It's Time (way past time actually) for Me to Step Up and Play a Bigger Game

This Long Overdue Edition of Enlightened Journey,
'Playing a Bigger Game', May Be For You IF
You Truly Desire to Be, Do and Have More
and Understand the Necessity of
Doing the Same

Hello Enlightened Journey Community Member,

It goes without saying that it's been quite a while since many of you have heard from me. A long while actually.

Maybe you've noticed and maybe you haven't.

Although my website, has remained active and available, and about a years worth of prewritten Enlightened Journey Newsletters are set up on an auto-responder, (which do go out to all new Enlightened Journey community members) I haven't written or been in personal contact with most of you, if you've have been a part of the community for more than a year.

For that reason, a number of you have reached out asking why. That's the primary reason for and the purpose of this email. To provide those of you who noticed, reached out, or were wondering, with an explanation.

Before I provide that explanation, and share some changes I've made, I will say that after deciding the time to reconnect with the community was here, and that playing a "bigger game" was past due...I experienced a few more delays, brought on by my own "perfectionistic mindset",

But finally, I've worked through it all, and excited to say I'm back.

More than back, I've come back with more than the intention of playing a MUCH bigger game. I'm also implementing a MUCH bigger plan, which when combined together, will reach and serve MANY more people than I have in the past.

I do so with the hope and intention that I might do a better job of assisting you (and the rest of the community) to play a bigger game as well.

My reason for that? So you might reap the greatest possible results (both the tangible and intangible kind) should you decide that what I'll be doing and how I'll be doing it, is for you.

I'm quite confident that there's something within this "big new plan" that can benefit you and perhaps even, a part (or parts) of it that, should you choose to actively participate, will benefit you enormously.

Perhaps in far greater ways than you're aware of or can even imagine right now. Time will tell.

I hope you'll take a few moments to read what follows before you decide if my return, these changes and what I have to say might hold benefit and meaning for you, or not.

Before Getting Into That, I Have a Confession to Make, That May Apply and Provide Benefit to You as Well

Prior to completing what follows, I sat, staring at the keyboard on my laptop, thinking about what I was going to say and how I was going to most effectively convey my intentions and future plans.

Since the Enlightened Journey Community consists of such a diverse group of people, explaining my absence (and this new plan) in a way that has meaning for you is no small task. .

That's why, for a number of days, I found myself somewhat frozen.

I'm well aware of why. It was due to overthinking what I should say and how I should say it. The reason for this "over thinking things" dilemma is 3 fold. You could say this 3 fold dilemma is tangible evidence of just a few of my many personal "flaws".

Those things are...

  1. ) I care A LOT about people and what they receive or don't receive in life

  2. ) I have (and for many years have had) a desire to do everything in my power to ensure that those who I connect with have a much better than average understanding of WHY things happen as they do and HOW to use that knowledge to receive whatever it might be that they desire individually.

  3. ) Because those 2 things above are (and for a long while have been) true, I came to the realization that, over the past decade and a half, I've had this "thing" for doing my best to be all things to all people

Although I personally see EACH of those flaws as "good" in some ways, like everything, they also include a "not so good" side too.

It's "kind of crazy" really, because number one...I've learned through plenty of personal experience, that being all things to ALL people is IMPOSSIBLE.

Number 2...I have no control over what you'll think or not think, do or not do, nor what you'll receive or not receive in life.

Number 3...I can only do the best I know how, and the rest is up to you.

Although I know better, admittedly, I "allowed" those things to freeze me up and even paralyze me for awhile. As I sat there frozen in front of my keyboard, contemplating and struggling somewhat with what I was going to say and how to say it, I realized I was being needlessly self limited (in this case further delayed in completing and getting this out to you) due to my own perfectionistic mindset.

But because I DO see the "good parts" of such a mindset, I finally decided and said to myself, "Just write what's on your mind, make sure it's from the heart, do the best you can and those who it's meant to reach and resonate with will understand."

