Chuck Danes Quotes

Chuck Danes Quotes

Chuck Danes Quotes

Insight, Wisdom and On Target Direction For Experiencing "Real Wealth" and Real Harmony In Every Area Of Your Life

Chuck Danes Quotes provide and convey an uncommon depth of understanding that is sure to assist you in creating and experiencing what Chuck likes to refer to as "Real Wealth", "Real Health", "Real Success", "Real Happiness" and "Real Freedom" in ALL aspects of your life.

Chuck Danes is the founder of Enlightened Journey Enterprises, the author of The Miracle of You and Your Cells, creator of the personal empowerment series, The Key To Effortless Creation and The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation.

Chuck Danes Quotes provide nuggets of powerful insight and transformational wisdom that will, if applied and adhered to, enable and empower you to achieve Real Harmony in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual areas of your life.

Chuck Danes quotes will assist in expanding your mind, opening your heart and your eyes to ways of being and doing things that can, if applied, provide outcomes that mot only enable but empower you to experience life at a level that far too few are aware is available to them.

It's our hope that you'll both enjoy and benefit from the following Chuck Danes quotes, that they might assist and provide you with transformational insight and a sense of direction as you move ever closer toward achieving whatever you aspire to be, do or have in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.

Chuck Danes Quotes

"To see things as they are is to keep them as they are. That's an awesome way to view things if you love life as it is. If not, choose to see things as they can be so they might become that." - Chuck Danes

"Change isn't created by hoping, wishing and praying. But what is hoped, wished and prayed for becomes real through changing. The change begins and ends with you. BE the change and you'll SEE the change...OR you CAN if you choose...keep on hoping, wishing and praying." - Chuck Danes

Learning to look at the tangible world of shape and form through x-ray lenses is the choice that enables and empowers you to see the “seemingly random, chaotic and unsettling” things in the world as and for the miracle and “greater good” that they truly are. – Chuck Danes

"Whatever empowers and raises you up, spend more time, stay focused on and give all the attention you're able to that. Separate yourself from and keep distance between you and whatever things or others who, for whatever reason, play any role in detracting, discouraging or convincing you to choose less. Doing that regardless is key for being, doing and having more. - Chuck Danes

"BE the Light that you are in a way that serves you. There's no need to BEcome what you already are. You CAN use and direct your Light to create and experience what "seems as if" and appears to be shadows and darkness, yet it's only an illusion; a figment of your imagination reflected, created and experienced in your life just as you are choosing. Choose to make the shift and "consciously" BE the Light." - Chuck Danes

Fear, doubt, worry, anguish and anxiety are not real in the literal sense of the word, but rather “seem real” due to ill-gotten and less than true beliefs acquired throughout life. Our choice to internalize, adhere to and act on these beliefs is what causes events, conditions, circumstances and a state of mind that enables these “less than desired” states of being to not only exist, but left unattended, allows them to grow and flourish. – Chuck Danes

The key to a happy life isn't about getting what you want or things unfolding in the way or in the time frame you think they should. It is about learning to love, accept and appreciate what does show up when it does. Our lives automatically become "over the top awesome" when we enable and allow ourselves to see the gift that life is and express "heartfelt gratitude" for all of it...unconditionally. - Chuck Danes

Reality Check - Polarity is a very real and equally important part of life. Pretending it's not, or turning a blind eye to it, whether through ignorance, oblivion or choice, is a decision to enable and allow it to produce much more of what you don't want and far less of what you "truly desire." - Chuck Danes

A choice to look back on anything in anger, hate, remorse of regret is a choice that ensures that there are more storms ahead. Forgive yourself, forgive others and you free yourself. - Chuck Danes

"Creating an extraordinary quality of life is simple. If it feels like Love, move and do something with it. If it doesn't, accept it, shift it, move beyond it, forget it and/or wait till it does." - Chuck Danes

"To Be, Do and Have what you truly desire in life…WHATEVER that is, requires ceasing from blaming, pointing fingers and “judging by appearances.”It requires trusting, loving unconditionally and shifting focus from what you “think you lack” to what you have to be grateful for, starting right where you are…right here, right now…WHEREVER that is." – Chuck Danes

In many more cases than not, it’s not what we don’t know about love, success, or life in general that keeps us from experiencing a kind and quality of life that we truly desire. It is however, what we “think we know.” - Chuck Danes

At the core of every human being is a desire to love and be loved; to be of value, to contribute and make a difference in the world. The key to experiencing Real Success, Real Fulfillment and Real Freedom in life comes through allowing those inherent attributes to resurface, choosing to express them unconditionally; integrating them in all you think, say and do and watching in awe as the world reciprocates. It's an uncommon choice, yet one that enables and allows everyone to win and get what they want. – Chuck Danes

"Any belief that life or any aspect of it is less than miraculous is a belief that will keep life or some aspect of it from being as miraculous as you hope, wish and pray it could be. Miracles ARE Everywhere." - Chuck Danes

"If I were limited to sharing only one word of insight with those who told me they were seeking and truly desired real joy, real serenity and real freedom in life, that one word would be meditation." - Chuck Danes

"Everyone wants awesome results. And there’s a lot of DOING going on in the world yet few claim that their results are awesome. I’ve found that to have awesome results requires thinking and feeling awesome which leads to DOING things awesomely. When you think, feel and do things awesomely you receive awesome things. That’s something to at least “think” about for sure." - Chuck Danes

"Some claim that others are looking for love in all the wrong places.

Looking for love in all the wrong places is, in a humanly intellectual kind of way, a misnomer simply because everything you think, all that you do, everywhere you look and everything you experience as a result is Love revealing itself… unconditionally. It’s simply a kind, quality and magnitude of Love which most can’t even conceive or imagine due to how they choose to think, what they choose to do, what they’re looking for, what they expect and what they experience as a result all of which happen due to a very limited and short sighted perspective regarding what Love truly is.

There is no wrong place unless you believe there is and you simply can’t get it wrong unless you think you can. Love enables and allows you to determine and choose that and provides precisely what and as you choose…unconditionally." - Chuck Danes

We’re kept from being where we desire to be by not allowing where we are to be. Our desire to be where we think we aren’t is all that blinds us to it.

Desire blinds and creates fear. Allowing illuminates and reveals love. The Big Love enables and allows what and where we choose to be...unconditionally. - Chuck Danes

Chuck Danes Quotes

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"Through the limited perspective that the physical senses lead us to believe is so REAL, we often lose sight of a much larger perspective grounded in the Highest Truth with regard to ourselves, others and what life is “truly” about.

To enable the physical senses to fully experience what is truly desired both tangibly and intangibly, it’s often necessary to tone down and bypass the five and allow the 6th sense to lead the way.

We ALL have it. We ALL have access to it. Most just don’t KNOW that they do. You CAN KNOW. You don’t HAVE to. But you CAN if you choose and "truly desire" to." - Chuck Danes

We often ask ourselves questions such as "What do I want to do, Where do I want to go, What do I want to get and Where do I want to end up?" A more tangibly beneficial and life changing question is "Who and What do I want to BE?"

