by Teres Slade
(United Kingdom)

I came to find you because I came to a point in my life where I was asking, what is the point in life if you are always struggling and unhappy.

I have been asking for a long time, but one day out of the blue my daughter got a contract phone with a free kindle, so she let me use it.

I was on amazon still asking for answers when I came across a book all about the Law of Attraction, so I read it then looked into it a bit more and came across the film, The Secret.

I had never heard of it before. I still have not watched it, but I did watch a video showing people talking about the film and the law of attraction.

The lady who made the film talked about how she came to find out about the law of attraction. She mentioned a book called The Wisdom of Wallace) by Wallace D Wattles.

I read that but still, I wanted to know more. I also bought the book, The Law of Attraction: (The basics of the teachings of Abraham).

I am still reading their book, but I also watched some of the videos on you tube with Ester Hicks. I do totally understand what they are all saying but I seem to get all happy and want to do what they are saying but then all I do is again go back to obviously feeling not worthy.

Well anyway, I came to find you because I get a news letter from one of those spiritual sites, who funny enough was talking about abundance, so I typed into the internet "abundance", and I chose you.

I downloaded your book about cells. I thought it was really good, and I do believe it all, but there is still something stopping me. The funny thing is, is that the law of attraction has worked in my life before, and I believe by asking for answers, is what has led me to being here right now.

Chuck's response to Teres...

Hi Teres,

Thank You for sharing here.

Self esteem is key. Our self worth never changes. You are certainly worthy as we ALL are. Our beliefs and perceptions about our "worth" is the only thing that can or does diminish it. By the same token, it can and does change when we start asking for and seeking a Higher Truth and "keep on keeping on" until we find it.

It really doesn't have to be "looked for" because it's already within us. It's simply a matter of removing the "layers" of beliefs that keep us from "seeing it" within ourselves.

First and foremost, what's recently been "renamed" the Law of Attraction is always "working." How it works and what it provides us in life is determined by what we ask.

Case in point...

You've asked for answers for a "long time" as you say. Your daughter got a contract phone with a free kindle. She let you use it.

That wasn't a coincidence or a random occurrence. You asked and the "answer" came.

As the ancient text states, "Ask and you shall receive." You've asked and you're being directed to the very answers that you're seeking. Whether we SEE those answers or not and take action on them, only depends on our "perceptions and beliefs."

In other words, the mindsets we hold, the thoughts we think, the emotional responses or reactions that follow and the actions we take all play a role in "seed planting." The "harvest always mirrors those seeds.

I agree about your asking and where you're being directed. Based on what you've shared here, the Law of Attraction (the "seeds you've planted" by asking) has drawn you to the harvest by way of answers that you've asked to receive. I believe we're always met where we are. There are no accidents or coincidences in life.

We're always being provided answers to our "asking" and consistently directed where we need to be. Benefiting from that direction in a tangible kind of way requires taking "action" on what we're led to and remaining open to the deeper "answers" that exist within every resource, book, program, event, condition or circumstance.

I think the single most important questions we can ask ourselves are...

"What does this situation mean?"

"What can I learn from it?"

"What good can I find within it?"

"How can I be "grateful" for it?"

The simplest, easiest and most succinct way to address that here would be to share what I always say...

"Creating an extraordinary quality of life is profoundly simple. If it feels like Love, focus on it, move and DO something with it. If it doesn't, accept it, shift it, move beyond it, forget it and/or wait till it does."

Perhaps a conference I held some years ago, titled 'The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation' could assist you in seeing and KNOWING your worth and enabling you to see that the Law of Attraction (sowing and reaping) is always in play as are ALL of the other Universal Laws ...unconditionally.

Keep asking, seeking and remain open for the answers Teres, and when the timing is just right, you'll find and be able to SEE...really SEE what you're looking for.

The confusion dissipates and takes care of itself

The Best Always,


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