Choosing YES

by Unnikrishnan
(Trichur, Kerala, India )

Thank you very much for the inspiring words. The word YES should be the "Mantra" for personality development.

Chuck's response to Unnikrishnan...

Hello Unnikrishnan,

You're VERY welcome and Thank You for taking the time to share your comments and perspective.

I wholeheartedly agree. YES is the answer that provides FAR GREATER results than it's polar opposite FOR SURE.

If more people REALLY grasped, understood and consistently chose to apply that in their lives, each edition of the Enlightened Journey E-zine would be SO much more simple to write and FAR Shorter in length too!! :)

The progress is sure but steady though, so I'm good with and actually VERY excited about the way things are.

YES I am. :)

The VERY Best for You as Move Ever Closer To Saying YES To Life,

Chuck Danes

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