Because when we “choose” to DO that, get CLEAR on that and "Follow its Lead" regardless, you’ll inevitably DO what you “truly desire to DO, go where you “truly desire to go, get what you truly desire to get and arrive at where you truly desire to arrive. It's simply a matter of BEcoming Conscious and Aware of a life changing, life transforming and often overlooked step that has "most" always DOING, always seeking, always getting, yet never actually " DOING, finding, receiving or BEING who, what and where they "truly desire." And the question that normally follows is WHY? - Chuck Danes

"Perhaps the most significant, reassuring and freeing thing I've EVER personally discovered in my own life is that during immense hardship, severe emotional turmoil, dealing with and trying to run away from, avoid and eliminate IMMENSE fear, doubt, worry and anxiety and feeling like you were at the bottom with nowhere to turn is this.

When you get there...IF you get there, you're in a sense forced to let surrender and when you do...IF you do, what many label as a "miracle" unfolds "In the blink of an eye"...literally." - Chuck Danes

"There are MANY myths that we believe to be true and many TRUTH'S that we believe to be myths. The key to shifting from lack, limitation and mediocrity to experiencing an extraordinary quality of life is making the commitment and following through to find out and discern FOR OURSELVES which is which. A choice which MANY never choose to make." - Chuck Danes

"The you that most think and believe they are is but a very small and temporary part of who YOU “truly are.” When you choose to align and harmonize the mental, emotional and physiological aspects of this “little you” with the Real You consciously and intentionally, the small “blink of an eye” period we call life becomes a time of love, caring, sharing and service. That service in turn leads to a joy filled, awe inspiring and grand life experience well beyond what MOST can conceive or imagine and as a result never experience." - Chuck Danes

"Where there are CONDITIONAL forms of love and acceptance, there are, always have been and always will be what “most” judge, label, refer to and experience as “problems in life.” To enable and allow perceived problems to become obsolete is as simple as adding 2 simple letters to the conditional forms of Love and acceptance that most choose.

It looks like this…UNconditional love and acceptance.” Include those; DO THAT in ALL you think, say and do and you’ll KNOW that ANY and ALL “perceived” problems in life are, always have been and always will be self-chosen and self-created.

Do you really want to SEE and EXPERIENCE a whole new life? Take it one step at a time and don’t forget It ALL begins and ends with U. Once you clearly SEE and KNOW that, The N will surely follow." - Chuck Danes

There is no such thing as lack and limitation in the cosmos. But there is such a thing as an “unconscious suppression” of ideas, creativity and action brought on by choosing to focus on lack and limitation.

Consciousness is the Real Currency. When you KNOW that and learn to “consciously direct” yours, lack and limitation become obsolete. - Chuck Danes

"We as a human species have, in the vast majority of cases enabled and allowed what has been programmed into our minds to take precedence over, suppress, silence and keep us from acting on what our soul is crying out to experience. And what we FEEL and KNOW in our hearts is the way, we unknowingly allow our fear based programming to keep us from moving forward." – Chuck Danes

Real Wealth and Real Success, like EVERYTHING else in the world finds it's root in a vibration (a frequency) not a predetermined amount of money and stuff. Aligning and harmonizing what's happening within you with wealth and success reveals in tangible and measurable form just how insignificant and meaningless money and stuff TRULY is, eliminates wanting, hoping, wishing and clingy expectation and inevitably "ALLOWS" wealth and success to flow from, through and to you.

BE wealth and success and you'll SEE wealth and success. BE poor and limited and you'll SEE poor and limited. The Law is no respecter of persons and only honors whatever choices that you have been provided the the right, the free will and the ability to make...unconditionally. - Chuck Danes

Are you "truly ready" for and serious about a total life makeover? It's quite "simple" really once you get the hang of it. "Judge not and fear not your harvest that hides. Just ask, trust, sow Thank You seeds and above all…abide." - Chuck Danes

"Unconditional Acceptance is a vital, yet often overlooked step toward living a life of Joy, meaning and purpose. A focus on woulda, shoulda, coulda only serves to limit and/or sabotage what life CAN, COULD and WOULD BEcome." - Chuck Danes

"There are no good or bad habits nor are there good or bad results. There are only habits that produce results. If you don’t like your results, simply change your habits." - Chuck Danes

"All perceived failures stem from and are determined by false; or more accurately, short sighted assumptions. All success is based on a much broader view which stems from a willingness and the ability to comprehend a Higher Truth. From this broader view, which is easily “seen and KNOWN” through an expansion of “consciousness”, it becomes quite natural, crystal clear and easy to see that "perceived failure" is an illusion yet at the same time a kind and quality of consciousness; as limited and self sabotaging as it might be in a "physical sense", that WILL "enable and allow" you to experience "failure" IF you choose just AS you choose.

That's the Real Beauty of Higher Truth. It enables and allows US to choose and delivers AS we choose." - Chuck Danes

"The physical and the non-physical; the seen and the unseen are often “thought of” as being 2 different things or places. They’re not. One determines the kind and quality of the other. Once you’re “aware of” and truly understand The Miracle of YOU and Your Cells, you’ll SEE and KNOW just how real and true that is." - Chuck Danes

"Creating a life of joy, meaning, purpose and ease isn’t derived from wanting, desiring and attempting to change, escape from nor avoid what is but rather accepting, embracing, loving and being grateful for what is and recognizing it all for the miracle that it is; just as it is…unconditionally." - Chuck Danes

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"As a human species we “get to” focus on and see whatever we choose to focus on and see. And we call that reality. But a “conscious choice” to look beyond reality into Actuality enables you to "SEE The Light" and KNOW that any “perceived darkness” in your reality is nothing more or less than a choice and a focus which is asking for, calling forth, and revealing what can only be described as the Shadow of Love.

KNOW this…or not. Love and Light is ALL there is in Actuality and Love ALWAYS says YES…unconditionally. To consistently "See, Experience and KNOW" this "Love and Light" in your reality is as simple as "choosing to"...or not. A choice to "Be Still" reveals Actuality, turns The Love Light on and dissipates the "perceived and imaginary shadows" of reality." - Chuck Danes

"We often tend to react to others choices and actions with dis-empowering and self sabotaging judgements as labels such as bad, negative, wrong, evil etc. when the most beneficial response for all involved would be to make a "conscious choice" as to who we'll love up close and who we'll "love from a distance." - Chuck Danes

"To live a life you love, you must Love the life you live." - Chuck Danes

"Within adversity exists an opportunity. Within opportunity exists the potential for adversity. They are inseparable. The key to allowing opportunity to overshadow and eliminate the possibility of any potential adversity is to love the idea behind the opportunity, remain within integrity and keep laser focused on the fulfillment of the opportunity before you." - Chuck Danes

In the bigger scheme of things, there are really only 2 choices in life. One is to master your mind and the other is to allow your mind to be and remain your master. Those who choose the latter are those who will never know what it means to experience Real Wealth, Real Freedom and Unconditional Happiness. Emotional mastery is the pathway that always leads to life mastery. - Chuck Danes

You ARE the light of the world just as one of the Masters clearly stated. 21st century science agrees.

