the thing though. If you'll make the choice to start seeking, exploring and investigating how to DO so at the level where ALL things begin...if you'll make the choice to understand and KNOW all that you CAN about this "place"...you'll have more, be able to give more and at the same time fulfill the deepest desire that we ALL have which is to be happy and fulfilled.

We'll be doing that in future editions of Enlightened Journey as we move forward, because it IS SO vitally important.

It's this foundational and Causal level...this "place", from where ALL things come from.

And I DO MEAN ALL things.

That's the most important thing. The Main Thing actually. It is because it's through discovering and clearly understanding this "Causal Level place" that reveals another "common thread." And it's this additional "common thread" that not only connects and ties us all together, but determines where ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that we experience in life both individually and collectively comes from.

Just so there's no misunderstanding or margin for error, I'll say it again. EVERYTHING comes from this same "Place." The magnificent, the grand, the pleasing, the good, the bad, the ugly, the despicable and yes, the seemingly horrific too.

You could refer to this "Place" as The Cause. Ultimate Cause.

So what exactly IS this Ultimate Cause?

Well...that can "seem to be" a very complex thing to describe. It CAN be a controversial topic as well. Based on a number of factors that we'll cover in the future, it's this needless controversy which also "needlessly" creates division among an otherwise connected and unified people and as result "collectively" fall short of the impact that we all CAN and COULD make, to ensure that there wasn't a "want" or a "need" in the world.

But we don't do that, because most have learned and believe how complex everything is. We collectively fail to see just how "simple" it ALL truly is and how "simple" life can become because it is.

But the only reason it can "seem" complex to describe this Causal Place or be controversial as to WHO or WHAT resides over it, is simply because we learn different things, acquire our own unique beliefs, form different perspectives and come up with different labels for what The One Ultimate Cause is.

That's a HUGE part of determining, understanding and KNOWING, or not, what our relationship and how vitally important that is, with this One Cause.

That's yet another "common thread" that determines if we're united by, or "perceive ourselves" as being separated from, each other, what we desire, as well as whatever The Cause (Source) of our understanding might be.

We'll be looking at The Ultimate Cause in far greater detail, in such a way that Unifies rather than divides, regardless of what you currently perceive Cause to be, in future editions of Enlightened Journey.

For now we'll stay with the cause of tangible outcomes as it pertains to YOU and the other people in the world...what we're referring to as the collective.

If you're like A LOT of people today, you might think that the cause of what you get is determined by what you do. A LOT of people think that. What we DO is a level of cause and does play an important role in what we receive in life without a doubt.

But it's not THE CAUSE; the underlying cause as it applies to you and others, that determines the kind, quality and quantity of what we receive.

Doing is an aspect of receiving FOR SURE. But doing is an effect of a deeper cause. There's another cause that precedes DOING. It's called BEING. What you're BEING determines everything else. It determines what you do, how you do it, your level of effectiveness as you do it and what you'll receive as a result.

Our BEING determines how we respond or react to life as well.

Our way of BEING determines if we "react" out of fear (a negative response) or "respond" in love. (a positive response)

And when you begin to grasp and understand the power of that; when you really and truly KNOW in a very personal and profoundly empowering way, what The Cause is for EVERYTHING in your life as well as the world at large; really and truly KNOW and understand in an uncommon kind of way, in a way that only a very small minority do KNOW, you begin to respond in such a way that opens your heart, your eyes and you begin to "clearly see" that your way of BEING and the impact it makes, can't NOT positively and sometimes profoundly impact your life and the world in enormous and extremely desirable ways.

It's a given. It's automatic and at the same time impacts your personal life and what YOU receive individually as well as determines the kind and quality of impact you'll make collectively.

Because inevitably, when you choose to enhance and expand your own life in that way; in a conscious, intentional and purposefully "loving" kind of way, REGARDLESS of your intention for starting, you in turn enhance and expand your understanding and awareness of the importance of opting out of the all too common "What's in it for me", and/or "What do I get out of it", or "How can I escape this horrific situation I'm in" mentality, which DRAMATICALLY limits and sometimes completely sabotages what's "truly in it" for you.

That's a mentality that you can CHOOSE for sure. But it's also a choice that will keep you "seemingly stuck" and consistently "BELIEVING" that you're not making and impact and that you can't be, do and have more of whatever it might be that you truly DO desire in and for your life.