So here it best shot at making you aware of where I've been, the plans I've made, the changes I'm making and by combining all of that together, coming as close as I possibly can to fulfilling that "impossible to fulfill desire" to "be all things to all people."

I've also come to grips with the fact that, although this new approach will open more doors, appeal to and serve many more people than my old way of doing things, it still won't be for everyone...although deep down, I wish it could be.

Like Everything in Life, There's a Good and Not So Good Side to Perfectionism

Over the years, I've heard a number of times, that perfectionism is a bad thing. I disagree. Perfectionism isn't all good, yet it's not all bad any means.

When it comes to doing things, and you have the desire to do them really well, a degree of perfectionism CAN be a really good thing. By the same token, too much of a good thing isn't good at all.

As it pertains to perfectionism, if it delays you, freezes you up and keeps you from following through and doing what you feel (or KNOW) you should do, it can, and often does, prove to be a "not so good" thing.

We CAN change those not so good things into really great things though. That applies to perfectionism or anything else. We CAN because it's nothing more than a mindset really. As it relates to perfectionism, it CAN and often does causes needless delay and sometimes ignites a full blown form of paralysis even, in many people.

And yes, personally I know better. Yet sometimes I still struggle with that. But in this case I admit and share it with you, because it's true, it's applicable here and I FINALLY made my through it. :)

That perfectionistic mindset and the inevitable little struggles that come with it are not limited to me.

The fact is, over the years I've personally witnessed a large number of people from many walks of life become paralyzed and delay (or NOT do at all) what they feel they could or should do, fearing that they (or what they have a desire to get done) may not be "good enough."

That form of paralysis, more times than not, stems from and often happens due to perfectionism of one form or another.

Maybe that applies to you specifically and maybe not.

Whether it's perfectionism or something else, we each have our own little flaws that we sometimes recognize, wish we didn't have and desire to change. Sometimes we do recognize and change these "flaws" and sometimes we don't.

That's what we've learned to call them anyway. Flaws.

But are they really? Maybe not. Maybe these little dichotomous incongruities are unique opportunities that exist within us because they're intended to be looked at, acknowledged, faced, dealt with and moved through.

Perhaps they're just unique differences within us, which place us in various situations and provide us with our own unique challenges and experiences, which we're supposed to undergo for whatever reason.

Maybe they're intended to serve as the catalysts which lead us to understanding the importance of evolving and striving to become more, so we might do more and as a result receive and have more of what's important to us.

Maybe these "flaws" exist so we make the choice to continually learn new things, seek out better solutions, and perhaps, get to the place where we understand how important it is to do some things differently than we have, as we move through life.

Maybe these "perceived flaws" and the lessons they teach us aren't really "bad" at all, but rather have been given to us to nudge us, entice and enable us to grow, become better, and through that process, become all that we CAN become.

Nothing "bad" about that is there?

If we acknowledge our imperfections and see ourselves as flawed, it CAN be or seem bad, but it doesn't have to. We have a choice in the matter.

We can face, acknowledge and do something to change what we perceive to be "flawed" and make them "good." Or we can ignore, resist and bury them, believe there's nothing we can do to fix them and continue on experiencing more of what we have.

Whichever we choose, one thing is certain. Our "perceived flaws" or the lessons learned as a result of them will become and remain whatever we ourselves decide.

And yes, most call them flaws, but I choose to see them differently. Personally, I like to look at these little things often referred to and perceived as being "flaws", as the imperfection within the perfection.

Whether it's the people we meet and interact with, or the less than desired experiences we encounter as we navigate our chosen paths, my preference is to see each "less than desired" experience as perfectly flawed or imperfectly perfect.

In many ways I also see those who acknowledge and have a sincere desire to do something to change their imperfections (and who actually DO) differently as well.

To create a distinction between these 2 groups, I view some as "conscious creators" and others as "unconscious creators." Neither are good, bad, right or wrong really, but the kind, quality and oftentimes the quantity of results they experience are very different.

One thing is certain. Regardless of which camp we choose, or how far we progress in life, we have and are always going to have some kind of "flaw", whether individually or on a larger scale, collectively.