You are energy (light) operating within a field of energy (light) infused with an Infinite number of “probabilities.”

The ONLY difference between this Infinite field of light and YOUR light is the simple fact that you have been provided a heart, a mind and the free will to consciously or unconsciously decree, direct and construct the light however you “choose.”

And just as you decree and direct it to, “the light shines upon your ways.”

The quality of your choice/s projects “the light”, attracts “light” of the same vibrational intensity from the field which transmutes from “light waves of probability” into particles of matter which determines the kind and quality of your “tangible and measurable” results.

Any “light” that you choose to project that is of a “lower intensity” than Love can make life “seem as if” the shadows and dark times are real. They’re NOT. They’re “light”, the intensity of which can be enhanced any time you choose.

Choose consciously. Get out of your head and into your heart.

Choose Love and turn on the light. The more you “choose” to do that the more “illuminated” your life path will become. – Chuck Danes

There are really only 3 things to know and do to achieve what you truly desire in life.

KNOW this - The head screams and the heart whispers.

DO this- Turn down the volume of the intellect and tune into, listen and follow the lead that the whispers guide you to take.

FOLLOW THROUGH with this- Use the awesome tools provided to you and DO something with it.

Everything that follows takes care of itself. - Chuck Danes

"Would you like to know when it’s necessary or at the least desirable to become aware of, closely examine, and enhance your beliefs and perceptions? When it feels like you HAVE to do something rather than feeling like you GET to do whatever it is that you choose and desire to do." - Chuck Danes

"It’s through the act of fearing failure, fearing success, fearing rejection, fearing that we’re not good enough, that so often keeps us from taking action in ways that we love. And it’s that act; that choice that often leads to inaction inevitably leading to a “perceived separation” between ourselves and what we love. The solution? Focus on and keep moving toward love…regardless. Lovely things happen." - Chuck Danes

"Knowledge and wisdom are often perceived as being one and the same. They’re not. Knowledge is acquired data. Wisdom comes through a choice to “consciously examine” the knowledge presented, accepting and adopting it as our own only when the data being considered aligns and harmonizes with “Love” of self and others…unconditionally. Anything less is self-limiting and self-sabotaging drivel." - Chuck Danes

"It’s not at all uncommon that becoming tired, weak, anxious, doubtful and sometimes even, EXTREMELY fearful is a requirement before you can become enabled and empowered to choose to discover, see and understand that vitality, strength, peace of mind, assurance and LOVE beyond comprehension are your birthright and yours to claim, know and experience anytime YOU choose." - Chuck Danes

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"There’s nothing to be or do or have in life that you aren’t capable of being, doing and having. The key to experiencing the joy and fullness of life is to just allow yourself to be you and allow that to be as it is…whatever that is. Choosing that “allows” the joy, fullness and the having of what so many are scrambling around, frantically and anxiously seeking, to show up. In the blink of an eye." - Chuck Danes

"When passion drives the actions that you take in your vocation you’ve discovered your purpose. When you align with and engage in your purpose with passion, trading your time for money becomes unnecessary. Your contribution and outpouring of value increase and what you receive back always provides both a desirable as well as an abundant mirrored reflection of that choice. The opposite also holds true.” - Chuck Danes

"Contrary to majority opinion, there is no such thing as truth or untruth. There is however a Higher Truth that ALWAYS provides in tangible and measurable form whatever you believe to be true. Put simply, you ALWAYS get to be right." - Chuck Danes

"Don’t focus on and do what most in the world focus on and do. Unless of course your desire is to receive what most in the world receive. Find and focus on what you Love and do that. Because regardless of what the world focuses on and does, underneath it all they’re looking for Love." - Chuck Danes

"When moving toward whatever you aspire to be, do and have, think not of the thing you desire to be, do or have but rather what that “thing” will enable you to BE and DO once you have it. The Higher Truth is that you DO already have it. Now it’s simply a matter of “allowing it” to materialize." - Chuck Danes

One thing I KNOW to be true based on countless experiences in my own life is the fact that Imagination blended with Grateful anticipation provides tangible and measurable results that far exceed what the many “perceive and believe” to be logical, rational, realistic, feasible and possible. The resulting “miracle” is often looked at, judged, labeled and perceived as something other than it truly is. The only reason that proves “true” time and again for so many is due to the fact that most remain “unaware” of what they are consistently imagining and anticipating, never accept personal responsibility for the “miracles” that are showing up, all the while “perceiving” that quality of life and the creative process is subject to outside forces and influences. - Chuck Danes

"A focus of "what's in it for me", steals, suppresses, limits and sabotages what's truly in it for you." - Chuck Danes

"The mechanism that drives and sustains the creative process is unerring, unwavering, simple, perfect, and precise. The beliefs and perceptions held regarding this mechanism combined with what we choose to believe about ourselves is what enables the mechanism, the process and ourselves to “seem as if” it and we are something less." - Chuck Danes

"The unfolding of miracles is often believed to be made real only by those who have a “special connection” with whatever the Source of your understanding might be. That’s both true and at the same time untrue. You are personally creating miracles every second of every minute of every day. If you’re like most you simply don’t recognize nor acknowledge your own “special connection”, are creating the miracles that surround you “unconsciously” and perceiving your results as something other than the miracles that they truly are.” - Chuck Danes

"Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as average, below average or extraordinary people. Nor is there average, below average or extraordinary results. But there are people who think in average, below average and extraordinary ways which lead to average, below average or extraordinary choices which result in the tangible and measurable manifestation of what we choose to judge and label as being average, below average or extraordinary results. Regardless of what we think or which we choose, a miracle ALWAYS shows up." - Chuck Danes

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"Growth and creating significant change in life requires being open and receptive to ideas and philosophies that extend beyond and may initially conflict with what you think you know and/or want to hear. Many times it’s the very ideas and philosophies that we reject which often prove to be the very thing you NEED to hear to make growth and significant change not only possible but real, tangible and measurable. Always keep an open mind. If your currently held ideas and philosophies were sufficient, there would be no want or need nor any desire to create significant change." - Chuck Danes

"There is no such thing as ordinary people with little or no power. But there are extraordinary beings with an infinite amount of power who never choose to discover just how extraordinary and powerful they are. Those who choose to follow that path end up producing and experiencing a quality of life that is labeled and judged by the many and themselves as ordinary which has them habitually and unconsciously thinking, speaking and acting in an ordinary way and consistently producing ordinary results. And as long as the same choices are made, the cycle continues perfectly, precisely, simply and unconditionally." - Chuck Danes

