A Thank You and a Few Questions

by Phil

I would like to first say thank you for the priceless information that you make available for so many. As you stated earlier, there is no price for what you do.

My question is why do you care about others so much that you would want to see an empowered world of people achieving more than they can even imagine possible?

What is your overall philosophy on man? Is man, to you ultimately good or are we just secretly self-serving greedy beings that try to accumulate all we can before we all die?

All in all, whatever your motivation, I find this information very useful. I have been on and off this site for about two years now: its good to see you back.

Phil from Florida

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Chuck’s response to Phil…

Hi Phil,

First and foremost you’re welcome. It’s good to know you find the information priceless and that it benefits you in some way. Thank You for sharing that.

And yes the Enlightened Journey E-zine is without cost, however I do a number of other things that do require an “exchange of value”, such as private consultations, personal coaching and The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation which is a recorded version of a live 8 ½ hour online conference I held some time ago. There are other things I offer as well.

I give what I’m able.

The newsletter is offered and distributed for free simply because I KNOW there are many people “out there” who aren’t in a financial position to purchase and acquire this kind of information yet want to. So you could say it is my contribution; my way of giving back for being enabled to do what I love to do. That stems from a deeply engrained desire to do what I’m able to change the world.

Sometimes music and songs have a greater impact on and provide deeper meaning to some people so I’ll share this as well. It’s a philosophy that if adopted and followed by everyone in even the smallest ways, would without question, quite literally change the world.

Well worth a listen.

Regarding your questions…

Why I care would require many books to convey in a way that’s understandable. Future editions of Enlightened Journey will hopefully explain and make that very clear. The short, succinct answer would be, the greater, more positive impact we make on others not only makes a positive difference in the world as a whole, it also mirrors back in our own lives the kind and quality of contribution we choose to make. We cannot positively impact the lives of others and not benefit individually. It’s how things are, always have been and always will be as I’ll be conveying in a number of easy to understand ways in the future.

With regard to what is my overall philosophy on man? As I stated in the newsletter, my philosophy is that we are ALL awesome, unique and powerful beyond measure. As one of the ancient texts clearly states, “We were created in the image and likeness of God” (or whatever label we might choose individually to describe Source.)

Another text makes it quite clear that “You are the light of the world.” Most just KNOW the depth of what that means, see themselves as that and as result make choices that create “perceived shadows and perceived darkness” in the world and their lives.

The labels “good or greedy” are simply individual observations based on an individual’s beliefs and perspectives which more often than not leads to our individual judgments and the countless labels that follow. None are right or wrong in the bigger scheme of things. Everyone is doing the best they can based on where they are and what they know.

My perspective simply put is that we are ALL born into greatness and conditioned into mediocrity. Greed is learned. Goodness is learned. Everything we are as physical beings was learned throughout our lives. To make the shift from what is labeled “greed to good” simply requires “unlearning” some and in certain cases much of what we’ve been taught with regard to who and what we “truly are.”

We’re FAR MORE than a meat suit, I’ll assure you. But that’s how most view themselves. They don’t look beyond the conditioning, indoctrination and programming we’ve all been exposed to throughout life. It’s simply a matter of relearning what we truly are. We’ll be doing that in the future.

Thank You for your questions and your contribution Phil.

To Your Health, Wealth, Success and Happiness Always,


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