Since we all have (and always will have) those little things that we see as "flawed", for me, that's the most beneficial and empowering way to view them.

In spite of what we've learned, believe, or how we view things, the Higher Truth is, nothing is truly "wrong, flawed or broken."

The fact is, there's a perfect order to everything. Whether it's in the microscopic or macroscopic realms, in the cosmos, there's a precise and perfect order to everything.

One of the most freeing and empowering things that I've come to believe regarding my personal "imperfections" and life in general is this...

Everything is as it should be, where we are serves a definite purpose and ALL things, regardless of how we view or what we "believe to be true or untrue" about them, DO serve a "greater good"...regardless.

To me, that includes, but certainly isn't limited to our "perceived" flaws, whether it's perfectionism or something else altogether.

As it pertains to we "humans" specifically, maybe you remember me stating it at some point in the past...

We're ALL imperfectly perfect in some way and we're always going to be. Due to the infinite nature of things, we NEVER "arrive" but we can always move forward...should we decide to.

Put another way, due to the infinite nature of the cosmos, there's ALWAYS more.

The only way to change what we view as being "flawed" so we might get MORE of whatever we personally desire, requires facing, acknowledging and doing something differently so our "flaws" might be (and at some point they CAN be) seen as the "gifts" that they truly are.

Many choose not to, but we ALL can. Einstein said it best...

"There are 2 ways to view life. One is as if everything is a miracle and the other is as if nothing is a miracle."

In spite of my many flaws, not limited to perfectionism, that's what I'm constantly doing my very best to do. See life and everything in it for the miracle that it is, while remaining open to recognizing, acknowledging and doing what I can to change my "flaws" as fast as I can, so I can see the gift (or miracle) of them as quickly as I can.

And we ALL can.

That's what I did to get this out to you...although it was "needlessly" delayed for longer than necessary as I worked through my own perfectionistic mindset flaw.

Enough about that. Hopefully You get the idea and it serves you in some way.

Back to How Perfectionism Delays or Even Sabotages Heartfelt Desires

The reason why I found myself somewhat frozen in this "over-thinking" and "make sure you get it right mode", is because of something I've already shared.

I care...deeply. I care about you, about this community and on a larger scale about humanity. I won't get into all the hows and why's about how true that is, when and how it became true, or WHY it is most definitely true right now.

I'll save that for a future time.

The bottom line is, I do care...deeply. The fact that I do, and the reason for my absence, are quite interconnected. They're also a big part of why I "seemed to" have disappeared for a time. Quite some time in fact.

The reasons for that are many. I'll briefly touch on a few that apply to all of us, provide a birds eye view of what I've been doing and what you can expect from me (and the Enlightened Journey Newsletter) in the future.

Much is (and for quite awhile has been) happening. Not only in my own life but all around the world. There's a shift underway. It's a global shift actually. Some are aware of it and some aren't.

Because of that fact, I feel it's necessary that I take a moment to set the stage before I reveal this "big new plan" that I've mentioned, been thinking about for a long while and putting in place for almost as long.

Let's Take a Closer Look at This Global Shift That's Currently Underway and How It Ties Into My Absence

It's quite evident and clear to those who have been paying close attention, that this shift is a major one. It's one of a very freeing and positive kind/quality. It's a much needed, long overdue and necessary shift too.

Many who reside here in America where I call home, are aware that "something" is happening. Nearly as many believe that this shift is limited to the U.S.

I'll assure you, It's not. It's MUCH bigger and extends well beyond U.S. borders.

In addition, this shift has progressed to the degree where there is no turning back. HUGE progress has been made in a relatively short period of time. Due to the progress made, it cannot and will not be suppressed or stopped...regardless.

For those who are aware of and understand what's "truly happening" and just how BIG it is, you're also aware that, in the end, it will prove to be an AWESOME thing...for EVERYONE.

When I say EVERYONE, I mean that literally. EVERYONE on this planet.

This shift I'm referring to is perhaps one of the BIGGEST I've witnessed in my lifetime, will change the entire course of history and as I've eluded to somewhat, is one of the BIGGEST reasons for my absence.