"Most people believe that their value and worth is determined by how much money they have. Your value and worth has nothing to do with money or any dollar amount. But the amount of money you’ll receive is a reflection of how much or how little worth you believe you have and how you choose to contribute or not the value that is inherently yours." - Chuck Danes

"The vast majority spend the majority of their lives focusing the majority of their time and attention on survival and in so doing never fully understand nor experience what it means to really live." - Chuck Danes

"We’ve each been provided the free will, the ability as well as the gifts to paint our own masterpiece on the tapestry we call life. Sadly, most choose the paint by numbers version designed and drafted by those who would have you adopt, conform, follow and adhere to a predominantly held sheeple people mentality. You have 2 choices in life. Follow your heart and create your own masterpiece or remain limited by the outline of conformity and mediocrity." - Chuck Danes

"The Power of Now and the Power of Being are often overlooked and/or perceived as being esoteric and/or non-applicable in the tangible aspects of life. But the Higher Truth is, what you have chosen to be in the past has determined what you’ve done (or not done) and what you are “seeing now.” To see something different in the future requires choosing to “be” more now so you might do, have and see more later." - Chuck Danes

"Creating a harmonious and joy filled quality of life has nothing to do with the things that we so often think we want, need and “perceive” as being necessary to create this state of being. It does however have EVERYTHING to do with The Main Thing. Discover, understand and immerse yourself in this “Main Thing” and ALL these “other things” will be “added unto you.” - Chuck Danes

"Fear is not a part of who you are but it is a choice you've been provided the gift and the ability to make. It's also a choice which reveals itself as a self created illusion that prevents you from freely expressing and fully "being" who and what you truly are." - Chuck Danes

"There are a lot of quick, cheap and easy push button Law of Attraction products available today claiming to hold the Master Key and/or The Secrets to living a life of joy, purpose and meaning. The Higher Truth is there are no Secrets and no key is necessary. It’s only a matter of consciously choosing which doors you’ll knock on. They’re ALL always open, they always have been and those that provide the greatest and most “desirable results” ALWAYS feel like Love. It’s just a matter of “choosing” to recognize and walk through the ones that do and “loving” the other ones from a distance." - Chuck Danes

"There are a lot of people scrambling around looking for the secret formula and the equation for success. No need to look further. Ordinary beliefs equate to ordinary results. Enhanced beliefs equate to enhanced results. Extraordinary beliefs equate to extraordinary results. BElieve and BEcome whichever you choose." - Chuck Danes

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What you attract in life is directly related to how you “feel” in life. Wanting, hoping, wishing and praying to GET a million dollars while “feeling broke” is as futile as wanting to win a race but not entering it. - Chuck Danes

If you think you know and understand God, you know and understand nothing in comparison to what there is to Know and understand. But keep asking, seeking, knocking and heading in that direction. You’ll receive, you’ll find and the doors you knock on will continue to open. Yet regardless of how far you go and aside from how much you’ll experience or “think you know and understand”, there’s an infinite amount of more to know and understand. It’s ALL good. It’s ALL Love. - Chuck Danes

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"An outpouring of what I like to refer to as the "Seemingly Magical and Miraculous 5" (Loving, allowing, accepting and surrendering...unconditionally) at the mental, emotional and physical levels provides an in-pouring of what you Love physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually. Choosing the opposite is just as Magical and just doesn't "seem" and is seldom judged and labeled that way." - Chuck Danes

"Imagination can be a powerful ally yet also serves as a deterrent as we seek out, and attempt to fulfill whatever it might be that we desire to experience in life. It is expansive beyond description yet at the same time can and all too often is used to construct imaginary walls, blocks, barriers and obstacles that are often perceived as being impenetrable, insurmountable and impossible to get through. Things are never as real as they seem yet they always are as you consistently imagine and perceive them to be." - Chuck Danes

Following the crowd is easy. Following the rich is materially rewarding. Following anybody and doing what they do, although seldom, will sometimes yield results that those who you choose to follow often create. But following your “heart” leads to "Real Freedom" and fulfillment beyond description. It’s the “short path” that far too few choose to follow. - Chuck Danes

"It’s been said time and again over the years that experience is the best teacher. That can be true, assuming that you fully understand that each and every experience you have in life is made real due to your perceptions. If you don’t, yet still believe and choose to allow past experiences to keep you "seemingly trapped" in fear due to what you "falsely perceive" as being wisdom derived from past failures, you could and more than likely will dramatically limit the kind and quality of experiences that you desire but can never achieve simply because you've allowed undesirable and "unconsciously created" experiences of the past to keep you from moving forward, which is required if you’re ever to make today’s "heartfelt desires" real." - Chuck Danes

The entire Universe and the cycles that effortlessly sustain it are based on a very simple, unerring and unwavering principle. As you sow you reap. As you give, you receive. What you put out you get back.

Want more love? Give more love. Want more wealth? Give from what you have. You receive based on what you give to others with a "cheerful heart."

Want more? Give more. It REALLY is that simple. - Chuck Danes

Doing what the truly successful do doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get what the truly successful get. Thinking like those who are experiencing the success you desire followed with inspired action that motivates, invigorates, excites and serves both you and others, all but guarantees that you will. What inspires you and more importantly, what are you going to do (or not do) about it? Do yourself and the world a HUGE favor. Do that. - Chuck Danes

"When all you think, say and do aligns with the good of all…when “love” is the intention and the focus for yourself and others, everybody wins. Richness, meaning and purpose become real. Choose the polar opposite…think fearful thoughts, reinforce those with fearful and/or hurtful words and do things in a fearful way for fearful reasons, you’ll perceive yourself as “losing and failing.” But the Higher Truth is, you can’t lose or fail because “Love always says yes” and always honors your choices." - Chuck Danes

What does "Getting back to reality" mean to you? If it's anything less than a consistent flow of miracles and "perceiving" anything less than perfection and simplicity, your concept of and experiences in your reality are going to yield far fewer "desirable outcomes" than what's truly available to and for you. - Chuck Danes

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We each have our own views, perspectives and “perceived truth” regarding what reality is and isn’t. The Higher Truth is, reality is all about perspective and not tangible results. If you have a desire to enhance your tangible results, change your perspective regarding the reality you are existing in and creating for yourself. - Chuck Danes

"Changing the facts regarding what is requires a willingness to face and consciously address the "real facts" which make what is, what it is. The Higher Truth regarding experiences perceived as being so real is this. Facts don’t create facts. Perceptions and judgments create facts in the minds of those who are doing the judging. Changing less than desired facts into more desirable experiences is as simple as shifting the perception that’s creating the “perceived fact” which in turn changes the judgment and experience of it." - Chuck Danes

There is no need to seek out or find Love. It’s all around you. In fact you're a part of it. It’s only necessary to open your eyes and your heart to see and feel just how "true" that is. - Chuck Danes

