The Akashik Records, A Dummy and You

Now You'll Finally Understand Where "Pure Information"
and Profound Knowledge Comes From

"Your library card to inter-dimensional awareness"

Akashic Records from Eric Pepin and The Higher Balance Institute

Akashic Records, A Dummy and You

Akashic Records, A Dummy and You - $69.00 purchased individually

Your Inter-Dimensional Library Card to that Vast Storehouse of Cosmic Knowledge!

Ever received information and didn’t know where it came from? Answered a question without thinking and found yourself dumbstruck by your own answer? If not, don’t you wish you could?

"This is one of my favorite places to hang out." -Eric Pepin

How do people suddenly realize profound knowledge? Is it from Spirit Guides? Guardian Angels? Intuition? Not according to Eric.

Gain Access and Travel with Eric through The Doors of the Greatest Library this Earth has to offer and Indulge your self!

In this course you will find:

  • How Seemingly Normal People can Receive Profound Knowledge

  • What the Akashic Records actually are!

  • How the Akashic Records relate to you

  • Learn to Access and apply this information for yourself and others!

  • The Functioning Mechanisms in this Dimensional Universe revealed!

  • And so Much More!

"I had always heard of the Akashic Records but never really understood what exactly they were or how someone could gain access to them. I’ve read about them in all of my books, but nobody really gave me a leg up as to how or what they were. After listening to this course I wanted to get up and give Eric a great big hug! It was like this huge AH HAH! Just swept over me! I suddenly realized that I had actually been able to access the Akashic records in the past without even knowing that I had. This course really brought it all into perspective." - Larry H Baltimore, MD

Imagine walking into a room to see a small wooden puppet sitting in a chair. Now ask yourself what you would do if this empty mannequin lifted its head and began revealing secrets of the universe and long lost eternal truths!

Your journey begins with such a tale and in it a hidden backdoor will be revealed to the amazing place known as 'The Akashic Records'!

Lead yourself through Hair-raising accounts on the mechanics of the Akashic Records, and techniques that grant access!

"After I listened to this course I felt like I was given a huge key and gently pointed to a door, and a voice said, ‘through there’. My mind was spinning afterwards for hours piecing everything together. I still don’t know if I got it all but I’m getting ready to go and listen again! Just wanted to say thank you Eric for all of the knowledge you share!" - Abby K Kansas City, MO

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