How so?

We'll cover more about that in GREAT DETAIL in the next as well as future editions of Enlightened Journey too. Because it's an understanding that WILL change your entire life and enable you to contribute to the world, and at the same time to YOURSELF and those you Love in FAR GREATER ways than you might understand, or believe you can right now.

In FAR GREATER ways than MOST can even conceive or imagine actually.

It's a VERY simple, yet at the same time, a profoundly life enhancing concept that's of vital importance to become aware of. And it's a fact too. A very powerful, immutable, unwavering, unerring and life transforming fact. But due to what most people have learned, because of what most "believe" and how most people think, it's going to require some exploration and closer examination to make it crystal clear, blatantly obvious and reveal in a logical, practical kind of way, not only that it is an immutable and unwavering fact, but HOW and WHY it's SO powerful, things work that way.

And when we "get that"...when we really and truly "get it", and start DOING something with it in a conscious, intentional and purposeful kind of way, that's when the impact we are ALL making shifts and changes to a kind and quality that aligns and harmonizes with what we ourselves as well as everyone else in the world, Love and truly desire most.

It's profoundly simple, but make no mistake. It's extremely powerful and has a profoundly transformational impact in your life AND the world at large. We begin to see...REALLY SEE the necessity and importance of contributing consciously, intentionally and on purpose to ourselves as well as the collective.

And we can. We ALL can. We only have to choose to SEE that we can and that we ARE in fact contributing already. As I mentioned; although we ALL ARE contributing SOMETHING, even though we are ALL making an impact, many are unconsciously and unknowingly making that impact in such a way that they're contributing to, "feeding", nurturing, enabling and "allowing" the "problems" that we claim we DON'T WANT to grow.

Because just as it's true that we all desire to be, do and/or have more of something, it's equally true that we ALL have something of enormous significance to contribute. A "special and unique" something that can and WILL begin to feed, nurture, enable and "allow" the wants, solutions and what we ALL "truly desire" which everyone WANTS, to sprout and grow.

A kind and quality of contribution of IMMENSE value that can impact, in a very positive and meaningful way, the kind and quality of our own lives as well as the world at large.

As true as that is, that's where A LOT of people get unnecessarily stuck. "Seemingly stuck" that is. They do because they simply don't understand The Cause, as well as the other levels of cause that proceed it, which determine how EVERYTHING works out in our lives individually, which DOES impact the world at large.

Without KNOWING that and without really being aware of and really understanding that in an EXPERIENTIAL kind of way, we can NEVER KNOW our "true value" that we ALL ARE, already HAVE and are each putting "out there" without exception.

Here's why A LOT of people don't KNOW that...

Because it's the value that we choose to believe, perceive and place on ourselves which determines what we DO, as well as the kind, quality and quantity of value that we project out into the world. And it's that belief and perception regarding ourselves; yourself included, which in turn determines the kind, quality and scope of impact we make. It's THAT "common thread" which determines, without fail and with unwavering certainty, the kind, quality and quantity of what we receive as well.

I don't care how much you DO. There are BILLIONS of people DOING plenty; some WAY TOO MUCH, yet they still aren't receiving what they really and truly hope, wish and pray that all their DOING will provide.

Here's another fact. An immutable, unwavering and never changing fact.

If you don't KNOW just how VALUABLE you are, you'll never be able to FULLY engage yourself in a way that you're quite able to and begin giving and contributing the kind and quality of VALUE to the world that enables YOU to begin receiving and experiencing the life of your dreams in tangible and measurable ways AND at the same time, know what it means to BE completely happy and fulfilled; the ALL important intangibles that so many "blindly believe" that tangible stuff will provide.

That's why so many DO so MUCH and sometimes get so much, yet still "want" or feel they "need" more. In many cases, those who remain "wanting" and believe they "need" something more to get what they "want", never receive nor arrive at the place where they think all this doing and getting will lead.

Yea, you might DO things in such a way that enables you to GET SOME STUFF, but you'll ALWAYS be "looking for MORE stuff" all the while believing that you "need" to DO even more stuff to get it. You might even become "temporarily happy" from time to time, until the newness of "the stuff" you get wears off.