Some unknowingly sacrifice their freedom for what they “perceive” as being security. Yet real security and real freedom are a given…an inherent and freely provided gift, requiring no seeking out or sacrifice. Chasing a false sense of security while sacrificing freedom never has and never will provide real security nor freedom. Aligning and harmonizing with Love in ALL you think, say and do ALWAYS does. – Chuck Danes

"The only real fact of life is the fact that your perceptions make the quality of your life whatever you choose for it to be." - Chuck Danes

When you get to the place that you can clearly see all things in life, past, present and future as well as all people, events, conditions and circumstances encountered in life as they “truly are” and treat them “as that” then you’ll become enabled and empowered to experience the fullness, joy, harmony and fulfillment that life can and does provide by simply making that choice. Don’t leave yourself out of the equation. That’s where it all begins and ends. Make a conscious and intentional choice to learn who and what you “truly are” and BE that. – Chuck Danes

Individually, we are initiating, nurturing and supporting the growth of love and/or fear in the world. And collectively that choice leads to the tangible expression of the events, conditions and circumstances in the world on a global scale that both Love and fear create. Yet each choice made and every step taken individually, regardless of how "perceived" is one step closer to where you truly desire to be. But it’s you that must choose to see it that way for it to become real and true for you. Learn to Love, enjoy and savor the journey...unconditionally and you'll personally experience just how true that is. - Chuck Danes

Life is all about perception and choice. What we have or don’t have is also a matter of perception and choice. We all have something. Your predominant focus always yields a harvest that harmonizes with whatever you choose to focus on as the ancient text clearly states. “For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away.” What do you perceive yourself as having or not having? Where is your focus? - Chuck Danes

Difficulties in life, regardless of how perceived are Loves gentle nudge to encourage us to look at what’s happening within ourselves. Love gives and Love takes away yet both are gifts which always serve a greater good. Smile, give thanks, do the very best you know to do, then simply let go and “allow” Love to do what Love always does. Fine tune as necessary. - Chuck Danes

Love knows no time nor distance and should never be something we express to some and not others. Granted we might choose and find it necessary to love some folks from a distance but loving unconditionally is the key to Real Wealth, Real Health and Real Happiness in life. – Chuck Danes

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Most in the world today are trying to figure out how to create this or get that. It’s not a matter of figuring things out. It’s a matter of remembering that it’s ALL been created already and once remembered unlearning many of the ways you’ve been taught to make it real. It’s what’s been learned that creates “perceived separation” and often keeps heartfelt desires (what already is) from becoming a tangible reality. - Chuck Danes

"Having is approx. ninety percent BEING and ten percent DOING. What are you BEING as you DO whatever it is that you DO? Becoming clear on and keenly aware of that can increase what you’ll HAVE exponentially should you choose to BE who you “truly are” and DO something that aligns and harmonizes with that. Real and lasting Happiness is always the reward." – Chuck Danes

There are no endings, only new beginnings. Pondering on the regret and sadness of a "perceived" ending only serves to delay the recognition, joy and fulfillment of the new beginning. It's all perfect...always. Seeing things that way and expressing "heartfelt gratitude" for all of it is but a choice. But a "preferred" one if you're heartfelt desire is to experience the fullness, joy and promise of new beginnings. - Chuck Danes

Return to your childlike state. Trusting, caring, unafraid. Leave your pain, sadness, troubles insecurities and fears behind. Choose Love, follow your heart and really live. - Chuck Danes

If you believe that your problems are bigger than you, you get to be right. If you choose to enhance your awareness regarding the power you hold to create your life by design, you also get to be right. There are 2 ways to view why that's true. One is that the Universe doesn't care and always provides an effect that aligns and harmonizes with the cause. The other is that Unconditional Love always says yes. - Chuck Danes

The greatest Secret any seeker could discover as it relates to experiencing the greatest possible quality of life is realized by understanding that there are no Secrets. When you stop looking for it “out there” and look within quietly, openly, consciously, intentionally and purposefully, the hushed, often overlooked and secretive voice of the subconscious becomes quite revealing. - Chuck Danes

A lot of people claim and honestly believe that they’re “stressed out” due to their quality of life. This is a misnomer and a perception that will keep stressed out as a persistent, self replicating reality. It’s not life nor the events, conditions and circumstances in life that create the stressed out experience, but rather an individual’s beliefs and perceptions about life and the quality of it. - Chuck Danes

Events, conditions and circumstances in life are seldom as they SEEM, but ALWAYS as you "perceive." - Chuck Danes

Today, like every day is a day for many choices. You can choose anger or you can choose happiness. You can choose Love or you can choose fear. You can choose judgment or you can choose acceptance. The real beauty of it is that whatever you choose, Love always honors and says yes…unconditionally. Choose consciously and you’ll make today all you hope, wish, dream and truly desire for it to be. - Chuck Danes

Economy's thrive or fail not because of random external circumstances or the choices of a few but rather because of the predominant focus of the many. Namely the collective.

Your MEconomy is determined by your individually chosen focus and how you choose to respond or react to what's created by the collective. And the results you receive individually are always harmonious with that individual choice. Choose wisely and consciously.- Chuck Danes

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"The most transformational advice I'm currently aware of is "Get out of your head and into your heart." When fear speaks (head junk) face it, acknowledge it, accept it, embrace it and move through it. When Love speaks (heart stuff)...LISTEN, MOVE and DO something with it...right now...before your head talks you out of it. - Chuck Danes

Those who choose to believe that taking action to make their heartfelt desires real and tangible requires more time and energy than they “perceive” themselves as having, never take that first step and can never see or experience just how quickly, simply, magically and in many cases miraculously the fulfillment of those “heartfelt desires” can be. Wishful thinking remains a consistent and tangible reality. - Chuck Danes

Many limit themselves by “perceiving” self-worth and self-esteem as being one and the same. Your self-worth was determined long ago and is much more vast, significant and awesome than most are willing to accept. Your self-esteem is determined based on what you’ve learned, allowed, adopted and accepted regarding yourself and your “true worth.” Life always provides a mirrored reflection of that choice. - Chuck Danes

Mediocrity and “perceived” failure in life or business are never “truly” mediocre or a failure at all but only a reflection of what we are choosing and/or have chosen for ourselves. Source…God…the Cosmos never gets it wrong. The great news is, since that’s true, we have the ability to make new choices and experience extraordinary success...or not. – Chuck Danes

Those who "do" always receive something. Those who "consciously align and harmonize" what they're "being" with what they do always receive many more "pleasing and desirable" somethings. The Power of Being is where it all begins. That's certainly worth "thinking about" and learning how to direct and "do" consciously. - Chuck Danes

We're all dreaming every second of every minute of everyday, even when our eyes are wide open. And the miracle proof is showing up all around us although some aren't aware it's a dream or that their chosen dreams are creating it. If we "desire" a greater miracle...a more desirable and pleasantly harmonious dream...all that's required is choosing to enhance the quality of the dream you're choosing to dream. - Chuck Danes

