How To STOP Being A Person That NOTHING Seems To Work For
By Bob Doyle

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How To STOP Being A Person That NOTHING Seems To Work For
by Bob Doyle

Do you ever wonder why great things happen to some peoplebut not to you?

Do you ever read about people who have tried this or thatproduct and had some incredible result, but when you try it,you don't get the same result?

Have you become a person who NOTHING seems to work for?

Maybe you've thought about trying some new self-improvement package that sounds great, but you're just sotired of things not working for you.

Let's take a look at how you've gotten where you are and whythese things might happen.

First, at some point, you tried something - either based ona recommendation, a testimonial you read, or some otherreason. Basically, you tried it based on someone else'spositive experience. However, when you tried it, you did notget the same result so you made the assumption that itdidn't work for you. But how true IS this? Often - VERYoften - things work differently for different people, andit's a mistake to judge your life by comparing it withothers. Perhaps you just needed more time. Maybe yourcircumstances are completely different! Regardless, however,you made up - you CREATED a Truth for yourself at that time,that truth being "This didn't work", although remember, thattruth is based only on your surface comparison with someoneelse...and it really doesn't have anything to do with you,and what - in the cosmic scheme of things - is best for you.Those results you read about for that other person are whatwas right at that time for them, and that doesn'tnecessarily mean that NOW is the time for you and that itwill happen to you the same way that it happened for them!

From then on, every thing else you try is then compared tothat first experience, with the Truth in your mind being"Well, it didn't work that time...let's see if THIS works".So again you're comparing...and not really trying anything"purely" and on it's own merit without preconceived notionsor judgements. You are already working against yourself! Youmay not yet automatically expect failure, but you have it asan option, and perhaps even a probability based on yourprevious experiences.

The more things you try with this mindset, the more youfortify this mindset - it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecythat "Nothing works for me". Before you know it, that is whoyou Become. The person you are about, reaching your specificgoals or trying this or that product or technology is, "Itworks for others but never for me." Once you reach thatplace, it will most certainly become true for you.

So what do you do? How do you break out of this pattern?First, acknowledge how you got comparing yourselfor your results with other people who are really on acompletely different path then you, although they may havebeen after similar results. Then create a new idea foryourself - give yourself permission to experience success onyour own terms, without judging what happens based on otherpeople or expectations set up by anyone other than yourself.

Once you believe that you deserve to succeed and that youCAN succeed and that you WILL succeed, your life willchange. Whatever you try will work for you, because YOUdefine what "working" is - not somebody else! You set yourown timetable, you are relaxed, and non-judgemental. Yourinfinite patience and lack of expectation based Externally,will work with you in very powerful ways and you will regaincontrol over your destiny.

Bob Doyle is the CEO and founder of Boundless Living and the developer of the "Wealth Beyond Reason" and Six Figure Streams programs, which provide a continuing education of the physics of wealth, abundance, and joyous living through the Law of Attraction.

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