Cosmology and The Life Connection To You

Cosmology Provides A Deeper Look and Greater Depth Of Understanding Regarding You, Your Universe and The Interconnected Nature Of EVERYTHING

Cosmology, You and The Universe

Cosmology clearly shows that the cosmos is much more than a random orbit of stars and
planets and that you are an integral part of the big picture as well as play a crucial
and profound role in it's evolution.

Cosmology plays an extremely important role in assisting us to look at and develop a deeper understanding regarding humanity's role in the universe.

There are various forms of Cosmology. One is physical cosmology

Essentially what physical Cosmology does is looks at and studies the creation of the Universe in it's earliest stages, what cosmologists refer to as "The Big Bang" with the intention of developing the understanding as to how things began that can be used to benefit us in today's world.

Although there are those of a religious mindset who due to their religiously established belief systems would attempt to discredit cosmology altogether, it's only due to an unwillingness to think a bit more deeply and a choice to hold a very limited perspective.

What I mean by that is the words "The Big Bang" in the minds of some discredits intelligent design or creation, but the reality is that it doesn't do that at all.

Think about it. Even if there were a "Big Bang" which as modern day science has clearly proven, was the beginning of it all, it certainly took someone or something far greater than can be conceived intellectually that had to have lit the "firecracker" initially and to have created anything to be lit for that matter.

Cosmology doesn't take Source out of the picture but rather presents a perspective that can potentially expand the awareness regarding whatever the Source of your understanding might be for those who choose Cosmology as a path to discover more.

Cosmology, Quantum Physics and an understanding of what the greatest of spiritual masters and sages of times past taught can and do enable the seeker to establish the obvious connection of each of these available avenues for discovering what I like to refer to as a higher truth.

Inevitably as I and so many have discovered, regardless of the avenue chosen for deeper understanding ALL paths lead to the same conclusions.

Once you can get past the "perceived" contradictions based on "individually established perceptions and beliefs" that various religions and cosmologists present, Cosmology can become an extremely exciting and enlightening form of science to better understand ourselves, our universe as well as how we might use what is discovered through the science of cosmology to enhance the various aspects of our lives.

It's also important to understand that early day religions, prior to evolving into the various forms that exist today were much more in alignment with what cosmologists have discovered.

Ironically it was a man named Roger Bacon who initially proposed the ideas that launched cosmology as a credible science that resulted in him becoming, for the most part a persecuted member of the Catholic Church.

Unlike Quantum Physics, Cosmology looks at and explores things on the macro scale yet at the same time has discovered through this "macro" form of observation, aspects regarding the Universe and existence in general that extend beyond the micro universe.

As an example cosmologists have discovered what is referred to as dark energy and dark matter.

Although dark energy cannot be observed, it's presence is known among Cosmologists due to it's measurable radioactive emissions.

A more contemporary distinction between religion and philosophy, esoteric cosmology is distinguished from religion in its less tradition-bound construction and reliance on modern "intellectual understanding" rather than faith, and from philosophy in its emphasis on spirituality as a formative concept.

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