Big thanks

by Don
(White salmon Wa)

No questions at the moment, I will tell you, that you and I met online before a few years back, after I stumbled on your web sight, the 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation. It was in the beginning of my seeking.

Because I am a bit of an autodidact I had to look and make sure this is legit. I have since been studying a great deal on the matter and on the human mind and condition. I remembered you and came to your sight to further my growth, and seek help to go further.

Thank you Chuck for all of this. It is Brilliant


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Oct 08, 2015

by: Chuck

Hi Don,

You're welcome. My pleasure actually. Thank You for sharing your experience here.

Autodidacticism was my personal path and one choice I'm ecstatic to have made, since the alternative is enabling and allowing the thoughts, beliefs and perspectives of others to form our perceptions, create the paradigm that we exist within and ultimately color our own views of reality in such a way that blinds us to what I like to refer to as a Higher Truth.

Perhaps one day, this information will replace the very limited forms of curriculum taught in our educational systems, enabling us as individuals and a species to create a quality of life and a world that is often described as heaven on earth.

It's most certainly "possible" and only a matter of whether we as a collective people enable and allow it or not.

Thankfully, we can do so individually regardless of what humanity chooses.

The Very Best For You as You Continue Your Journey Don,


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