But REAL happiness and fulfillment will elude you. Real Success, Real Harmony, Real Freedom and Real Fulfillment will never BECOME more than a hope, wish, want, fantasy and/or a pacing fancy.

To GET that; to KNOW and personally experience what REAL Happiness and Real Fulfillment is, and still get "the stuff" that EVERYONE "truly desires" in and for their lives, REQUIRES "getting outside of ourselves."

It's ironic in a sense, yet still a fact that "getting into ourselves"; really and truly delving deeply into and understanding ourselves and KNOWING our value; KNOWING who and what we truly are at the deepest levels, also reveals the IMMENSE VALUE that we each have and are, as well as the importance and the transformational power that getting outside of ourselves always reveals and provides.

But it DOES.

And when we KNOW that and we choose to DO that, it's simply a matter of "choosing" to consistently DO things in a more conscious, intentional and purposeful kind of way than most are currently choosing.

That's when a LARGE SCALE and profoundly POSITIVE impact begins taking form. It's a kind, quality and quantity of impact, that benefits not only the world at large, but transforms your own life in very profound, seemingly magical and what are often perceived as being miraculous ways.

We'll be looking more closely at how true that is and WHY it IS, in future editions.

What's most important for you to know and understand right now is this...

KNOWING your VALUE and DOING all that you're able, is what opens doors, enables you to give more, receive more and experience the fullness of what the world "truly has" to offer and give you.

It's a way of BEING and doing things that provides many more desirable miracles than most receive.

And I KNOW because I've "been there and done that" too. So have A LOT of other people I know and many more that I don't know personally.

And SO CAN YOU, should you choose to do so.

Maybe you don't currently see yourself as having anything of significant value to contribute. It's quite possible that you don't believe that you CAN be a "difference maker." It's also quite possible that you view others as such, but can't at this point, see yourself playing the "difference maker" role, due to any number of less than true factors that you currently believe are keeping you from doing so.

That's quite common too actually. But make no mistake, you can. We ALL can. As we've covered, you already are.

Perhaps your desire is to make an uncommon and extraordinary difference. You can. We ALL can, because we ALL have another common thread that connects and ties us all together. And this other common thread is that we ALL have something significant and meaningful to contribute; a special gift that's unique, one that sparks and fuels passion, invigorates and excites you, AND at the same time positively impacts your own life and the world in far greater ways than you've previously "allowed yourself" to become "aware of", tap into, SEE or use.

Most don't KNOW they can. Most don't believe or perceive that they can, so they never do. Some DO sorta kinda believe they can, yet they have other beliefs and perceptions that keep them from actively engaging themselves and doing so. There are still others who believe and perceive they can, follow through, actually DO it and create the kind and quality of impact that aligns and harmonizes with what they "truly desire" in and for their lives.

But the fact remains; and it's a sad and all too common fact, that most don't, even though WE ALL CAN.

We'll cover more about why that's true too as well as why it's so important to explore, discover, recognize and begin using your unique gift/s, consciously engage yourself, and make the choice to begin projecting your immense value out in the world in a way that you LOVE as we move forward.

For now, I felt it was important to convey that it really doesn't matter what drew you here, where you're starting from, where you've been or where you desire to go. You CAN.

The reason you CAN is because there's yet another common thread that connects and ties us all together. And it's yet another thing that many overlook and are "choosing" to remain unaware of.

The fact that we're all Master Weavers already. We're all using these same common threads, we're ALL consistently weaving and we're all creating and determining the kind and quality of our unique tapestry.

We all WANT a Bayeux Tapestry (one of the most stunning and magnificent tapestries in the world) yet due to how we view ourselves, due to what we "believe and perceive" to be true or untrue about ourselves, how we view others and life in general, combined with what we choose to conceive, imagine, focus on and DO most, we have and are using our Master Weaver Skills in such a way that creates what we perceive as being anything but a magnificent and stunning work of art.

But it doesn't HAVE to be that way!!

It doesn't because those are ALL nothing more or less than choices. They are ALL nothing more and nothing less than choices that we CAN change if ever and whenever WE decide and choose to do so.

And because that's "true"...

You CAN get there; wherever "there" is for you, starting right where you are...regardless.

It's only necessary to become keenly and consciously aware of how our tapestries are being created. Once we're aware of that, we can begin enhancing and expanding our beliefs, developing our understanding, expanding our awareness and once we've made the choice and commitment to do that, we become enabled and empowered to begin utilizing our Master Weaver Skills in a more conscious, intentional, and purposeful kind of way.