This Global Shift is What Precipitated My Own Temporary Personal Shift, Which Prompted a Temporary Change of Focus and the Changes I've Decided to Make

As my family, friends and acquaintances who interact with me on a daily basis well know, some time ago, I made a personal shift from my primary focus of empowering and contributing to you (and others) in the way I have for many years, so I might become more personally involved in doing what I could to personally participate in and do all I'm able to assist with this "global shift."

A lot of people view it as being political or geopolitical in nature. It is in some ways and it's not in others. It's a shift in consciousness really. The fact is, I don't like politics AT ALL. I am (and for a long time have been) ALL ABOUT shifting consciousness in a way that benefits, so I became more focused and active in doing that in another area.

Although I always have been an activist to some degree, I became what can best and most succinctly be described as "a more ACTIVE and vocal activist."

The best way I knew to do that, was to take a break from writing about all that I have over the years, and make a temporary shift into what I call "warrior mode." Not "warrior" as in engaging in physical violence or doing harm to anyone. Far from it. It's more akin to making a choice to inform and educate those who were open and willing to listen, on some vitally important topics and issues that I've spent many years researching and learning about. Issues and topics that have global significance, yet which many are unaware of.

I did that by integrating some of the same knowledge that I've shared over the years with the Enlightened Journey Community, with this other area of study that I've spent a number of years acquiring.

It's a HUGE, complex, multi-faceted (and in many cases a controversial) topic, so for now, to spare you a lengthy explanation, the best and most succinct way I know to describe my temporary personal shift, would be to say I went into what I'll refer to for now, as "Love Warrior" mode.

I must say though, the "warrior" part isn't, never has been and perhaps never will be my "favorite thing." I'm a lover by nature. But as is the case in life, there is a time and place for "love" to become active in ways that, isn't viewed by some as being love at all.

Aside from how some view it, doing what I did was (and still is) a much needed and necessary my mind/world that is. You could say it's an area where, under the circumstances, I felt most compelled to contribute in such a way that I believe to be of VITAL importance to EVERYONE.

I like to look at it as "love in action."

Not everyone sees, or ever will see things the way I do. That's OK. Nothing is for everyone. I came to the realization many years ago, we each must follow our own hearts and do what we feel is best.

That's what I did.

The reason why I did is because of a very real fact of life. Life on this planet is not all "lovey, dovey, warm and fuzzy," Not always. The fact is, there are many things happening all around the planet, ALL of the time that are anything but.

I've written extensively about the inescapable reality of that fact over the years. It's the polarity/duality of life.

While I much prefer the warm and fuzzy aspects of life, there is another side. Over the course of many years, I've watched as things became somewhat imbalanced in ways that aren't warm and fuzzy at all.

That's why I made the temporary shift that I did. I felt the need as well as the obligation to do so...for myself, my family my country and on a much larger scale, our world...for a time at least.

I'll be sharing more details about that in the future. For now, I'll leave it at that. Here's why I've shared what I have.

Choosing to do what I did, I lost connection with many of you in the Enlightened Journey community. I also reconnected with a large group of "friends" from my past. Some of these friends disagreed with or, for whatever reason, had no desire to listen, learn or openly engage in my chosen dialogue or activities.

That's to be expected.

Through it all, very good things have come from it. We debated much, learned much, discussed much and shared much. You could say, through our interactions, we contributed to each other in the "best way" we knew how. FUN stuff at times, yet due to the seriousness and importance of the subject matter, it proved to be frustrating at other times.

So goes the inevitable yin/yang in, and diversity of life.

I won't bore you with all the minute details of those interactions right now, but I did want to let those who are interested know, the time has come for me to "shift my attention and focus back" to a degree.

That shift entails getting refocused on and once again begin DOING what I LOVE, and for many years have LOVED to do...sharing my views and perspectives with you and this global community, with the hope and intention that you might benefit from it.

