Choosing YES

by Mark
(Cary, NC)

Thanks for your inspiring words. I completely agree that we are ALL uniquely created and capable of anything we choose to truly believe and do.

Sometimes I know I have forgotten that Choice is a two way street. That there is a YES direction and a no direction. I have started reminding myself to choose YES and to remember all the times in my past where making that choice has resulted in great people and opportunities showing up in my life.

Thanks again and here's to the Enlightened Journey ahead and to choosing YES.

Chuck's response to Mark...

Hello Mark,

You're very welcome. And Thank You for your input and sharing your perspective and experiences.

Chances are great that they'll serve someone or perhaps many people that you nor I may never be aware of.

And I agree YES is certainly more powerful for producing "desired results" than no FOR SURE.

Thanks Again For Sharing,


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