That is when our individual tapestries can become the magnificent, stunning and AWESOME works of art that EVERYONE WANTS and DESIRES them to be.

When we make the CHOICE to do THAT, we become enabled and empowered to begin making the kind of choices that serve the world in AWESOME ways, create the tapestries that we'd LOVE to have and in turn begin "receiving" what we want and "truly desire most" in and for our lives.

And that my friend is when life becomes "truly exciting, truly rewarding, REALLY fun and indescribably fulfilling."

What's the bottom line to all that?

YOU Rock!!! You ARE making an impact! You are unique! You ARE powerful beyond measure! You ARE a powerful creator right now! You CAN transform the less than desired into the over the top AWESOME if ever and whenever YOU make the "choice to do so.

That's the big picture view of what Enlightened Journey is going to assist you in both SEEING and DOING. Becoming keenly aware of, developing, honing and using your Master Weaver Skills in a conscious, intentional, purposeful and a meaningful kind of way.

As I hope to convey in a very clear, concise and easy to understand way as we progress, the only limitations that exist for you, your life and the kind and quality of impact that you ARE making, CAN make and WILL continue making, in both your own life and the world at large, are the limitations that you choose for and place on yourself.

And I can assure you based on having been there and done that personally; even though you may not yet believe it...although you may not clearly understand how or why just yet, it's irreversibly and unwaveringly true.

And it's ALWAYS going to be, because it is based on a Higher Truth than most have a keen awareness and understanding of.

We'll be building on what we've covered today so, if you don't already, you can KNOW, SEE and EXPERIENCE that for yourself.

For now know you CAN, I can and so can everyone else...weave a kind and quality of life tapestry that aligns and harmonizes with our deepest and most "heartfelt desires" and impact and contribute to the world in a magnificent and profoundly powerful way, REGARDLESS of where your starting from and whether you currently think and believe you can or not.

It's simply a matter of YOU choosing to or not.

It's that choice and that choice alone that always has, always is and always will determine the kind and quality of your "unique and individual tapestry" as well as impact, either positively or adversely to the large scale tapestry of the collective.

That's enough for now. Keep your eyes peeled for the next edition. We'll be building upon the foundation that we've layed here today.

To Your Health, Wealth, Success and Happiness Today and Always,

Chuck Danes




Enlightened Journey Enterprises
136 Landon Dr.
Edmond, OK 73013

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The 7 Hidden Keys
To Conscious Creation

by Chuck Danes

There are NO SECRETS to creating a life by design and EXPERIENCING the Life You Love...

'The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation'

"Discover the overlooked but
NOT So Secret Keys
to Consciously Activate the
Laws of Nature...every time"

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A Profound Spiritual Journey, the Evolution of Your Soul, Answers, Solutions and the "Completion" You Seek, Is All Right Here in One Place...

HBI's Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Advanced Spiritual Development Series
Core I thru VII

(Click on the appropriate Link Below to learn details about each individual Higher Balance Advanced Spiritual Development Module, Core I thru VII)

Core I - Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System

Higher Balance Institute Core I - Awakening Dimensional Consciousness
Core I - The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System

Core II - The Secret Key

Higher Balance Institute Core II The Secret Key
Core II - The Secret Key

Core III - Phoenix Rising

Higher Balance Institute Core III - Phoenix Rising

Core III - Phoenix Rising

Core IV - Mind Mechanix

Higher Balance Institute Core IV - Mind Mechanix

Core IV - Mind Mechanix

Core V - The Unknown Door

Higher Balance Institute Core V - Unknown Door
Core V - The Unknown Door

Core VI - The Navigator

Higher Balance Institute Core VI - The Navigator

Core VI - The Navigator

Core VII - Circle of Masters

Higher Balance Institute Core VII - Circle of Masters

Core VII - Circle of Masters

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More Dr. Robert Anthony Personal Empowerment Resources Courtesy of Enlightened Journey Enterprises

Conscious Creation
is as Simple as
"Conscious Alignment"

Move beyond what "you think you know" about the Law of Attraction so you can Really KNOW...Certify your results

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Your Level of Self Confidence Is Directly Related to Your Level of Success

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