We each were provided the gift as well as the ability to paint our own masterpiece on the canvas of life. Yet most choose the paint by numbers version. To be, do and have what we "truly desire" in life, it's important to be and do what others choose not to in order to have what others never will. Be you. The "real" you. - Chuck Danes

There are but 4 things you can't control in life. The fact that ALL things are the result of consciousness, the fact that you think, the fact that creation is a constant and the fact that everything derived from and made real and tangible due to that process is a miracle, as all creation is. What you can and must control if you truly hope to experience desired miracles is the kind and quality of your consciousness. - Chuck Danes

Harmony is your birthright and claiming yours is as simple as choosing to say YES, focusing on and moving toward what you "truly desire." Intentionally...Purposefully...Consciously. - Chuck Danes

Contrary to majority opinion, it’s not so much what we don’t know that keeps us from achieving all that we have the desire and capability to achieve. It’s more times than not what we “think we know” which determines what we do or don't do which always precedes, determines and harmonizes with what we have or don't have. - Chuck Danes

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Change is a given but how we "perceive" the change we experience is optional. Are you embracing change or resisting it? That without fail determines the kind and quality of the experience that change always brings. - Chuck Danes

What you do for others you do for yourself. What you do to others you do to yourself. Experiencing harmony and fulfillment in life is quite simple. Love, honor and accept yourself unconditionally and you'll "do" for others and yourself in a way that harmonizes with what most "perceive" as being miraculous "tangible and intangible results." - Chuck Danes

Choosing to look at and ponder on the past in remorse or regret only serves to take your "minds eye" off of your "desired" path which can only serve to create further remorse and regret in the future which your physical eyes will see and experience. - Chuck Danes

"Reflect each day on all you have to be grateful for and you will receive more to be grateful for." -Chuck Danes

An expression of gratitude in all situations in life regardless of the "perception" of the experience will project, resonate and “attract” to you more outcomes to be grateful for. - Chuck Danes

Fear cannot exist in the presence of love any more than darkness can exist in the presence of light. There is no polarity/duality in “Unconditional Love” and in the bigger scheme of things…absent all the individually held perceptions, beliefs and judgments regarding what‘s “real, right and true“…Love is all there is. - Chuck Danes

Creating wealth is as simple or as difficult as YOU allow it to be. It's as simple or as difficult as that. - Chuck Danes

"Perceived" disharmony and discord on the outside is nothing more than the manifestation of a habitual and self repeating internal dialogue that some choose to overlook, remain unaware of and oblivious to. - Chuck Danes

To resist change is to resist the flow of nature as well as the laws that govern it. Let's just say, that to resist is probably not the greatest of ideas when creating 'desired' results is the intention. - Chuck Danes

Happiness is experienced as the result of anticipating the joy and excitement of new beginnings rather than dwelling on regret and the sadness of “perceived” endings. It’s nothing more or less than a choice. - Chuck Danes

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Wealth doesn't happen merely as a result of physical doingness. Real Wealth is obtained as a result of internal "Beingness." BE wealthy inside…take action now. Remain alert and aware of the signs that reveal themselves…Learn to recognize them…take conscious, focused and consistent action on them and wealth will be yours - Chuck Danes

Any heartfelt desire not realized and made "real and tangible" outside is the result of a disharmonious internal dialogue that we often "perceive and judge" as creating disharmony and discord. But creation is NEVER disharmonious nor discordant. It's ALWAYS perfect and precise. - Chuck Danes

Wealth like EVERYTHING else in the world is merely the effect of a specific resonance. If you have a desire to be wealthy simply resonate with wealth on the inside and wealth will become a part of you on the outside with unwavering certainty. - Chuck Danes

Money is merely energy. Poverty like wealth is merely energy as well. To experience wealth or poverty you only need resonate and project a vibrational resonance that is conducive to and harmonizes with the outcome regardless of which end of the spectrum the outcome lies. The beauty of life is that you get to choose. Learn to choose and resonate "consciously." - Chuck Danes

There are two predominant choices that we each have in life. One is to wrestle and resist what "appears" to be real and the other to flow with, accept and be grateful for all we encounter. Neither is right or wrong but one will produce far greater results. It's simply a matter of individual choice. - Chuck Danes

Luck is a state of mind. The more conscious you become of and intentionally focused you are with yours, times in seemingly random, coincidental and even miraculous ways, the luckier you'll get. - Chuck Danes

In a world where abundance and plenty are "infinite" in nature, there is no such thing as “money problems” but rather “money symptoms” that ALWAYS manifest and show up in “tangible form” as the result of the “real problem” which always finds it's root in the "stories" we choose to hold individually with regard to money (or anything else for that matter) and our worthiness or "perceived" unworthiness to receive it. - Chuck Danes

"The more I grow and the more I know, the more I understand just how little I know and understand." - Chuck Danes

"One of the most important, beneficial and hard learned lessons I have acquired in life is that it's not what well intentioned men may "tell" me with regard to which way to go, which actions to take or not take that is important in the acquisition of "true wealth", but rather observing and making my decisions as to the validity of what is shared based on the kind and quality of life that those who are doing the suggesting are personally experiencing as a result of their beliefs and understanding." - Chuck Danes

Sympathy and thoughtless handouts nurture and create dependent and needy followers. Love, empathy and compassion followed by a needed hand up serves to create empowered and self-sufficient leaders. - Chuck Danes

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Listening to and following the advice of those who lack what it is that you have a desire to experience in your life is no different than the blind attempting to lead the blind and you "allowing" them to. - Chuck Danes

The most profound, powerful and life transforming advice I could ever provide to someone looking for answers with regard to enhancing their quality of life is to take the initiative to become keenly aware of yourself. It's by enhancing this understanding of self that "The Key To Effortless Creation” is found. - Chuck Danes

The best and most life transforming advice I could ever provide to someone looking for answers with regard to enhancing their quality of life is to take the initiative to become keenly aware of the power that lies within yourself. There you will discover a "profound" depth of wisdom and understanding leading to a life of fulfillment and harmony that far exceeds anything acquired in the external world. - Chuck Danes

Self awareness is a key aspect to awakening the limitless potential within you. Meditation is the best vehicle I've discovered thus far for tapping into and acquiring that knowledge. There is immense power in the silence - Chuck Danes

"Contrary to widespread opinion, life is not complex or complicated. We perceive it as being complex and complicated. When we stop spending so much time “blindly doing things” unconsciously and start spending more time DOING more things that contribute to BECOMING and/or BEING conscious, we automatically begin doing whatever we choose to DO in a more conscious, intentional and purposeful way. And through DOING things in that way and in that order, we “allow” life to once again become simple, profoundly abundant and indescribably fulfilling…just as it was designed to BE. DOING so is not nearly as “complicated” as you might think." - Chuck Danes

Everyone has a perception and as a result an opinion. To create "real wealth" in your life make certain that you only expose yourself to and allow yourself to absorb the opinions of those which are in alignment with what you "truly" desire to experience. - Chuck Danes

