Greg Braden - The Divine Matrix : Featured Interview On Coast To Coast Radio

What Greg Braden refers to as The Divine Matrix, also referred to as Gaia Mind, The Field, The Mind Of God etc. is being explored and breakthrough understandings are evolving and being expanded more each day by conventional science.

Listen to Greg Braden as he explains various findings based on scientifically validated venues, many of which he shares in his book, The Divine Matrix.

One thing is certain. The world is awakening...undergoing a major shift and experiencing an expansion of consciousness. The transformation begins with the understanding that everything existing within The Divine Matrix is quite literally interconnected and woven into the fibers of everything else.

You, I and everything else are all connected as One and exist within the Divine Matrix. As such we can and do impact the events, conditions and circumstances that unfold within it.

Overview Of Principles Regarding The Divine Matrix

Greg Braden Interview - Part One

Greg Braden Interview - Part Two

Greg Braden Interview - Part Three

Greg Braden Interview - Part Four

Greg Braden Interview - Part Five

Greg Braden Interview - Part Six

Greg Braden Interview - Part Seven

Greg Braden Interview - Part Eight

Greg Braden Interview - Part Nine

Greg Braden Interview - Part Ten

Greg Braden Interview - Part Eleven

Transcend The Matrix - A Profound Experience

If you enjoyed this information you might also find The Holographic Universe to be of interest that clearly reveals why and how "perception" determines our individual reality.

I'm Finished With The Divine Matrix
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I'm Finished With The Divine Matrix
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End Of Greg Braden and The Divine Matrix

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