As you may already be aware, I call doing that my "Soul Purpose." I do, because it is. It has been for many years. Not that what I've been doing during my absence wasn't. It is, was and always will be a very important part of my purpose too.

Although it was perceived by various people in different ways, for me there was/is a great need for it. More than that, there was and still is, heartfelt passion behind it, deep meaning underlying it and a globally beneficial reason for it.

Some understood (and still do understand) that "purpose", as well as the importance of it, while others haven't, don't and perhaps never will. That's a given. It's to be expected since our individual desires, wants and needs are of a diverse kind and quality due to many factors. The same holds true of our beliefs and perceptions. They too are of a diverse nature for far too many reasons to describe, explain or share here.

The bottom line is, although my intention is the same (sharing my views and perspectives with the hope that it better equips, enables and empowers you to have more of whatever it might be that you desire/love in life) how I'll be doing things from this point forward will be different in many ways.

One of those ways is integrating the message I've written about for years with real world events, conditions and circumstances that are of vital importance for ALL to be aware of and know, if we're to reach the heights and achieve the things that so many many want, hope, wish and even pray for, yet in far too many cases never receive.

You could say, I'll be doing a better job of integrating the intangible with the tangible, so those who desire it might become more knowledgeable and better equipped to effectively do and have whatever it might be that they desire to do and have more of.

My hope is, that doing so might benefit you in REALLY BIG ways personally.

I could go on, but since I have much to catch up on and share with you, trying to fit it all into a single writing isn't the "best way." For the sake of time and brevity, I'll close with this and save the rest for future communications.

My point for connecting today and sharing what I have is 2 fold...

1) To briefly explain the reason for my sudden disappearance without an explanation

2) To invite and encourage those who have benefitted from my "work" in the past and are interested in reconnecting with me, to keep your eyes peeled for future emails.

They'll be a bit more frequent than they have in the past (for a time at least) because I'll be introducing and revealing my entirely "new way" of doing things soon. An expanded way that I KNOW CAN and perhaps will benefit and serve you (and many others) by sharing and doing things that I haven't before.

Be assured though. They're "things" that will only empower and reward all who participate and/or become involved, and I'm very confident that they'll provide enormous benefit those who choose to DO something with them. Like many things I've chosen to engage in for the past decade and a half, what I do, and for many years have done, is my BEST to enhance the lives of as many as I possibly can on a global scale.

That stems from one of the "flaws" I've mentioned. That's why I'll be making this change as well with the hope that I'll be and do more for more people.

Soon, because of the changes I've made, you'll be provided the opportunity to pick and choose a specific category (or categories) that meet you where you are specifically and that you feel would benefit you personally the most.

More about that soon.

As you'll see, what I'll be doing is BIG, growing bigger by the day and it's going to be the catalyst for making BIG shifts in many people's lives in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

I'll close with this...

If you're curious about, serious about, or wholeheartedly committed to making a "shift" within or outside of yourself, perhaps even making a global impact, but aren't sure what you can do or how to do that, stay with me as we connect and/or reconnect with those of like minds, like hearts and those who are serious about making a difference for themselves and/or our world.

Be assured of this. For those who are sincere and serious about Being, Doing and Having more, I'll be doing everything in my power to assist you in transforming your currently intangible desires from a hope, wish, or some wild eyed fantasy into a tangible reality.

On the other hand, if you have no desire to receive future communications from me, no can opt out here. It's my hope that you won't, but that's your choice to make.

Thanks for reading and, for those who have hung in (or will hang in) there with me as we move forward, for understanding these shifts, navigating this path and sticking with me in spite of my most recent absence.

Life is good, positive change is everywhere and for a number of reasons which I'll be sharing and providing all the details about soon, personally, I feel 10 feet tall, bulletproof and oh so blessed...enormously so. :)

Stay tuned. There's MUCH more to come that I KNOW many of you will love and benefit enormously from.

If you feel compelled, please share your thoughts and comments below.

As always, here's to you being, doing and having more of whatever your heart desires and...

...Thanks for being a part of the Enlightened Journey community.

Till Next Time,

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