Far too many well intentioned naysayers unknowingly squelch the hopes and dreams of those who might otherwise have advanced forward to change the entire course of history. There are just as many that allow them to do so - Chuck Danes

The mass majority go through their entire life choosing to hold a "sheeple people" mentality and wonder why they fail to experience outcomes above and beyond what the mass majority do." - Chuck Danes

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If "true wealth" is a desire that you hold, establish the necessary belief in yourself as well as it's inevitable and certain arrival and you will soon experience it for yourself. - Chuck Danes

Those who choose to believe that their ability and actions are insignificant in creating what they truly desire for themselves often leads to inaction. Life is about choice and the choices we make or don’t make, show up as the events, conditions and circumstances that fill our lives. Not choosing is also a choice. - Chuck Danes

"If you feel discouraged, keep going. If you feel tired get some rest and begin again. If you feel beaten down, defeated and ready to quit, find a mentor, but don't EVER quit until you're experiencing your dreams. They're far closer and more easily attained than most realize." - Chuck Danes

Men may tell you things based on their individual perception fully believing that it is truth, and for them it is. But discern carefully if it is a truth that will serve to fulfill your most cherished and sought after dreams and desires before adopting it as your own. - Chuck Danes

"If the individual perception and belief of one were forced upon all the people of the world, we'd experience a world of exact replicas. Choose yours wisely and consciously." - Chuck Danes

97% of the people in our world experience many of the same disappointing outcomes with regard to the attainment of "real wealth" in their lives while the other 3% do something different. Which ones will you choose to follow?" - Chuck Danes

To live a life unconscious of and oblivious to your "true" potential is to live a life full of fear, doubt and worry always wondering what the world might throw at you next. - Chuck Danes

It's amazing to me that the majority scoff at the concept of consciously and purposefully creating your life experience fully believing that ones ability to do so is a fantasy when the real reality is that it is the "perceived" fantasy which is made real through the predominant focus of ones consciousness. - Chuck Danes

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Many experience less than desired outcomes and call it failure. In reality there is no such thing. "Perceived" failure is merely a choice to quit which creates the outcome that you chose for yourself perfectly and with unwavering certainty just as you instructed. An experience of Success or Failure unfolds just as your consciousness instructs, but creation NEVER fails. Something is ALWAYS being created…continuously, perfectly, successfully and without fail - Chuck Danes

Consciousness is the equivalent of the seed that determines your harvest in life. Most just plant "unconsciously" and call it fate, luck, chance or worse…unfulfilled desires. - Chuck Danes

What many refer to as "unanswered prayer" is merely a misdirected quality of consciousness at the conscious or subconscious level. Your underlying beliefs create your physical reality. As you "believe" you DO receive without fail…unconditionally - Chuck Danes

Self sabotage is merely conflicting beliefs held at the subconscious level which can be equated to the weeds which are choking out your desired harvest.. - Chuck Danes

Hopes, dreams and desires begin and are fulfilled or unfulfilled in life, not at the level of "doingness" but as a result of "beingness." - Chuck Danes

Knowledge doesn't equate to power as most believe. Knowledge is merely stored information which until "consciously" applied is simply useless data taking up space. - Chuck Danes

You can "know" how to drive a car but until you get behind the wheel and drive it you'll get nowhere. Knowing in and of itself doesn't produce results. Knowing and doing creates desired outcomes which are often referred to and "perceived" as miracles. - Chuck Danes

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Every second of every day is a miracle creation, the outcome of which is being determined only by the kind and quality of consciousness that you hold with regard to it which will determine what additional miracles unfold at some point in the future. - Chuck Danes

Gratitude is understanding that whatever it might be that you are experiencing in your life is unfolding just as you believe that it will. - Chuck Danes

Faith and Abundance is all there is. There exists no such thing as a "lack" of faith. The kind and quality of the faith you have will determine the kind and quality of the results you're experiencing and what you'll receive an Abundance of.. - Chuck Danes

Having faith that you'll be broke will with unwavering certainty create being broke in your life. To change the outcomes in your life become conscious of and change the underlying faith which is creating it. "As you believe, you WILL receive." - Chuck Danes

Faith is beingness and physical actions taken are doingness. Whatever you are "being" will determine the results that your doingness produces. - Chuck Danes

Beingness serves as the "seed"…doingness serves as the nurturing of that seed. When your doingness harmonizes with your beingness…miracles unfold. - Chuck Danes

Self sabotage happens as a result of your inner beingness being misaligned and disharmonious with your outer doingness. - Chuck Danes

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To be "conscious" of your "consciousness" is to know and experience a power unequaled in the physical world. - Chuck Danes

Real power is experienced as the result of tapping into the "true" essence of you which is spirit and consciously harmonizing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of you with it's Infinite probabilities which reveals a power so strong, so immense, so utterly "Love", that nothing…NO-Thing can contain it. - Chuck Danes

Physical power is finite and temporary…Real power is infinite and eternal. How do you experience "Real Power?" Learn to love unconditionally. - Chuck Danes

There is but one thing that keeps people from experiencing the kind and quality of life that they desire to experience…Themselves. More specifically the kind and quality of their consciousness. Develop a "Wealth Consciousness" and BE wealthy- Chuck Danes

You can choose to remain where you are as well as choose to discover and begin experiencing for yourself what it means to become a conscious and purposeful creator of the events, conditions and circumstances which make up your life experience. It's that choice, and that choice alone that will determine the kind and quality of your future experiences. - Chuck Danes

Choose a scattered consciousness you choose disharmony and discord…Choose a money consciousness you choose material gain…Choose a wealth consciousness you choose harmony and fulfillment in every aspect of your life. - Chuck Danes

Many perceive the closing of an experience in their lives to be an "ending" rather than seeing the gift for what it "truly" is which are wondrous and glorious new beginnings IF you'll only "allow" them to be. There exist no endings…only new beginnings. - Chuck Danes

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When desired outcomes occur in the physical world, the size and intensity of which conflicts with common human understanding many choose to "perceive" and call such occurrences "miracles." Creation is ALWAYS in All Ways a miracle…There only exist small creations and big creations and creations that fall in between. Creation never wavers. Every second of every minute of every day of life is a miracle, the kind and quality of which we each get to choose. Choose consciously. - Chuck Danes

"Real Wealth isn't something you achieve but rather something that you are. Real Wealth is experienced in happiness. Happiness is not an emotion but rather a state of being. Real Wealth and Happiness isn't "achieved" by having what you want. Real Wealth and Happiness are "experienced" by wanting what you have…savoring, feeling and expressing heartfelt gratitude for the countless blessings that you are experiencing right now which will draw to you more wealth to be grateful for and happy about.

Wealth Creation doesn't create happiness. Happiness makes the experience and creation of wealth possible…effortlessly. Be happy...Be wealthy and you will know what it "truly" means to experience Real Wealth." - Chuck Danes

We’re each provided with an incredible gift. It’s called an inalienable right of free will. No one can ever take that from you. How you choose to utilize it, whether for experiencing lack or fulfillment is a choice that only you can make based on how you choose to utilize the gift provided - Chuck Danes

Accepting responsibility for where you are is the first essential step in getting where it is that you truly desire to go. - Chuck Danes

A heartfelt expression of Love combined with a willingness to Surrender initiates a power so strong that nothing can escape it. Gratitude always follows. - Chuck Danes

The power of 2 is often misunderstood as being twice that of one. It’s more…much more…it’s squared. - Chuck Danes

To truly grasp and comprehend the power of gratitude in shaping your life experiences you must first understand that all of life’s experiences are derived from Unconditional Love and that you are doing the choosing and as a result, the creating. Learn to be grateful for ALL of it and life will continually amaze you - Chuck Danes

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You don’t have to understand or even be aware of Universal Law to create fulfillment in life. The only time it’s necessary is if you’re not and don’t understand how to change it. - Chuck Danes

To change what is into what’s not, it’s only necessary to discover who and what you truly are and combine that understanding with conscious application of the power that you already hold. - Chuck Danes

To doubt your capability to create whatever dreams and desires you may hold for yourself is to create outcomes that correspond perfectly with the belief. Since you‘re already creating anyway why not make it grand? - Chuck Danes

There is only one thing that we can control…ourselves. Fulfillment in life is only possible as the result of a willingness to evolve in consciousness. - Chuck Danes

I think people fail to step out of their ‘comfort zones’ and take action to fulfill desired outcomes due to past unpleasant experience fearing that it may be wrong, when the reality is that it was the underlying thought held at the time that was responsible for the original outcome, not the action in and of itself. - Chuck Danes

In looking at the various choices we have the ability to make throughout life it really boils down to only two. One is that we can continuously keep our focus on a fear of what might happen, the other is that we can choose to focus on the love of what is happening. This is how literal miracles occur and “true” happiness and harmony in every area of life is is achieved. - Chuck Danes

"Ironically the only kind of control and power that really matters and produces "seemingly miraculous" results can never be achieved through force or trying but rather through allowing and surrender" - Chuck Danes

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"A choice to appreciate, express gratitude and keep focus on what you do have rather than choosing to focus on, resent and resist what you don’t have will, sometimes in seemingly miraculous and synchronistic ways, provide yet more to appreciate, express gratitude for and keep focus on." - Chuck Danes

Contrary to majority opinion, it’s not so much what we don’t know that keeps us from achieving all that we have the capability to achieve. It’s more times than not what we “think we know.” - Chuck Danes

Life has for the most part been perceived as a difficult puzzle. For me the pieces consist of quantum physics, the teachings of the spiritual masters, understanding the human physiology, and the simple observation of nature. They made the puzzle complete and revealed the simplicity and perfection behind it all. - Chuck Danes

Few are able to grasp the fact that all events, conditions and circumstances experienced in life are provided due to Love. Unconditional Love. It’s this Love that enables us to choose, attract and experience whatsoever we desire based on our own unique and individual choices. - Chuck Danes

To experience an extraordinary life is as simple and complex as learning and understanding the method we utilize to do the asking, the answer received always harmonizes with our choice. - Chuck Danes

A choice to look at and perceive life on a surface level keeps us grounded and deters our hopes, dreams and desires to shoot for and reach the stars. - Chuck Danes

I’ve come to believe know and understand that you can be, do and have whatever you choose in life. It’s only necessary to wake up and become conscious of what it is that you’re choosing to believe, know and understand. - Chuck Danes

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If our fondest hopes, dreams and desires were impossible to acquire, why would our ability to conceive them exist? - Chuck Danes

Many claim that certain achievements in life are impossible. For them they always will be. - Chuck Danes

The ability to conceive a thing is the ability to create it. - Chuck Danes

When you “truly grasp” the fact that all things...ALL things already exist as a probability, the probability for you to experience them increases exponentially. - Chuck Danes

Seeing and perceiving life as random, hard, difficult and scary ensures that your life will be random, hard, difficult and scary. - Chuck Danes

We’re all for the most part provided the same attributes. We all have arms, legs and a torso. Those who achieve uncommon results understand that harmonizing heart and mind with these tools creates results uncommon. - Chuck Danes

The power within you far exceeds what most “perceive” power to be which is of an external nature. The quality of your life and the heights you’ll reach only depends on which you choose to utilize. - Chuck Danes

More Chuck Danes Quotes

There is nothing external to you that can steal your power with the exception of your choice to allow it. - Chuck Danes

The greatest form of power we possess is the power to love, allow and surrender…unconditionally. - Chuck Danes

A choice to attempt to control is the choice that precipitates losing all control. - Chuck Danes

Choosing to try is a recipe for failure. Choosing to be and do until the desire is achieved creates outcomes that many “perceive“ to be miracles. - Chuck Danes

Failure is nothing more than a perception and a choice that becomes real and tangible when we perceive and choose to allow it to be. - Chuck Danes

The Universe doesn’t know failure. Creation is a constant. Failure is only the result of a successful creation based on our shortsighted beliefs and perceptions and the Universe honors that choice and provides it just as we choose. - Chuck Danes

When you can truly tune out of “the risk of failure” and into inevitable and certain success, you eliminate the probability of failure and insure success. - Chuck Danes

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Hoping, wishing and praying from a place of fear can never create what is being hoped, wished and prayed for. Knowing from a place of Love can and does…every time. - Chuck Danes

Fear can only reveal itself and become real when you take your eyes off of love. - Chuck Danes

A choice to not choose your own path in life is a choice to allow someone else to choose it for you. - Chuck Danes

A lack of faith is non existent. We all have faith in something the unfolding of which we’ll always eventually see and experience. - Chuck Danes

"Every thought we think, every word we speak, every action we take and every event, condition and circumstance that we experience as we go through life is a reflection of and defined by what we’re choosing to be in any given moment. The definition we provide to whatever that is, is what defines us in that moment. Choose to BE what you’d love and desire to see." - Chuck Danes

The path to greatness is an uncrowded one. Being one in the minority who chooses to walk such a path simply requires looking at, perceiving and doing things in life that the masses choose not to. - Chuck Danes

A choice to focus on and bypass “problems” is a choice to remain trapped within their grasp. A choice to focus on and embrace opportunity is a choice to create a quality of life that only the minority do. - Chuck Danes

A choice to accept responsibility for and take “conscious control” of everything in your life is a choice to reclaim your power. - Chuck Danes

The term conscious control simply means to remain aware of what you’re choosing to focus on and intending for your life and once mastered giving up the need to control when and how it’s delivered. - Chuck Danes

Your Attention Determines Your Intention Which Creates Your Reality

Yet the vast majority are “Unconscious” of the intentions they are stating for themselves which results in self limiting “perceptions” that life is a game of chance, unfolding randomly and/or chaotically

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